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  • Iron-Bound Flames

    by Melanie K. Moschella
    She will play many roles for her king: spy, interrogator, even weapon. But what if she wants to be a hero? Ordinary and lonely kitchen maid, Meera Hailship, volunteers to feed a dangerous creature imprisoned at the palace. Her impulsive decision could end in disembowelment, but against all odds, she survives, striking an unexpected bargain with the deadly creature and an even more unexpected friendship. Meera's fondness for the feathered, fire-breathing beast called a raek will force her to c... more
  • The Beast Keepers

    by Julie Fudge Smith
    The Beast Keepers is the story of Jonathan F. St. Roche, a young veterinarian who takes a job in the rural Ohio town of Carrollton. He soon discovers it is a safe haven for a menagerie of mythical creatures (including a pregnant pegasus, a flying monkey with a sprained wing, a centaur with Cushing’s disease, and a unicorn with a sweet tooth) who rely on him for their medical care and shelter from the outside world. When a deadly basilisk threatens the town, Jonathan and his new friends must bala... more
  • The Pirate's Curse: Brigands of the Compass Rose

    by Toni Runkle and Steve Webb

    "It's Treasure Island meets The Outsiders... a grand adventure not to be missed." –Haris Orkin, award-winning author of the James Flynn Escapades

    Abandoned as an infant, 15-year-old Bonnie Hartwright doesn't know who she really is. And that just might get her killed.

    After her latest scrape with the law, foster girl Bonnie is abruptly carted off to a "reform sailing camp" on the Carolina coast. There, she discovers the camp is actually a training compound of a centuries-old secret... more

  • The Yellow House, Susceptible to Broken Windows

    by Daniel
    Where to begin… Take a moment to breathe. The door isn’t yellow, I know. “It’s infuriating.” We know it’s infuriating, Paul, but we’ve only just arrived. “I haven’t even been given any directions. How am I going to find her office?” It’s unlikely that you will. He hasn’t even crossed the threshold and the complaining has begun. What will he say to her yellow stripe, to the cannon on the roof and the politics found in the halls? It’s hard to imagine but it won’t be hard for long. Open the door an... more
  • LIGHT of the MAGOS

    by T.A.C. Wilson
  • Forbidden Knowledge: Two Tales of Lovecraftian Terror

    by Tony LaMalfa
    In two novellas, Tony LaMalfa has weaved a rich tapestry of Lovecraftian horror that evokes the shade of the Master himself. “The Face on the Floor” explores the fate of the young Jonathan Danforth’s tortured involvement with Andre Oswald, a fellow student at Miskatonic University whose quest to read the Necronomicon engulfs Danforth in a baffling web of horror and tragedy. “If Only Skin Deep” takes us to New Zealand, where the young scholar Myriam Delacroix investigates a remote tribe that se... more
  • Only the Living Are Lost

    by Simon Strantzas
    In this new collection, Simon Strantzas presents eleven tales, long and short, that display the wide array of motifs he utilizes. “In the Event of Death” tells of what a man finds when he explores his dead mother’s house. “Circle of Blood” is one of several stories that distinctively fuse a hard-boiled crime scenario with the weird. “Antripuu” relates what four hikers find in a remote forest. “Clay Pigeons” is an expansive novella set in Port Said, drawing upon the tradition of film noir in its ... more
  • Alt Nation

    by AnnaLisa Grant
    Emma Faraday’s sleep is haunted by grisly nightmares. The college student is convinced her over-active imagination is to blame. That is, until her father, an African American research scientist, discovers her journal and reveals Emma’s dreams are repressed memories. When her mother was alive, they traveled with Emma to an alternate universe, where they helped create antidotes to chemical weapons used to experiment on minority citizens. In that alien realm, every human has an identical counter... more
  • Renegale Tales

    by Laurel Colless

    Renegale Tales (A Peter Blue series novel) When 11-year-old Peter Blue and his team are sent on a quest to catch a group of Renegale imps, bad baby gales, they have no idea where to start – how do you catch the wind? But Peter’s mentor Agent Fleur has enough to worry about with a toxic yellow fog attack on seven cities. Then Wanda Shore gets a big idea to fix the fog even though she’s totally unqualified and just flexing to her followers, says her soon-to-be roommate Riva du... more

  • American Vampires

    by Nick Totem
    One day, Leland Slade, an emergency room doctor, saw a man lying on the sidewalk. The man might need help. Despite having a daughter with terminal cancer waiting for him at home, he stopped to see if he could help. Unbeknown to him, the man was a vampire, Count Heideker, who had fallen out of an airplane after a fight with his arch enemy Baron Havenstein. \tHis act of kindness led Leland Slade and his daughter, Julia, into the world of the vampires, a world that possessed incred... more
  • Child of Fire

    by Austin Colton
    There was no blood, only smoke and cinder. For eight years Caden has been in hiding. Haunted by his past and a promise to never use magic again, he has turned to the sword to make a living. As a mercenary in the mountain city of Kings Keep, he puts his talents to use hunting down the vile monsters that lurk in the shadows. No matter how much time passes, the fire continues to call out to him, urging him to take up his pyromancy once more. When a group of bandits attack the city, murder a h... more
  • Sam, Maddie, and the Mirror Dragon, two inspired teens and their quest to discover Mother Earth’s secrets

    by Elizabeth Flanders
    Sam, Maddie, and the Mirror Dragon, by first time Pacific Northwest author Elizabeth Flanders, with assistance from veteran New York writer and illustrator Evan Pritchard, is a story in the tradition of young adult fantasy. Its dual 14-year-old protagonists Sam and Maddie, neighbors in a rural town in Washington State, are drawn unexpectedly into The Mother Tree's powerful vortex, and find a portal where they meet SilverLight, a thousands-years-old master dragon, and she begins to teach them Mot... more
  • Déjà View

    by Michael Thomas Perone

    Déjà View is a coming-of-age/sci-fi novel about a 12-year-old boy who doesn’t want to grow up. After burying a time capsule to commemorate the end of the 1980s, he starts being haunted by ghostly doppelgangers of himself, his friends, and others. He calls them “déjà view.” Now, in order to survive his childhood, he needs to figure out if they’re real or if he’s slowly losing his mind.

  • Nightweaver

    by R.M. Gray
    Stolen from the sea by monstrous Nightweavers, seventeen-year-old pirate Violet Oberon teams up with her captor to hunt her brother’s killer, only to discover dark secrets that challenge everything she thought she knew about herself and her world.
  • The Four Swords: A Parable of Leadership, Video Games, and Dead Dragons

    by Paul Tozour
    Four friends meet a mysterious stranger with a robotic voice . . . that will change their lives forever. It shows the critical role of leadership and values, the way seemingly trivial mistakes can snowball into serious problems, and insights into what it takes to change things for the better.
  • Arsalan the Magnificent

    by JE Tolbert
    Arsalan the Magnificent is a lighthearted but poignant novel of historical fantasy fiction. In Europe and the Ottoman Empire of the early 19th century, a profession of wizards known as magical architects have achieved wealth and fame as builders of fantastical structures. Facing disgrace after his newest and greatest work collapses, Arsalan Ozdikmen, a renowned Ottoman magical architect in the prime of his career, is exiled to the Balkans. There, he undergoes a journey of reckoning and recovery,... more