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  • Servant

    by Patrick R. Field
    Not long after their move into Blackstone, married couple Mitch and Buck begin to witness strange sightings of shadowy figures, physical manifestations and inexplicable events taking place in the former Sheppard family estate nestled in the Northern Poconos of Pennsylvania. Through séances, Mitch and Buck learn from the spirit of Jedidiah Sheppard that he has not been able to cross over into the afterlife because the truth behind his sudden disappearance in 1965 has never been solved. Through ... more
  • Stars Like Fire

    by Marissa Lupe
    Fighting for their freedom was only the beginning, now they must do the hardest thing of all, they must live. Three journeys and one destination will bring them all together. Despite having never met in person, their years of communicating virtually cemented Eleanor’s love for the woman who has her whole heart long ago. But when her love goes missing, Eleanor leaves the safety of Sandstone Estate to rescue her, and ends up finding more than she bargained for. An entire town has had their c... more
  • The Bloody Path Home

    by Mike Whitman
    Embark on an enthralling Epic Fantasy journey with "The Bloody Path Home"; modern-day soldier Captain Kyle Walters finds himself transported to the medieval realm of Aethelberia. Teaming up with Queen Faye' Lyn, he becomes an unexpected ally in a rebellion against the tyrannical Temple of Yaldabaothia. As the story unfolds; moral dilemmas and the call of duty test Captain Walters' resolve, while the oppressive dominion of the Temple looms large. This captivating tale weaves together bravery, sac... more
  • Call Me Adam

    by Jo McCarty
    In a rural Michigan town, in a post-Covid world on the brink of a new disaster, Louie discovers an extraordinary ability—he can’t die. Fortuitous, if not for the small catch that he doesn’t want to live. While everyone else is desperately fighting to survive a global biotic crisis, Louie constantly seeks death only to be resurrected time and time again. Louie is the town nothing. If life was a school yard pick, he would be the last one on the team. Immortality is a burden, a cruel twist of fa... more
  • Blood of the Stars

    by Karyne Norton

    Harnessing the power in her blood could turn the tides of war—if it doesn’t destroy her first.

    It’s been fourteen years since Prince Gaeren lost Aeliana, the childhood friend he’d sworn to protect. Haunted by the unfulfilled promise, he searches for a way to bring her home. But with threats against the kingdom from both a rebel faction in the south and Mayvus, a power-hungry priestess in the east, he only has time to follow one last clue across t... more

  • Deed of Empire

    by Adam Stemple

    A girl thief who has stolen something that got all her friends killed, a pansexual forest raider on a mission from a god (maybe), and a mercenary captain posessed by the spirit of a rabid wolf, all search for answers and vengeance in a land riven by war.

  • A Caged and Restless Magic

    by Emmie Christie
    Saida is a fox-shifter who gardens magic in each of the five Sense-enhanced worlds, but the Vision world’s magic is fading fast. She must find and transplant magic from the other worlds to save it, and a human on Sound has the strongest voice magic she’s ever heard. Saida fears humans and the touch of their hands, but she might have to make an exception for Alesio. Alesio is an ex cage match fighter and aspiring singer. All he wants is to sing at the best concert hall in town, but his old ga... more
  • Cinders of Yesterday: (Legacy of Shadows #1)

    by Jen Karner
    Monster hunter Dani Black doesn't want anything more than revenge. A year ago, the rogue Necromancer Spectre murdered her partner during a hunt gone wrong, and she's been looking for a way to kill him--and keep him dead--ever since. When rumors of a weapon capable of killing anything surface in Dawson Maryland, she sets out on a mission to get her hands on it. While unraveling a web of clues about her own past, Dani runs into the alluring Emilie Lockgrove, daughter of a magical family who are... more
  • Of Friction (Altered Earth Book 1)

    by S.J. Lee

    Decades of hostilities. A chance for peace. Caught between belligerent groups, will this operation be her last? Sam “Valkyrie” Ryan is reeling. Struggling with her brother’s recent decision to make their next assignment his last, the recon specialist fights to change his mind. But she has no time to process her emotions when they’re tasked to protect a pivotal reconciliation summit between the Altered and Humans from human-supremacist terrorists. Distracted by a charmi... more

  • The Great Game

    by Bay Woodwin
    A swift and violent revolution topples the government of the Genovian Republic from within. Jendar, an outsider who left behind a life of ease in search of something more meaningful, finds himself caught up in events that could reshape interstellar relations for all of human-settled space. Everyone onworld is suspect—some more than others, including Zegg, a mysterious local who befriends Jendar. They flee offworld, staying one step ahead of Genovian and other forces pursuing them. But wh... more
  • Re:Apotheosis - Genesis

    by Robert B. Marks
    “Something is terribly, terribly wrong with my world!” Lady Atlantia’s story world is infested with ghosts of the past. Desperate for answers, the magical knight seeks out the one person who can help: Aquila, a former god of destruction and villain now living a quiet life in seclusion with her creator and friends. Recruiting the aid of former JRPG mage turned quantum physicist Princess Stellaria, Aquila, her creator Kasumi, former harem comedy main girl and genius Natsuki, and Lady Atlanti... more
  • Broken Fate

    by James Sonia
    Terrance O’Hara is a priest with a dark past and a secret. By day, he preaches the good book. By night, he hunts the creatures that stalk the innocent. Haunted by past actions and family sins, he vows to hunt down the demon lord who wronged his ancestors. Teaming up with the unlikely allies of Lucy, a succubus and lawyer by trade, and Mary, a day-walking vampire, the trio goes on a journey from Boston to New York, quickly falling into a rabbit hole of demonic conspiracy. Can Terry outrun fate an... more
  • Misos on a Mission: Adventures of the Miso Mice

    by Annette Czech Kopp
    The Answer Book is still missing…will it ever be found?! Find out as the Miso Mice visit the Rainbow Bridge and Suzy Butterfly’s Center for Awareness Techniques where OctavioKat jumpstarts all their wacky energy tools propelling the Miso Mice on more adventures as they search for that elusive Answer Book. Enjoy the next fantastical volume in the “Adventures of the Miso Mice” 5-star acclaimed series.
  • Imprint of Blood (Birth of the Rim Book 1)

    by Phil Huddleston

    Jake, Teresa, and Kirsten were selected. They didn't volunteer. They just got the job handed to them, like it or not.

    Time to get busy and do it.

    A distant Star Empire ruled by ancient Amazons, forgotten by Earth for 3,000 years. In the other direction, an implacable alien enemy, ready to destroy every human on Earth. A final warning from an AI starship, who just happens to like humans - and makes damn good vodka screwdrivers! All dumped into the laps of ... more

  • Epitaph Proven: Foedus et Monstrum

    by Flos Nullius

    Lyaphend Farwalth is a fugitive ex-government operative in Golem, an autocratic, technologically advanced colony isolated from the rest of the world. Having escaped into a life of relative simplicity alongside her affluent adoptive family under the employment of a cyberterrorist clan, she is left with questions regarding her upbringing and the inner workings of a nation she barely knows: What is the history of Golem's mysterious ruling family? What are her faint memories of a faceless wom... more

  • Age of Canaan

    by Nir Levie
    In this Canaanite myth adaptation, Anat, the goddess of passion, and Baal, the god of fertility, navigate celestial warfare and moral dilemmas, weaving a captivating tale where their choices hold the power to reshape not just the heavens but the very fabric of humanity. This 150-page fantasy graphic novel draws inspiration from epic poems discovered in Ugarit, Syria, dating back to the 15th century BC. Age of Canaan unravels the forgotten tapestry of Canaanite mythology through five interconnect... more