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  • Anoka: A Collection of Indigenous Horror

    by Shane Hawk
    Welcome to Anoka, Minnesota, a small city just outside of the Twin Cities dubbed "The Halloween Capital of the World" since 1937. Here before you lie several tales involving bone collectors, pagan witches, werewolves, skeletal bison, and cloned children. It is up to you to decipher between fact and fiction as the author has woven historical facts into his narratives. With his debut horror collection, Cheyenne & Arapaho author Shane Hawk explores themes of family, grief, loneliness, and identity ... more
  • The Voyage in the Blizzard

    by Leila Mukhiden
    This story takes place in the world where people are suffering, surviving, and fighting against the furious creatures. This world is emerged into coldness and blizzard. The powerful curse doesn't let anyone live normally. The inhabitants of this world are only warriors. They know nothing except how to survive and prepare for endless battle. But everything, sooner or later, comes to an end. One day, a brave man named Draken, in order to bring a new hope to this world, goes again... more
  • Warrior Tithe

    by T.J. Deschamps

    Sparks fly between an unlikely pair with a spurned sorcerer hot on their trail.

    Aoife, a kelpie, flees a marriage trap laid by her father, Mannan mac Lir and the sorcerer king Cu Roi mac Daire, only to fall prey to an iron snare in the mortal realm.

    Fagan, a poor cottar, with nothing left to lose takes pity upon the kelpie he finds in his snare, setting her free. When the kelpie transforms into a beautiful fae maiden and offers to take him to the queen of Sidhe to repay him for hi... more

  • Alien Mission

    by Nick Iuppa
    When Victor Encinas desecrates a religious shrine in order to join his brother’s gang, he finds himself drawn into a world of alien spaceships, insectile high priests, and an interplanetary religion that seeks to take over the earth. And somehow he becomes The Peacemaker. The first book in the Peacemaker Series introduces us to the desert streets of Tumac City whose historic mission has been watched and studied by alien priests for centuries. But now the benevolent high priest of that unearth... more
  • The Headless Boy

    by Kelli Owen

    Reeling from the loss of a child, Maggie finds her job at the local daycare unbearable and errands around town impossible. She knows every child, every single parent, and they're all reminders of what she's lost. Unable to heal, she sinks further into the grip of grief and depression.

    Jake is a good guy, a great husband, and wants only the best for his broken wife. Therapy and medications aren't helping, and a change of scenery makes perfect sense. A new home. A fresh start.... more

  • Effacement

    by Hieronymus Hawkes
    When recording every aspect of your life has become the law, what happens when your connection to the world is severed? Pursued by a relentless government agent, Cole’s on the run to solve the mystery before they shut him up permanently.
  • Transcription

    by Tyler Michael
    Incident Report. Incident Date: May 30, 2072. Details: The Avalon, a US Department of Defense (DoD) low-orbit special programs asset, disintegrated over the Pacific Ocean on 2072/30/05 due to ...REDACTED... In partnership with Paradigm CS, a civilian biotechnology company, the Avalon had been supporting a classified deep-space initiative, codename “Transcription”. The catastrophe wasn’t the first incident on record pertaining to Paradigm CS. Eleven months prior, …REDACTED… resulted in... more
  • The Heroic Adventures of Madame X

    by A. R. Gross
    Finnegan Yates lives an unassuming life, struggling to be the man he needs to be. Despite this, he knows how to transform a victimized woman into a superheroine through his comic book series, The Heroic Adventures of Madame X. Only The Heroic Adventures of Madame X is no ordinary comic book series: the characters are living, breathing entities. With one gunshot, Madame X's alter ego Roxanne is implicated, and the real and imagined spiral out of control. In a world where nothing is what it ... more
  • The Psyman

    by Nick Bruechle
    In the future, society is divided into Gobblers; oxygen-addled and fame-addicted citizens; and Sharps, the ruling elite who live in a secret city called the Bastion, where they imbibe a high carbon dioxide atmosphere. The Gobblers work 15 hours per week, mostly in surveillance, and spend their spare time watching and interacting with YouStar in their Cocoons. The Psyman traces the lives of three friends, Biz, Necker and Bock, and their teacher Gneiss, in the years immediately after the tr... more

    by Gilbert Reid
    Determined to save the human race from the Prophet of Evil, the Boy, our half-alien vampire vigilante heroine V races to Elysium, the capital of the Cosmos Empire, the last bastion of humanity’s earthly rule. There, she discovers that the Boy has already turned the World Mind and all of humanity's technologies against their human creators; that he has raised the dead in a parody of the Rapture, and that he has released a weaponized Bubonic plague. In a final desperate battle, V fights to prevent t... more

    by Gilbert Reid
    As the Boy’s Cult of Death sweeps across the desert, half-alien vigilante vampire heroine V races towards Camp Terminus where her fellow hybrids, their brilliant minds neutered by mind-collars, as well as human dissidents, are imprisoned and enslaved in a sadistic and steamy inferno a mile underground. As V plunges into the sulfurous netherworld, the Boy’s monstrous true believers arrive, sowing terror and destruction. Victims morph into hideous ghouls. The pitheads collapse. Explosions, fires, a... more

    by Gilbert Reid
    When our half-alien vampire vigilante heroine V heads deep into the Great Central Desert - once the heart of the United States - to rescue her fellow alien-human hybrids, she faces a challenge that threatens the very existence of humanity. An apocalyptic religion led by a creature that calls itself the Boy is sweeping out of the west, promising the Resurrection of humankind, and the Rapture, but transforming its followers into mindless monsters, and leaving in its wake nothing but suicidal destr... more

    by Gilbert Reid
    As the Zombie virus escapes from the giant luxury cruise liner, the Eden of the Seas, it invades Miami and Fort Lauderdale, and spreads across America. Our half-alien vigilante heroine, V, plunges deep into the Everglades to rescue a kidnapped and imprisoned young woman who is about to give birth to the reptilian zombie anti-Christ. Caught in the whirlwind zombie Blitzkrieg that is spreading across America, everyone - a beautiful actress, a spunky reporter, a grizzled cameraman, an orphaned kid,... more

    by Gilbert Reid
    When a biological bomb bursts on the world’s largest cruise ship, the Eden of the Seas, it instantly transforms 2,000 lawyers, and almost everyone else on board, into puppet-like zombies and voracious tentacular flesh-eating plants; V, our vigilante half-alien vampire heroine, must race to save her sworn enemy, Katherine du Bois Hughes, the president of the United States, from becoming a zombie and spirit her away from the cannibal chaos on the Eden. Then she must help the president overturn a fu... more

    by Gilbert Reid
    When half-alien vigilante vampire V learns that a billionaire-scientist, Sabrina Jacobs, has used V's lethal half-alien vampire DNA to create a Clone, thus endangering the survival of the human race, she vows to hunt down and kill Sabrina and the beautiful, utterly insane, 14-year-old Clone. As she sets off on a desperate chase across a dystopian America, V sows chaos everywhere – in superstores, diners, ice cream parlors, and elite strip clubs. The future of humanity hangs in the balance when ... more
  • Saris

    by Samuel Correa
    David Argentino is a troubled youth about to begin a school year in a distant future where wars and revolutions have plagued the earth, and where, at an unknown location, the world’s largest school still stands.. The school is Saris, a prison-like institution run with an iron fist by the tyrannical principal known only as Headmaster. Battling depression, and a need to escape his past, David struggles to fit in. He meets the sensitive Marie, and love ensues. David delves deeply into intense soul-... more