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  • The Teras Trials

    by Lucien Burr
    Teras ravage England. Only London is safe. In an England where monsters have spilled into the world out of myth, only London is magically protected from the monstrous threat. The University runs the city, allowing family of graduate Hunters, Healers, Scholars, and Artificers to live behind the wards. Cassius Jones is nineteen and ready for the University. But when a bad year for the teras threat is projected, the University opens its admissions to anyone in England, behind the wards or oth... more
  • Mightier Than Magic: A riveting romantic fantasy adventure

    by G. S. Kenney
    MTM Brief Synopsis Katie is the shy youngest daughter of a tough-minded queen. The more Queen Claudia tries to toughen Katie up, the more Katie dreams of escape. But her surreptitious attempt to see her mother’s exotic prisoner backfires, and her mother demands a public performance. Alaric, mage-king of Westland, has been taken prisoner by Claudia and cleaved from his magic. He hopes, while here, to negotiate peace in the contested province of Darimbia. He rescues Katie by proposing instead to... more
  • The Scream Collector

    by Rod Little
    If you call into the dark, beware… something might answer. In 1979 in the small town of Eden Grove, people are going missing. A stranger is taking them, one by one. Only four boys know why he is here and what he wants. Because they led him here. Now, to fix their mistake, they must seek out the town recluse, a woman they fear most. With her help, they will call upon something inhuman and try to manipulate it into stopping the killer before more are taken. For Lucas and his friends, cour... more
  • A Vampire's Tale: The Hunt for the Lycan

    by Omar Daniels

    Durante just does his job and hopes he gets a break. When he’s not drinking or enjoying some good eats, he’s policing Vampires of all things with the aid of an Empath who’s not really his type. Meanwhile, two nefarious Vamps by the names of Ryker and Malik are brewing up a storm with hopes of a takeover, or at the very least upsetting the Vampire-Human coexistence.

    If that isn’t enough, his pals are dropping like flies.

    Now it’s up to Durante and a co... more

  • Maialen

    by J. Barrett
    Maialen is the second novel in the fantasy adventure series The Keepers of Imbria. Four rulers have been assigned the task of mastering the elements and using them to foster peace and prosperity throughout Imbria. Maialen, the Earth Keeper, has taken over control of her sister’s realm and is now the most powerful woman on Imbria. She is trying to stop the inevitable war between the rulers that has been looming since the death of her sister, Orabelle, the Water Keeper, not realizing that she has ... more
  • Radical Connection


    Madison, a gifted visionary artist, has exposed the greatest government cover-up of all time. Her drawing of an alien vessel hiding in the outer solar system leads to charges of espionage. With her life shattered, she finds an unlikely ally in the agent assigned to her case. As their relationship blooms, Madison’s visions intimately connect them to the approaching ship. Perceived as an alien invasion, an online frenzy brands the two women as alien spies as the military prepares for all-... more

  • Leap of Faith

    by Anthony Harrington

    With their marriage in shambles after the devastating loss of their son, Kevin and Amy Kessecker take a trip to a private island to spend a long weekend with friends to salvage their relationship. Unbeknownst to them, something has followed. Soon, the group of friends find themselves pitted against an unstoppable killer with impossible abilities. It will take everything they have to survive the night. Miles from nowhere. No place to hide. Hunted by a deranged killer. Don't call the cops; ... more

  • House of Bane and Blood

    by Alexis Menard
    In a city split into two opposing sides, power comes in many bloodlines, money, love, and—most importantly—secrets. An heiress in the most notorious family in Lynchaven, Camilla Marchese is doing all she can to keep her family’s syndicate, the Iron Saint Railway, from slipping into bankruptcy. When the gorgeous and depraved Nicolai Attano, the leader of a rival family, offers to pay off the Inspector in exchange for her hand, she has no choice but to give up not only her throne—but her name. ... more
  • Grandpa's Cabin

    by Ross Victory
    The first of an exciting trilogy available September 13, 2023, Grandpa’s Cabin tells the story of eighty-four-year-old geneticist Bernie, who leaves a mysterious property to his eighteen-year-old grandson, Nova. The only condition is that the boy never sells it, as the place is home to some dark family secrets. Years later, Nova and his friends celebrate his 21st birthday. They come face-to-face with those secrets, and Nova must choose between friends and family legacy.
  • The Abandoned Realm

    by Brittany Hansen
    Her first mistake was abandoning her story. Her second was assuming her characters would stay on the page. When a writer abandons a story, the hero is ripped from the existence the author created and sentenced to the Abandoned Realm. With less people believing in the power and magic of fiction, the real world and the Abandoned Realm are slowly poisoned as the boundary between them weakens. A vengeful hero-turned-villain exploits the boundary’s weakness to make a portal, flooding San Francisc... more

    by Scott Sullivan
    In the vast expanse of the sky, two passenger aircraft from different corners of the world vanished, leaving only mysteries behind. A Transvaal plane, on its routine journey over Zambia, was enveloped by blinding white light, ascending into the heavens without a trace. Search efforts across continents proved futile, leaving behind a chilling enigma. Simultaneously, in Brazil, renowned for its UFO sightings, another passenger aircraft disappeared, but its passengers were returned in a macabre ... more
  • Hearthender

    by Catrina Prager
    Hearthender tells the story of a demented Oracle, who preaches the destruction of Amagiraea at any cost. Of men desperate to protect their homes, as war slowly engulfs the entirety of the known world. Of women who, bereft of worthy idols, become gods to their own people. It is a story of war, quest, and political intrigue. A hundred years ago, the Veshini Isles started sinking into the Long Sea, forcing their denizens to find new homes, and with them, a new identity. Fast-forward four gen... more
  • The Cartographer's Vault: Book 1

    by Richard Houlden
    The Cartographer's Vault is a collection of 13 short stories that is kicked off by the daring Ashra Whistlo who endeavors on a journey to discover a mythical space station - The Cartographer's Vault - which is said to contain accounts of everything that had ever happened within human history. When she reaches the station, she is greeted by its mysterious custodian, The Curator - an artificial intelligence construct - who explains that the vault contain not only the history of human existence bu... more
  • Ascent


    The Circle was over.

    Ellie, Josh, and Sam’s world is growing, expanding with people who suffer the same bane as themselves.

    The cloistered Ellie must emerge from the shadows. The young Josh must learn to live with the beast that walks beside him. And Sam plays a duplicitous game to learn about the demonic phenomena that have destroyed all their lives.

    The enigmatic Mika, with his Pantheon of Conduits each with their own curse, is searching for a legend of evil - the an... more

  • Book of No

    by Nabeel Mohan
    When God hears voices in his head, there's only one thing he can do. So begins the first tale in this bizarre collection spanning genres from science fiction and horror to poetry and memoir. Enter, if you dare, this space where dreams collide with waking life, creatures lurk in every shadow, messiahs are not who they seem, and innocence is always corrupted. The stories featured here reflect a realty that is as insidious as it is fragmented, where humankind suffers not under the weight of Or... more
  • Summoned

    by M.B. Thurman
    When Hadley Weston reunites with her estranged lover, Fitz MacGregor, she discovers that he is a witch. And she’s one, too. As Hadley navigates a new world of magic and invasive government officials, she and Fitz must work together to find a lost family artifact before it falls into the wrong hands. Fans of A Discovery of Witches and The Magicians will be swept away on a journey of love, magic, and self-discovery in this love letter to travel and found family.