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  • Life After

    by J.C. Warren
    The world didn't listen in the before. Now those left in the world are trying to survive the after. And the after is all Winona has ever known. After her parents passed away in a horrific wildfire, she has had to learn to survive on her own. And she's been doing just that in the decade since that fateful day, but when she happens upon a malnourished boy, she decides to take a chance. In exchange for helping with the tasks she can't complete, Winona agrees to share what little resources she ha... more
  • Alphamind: The Collective Consciousness

    by James Azinheira
    Adrian Silva is a young neuroscientist joining the team at Crestwood Research Institute, where they attempt to engineer revolutionary medical technology. A promising path appears until setbacks pile up, including a critical article poisoning public opinion, the loss of funding, and the director’s questionable motivations. A breakthrough arrives in the form of Alex Moor, a comatose brain injury patient who undergoes Adrian’s revolutionary treatment melding genetics, AI, and nano technology. Th... more
  • Candle Light Meals in the Devil's Comedy Store

    by Haji Outlaw

    Acclaimed writer/comedian Haji Outlaw, most known for The Eric Andre Show, returns with a collection of flash fiction: Candle Light Meals In The Devil's Comedy Store. In this offering Haji delves into corporate America bringing back slavery, how Tom Cruise dies, cannibalism, hippopotamus on narcotics and many, many more dark comedy topics. Enjoy this darkly delectable odyssey.

  • Many Arms Enfold Us

    by Diavolo Ray
    Kara and her little brother relocate to Montana woodlands, so their mother can set up a local internet hub. But their new town has a secret. Bioluminescent, floating parasites rise every night from underground lava tubes and make a symbiotic exchange—human electricity for addictive serotonin. As free will becomes an illusion, Kara discovers how much the village loves its captors, and will stop anyone who tries to fight or escape their psychotropic cult. A terrifying novel that explores femini... more
  • Below

    by Alaric Cabiling
    Below is the debut novel from emerging Filipino American horror writer Alaric Cabiling. Below marks a return to literary horror not seen since the earliest books written by the biggest names in horror, namely Stephen King or Peter Straub. In Below, Cabiling paints scenes vividly, using elaborate detail, striking imagery, and stylish prose to craft a story of a zombie pandemic set in the modern age, where dirty chemical compounds in street drugs have led to a deterioration of brain function, caus... more
  • 978-1922329608

    by Remi DeWitt
    Oh my God! Debbie’s been abducted by aliens. She wakes up to find four of them looking down at her. They have very big needles, but before they can use them on her Debbie is rescued by a stranger who can’t remember who she is. The aliens have memory-blocked her. Naming her Ellen because she was good at taking down aliens too, Debbie sets off with her on a voyage across the universe. Hunted all the way by the aliens who want their ship back, Debbie and Ellen discover a cosmos filled with ci... more
  • Fly in the Ointment, Book II

    by Robert Cooper
    What do Joseph Smith, yesteryear founding prophet of the Mormon church and Ying, a dazzling modern day woman of Shenzhen China have in common? Both, along with a circus of ghastly monstrosities, are supernatural horrors threatening an eternal hell for the occupants of a sprawling mountaintop manor. Our stage is populated by a man who finds his humorous take on life shredded in moments of supernatural inscrutability, romance, eroticism and the pall of death. His breezy life swapped for a lands... more
  • The Bone Inventory

    by Marissa Lupe
    They aren’t coming, they’re already here. Brad likes this body. He may not know much, but he knows he’d do anything to stay in it and go on a date with the girl of his dreams. If only his overprotective handler would stop being so creepy and let him live his life. But that can’t happen, because Brad isn’t really Brad, he’s a Stathos, a species of data collectors traveling the universe to protect the stars. When he receives a new assignment, Brad senses something is wrong. Pieces of his memory... more
  • Book of Pilgrimage

    by James Lewis Huss
    It ravaged the earth, turning a once-civilized nation into a world where no one lives past 30. The new world is bleak – cities demolished, governments collapsed, hundreds of millions killed by a virus designed to be an agent of control. In this post-apocalyptic nightmare, a tradition has emerged – the Pilgrimage. At the venerable age of 25, one begins a symbolic quest to find the Cure. The knowledge that each Pilgrim gains on his journey is recorded in his Book of Pilgrimage, all that remains... more
  • Sentience Hazard

    by Alexandru Czimbor
    In 2053, a tense global standoff looms as China's superior AI technology threatens to tip the scales of power. Amidst the chaos, a renegade Chinese scientist unveils vital intel, sparking a race against time. As the US scrambles for a solution, a maverick French genius and a Scottish-African professor offer controversial expertise. Love, sacrifice, and ingenuity converge in a battle for humanity's future. The US and Chinese artificial beings, developed with radically different principles, sha... more
  • Chasing the Darkness

    Pain is inescapable. Suffering is a choice. Azrael, the Angel of Death, knows pain. The deaths of his mother and sister, as well as his harsh experiences in the Watch Guard at age twelve, have brutally shaped him into the most feared assassin in all of Pandaren. Azrael’s role as a Hunter requires him to search for those with magic, called Spectrals, which he is happy to do. Hunting allows him to pursue his true goal—exacting revenge on the Fire Spectral who altered the course of his life. ... more
  • The Dark Forever

    by jeffrey gorsky
    In the very near future a space crew uses dark matter to power a trip to explore disturbances in dark matter they believe represents a signal from another planet's intelligent life. The ship’s designer is an expert in dark matter who had embraced Orthodox Judaism and brought his prayer group on board, and claims to be using dark matter to create wormholes in space. The ship is financed and controlled by an IT billionaire and germophobe. The ship’s captain, and the principal protagonist, L... more
  • Bitstreams of Hope

    by Andy Haymaker
    When a powerful corporate AI unexpectedly gains consciousness, its unpredictable behavior causes fear and trouble for the three main characters. Venkat, the brash tech founder who created the system, scrambles to explain and control its actions. Devyn, a humanist minister intent on putting people first and keeping technology in its place, faces tough choices when the AI offers to help her achieve her progressive political goals. Darcie, an unemployed teacher, faces dire consequences after accept... more
  • The Flawless Flesh of Angels

    by E.G. Karma, a pseudonym
    During a celebrated beauty pageant featuring tattooed contestants, the personal histories of the entrants and the emcee are revealed, including scientific miracles and secrets hidden in great works of art.
  • Grave Affairs

    by Lilith Daniels
    Following an accusation of being a necromancer with no way to prove her innocence, Detective Kirani Kinsley Ramons turns in her badge and flees to Dragon Heights, Wyoming for a fresh start. In Miami, few understand the difference between a necromancer and the descendant of dragons. In Dragon Heights, nobody cares. With weekly rains of unusual composition, dragon-kin and human alike vying for the right to become the next dragon in town, and magic lurking around every turn, there is no be... more
  • The Dread Room

    by Michael Handy

    A young couple gets more than they bargained for when they buy an abandoned house with a haunted, windowless room.

    Kate and Derrick have just bought their first home in the sleepy town of Millston, MA. The previous owners of the house mysteriously vanished years ago, abandoning the home to foreclosure. Ready to give the house a new life, the young couple soon realize not all is as it seems. There’s a room on the first floor of the house that has been kept sealed away for deca... more