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  • Goddess from the Lost Planet: A Sci-Fi Adventure of Gods and Aliens (From Heaven To Earth They Came Book 1)

    by Neal Roberts
    When the ancient gods threaten to return to Earth, can a brilliant academician opposing their return keep a step ahead of their wrath? New York, 2034. Professor David Schubert remains a man adrift two years after the death of his beloved wife until, one day, his interest is piqued by the sudden disappearance of a mosque from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, an event that threatens to bring the world to the brink of destruction. But David, based upon special knowledge provided by a friend who’s ... more
  • Age of Resolve

    by Ilene Grydsuk
    It’s been one hundred years since the Correction, the great reset that erased the misguided ideology and spurious intentions of an ancient civilization seemingly bent on destroying itself. The Biodome’s universal moral compass is under attack. Known as the existential virus (EV), she is not to be trifled with. She is judge, jury, and—when need be—executioner. The only cure for EV is an end to the Age of Resolve and a return to ancient times. Seventeen-year-old Everett Steele has just transiti... more
  • Darkness Below

    by Barbara Cottrell
    Nightmares. Disappearances. Suicide. Fall semester is always a challenging time at Miskatonic University. All Ellen Logan wants to do is pass her classes while holding down a bad job at a New Age bookstore. But when a former roommate jumps to her death from the university clocktower and another friend vanishes, leaving her with a mysterious book, she embarks on her own investigation. With the help of renowned professor Andrew Carter, she uncovers evidence of a murderous cult, a terrifying cr... more
  • The Female Breeders

    by Melanie Bokstad Horev
    In the near-future dystopian society of EVE, women control the world. Young brilliant scientist Neen Salvek of Clan Triverser is assigned to screen imprisoned males of the Dome, to assess their mental and emotional fitness before breeding season. Her task is crucial in order to protect the breeding women, and continue the development of their genetic enhancements. As she embarks on her mission she finds more than she bargained for – a system of brutal mutilation and slavery that condemns any ... more
  • Cul-de-sac

    by Nick Perilli

    The Oughtside has slipped in through the cracks in the world and judgment has come for Habre Circle. Some boy rips himself out of sleep paralysis to find his dead-end street overtaken by the Oughtside, a limbo where the dead are remade as clay bones, shadow and porcelain. An opaque mass of a human figure meets the boy at his front door, offering him employment as judge and jury of his neighbors’ banal lives. He accepts this unpaid call to adventure seemingly plucked from the video games... more

  • The Brothers Thanatos

    by Joshua Gamon
    After the ritualistic murder of Max’s younger brother, Charlie, the grieving warlock tethers the man’s soul to his own to keep it from eternal damnation. He knows the only one who can change that fate is the great Celestial Beast, Lucifer, but finding the devil is not easy. As Max’s search plunges him into an insidious world of horrors and fabled societies, he finds a lost girl who might hold the key to all his troubles, not realizing she will bring him far greater troubles than he can imagine. ... more
  • Blackout Trail: A Post-Apocalyptic EMP Survival Thriller

    by Linda Naughton

    Doctor Anna Hastings is no stranger to disasters, having spent much of her career as an aid worker in conflict zones around the world. Yet when an electrical phenomenon known as an EMP brings down the power grid, Anna faces catastrophe on a scale she never imagined. She must learn what it means to be a doctor in a world deprived of almost all technology.

    As the blackout causes planes to fall from the sky, Anna crosses paths with devoted father Mark Ryan in the chaos at the airport. Mark... more

  • Greetings from Gehenna

    by Etzel Edelweiss
    While the story begins under the guise of a traditional fantasy, it gradually becomes more surreal, meta-fictional and allegorical, until finally revealing the true nature of its scope and deeper meaning. Difficult questions are raised, forcing viewers to think and draw their own conclusions. While the story begins under the guise of a traditional fantasy, it gradually becomes more surreal, meta-fictional and allegorical, until finally revealing the true nature of its scope and deeper meani... more
  • Ranger’s Sojourn

    by Ulysses Namon
    Since she was a little girl Tomi Ryan wanted to make a difference in an indifferent world. Her search for the path to that goal led her to the federation service called the federation rangers. Leaving behind her safe but boring life on Earth Tomi set off across the stars on an adventure that will take her from sun- soaked planets to deep space. Along the way her inner fortitude and ability to adapt will be tested as much as her stamina. But the real test will be when she is called to war for a c... more
  • Bequeathed: A Family's Tale Featuring Elle

    by ShaynaJay
    Bequeathed is a tale of trauma infused with terror, and layered with sinister secrets and lies. Every family passes something on. What did you inherit? After a series of unfortunate family tragedies, three young siblings find themselves in a new home raised by their wealthy maternal grandparents. All three have different experiences growing up in the household that eventually shape the way they live their lives as adults. When their grandparents die, the estranged trio is forced to come toget... more
  • A Nameless Curse

    by G.W. Prouse

    Felicity is a weapon trained to expose secrets, slit throats, and weaken realms. A Fae orphan raised among humans, she's loyal to the guild who trained her. She needs to complete one final mission to be inducted among those who call themselves Master Spy.

    Ordered to uncover the rebel informants within the king's court, she finds herself amidst the gossip acting as the rakish prince's latest conquest. When her guild returns memories she hadn't known they'd stolen, she... more

  • the haunted cookie jar

    by siaeeda bellal

    Ella was an ordinary house wife, she had given up her dream job to stay home and raise her first born child at the insistance of her mother-in-law. But after the birth of her child, everyone started to show their true selves and she could not imagine how her perfect life unravelled into insanity... or is it something more sinister?

  • The Accidental President

    by I. Michael Grossman
    The last man standing? Earth is in crisis. And the intergalactic managers who oversee all creatures of the Milky Way Galaxy are tasked to bottom-line man’s usefulness. Should they let homo sapiens survive or watch them continue to their own destruction? To answer that, the extraterrestrials charged with evaluating us as a species discover incredible truths about who we are – the good, the bad, the really, really bizarre. They look at how we govern and decide to change the rules. The Acc... more
  • Choice of the Traveler

    by Toni Binns
    Betha’s night out dancing pivots into a dangerous fight as demons pour through a rift in space. Peace is shattered and her friends are drafted to fight against the invasion. As unknown powers emerge within her, hopes of stopping the invasion fall to her.
  • A Debt to the Stars

    by Kevin Hincker

    Diana Roark didn’t begin life as the richest person in human history. 

    But as luck would have it, she’s exploring Earth’s deepest ocean when aliens, called The 27, orbit and make First Contact. When The 27 leave, as suddenly as they came, every human alive has been Augmented—except for Diana. After Augmentation, humanity no longer ages, and all material comforts are dispensed free from alien Obelisks. With all fundamental needs suddenly free... more

  • CRISPR Evolution

    by Charis Jones

    Brilliant geneticist Howard Wake has one life-defining dream: to advance human evolution, starting with his own kids. Under the radar of repressive agencies, he designs a tool to probe the darkest crypts in the human genome for buried treasure. But rousing ancient DNA is a risky undertaking. To create his children safely, Howard needs to enlist Jacqueline Witt, who has engineered her own secret. Before he can convince his friend and colleague to help him, Howard is forced ... more