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  • Forged of Fire: A New Adult Fantasy (The Forged Series Book 1)

    by Stacy Von Haegert
    On Goodreads' "Best New Adult and Fantasy Romance" and "Books that Deserve to be on Film" lists "Buckle up! This is the beginning of a new hit series..." - S.J. Pierce, International Bestselling Author Legends are not born. They are forged of fire... Long revered as one of the realm's most lethal warriors, Ashdon LaGoryen now prefers a solitary life. Far removed from his volatile past, he has no interest in returning to the station of his royal birth. But when an ancient prophecy comes ... more
  • Unidentified Funny Objects 9

    by Alex Shvartsman
    The Unidentified Funny Objects series delivers an annual dose of funny, zany, and unusual science fiction and fantasy stories. All-new fiction from the genre's top voices! In this volume you'll find: * Overworked fairies distributing swords. * Alien yeti slackers * Elf bakers * Absconded books * Superhero dance battles * Matchmakers ... in spaaace!
  • The Hostess

    by Catherine Oyster

    "Take a trip, see the world. New York to Paris in less than one second." Michaela loves her job as a "hostess." It pays ridiculously well and all she has to do is take a sedative and snooze through her shift, while a far away guest uses her body for instant teleportation. But when Michaela wakes with mysterious marks on her body, her dream job turns nightmare.

  • Angelic Wars

    Have you ever wondered how evil began? Or why God gave angels the free will to reject Him? The Angelic Wars, First Rebellion is a musical novel where the book’s characters sing when the reader activates links in the book. It is the epic story of the internal struggles and external battles among the angels for the control of Heaven during Satan’s rebellion. This first book in a series is unlike any other action-adventure fantasy because its setting is in Heaven and guided by Biblical passages. Az... more
  • Brave New Mars

    by Somerset Meece

    In 2084, The planet Mars has been acquired by one billionaire who runs it as a Corpocracy for profit.

    A Ganymedean miner comes to town looking for a market and a mate and meets the only pregnant woman on Mars; who wants to get off the planet so she can keep her coming child.

    The miner and the unwed mother disrupt the over-controlling Corporation's computer network and flee faster than the speed of light to the moons of Jupiter.

    The Owner is not amused and goes after them... more

  • Several Moments Of Madness

    by Alex Finch
    as one evening a rather drunken and worryingly depressed Ben Holland stumbles across two men fighting what should be an impossible battle, as lightning bolts shoot across a dark Soho street and one of the men nearly dies. After Ben attempts to help the severely injured man he discovers that his newfound friend George Hartman is a magician and several hundred years old, and after the two bond George offers to make Ben a magician himself. There is a catch however as the British government are a... more
  • Trip to Eyota

    by Martina Hubler
    Ray Heeks, salesperson extraordinaire, checks into a Georgia hotel for a meeting that should net him a big promotion. His plans are derailed when he finds the room is already occupied by a lonely, chatty ghost named Gus, who desperately wants to see an old friend back in his hometown of Eyota, Minnesota. Ray and Gus set off in a rattletrap RV, battling other ghosts, the law, and each other along the way. But the biggest threat drives a red Trans Am. Ray's wife and a ghost hunter, armed with a... more
  • Stranger Sins

    by Michaelbrent Collings

    International bestseller and multiple Bram Stoker Award and Dragon Award finalist brings you the next chapter of a chilling story of murder, mayhem, and redemption...


    What happens in Vegas…slays in Vegas.


    Legion is a teacher. An avenging angel. A murderer. 


    A madman.


    “I loved this crazy and intense ride of a book!&r... more

  • Shaping of Stone

    by Haley Rylander
    Gellion and his brothers have crossed the sea at last, equipped with information they are sure will prove the elves’ defeat of Kaelo, but what they find in Faeran is infinitely worse than anything they could have imagined. Kaelo has raised a phoenix—the same demonic monster that terrorized the elves for two hundred years in the Great War. Kaelo intends to rid the world of vierstone, and with a dragon-like bird whose flames can destroy all the lifestone in a city in a few sweeping passes, his suc... more
  • Ashes of Stone

    by Haley Rylander
    Daro lies in the sea, and Gellion is imprisoned among the humans while the rest of the elves return to their home continent. Gellion knows who is responsible for the destruction of his city—Kaelo, his mentor of centuries’ past who was exiled for the unthinkable crime of murder. Kaelo now possesses the inexplicable power to break rock with a touch and destroy the elves’ precious vierstone, but to stop him, Gellion must first escape his imprisonment and cross a continent and a sea. Among the human... more
  • The Fourth Wall

    by Scott Petty
    Captain Thomas Jett, a U.S. Army Reservist, volunteers for a tour of duty in Afghanistan, in part to get away from ghosts at home. Things that go bump in the night. In war, he encounters monsters. Jett is tasked to investigate a mass murder in Kandahar, which people say was not the work of the Taliban. Instead, it was a creature of smoke and fire, perhaps a jinni. As the chaos builds, revealing otherworldly evil, Jett must devise a new approach. He creates an imaginative system for an unconv... more
  • The Chimera Gambit

    by Cheryl Pena
    Carlos Nava is at a crossroads. His life is one long series of career moves meant to further him up the ladder at the International Agency for Space Exploration. But then a new threat looms from the B'Noth, an elusive culture that attacks Earth's ships out of system. An IASE ship goes missing, last seen near Pluto. The fleet blames the B'Noth, thinking they've made an incursion into Sol, but soon questions arise surrounding the ship's disappearance. Nava commandeers a cargo vessel to investigate... more
  • The Blood Hotel

    by Cheryl Pena
    Jackson Riley had settled comfortably on the coast with Nadine Dardenne after the end of the world. But one day, five years later, they observe a light in the sky, something unusual in their new darkened reality. After a failed attempt to destroy the threatening object, they find themselves face-to-face with a familiar foe. Once again fleeing for their lives, they must decide how to fight the enemy while no longer possessing any modern technology at their disposal. With few allies, they set out ... more
  • Descent of the Vile

    by Cheryl Pena
    Photographer Jackson Riley is annoyed. He gets called to an unusual job where he's given few details, and the client doesn't seem to understand the time involved in taking large format photographs, which they specifically requested. Even worse, he almost misses the shuttle bus taking him back to his vehicle. But that's when his entire life changes. ​ He barely escapes horrifying peril on the shuttle and races away in his car, only to rescue an enigmatic woman named Nadine who barely speaks... more
  • The Silk Empress

    by Josef Matulich
    The boy called “Pig”, grew up reading stories of airships and boy adventurers in penny dreadfuls. At twelve he finds himself orphaned and apprenticed to Feng Po McLaren, semi reformed air-pirate, first mate of the airship Wu Zetian along the High Silk Road between China and Europe. Now he is facing air pirates, rebels, five unusual women of dangerous abilities, and a clockwork dragon. This seemed all so much easier in the books.
  • Concerto Promotion

    by Mark Tapper

    The three books of the trilogy contemplate the same events through the eyes of different life moments. The first book, The Vials of Our Wrath is a fast-paced thriller whose protagonist is young and idealistic. The second book, My Sun Sets to Rise Again, features an ensemble cast of people in their middle years, coping with all the challenges of their regeneration in a fraught world. Finally, the last book, By the D... more