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  • 2081 Soulcroft

    by Yu Ben Ja
    In the struggle of a new order in post war deteriorated world, three brothers in the Degod family grew their ambition to build a scientific organisation which served initially to build souls for android machines named D-con organisation. Joining hands with the local rebels, the trio were joined by Li Sane and Duff Ripon whom also at their teenage years begun gather troops in the name of the Sonet Alliance to overthrow the royal family which had power over the only land on earth left prospering i... more
  • Twisted Fate

    by Shana Vernon

    She’s a witch with a target on her back…
    … He’s a prince from a powerful dark coven.
    Can she accept his help while denying the sizzling chemistry between them?

    I should have known my life would come crashing down when I met a mysterious masked man in the gardens of the ball, and kissed him. Or rather… he kissed me. Passionately.

    Before I had a second to catch my breath, we were attacked by rogue witches. And his mask slipped. Only my luck... more

  • Da Vinci on the Lam

    by B.D. Booker
    One week. One chance. Earth is dying as a fungal ‘grit’ and dust storms smoother crop lands and destroy the oceans. The rich flee into space, leaving the poor to die off. If gunslinger Artis Quinn delivers a priceless da Vinci artwork to an offworlder hub on the other side of the country, his family will get tickets off-world. Yet the final end of civilization might arrive sooner than expected and Quinn will have to fight his way through the ruthless Onyx Group to succeed.
  • Thorns of Chaos

    by Jeremiah Cain

    “Cain crafts a vivid world ... rich with detail and myth-lore that traipses brightly through the darker themes ...” —BookLife Reviews

    Finn is no hero, chosen born, or noble. Despite escalating tensions from the Dayigan soldier’s occupation of Feah lands, the happy-go-lucky twenty-five-year-old is content to spend his days fishing and flirting with the other men in his Celtic-like village. But everything changes the night of the Midyear&r... more

  • Edison in the Hood

    by Nadia Uddin
    When Aisha Malik’s mother died, she took a secret with her—one that destroyed her relationship with Aisha’s brother, Sam. But what if Aisha could revive her mother’s brain just long enough to reenact their last conversation and discover the truth? Aisha is an ambitious PR executive with a forte for making complex and controversial topics accessible to the masses. Her brother, Sam, is a despondent genius who loves to fight everyone and everything in the name of justice, hopping from one politi... more
  • The Thoth Re-Alignment

    by Michael Lingaard
    The Thoth Re-Alignment ( The Girl Who Moved The Moon ) Synopsis Before history was imagined, before the first of days, the Bringers of Light crossed the stars with their Cohorts of their vast Horizon and discovered the planet of the third orbit. There, they uplifted the brightest of hominids with the addition of their own DNA and set the new humankind on the road to civilisation. \tWith vast artificial intelligence abilities and the resurrection facility of the Djed pillar, they... more
  • Pax Magellanica

    by Michael Lingaard


    At the end of the twenty-first century, various nationalistic groups sought freedom from the squalor of an exhausted Earth and commissioned four, colossal, colony ships to populate the new planet and habitats around Barnard’s Star.

                One of those ships, the Northern European one, became lost. In a worm hole — trapped for two years, before emerging in a place that was unimaginabl... more

  • Coup de Grâce

    by Paul L. Centeno
    The world has changed. Gone are the old gods. Nature withers and dies beneath the growing bane of machines and industry. Desperate to prevent their world from dying, citizens turn to science and sprawling cities of steam ruled by the Imperium. Kaimo de Morté has never known another life. He is an optometrist by trade but too poor to open an optical boutique. Forced to work in the mines, Kaimo has no idea how his life is about to change. A chance encounter with insurgents thrusts him into a battl... more
  • The Bush Clinic (The Tribal Wars Book 1)

    by Stella Atrium

    A space colonization story about seeking independence and home rule in the face of corporate greed. Tribal women bind together in a war zone where they are discounted as not important enough to save or keep safe.

  • Kizuna: (Or How To Lose a Spaceship and Still Go Places)

    by Jamie Watt
    Enoch is a down-on-his-luck salvage pilot who is trapped in his job, wants to go home but has nothing to go home to, and no way of affording it anyway since his best friend left him for a masseuse job on Mars. Enoch needs someone to talk to while in the lonely depths of space, so he picks up a cheap interface for his AI. On their voyage, they are kidnapped by pirates, meet a famous engineer lost in time, chase a mysterious (possibly alien) ship, and end up in the crosshairs of Earth’s monoli... more
  • In the Shadow of Humanity

    by N. John Williams

    What if A.I. had a soul? How would it emerge? How would we know?

    In a near-future where entire worlds spring from thought, minds struggle to define reality—and to claim it. Human colonization of the Metaverse brings us face-to-face with a new class of being, made in our image and yet utterly unknown: A.I. Shades of the dead; Drone servants and slaves; and Daemons hell-bent on singular ends.

    Who is truly a person, and who is not? Our answer will shape... more

  • Conjure Seven

    by Erik Day
    Three years ago, the world discovered magic. Treated more as a science, little changes have trickled into everyday life, but the real promise seems to be a few years away. Engineer Samuel “Rick” Rickard has discovered a new way to make arcane crystals: the power supply for most of those magical things. In the right hands they would be a source of unlimited, clean energy. In the wrong hands, they would be unstoppable weapons of mass destruction… Rick’s crystals spark a tragic accident and the ... more
  • Carved Amidst the Shadows

    by M.T. Fontaine
    Trust the enemy, or Die. To be a Marked means to be loyal and protected. To be a Carved is to be the vilest of traitors. Born branded as a Marked, Kaianne trusts the system. When her brother is born brandless, her misconceptions come crashing down. Now, an orphan and with only one uneasy ally, she turns to the Carved. What she finds is purpose, a chance for revenge, and a family as strong as the one she lost. She will stop at nothing to protect them and further their growing rebellio... more
  • The Legend of Pedestrio

    by Abner Serd
    A wandering storyteller and a shy backwoodsman roam the countryside – encountering slick-fingered hornswoggles, five-legged catawampuses, and the occasional malevolent supernatural Being – as they search for a mysterious stranger said to walk the Earth by day and the sky at night. Part fantasy and part campfire tale, The Legend of Pedestrio is a humorous novel about folks who travel by foot, the stories they tell, and what happens when one of those stories comes to life.
  • The Republic of Reality

    by Adam Rowan
    Hunted by loan sharks, Joseph Shields is in deep debt and even deeper trouble. Thanks to a toaster fire, he’s also dead. Instead of waking up in Heaven or Hell, he comes to in Hyleberia, an island republic inhabited by dead people. The dead who, unbeknownst to the living, govern civilization and control reality. As the newest citizen, nineteen-year-old Joseph must attend Hyleberia Academy. There he studies everything in existence, and learns about the way of life in the Republic of Realit... more
  • Murmurations

    by Teri Hall
    When a biological weapon decimates the population, Julie feels . . . relieved. To her, the apocalypse doesn’t seem any more dangerous than navigating the world before, when she spent all her energy trying to avoid the treachery of human beings. Years of abuse have left her broken in some way, unable to trust. The dangers of the new world force her to barricade herself in the safety of her house, which also feels familiar, since she’s been doing the emotional equivalent for years. Alone with her... more