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  • Dystopia's Edge

    by Ian Price
    The year is 2121. The world has changed a lot, but in ways that you’d probably expect. I thought I put my hitman days behind me. Turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’m Benjamin Edge, mercenary for hire. Running guns, carrying out hits, I’ve done it all. When you grow up as a child soldier fighting for one city-state against another in the crumbling ruins of a fallen civilization, killing becomes second nature. This newest job seems a breeze, though. Smuggling lab equipme... more
  • Other Times and Places

    by Joe Mahoney
    What do a thief, wizards, a platypus, ghosts, soft drink salesmen, God, the devil, and a spaceman all have in common? Together they will make you laugh, think, sleep better, open your mind, spark your imagination, and quite possibly improve your complexion* as Joe Mahoney brings them all vividly to life in this humorous and thoughtful collection of seven tales of the fantastic. *Individual results may vary
  • A Time and a Place

    by Joe Mahoney
    Barnabus’s nephew is behaving oddly. Calling upon Doctor Humphrey for assistance has not been particularly helpful, because the good doctor’s diagnosis of demonic possession is clearly preposterous. Even the demon currently ensconced on the front room couch agrees it’s preposterous. But then, how else to explain the portal to another world through which his nephew and Humphrey have just now disappeared? Barnabus knows their only chance of rescue is for Barnabus J. Wildebear himself to step up... more
  • Flotsam

    by R J Theodore
    Captain Talis just wants to keep her airship crew from starving, and maybe scrape up enough cash for some badly needed repairs. When an anonymous client offers a small fortune to root through a pile of atmospheric wreckage, it seems like an easy payday. The job yields an ancient ring, a forbidden secret, and a host of deadly enemies. Now on the run from cultists with powerful allies, Talis needs to unload the ring as quickly as possible. Her desperate search for a buyer and the fallout from h... more
  • Yota PST Migrator

    by Sam Benoite
    Yota PST Migrator is an advanced utility that allows you to migrate your Outlook emails to other email clients. Yota PST Migrator offers a very simple and easy interface, which makes it extremely easy to use. With this tool, it is possible to migrate all the contents of your Outlook mailbox into any email client such as Gmail, Yahoo or Thunderbird. It supports all MS Outlook versions including Exchange Server, Office 365 and 32-bit/64-bit Windows OS. For more details: more
  • Hettie and the Ghost

    by Becca De La Rosa
  • Dragonsown

    by Erika Leigh Agnew
    An ancient kingdom once ravaged by war against dragons is rebuilt from ruin by four prominent families. Descended from two of these families is Kael of Renwick, a young man terrified he might be dying. The crippling pains in his head and stomach have become a regular occurrence. Waking in the passages underneath his father’s castle, Kael discovers he is sleepwalking and fears where he might awaken next. Every day, there are new and stranger incidents. Hallucinating, Kael believes a dark creature... more
  • Flames of Lethe

    by Lexie Talionis
    A nontraditional stranded enemies-to-lovers second chance Hell. [trigger warning: non-consent / dubious consent] A land of eternal youth. No death, disease, or decay. But this is no paradise. And no one here is an angel. Waking naked under a blood-red moon on an endless bed of sand, Jo remembers nothing. Not who she is nor how she and her equally nude, fiercely intelligent companion came to be in this desolate land. And although the hostility in his eyes confuses and wounds he... more
  • Nightshade's Requiem

    by Anthony Hains
    Before she died, Cole Nightshade’s grandmother taught him how to keep his demons from coming out of their hiding places and wreaking havoc. But none of Nana’s lessons have prepared him for Saint Edwards Mental Asylum, where he’s landed after a foster-care placement gone wrong. Saint Edwards has a history of abuse and death that makes itself known to Cole in alarming ways. Walls containing the spirits of prior inmates scream in agony. Young women who once ran from monsters, or from their own pain... more
  • Dark Berries From A Southern Tree

    by Mantra Lotus
    Dark Berries from a Southern Tree, the three women and me. A family of women collaborate and tell explicit accounts of triumph over sexual abuse, violence, and misogyny through cautionary fables and twisted tales. Corrine is the Grandmother. She is the Conjurer, good witch, righteous killer, and Voodoo Priestess. She is strong and wise but she wasn't always. She was the victim of the wrong kind of love. Her second husband tricked, abused, and cheated on her. He was also a child predator and... more
  • The Warrior With Broken Wings

    by Thorsten Brandl

    Sometimes the most dangerous thing in the universe is a man with nothing left to lose...

    Thomas Knight is a professional photographer struggling to cope with the tragic death of his wife. Drawn into the heart of an ancient prophecy involving a legendary sword and a mysterious vintage camera, he suddenly finds himself transported to a medieval world beyond his imagination.

    The last of the Verðldian kingdoms is about to be destroyed by an unspeakable evil, and i... more

  • The Little Fairleaf

    by Jeremy Forsyth
    The Fairleafs are a humble family on the rise, and its senior members showcase their ambition by formulating a daring plan to get the attention of Alepion's royalty. Trone and Eldrian Fairleaf are two young brothers who play at war but who are suddenly thrust into their parents' game of high stakes and fatal mistakes; theirs is the task of befriending the two Daughters of Alepion. But while the brothers pursue the young sisters, other plots have hatched in the night, and the Old Way are cr... more
  • Search for Sylvane

    by Cle' Curbo (pen name of L Paul Turner)
    Seeing his home world fall to the invasive Rieceh-Ta, Barkley flies to Earth to prevent takeover by the same invaders. Searching for his father, imprisoned by the Rieceh-Ta, Barkley hands off the keys to traveling in space to Bert. He must make certain that proof of Earth's qualification to enter the Common Worlds Congress is recovered from Sylvane, who has been taken prisoner by the Rieceh-Ta. Bert tracks Sylvane to a planet too distant for the Rieceh-Ta to reach. There he learns that Earth has... more
  • Echoes

    by Marissa Lete
    Seventeen-year-old Laura Jones has always heard the echoes of the past wherever she goes. She’s gotten used to them, of course, and has learned how to live a relatively normal life despite hearing last year’s teachers in her classrooms, the past chatting in the hallways, and even herself talking to her family at home during years prior. But one day, Laura hears her past self meeting Maverick exactly one year ago, and she doesn’t remember him at all. At first, she thinks it’s just a small enco... more
  • Cirque

    by Brooklynn Langston
    Five teenagers, Drew, Zoe, Jordan, Lilly, and Michael, all complete strangers, die and wake up in a circus tent. After meeting the whimsical ringleader, R.L, they are marked with a tattoo symbolizing the circus act they were meant to master. Come along on this mystical journey to see how their lives are forever changed by a cloud of glittery red smoke, a bright smile, and three simple words: “Welcome to Cirque.” “With pain, you can either thrive or die.” R.L.
  • Rise of the Ravenisha

    by P. Grace Lawson
    Rise of the Ravenisha: A Fantasy Fiction Novel On Freeing Yourself From Bondage And Coming Into Your Own Power A wonderfully woven, speculative fiction novel about werepanthers, warrior women, and revenge. Warrior women. Ancient power struggles. Corrupt experiments. Queen Idia sold her friends and fellow warriors into slavery for nefarious reasons, an ancient tribe of African warrior women known collectively as the Ravenisha. Hundreds of years later, the Old-Generation Ravenisha ant... more