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  • The Movement (Time Corrector Series Book 2)

    by Avi Datta
    In this mind-bending sequel, The Movement finds absolute genius and the prophesized time corrector living the life of his dream. His AI firm is booming, he’s in better control of his powers, and Akane is with him after all this time. But, there are gaps in his memory and a new enemy, Vandal, is hell-bent on destroying everyone and everything in Vincent’s life. Vincent works frantically to stop him, but Vandal is always one step ahead with a sinister smile and blood on his hands. When Vandal c... more
  • Escape from Venture Quest: Videogame Gone Wrong

    by S.C. Callaghan
    Leo and his best friends Marcus and Yoshi love nothing more than playing their favorite video game, Venture Quest. But when their parents force them to take a break from the game, Leo and his friends try to hack their way back in, with unexpected results: Suddenly they find themselves battling the game in real life! Can they keep themselves and their fellow students safe when Venture Quest monsters start showing up at school? And can they figure out what's become of Derek, the class bully, befor... more

    by Andrew G. Berger

    How far would YOU go to survive in a post-apocalyptic world? In the year 2051, a disastrous solar storm hits the Earth. It causes a global EMP which destroys almost all digital devices and power supply. The world descends into barbarism and chaos. An artificial superintelligence, which withstood the EMP in a shielded bunker, takes over. Julia (17) and Winston (18) have to fight tooth and nail to stay alive.

  • Eudora Space Kid: Do the Robot!

    by David Horn
    What if you are friends with the coolest robot in AstroFleet… but you’ve broken him? Book 3 in the Eudora Space Kid series, Do the Robot! is a hilariously funny, early reader sci-fi chapter book perfect for elementary-aged kids. Eudora is a normal third grader who just happens to live on a 36 deck AstroLiner. In SPACE! As a math and science whiz who’s been adopted by what you might call . . . aliens, she has normal ambitions—like being the chief engineer on an AstroLiner. But when Eudora bre... more
  • Where Monsters Lurk & Magic Hides

    by Lauren T. Davila
    A weeping woman wanders the L.A. River, wailing for her lost son. A teen wants to find true love’s kiss for their quince but discovers so much more. The journey of the last ahuizotl through the Franklin Mountains. King Triton’s son finds a way to leave his tail behind to seek out the stars. Two girls become the keys to freeing long-trapped goddesses and their villages. Where Monsters Lurk & Magic Hides is an anthology of Latine/x genre fiction from both new and established young adult author... more
  • Hometown Alien

    Michael Zemetsky’s very human systems have been infiltrated by travelers from deep space. These otherworldly creatures intend to own planet Earth, and the boy known as Subject 38 is a tool for their nefarious aims: Michael will help them to determine what makes these Earthlings tick. He’s a whiz kid—smart, lucky when trouble arrives, and unaware of the alien intelligence that pulses through every cell in his body. The cunning aliens will dare to trespass on the Cold War space race, fiddling and ... more
  • Order of the Dragonfly

    by Dr. Anthony John Toledo
    Description Order of the Dragonfly is a story about a group of war veterans and law enforcement officers who discover a nefarious and wicked empire's plot to enslave humanity. In a reality and time, not too different from our own, a secret society has infiltrated all levels of government and political systems. Utilizing various control measures, science and propaganda, the future of the children of this world is looking dark. The opposing group of justice and war veterans are chosen to receiv... more
  • Where Whales Speak

    by Michael E. Morgan
    A scientist attempts to communicate with whales and becomes involved with the military because whales used a special technique to destroy a submarine they believed was trying to harm their kind. A mad dash from the government to gain the knowledge the whales used as a new weapon.
  • Adventures of the Miso Mice

    by Annette Czech Kopp
    Discover five very curious fantastical Miso Mice on their quest to find The Answer Book, given to them by a magical button found floating out of a treasure chest! Their travels take them on exciting galactic adventures with Kaame, the sea horse riding sprite, and the Zodiac Girls who help starfish go skyward, but beware, as they cross paths with the devious Lobsta Clamdestino!
  • The Monsters in our Shadows

    by Edward J Cembal
    Humanity is extinct. Almost. The global population has been Devastated by Shivers—terrifying, shapeless creatures that latch on to their hosts and consume them over time. The last of civilization lives in the crumbling city of Atlas, where they subsist on processed insects and await their inevitable fate. Anthem is the city Exilist, tasked with trapping the Shivers as they strike and banishing them and their victims to the malevolent Deadlands outside the city walls. But he is ailing and... more
  • The Magic Keys of Tanglewood

    by Malcolm Chester
    She took a step backward and threw the key on the ground. With the voice now shrieking at her, the young girl took another step back. Sweat trickled down her face as she struggled with the voice in her head, but she could feel the control of her limbs returning to her. Then the heavy door suddenly opened on its own to reveal a strange, weirdly colored world inside. Truly frightened now, the young girl began to turn around when a hand that looked more like a claw with its blood-red nails, rea... more
  • The Healer's Society

    by Laura Clementz
    A waitress from a small town has the mysterious ability to heal people. Once her powers are publicly exposed, Joanna must navigate accusations of witchcraft and the dangerous desperation of those seeking her help. Meanwhile, other healers wander without actualizing the full extent of their gifts. With steadfast strength and determination, Joanna never gives up on creating the Healer’s Society.
  • Evil Hears (Warriors and Watchers Saga Book 2)

    by Sandra Woffington
    Seven reluctant teen warriors. Keys that unlock the Dark Gates of evil. A fight to save humanity. This epic fantasy adventure begins with the warriors’ return from Tartarus, where they retrieved the sybil’s books of prophecy and, more importantly, the first key, stopping the evil lords from opening the first Dark Gate. But Kami is left behind. And now, she faces a dire choice—escape or attempt to rescue her mother. In this second quest, the warriors follow clues that lead to the entrance of L... more
  • The Path to Vihaan (Man of the Mountain Book 1)

    by Daniel J. Lyons

    A B.R.A.G. Medallion honoree

    In a world where magic reigns in place of science and frequent demon-attacks keep the population low and concentrated—a young elf discovers an ancient weapon on a day that changes his life forever. Already a member of an oppressed minority, his life grows even more challenging while showing him more about himself and his world’s lost history than he could ever have imagined.

  • Till Dawn

    by T.H. Alexander

    It was supposed to have been an idyllic night . . . just a couple of friends getting together and having a little unsupervised fun.

    As 17-year-old Ryan Rogen and his friends are about to discover, however, their night will turn out to be far and away from anything idyllic after they find themselves caught in the middle of a devastating meteor strike that will completely dismantle the entire east coast.

    Despite the destruction and chaos left in its wake, the worst seems to... more

  • Enchanted: Time and the Mountain

    by Jerilyn McIntyre
    This fantasy for middle grade readers weaves together three stories of time travel, magical realism and environmental consciousness. In 1910, Elliott Hansinger, a brilliant but eccentric engineer, builds a machine that accidentally transports his wife and his children, Ben and Lizzy, into another dimension of fluctuating times and realities. In the summer of 2021, Annie and Will Hartley are precocious youngsters who inadvertently enter a time portal that sends them 100 years into the past. There... more