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  • When Kingdom Come

    by DH Blake
    Post apocalyptic survivalist group of a spiritually and technically advanced society, from Earth's twin planet, in another galaxy, find their their way through open space to Earth. Upon arriving , they find one of their long lost comrades, lost as a toddler in the woods during a reconnaissance mission 30 years prior.
  • ENANTIODROMIA: collected stories

    by Mike X Welch
    ENANTIODROMIA is a collection of five horror stories. Featured Stories: Turning of the Bones - A lost spirit in Madagascar seeks to guide his descendants to his body so he can finally be free. The First and Last Drink of Ilona Odd - A recovering alcoholic waits at a tavern in order to pay off a hit man. But there are more spirits around than just those behind the bar. You Might Get It - A drunk and grieving widower has his wish fulfilled when his recently deceased wife knocks on the... more
  • Adventures of the Pandav Princes: Inspired by The Mahabharat, an ancient text from India

    by Sudhir Joglekar
    When King Pandu meets his end from the terrible Curse of the Deer in the Snow Mountains his queen and sons decide to return to their capital. Little do the Pandav Princes know that before they can claim their legacy they have to face evil lurking in dark corridors of the palace, escape infernos and live in wilderness, combat cannibals, marry giantesses and win princesses, descend to the Netherworld and ascend to the Elysium to procure celestial weapons. \tAfter being denied justice they face... more
  • Chosen

    by Jem Richards
    Raven is Quileute Indian with her people’s wolf shape-shifting ability. However, that’s not all! Raven also has the ability to shape-shift into any animal she wishes. When life for her people changes forever and a very real threat becomes evident to all of the Quileute tribe, Raven is the ‘chosen one’ by the Great Spirit and Earth Mother. She is gifted with a strong connection to the spirit realm to receive visions among other gifts, and Earth Mother grants her with earth magic over earth elemen... more
  • Conquering Starlight

    by Emily Mah
    Angels are falling all over the world and earthquakes and tidal waves are demolishing the major cities. Vampires are proliferating in the chaos, and a deadly, demonic plague is spreading like wildfire. Liana thought her battle to keep from turning into a vampire and stay human was personal, but prophecy says she's the only person alive who can free humanity from demonkind. Others have been called before, but none have succeeded, and she is the last. If she can't win this war, nobody can. T... more
  • Enchanted Everglades

    by Gail Kowatch
    The last thing twelve-year-old OCEAN RIVER wanted is to spend time on an Everglades airboat tour with ELLEN HANSEN, a former best friend. When they get lost after their airboat crashes, they receive animal superpowers from a Seminole Indian ghost. With this newfound talent, they recruit GUMBO, a cowardly yogi alligator destined but reluctant to be the next alligator king, BIX, a naïve soft-shelled turtle, and ASHA, a wise old wood stork. They join forces in this funny and heartwarming fantasy se... more
  • White Hat Black Heart (Cyber Teen Project Book 1)

    by D. B. Goodin
    Playing a virtual game is fun…unless the game wants you dead. Nigel Watson is a clever teenage hacker who uses his skills to make extra spending money. But, after someone plunders his mother’s bank account and drains the funds, Nigel realizes his hacking could save the family. Soon, Nigel’s online expertise is noticed by the billionaire founder of the Colossal Machine, a virtual game played by millions of people around the planet. When Nigel is given a chance to show his prowess, h... more
  • Moon Over Gray Hills

    by Eric R. Ballein
    Jonah Downing is a hapless gas station clerk who finds himself tangled in a web of strange occurrences that seem to orbit around him. It starts with a dream and a strange book authored by an unknown hand but quickly leads to depths that may tear apart the only world he’s ever known. Blending science fiction, a dash of horror, and visceral imagery, Moon Over Gray Hills is a story that will both captivate and unsettle.
  • Only The Wise Will Know: The Final Extinction

    by Anthony J Rossomando, Ph.D.
    Since the dawn of creation, humanity cannot choose right over wrong or to resist jealousy and greed. God sent Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden for eating from the forbidden tree to lives of suffering and despair. The first suffering of Adam and Eve arose following the death of their son Abel at the hands of their first-born son Cain during a fit of jealousy and anger. The killing of Abel was the beginning of many similar events yet to come where brother killed brother over the millennia. D... more

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  • Moon & Shadow

    by J. Steven Lamperti

    A young man from a small village climbs a cow pasture fence one night and pulls the moon from the sky. So begins the transformation of an uncomplicated villager named Sebastian into the Knight of Moon & Shadow, a warrior fighting to defend his town and his love during an epic battle of powerful wizards.

    Swept up by mysterious magical forces, Sebastian is the last hope of his village. He must defeat a nightmare beast and its creator who seek to use the destructi... more

  • The Book of Moon: An Loúr Ihn G'Éalach

    by K. Rose Quayle

    Mi’hal’ē is different from all the other análong, not just on the outside but in ways even she doesn’t understand. Born into a world where no one else looks like her, Mi’hal’ē’s ah’sha has forbidden her to go Outside past the fields. But the key to who she is and who she belongs to might lie far further past the Outside than anyone knows. And if Mi’hal’ē ever does find her truth, can she accept its responsibilities?

    The Book o... more

  • The Black Sky

    by Timothy D. Minneci
    Set in a dangerous post-apocalyptic, near-future Manhattan, THE BLACK SKY tells the gripping story of a group of survivors, some living in a lawless wasteland, others safely inside a walled city, caught in the ticking clock adventure of an extraordinary mission to save one man, unlock the truth of humanity’s near extinction, and risk it all to be reunited with the ones they love - a thrilling debut novel that illuminates the power of family, survival against all odds, and hope in dark times.
  • The Last God of Earth

    by AJ Vanderpoel


    The world is built on the bones of long-forgotten gods, and in the vast deserts of Ifriqya, Tamourte’s adventurous life as a fast-talking con-artist and low-rent summoner barely masks his unwanted alienation from his clan.

    When an opportunity to get his fingers into a lavish caravan destined for the Empire of Ghana arises, Tam leaps at the chance, only to find himself confronted with an unexpected cargo.

    Sjau is m... more

  • The Gravity Thief

    by Nancy Kunhardt Lodge

    In book three of the Lucy Nightingale Adventure Series, The Gravity Thief, Lucy is confronted with her biggest challenge.

    Lucy and her class visit the Emily Sears Museum and find that a valuable painting has been stolen.  When Lucy slips away from her class and peeks into the room where the painting had been hanging, she hears mysterious sounds coming from inside a wall.  The next morning, she discusses this with her best friend, Sam Winter who reads ... more

  • Echoes of Another: A Novel of the Near Future

    by Chandra Clarke
    Echoes explores the unintended consequences of an exciting new brain recording technology in a near-future Toronto. In a market saturated with dystopian and post-apocalyptic tales, this braided narrative offers a cautiously optimistic view of the future and has a solarpunk vibe.