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  • War for Magic and Freedom

    by Braxtom Stewart
    "First, it was your father. You are next. The war will make you perish along with all of Abika."After his father's death, Cya Sya Do IV decidedly steps down from his noble duties, Choosing instead to serve the people he was to rule. In the vacuum of power, he creates a tyrant takes the throne, immediately banning magic and forbidding travel outside the kingdom of Abika.Chaos descends on the ensconced kingdom ad the new authoritarian king imprisons, tortures, and executes those who oppose his res... more
  • The Domain of Arrogance

    by Charles Grotsky
    God, unhappy with mankind, has sent a blue comet to destroy the earth, but has offered one chance and set a nearly impossible task; to place a golden disc on the outstretched left hand of a tall, gilded statue of Mother Mary atop a cathedral in Avignon, France. The golden disc must be found in one month’s time. Once the disc is in place God will cause the comet to miss the planet. The story involves the search for the golden disc and includes the Inca of Peru, the Hopi people of Arizona, a sec... more
  • For Mist and Tar

    by Jinapher J. Hoffman
    A Golem seeks the source of all power in exchange for his freedom. An heiress to that power desires the end of her father's abusive rule. Together, they will end the war – or they will shatter what's left of their nations. In Frales, wanted Golem, Eledar Lirik, seeks to kill his Master and secure his freedom. To do so, he must team up with the infamous resistance group, Equilibrium, and lead a heist to steal the source of all magic. In Scorus, the heiress to a cruel conqueror’s power, Vell... more
  • Broken Souls: Book 1 (Seasons of the Cycle)

    by Troy Calkins
    Bothvar Beorcolsson Through fire and ice I will fight to find honor. Whether it be giants or creatures of the night, I’ll fight. Pain is my comfort, and sorrow is my companion. Death follows wherever I go. Even the sun hides from my sight. Bothvar they call me. My journey isn’t an easy one. It follows a long and broken road full of the bones of those who I couldn’t save and those who got in my way. My blades are soaked in the blood of my enemies, but my heart is left in shattered pieces, bro... more
  • The Angel Theory

    by John Morelli
    Bill Arena was in a one of life’s deep valleys. His law practice was floundering, his marriage going south and his children still needed his help as they entered adulthood. Out of his past comes a high school friend, now a brilliant physicist, who has expanded on Einstein’s theory of relativity and invented a machine which makes time travel possible. This device is also capable of leaving terrible effects upon the world. \tThe control of the machine passes to Bill Arena, who faces the choice o... more
  • Singing the Voice of God: The Song

    by Lyn Brighid O'Doran
  • Later

    by Colette R. Harrell
    In 1859, Junie Benson was a twelve-year-old genius and enslaved. His older sister, Sari, had her own difficulties, including being auctioned to the highest bidder. She was also beautiful, flighty, and had a repetitive dream about a hazel-eyed white stranger. Everybody with the good sense God had given them knew even her dream was forbidden. In the present, three things troubled ex-Special Forces Lt. Colonel Zachary Trumble . . . his new job as director of security for Burstein Labs, his lovele... more
  • Unfamiliar Territory

    by R. Lindsay Carter
    Cressida Curtain has a business to run. She spends her time catching bad guys and turning them in for bounties. After all, she’s a natural born hunter. She also isn’t exactly human. That’s her secret to keep, because her very existence is the only thing holding a great evil at bay. It’s a legacy that’s been passed down through the generations, and Cressida is the latest in line. But she’s not going to let a little thing like the fate of the world get in her way. Life as a bounty hunter is... more
  • The Family Condition

    by Cody Lakin
    A tale of fathomless desire, dark curiosity, and the horror people are capable of when given the power to dehumanize others, "this is a book that asks vital questions about family, accountability, and the resilience of love, which will stay with you long after the read concludes. " (SPR) Elodie Villeneuve has monsters in her family. When Bennett and Elodie first meet, the connection is immediate and intense. Both of them are trying to escape the shadows of their pasts, hoping to make sense of ... more
  • Till Myth Do Us Part (The Seed of Yggdrasil)

    by Darius Ebrahimi
    Myths Come True…Dreams Are Another Story Heaven is not what Kai imagined. Monsters run free, the sun scorches, and Kai has everything except his true love, Sophia. To get her out of the perilous city of Asphodel and into Elysium, Kai makes a dubious deal with the mortal council that speaks for missing gods. He must confront a scourge of myths—creatures wrought from the desires of those unsatisfied with an imperfect afterlife. Kai is no Hercules, but he is able to speak with so-called... more
  • Lautréamont

    by Aaron J Clarke
    A beautiful country-side château harbours dark, sinful secrets. God is testing us. An adamantine bond that not even time can weaken forces even the most devout towards hedonism. Who is Le Comte, the ominous stranger with the soft, mesmeric eyes – will he be their anodyne? Can their iniquitous deeds be forgiven? Love and hate, lust and disgust become inextricably tangled in this Daedalian novella, a tale of passion and devotion – for Christ or the Devil, it is hard to tell. Death and d... more
  • The Probability of Time (The Historians Trilogy)

    by Tim Koster
    While investigating a high-profile murder, Detective Liam Smart uncovers a secret war that's been manipulating the American Political Landscape since the Revolutionary War. As the evidence of his case begins to build, Liam finds that the longer he pursues the killer, the more he gets dragged into the conflict until he has no choice but to join the fight. Described as a unique blend of a mystery, crime drama, and science fiction, Tim Koster’s debut novel is a well-paced time travel thriller fu... more
  • The Roots of Yggdrasil (The Norse Saga of Sigurd Book 2)

    by Katherine Buel
    The Master of Masters has sent his foster sons to war, but not even he knows the course of fate—neither theirs, nor his own. When he finds himself withering in the ring’s absence, Regin seeks help from the one who cursed the Nibelung Hoard … but help is not what awaits him in the realm of the dwarf king. Help awaits no one in this bold and transportive second installment of Sigurd’s legend—certainly none awaits Sigurd himself. Fate has more in store for him than his foster brother’s war; he h... more
  • Wizards of Arcadia

    by Daniel Xavier Luna
    Evil isn’t born, nor is it stumbled upon. It’s created in the shadows of a person’s soul. It plants itself and evolves throughout one’s journey in life where it culminates in darkness until it consumes the individual. For twins Adrian and Andrew, it’s a journey one of them will take. Book one Andrew and Adrian are catapulted into a world where spells, magical beasts, and wizards exist. A world they now belong to, and their once predictable summer is gone in a blink of an eye. They go visi... more
  • After the Fall

    by Deek Rhew
    Shai was created for one purpose: to die. 200 years after the fall of civilization, in a world warred to rubble, Shai and her fellow Recollectors—humans built by machines to serve machines—have carved out a simple, pleasant life in their Mazatlán oasis. One of love, surf, and kinship. Life is far from peaceful though. The Osiris AI controlling the machines is destabilizing, and Shai, with her upgraded genome, is the perfect sacrificial specimen they can use to patch it. To stop them and... more
  • The Road to Damascus

    by Mark Tapper
    When a magic ritual goes awry at the end of the First Crusade, a group of Knights Hospitaller are mistakenly made immortal, doomed to be reborn after each death. The knights fight with sword and magic, and, like the Hospitallers they once were, they care for the sick and dying. Their foes are the Returned, banished mages who form a corporation in another dimension that’s hell-bent on destroying beauty, diversity, and tolerance in our world as completely as it has in their own. Paul, senesc... more