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  • Red Planet Lancers

    by Brian H. Roberts
    After sweeping Dallas Gordon and the American base from Earth’s moon, Emperor Zhang Aiguo launches an armada to conquer Ep City and control Mars. Ruthless Colonel Song Dajing leads his Emperor’s flotilla to defeat EPSILON’s isolated Mars colony. He brings the same armaments he used to defeat Dallas Gordon on the moon, plus a high yield missile to annihilate Ep City and its occupants. The US Space Force, occupied with plans to take back the moon, refuses to intervene. In a race against time, Da... more
  • Fragments of the Gods, Book One, Anaya Awakens

    by JCR Paulino
    Six-year-old Anaya lives with her family in a remote community in the mountains. A mysterious illness sweeps through the village, killing all the children under the age of seven except for Anaya. Following her recovery, Anaya develops supernatural powers, setting in motion the destinies of four people across two continents.
  • The Creative Machine

    by L Cooper
    Mosaic can feel her own brain in extreme detail. This includes the brainwaves, the blood flow, the veins and even the ventricles. This comes at a cost. She ends up on a hospital ward where there are dead wasps trapped in the windows. Mosaic wonders why this is and when a colony of wasps enter the building she fears for there safety. She tries to save the wasps and ends up in an unimaginable scenario. A mind-altering story.
  • The Sound of Light: The Age Of The Sonic Soldier

    by Robert Allen Miltenberg
    A WORD-SYMPHONY IN THREE MOVEMENTS COMPOSED FOR STRING THEORY ORCHESTRA: Here is a world where sound has physical power. Where music reigns supreme. Where the sky changes colors whenever it wants to. And the air is thick enough to walk on. -A world where you can actually hear The Sound of Light.
  • 2032

    by Stephen Comer
    It's the year 2032. Orwell's ominous forecasts regarding the dangers of big government and technology have become all too real. In the shadow of this frightening reality FBI agent Martin Kessler races to solver a murder investigation rapidly expanding into a crisis that threatens all humanity. In just four days events unfold that could change the world forever.
  • Immortal

    by Josiah Akhtab
    Ellie and Brandon are two detectives at the Porting City Detective and Vampire Hunting Agency who happen to run into Vanguard, an immortal and owner of the agency, one night while hunting a vampire. The three meet formally the next day and Ellie and Brandon's world change completely. Ellie finds out Brandon is not who she thinks and, hurt by his betrayal and lack of trust in her, seeks the truth which is far darker and uglier than she thinks. Brandon, a man bent on revenge for the death of... more
  • Rise of the Red Hand

    by Jason Lancour
    Lena Sullivan is a blade for hire making her way (as best as she can) in an unfriendly world of mercenaries, violence, blood, and betrayal. Working to put a difficult past behind her, she leads a solitary life with no permanent home and no prospects for the future. When she lands a high paying contract to work as a bodyguard for an elderly history professor, the job seemed too good to be true. And of course, when a job seems too good to be true…
  • Anomalous Events

    by Ross Myers

    Kansas City attorney Essie Kemp encounters an extraordinarily beautiful woman in the dairy aisle, who embarrasses him by reading his every thought. Later, hiking in a rural park, he has a stunning encounter with a silver flying saucer. His ordinary, humdrum life radically changes as he finds himself in the middle of a client's secret government anti-gravity research program and subsequently deals with Russian spies, UFOs, the Eleusinian Mysteries, hidden meanings in his dre... more

  • The Timeless Guardian

    by Kiel Barnekov
    THE TIMELESS GUARDIAN Synopsis As KRISTIAN BARNETT falls ill at thirty-three with ALS, Dr. SAVANNAH RICHARDS develops a means to preserve the brain of a patient whose body has been destroyed but whose brain is unharmed. Dr. ANSLEY BARNETT is developing a synthetic body indistinguishable from a human body for DARPA and the U.S. military. The doctors collaborate on the creation of three cyborgs: KRISTIAN BARNETT—billionaire afflicted with ALS, AARON ADAMS—software engineer also afflicted with ... more
  • With Love, From Planet B

    by Zaayin Salaam
    We ignored the climate deadlines. The bombs made it worse. Now it’s 2085, and the 6th extinction event is unfolding. Zara is a master lucid dreamer, training her team in this rare skill, so that one day, if a suitable earth-like exoplanet is found, they can safely teleport there. It seems her dreams are coming true when Lex, her girlfriend and team mathematician discovers Planet B. But Planet B won’t let anyone enter… Join Zara and Lex on their hero’s journey as they go within to find thei... more
  • The War for Reality

    by T. C. Weber
    The War for Reality trilogy is a science-fiction/techno-thriller series set in the near future. A giant media corporation (MediaCorp) has taken over the Internet, created an addictive virtual reality called BetterWorld, and controls nearly all information. Politicians do their bidding and a brainwashed humanity serves a privileged few. The first volume, Sleep State Interrupt, was a Compton Crook Award finalist for best first science fiction novel. Waylee Freid, an unemployed Baltimore journal... more
  • The Reflection of the Raidin

    by Susan L Markloff
    In the wake of tragedy, Jen Monroe steps into the world of Tilion, determined to find a way to end the war that she’s been thrust into. Leaving Earth, her family, and her friends behind, she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to protect those she cares about. As she and the Human-Borns start to find their rhythm in this strange new world, Agerius begins to feel like home. The brief semblance of a peaceful respite is abruptly pulled away, and things start to unravel fast. Despite their acclima... more
  • The Survivors

    by T. C. Weber
    In a calamitous future, runaway climate change has made the planet nearly uninhabitable. Civilization has collapsed, and every day is a struggle. Lucy, a young mother of two, dreams of a better life by bringing back vanished knowledge. But the rest of her group is focused only on day-to-day survival—at any price. When a deadly hurricane destroys their home, Lucy’s group is forced on the road, where they must cope with hunger, searing temperatures, and vicious rivals. And their nightmare is just ... more
  • Moons

    by R.E. Mason
    MOONS is a tale of two worlds at cross-purposes, orbiting around a once-habitable planet. Read how two men, strangers to each other, are commissioned to find and bring their chosen heir back to claim her right to ascendency in time to stop a despot from taking control of both Moons. MOONS is an action-packed sci-fi adventure novel, guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats.
  • Worldwalker: Worldwalker Book Two

    by Andrew Christian
    Time is slipping, threatening a cosmic backlash of destruction across the Five Known Worlds. On the way to class, college student Alexander Mason is confronted by an elderly homeless man, seemingly in need of help to fix his broken tent. A Boy Scout, Alexander tries his best to assist the old bum, only to be abducted and thrust into a deadly game between gods. Along the way, he must rescue a beautiful prisoner, tame a bloodthirsty demon, and survive the political intrigues of the Magelords... more
  • When Ink Bleeds

    by John C. Stipa
    Struggling author Art Pharos can’t catch a break. Rejected by publishers and even his own agent, he heads to Europe in search of inspiration. While touring the home of Jules Verne, he finds an antique quill pen that does more than just write words; it brings stories and characters to life, literally. The potential of this new-found discovery attracts the attention of forces that put Art in danger. But no one cares for their creations more than an author, and Art’s characters won’t be erased with... more