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  • Lillian Lovecraft and the Harmless Horrors

    by David Neilsen
    Lillian Lovecraft is accidentally haunted by a horrific abomination from beyond space and time named Frank. Frank likes to eat mustard and play with people's toupees. He's more annoying than evil. But his arrival portends the arrival of far worse creatures. Lillian, her friends, and maybe even Frank if he's up to it, must band together to defeat the leader of these truly evil entities and save the world.
  • Itchiwan

    by J.J. Cunis
    Evil homicidal beings of Wampanoag legend are unleashed on present day Cape Cod via a time portal long buried in the woods and discovered in 1968 by four, wise-ass, 13-year old, unlikely friends from diverse backgrounds. They become saddled over multiple possible lifetimes with closing the Pandora’s Box they’ve opened for reasons that strikes close to home … all the while they must protect the secret of the orb from inquiring minds at all costs. And one of them has a tremendous crush on an alleg... more
  • Apotheosis: A Treatise Against the Elevation of Man

    by Nathaniel James Hood
    The Ripple Six lived their days without intention. In bohemian bliss, they celebrated and created with little concern for the repercussions of their actions. Then, they came across the map. Suddenly, unparalleled power is bestowed upon them in the form of an ancient artifact that, when interacted with, profoundly impacts the very world in which they live. What does a person do when the powers of God are unexpectedly dropped into their lap? They question. They act. They hope for the best.
  • Pagasa

    by FX Holden

    China moves to take over Pagasa Island in the South China Sea, putting it on a collision course with the USA that very quickly takes the region to the brink of total war. Set in an all-too-possible future, PAGASA is a whirlwind of a novel that follows the lives of ordinary men and women facing extraordinary peril, on all sides of the conflict.

    Pagasa: This is the Future of War, follows ordinary men and women facing extraordinary peril, on all sides of the conflict.

    <... more
  • The Phantom Circuit

    by Austin Farmer
    After twenty-eight-year-old Lyft driver Erica Westfield learns her popstar sister is dead, the last thing she wants to deal with is a stupid hacker threatening to delete her sister’s Facebook profile. Let alone a hacker who brings up Bloody Mary. Since childhood, when Erica and her sister played the classic game of Bloody Mary one night, she has been haunted by the shadows Mary sent after her through the mirror. They’re always nearby, waiting for the right moment to pull her through to a void... more
  • Pattern Black

    by Sean Platt
    A city-sized prison with little oversight and a snitch economy is the worst place for an ex-cop. Especially one who is losing his mind. Once a respected police officer, Mason Shaw’s father threw away his career by going rogue and landing himself in Revival’s privately-run prison, HRO22. Now Mason is following in his father’s footsteps — he’s an inmate with no hope of parole and only two ways out: Chamber Therapy or a body bag. Chamber Therapy promises the miracle of criminal rehabilit... more
  • The Forgotten God

    by Andrew Rylands
    He’s lived way more than nine lives. Pursuing his stolen girlfriend may make this one the last. Delphi, Greece. A magically trapped god. A stolen lover. And a mystical war on the verge of exploding. Apollo wants to forget his past as an Olympian god. Trapped in a feline body with magically repressed memories should get him what he wants… But when humans kidnap his lover from their temple grounds, he sets out on a journey to Athens to track her down, determined to rescue her from a horr... more
  • Wylde Wings

    by Kate Ristau
    Before she died, Gwyn's mom told him he would fly. He wants to believe, but he knows it's stupid. All those myths aren't really true. People don't have wings. Until, one day, he does. Wylde Wings is the story of how Gwyn Wylde gets his wings. The illustrated novel takes flight as we follow along on Wylde's adventure. He meets old gods, challenges mythological monsters, and with the help of his friends - dances on the line between life and death. The stories are all true. He'll get his ... more
  • The Seventh Talent

    by Joseph Riddle
    For centuries, a mysterious sect has hunted those who possess paranormal gifts, recruiting the men, and exterminating the women. These religious fanatics believe that they alone are the rightful possessors of the true Priesthood power, and have devised a method for controlling the mind of the immortal, St. John, using him as a weapon to amass hidden strength. With paranormal gifts increasingly rare, accurate knowledge of the human chakras and the six types of Psychic Talents that arise from t... more
  • Mirror of Reality

    by Alexander Schmid
    The peace of the Empire of Geb is broken by an attack from Mirror of Reality, an Esper of immense power seeking to gain dominion over both magic and science. And in response to this unprecedented attack Ivan Stein and Argon Krieg, the Generals of the Arthurian Armies create a team to slay the mighty and all but unbeatable being that attacked their empire, the empire of Arthur Exaltia, King of the Seraphim. The God Squad. A squad made to fight Mirror of Reality and any other being that threat... more
  • Psyker

    by Rory Surtain
    In the 42nd Millennium, densely populated hiveworlds rely on ancient technologies and rigid laws in order to endure. Paric Kilhaven, a scion of a noble House, navigates the darkly alluring world of his city’s underhive, hoping to escape the fate of an outlawed psyker. Rival gangs and chaotic forces align against him in a fight for the planet’s survival.
  • The Relics of Illayan

    by Kathryn Knowles

    In the stillness, a power wakes

    Caerlon is a kingdom where the power of Resonance has long been bound to a single bloodline, a single all-powerful ruler. Now, for the first time in centuries, the magic has been divided.

    On the night of the new king’s coronation, something causes his magic to fracture, and Catanya, a young woman living on the outskirts of Caerlon discovers the long-kept secret of her connection to the throne.

    Driven m... more

  • Whiplash: Book 1 - A Rust Chronicles Novel

    by Morgan Quaid
    Are you ready to fight? Abducted in the dead of night by a mountainous thug and a ginger-haired dwarf, eighteen-year-old Jack Flint is taken to an underground bunker where he and a group of other teens are forced to fight an implacable enemy in a dream world rife with danger. Whiplash is a fast-paced story set with a rich and intricately detailed fantasy world where nightmarish creatures from the world of dreams threaten the waking world and teens with the ability to lucid dream must fight i... more
  • The Liberator

    by Zoe van Lingen
    Following a global climate catastrophe, the City grew out of Earth’s remaining inhabitable land. Its all-powerful Government exerts control over all aspects of citizens’ lives to keep people in line and curb overcrowding. Money buys comfort and privilege in the City and is one thing Molly Birch doesn’t have in excess. But she is an average 16-year-old, content with her life, until the Government takes everything she treasures. Molly’s boyfriend Gavriel (Gav) Kingsley gives her a choice: acce... more
  • Fourth Earth: A YA Fantasy Adventure to the planet of Mythical Creatures

    by Cami Murdock Jensen
    A shattered prophecy. A siren queen ravaged by insanity. Can a courageous young woman unite warring factions before the universe is enslaved? Agnes Anne Cavanaugh desperately seeks to bring peace to her friend's beloved Fourth Earth. But with magic dwindling from the planet, she scrambles to convince rival contingents to put down their weapons. And when her powerful boyfriend's magic mysteriously fades, he slips into a depression. While he keeps saying nothing’s wrong, she’s supposed to not w... more
  • Sam the Chosen

    by Wally Jones
    The attacks changed everything. Life would never be the same. So much carnage, and yet the enemy was never seen. Not even once. The truth is, humanity had no chance. You can’t fight what you can’t see. Sam tries to return to a normal life after the attacks end, but constant reminders and paranoia feed the need for protection at all times. The desire to run, that internal voice triggering the urgency to escape this harsh world, is very real. Now an ill-fated camping trip will show Samantha just... more