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  • Stupid Machine

    by Mark Niemann-Ross
    It's 2062, and self-driving cars are perfectly safe. So Araci Belo suspects Jordan Bishop's fatal accident is murder. But who - or what - killed Jordan? Jupyter Furentes works with appliances — rice cookers, ovens, whatever calls for help — and coaches them back to proper functioning. Now she’s being hounded by a refrigerator with a dangerous question. Soteria Reizoko is Jordan Bishop's refrigerator and just wants the orange juice it ordered. But the delivery car has gone missing. Soteria ... more
  • Geraldduhon

    by Gerald Duhon
  • A Ghost for a Clue (IMMORTOLOGY, Book 1)

    by C.L.R. Draeco
    A mathematician. A robotics engineer. An aspiring astronaut. Bram Morrison is all of these. What he can’t imagine he’ll ever be is someone trying to figure out the physics of a ghost. That is, until a workmate dies. In a twist of circumstances, Bram’s career and reputation are put on the line when he's forced to use real science to prove the supernatural. What unfolds is one man's struggle to reconcile his ambition with what he discovers--and what he believes is real.
  • Echoes of Darkness

    by Cheryl Campbell

    A fast-paced, militaristic sci-fi thriller centered on a complex female protagonist and set in war torn but still recognizable New England, ‘Echoes of Darkness’ is the second instalment in author Cheryl Campbell’s critically acclaimed “Echoes” trilogy -- a must-read for fans of Martha Wells’ The Murderbot Diaries and Robert D. Armstrong’s World Apart series.

    The decades-long conflict with the Wardens, the genocidal faction of alien Echo... more

  • The Crimson Inkwell

    by Kenneth A. Baldwin
    The Crimson Inkwell is a story about journalist Luella Winthrop. In her journey to become Dawnhurst-on-Severn's most acclaimed writer, she discovers that her city houses dark, magical secrets too uncomfortable to believe. When an enigmatic carnival worker offers her a pen that can turn fiction to fact, she quickly learns that tampering with the unknown can be intoxicating, lucrative, and dangerous. Can she withstand the onslaught of enchanted consequences with her life and engagement intact?
  • War of future

    by Annabritney leena
    Our story begins in 2218 under federal rule. Kindness and evil should not be determined by the one in power.Once one has power, he will not get go of his right.The one in power would take all measures for his rights and power,that is the origina of decay of society.The day the society became decayed, it is also when the rebellions rise......
  • The Fate of Magick

    by Bella Rayne
    A Whistleblower Discovers a World She Never Imagined Possible . . . When beautiful, determined Dabney witnesses her company dumping toxic waste in a forest called The Heart of the Godz, she knows she can’t keep quiet. The powerful executives who profit from this crime try to pay her off, and when she refuses, they fire her. Deciding to move on to another town and a new career as a writer, Dabney discovers that her presence on social media has put her in danger—her old boss isn’t taking any chan... more
  • Queen of Swords

    by Karelynn A. Spacek
    Grow up to become a princess; isn't that every little girl's dream. Sure, unless that title involves tending to the sick and handling land disagreements. Then it's not as tempting.Ivyssa, Hedarian wild child and aspiring archer, has been chosen to become the next ruler of Azulyria, a prestigious role that she did not see as being in her future. Still, she makes the best of the hand dealt to her. While seeking immediate aid, she unintentionally interrupts a coming of age ritual, causing irreparab... more
  • Across the Wounded Galaxy

    by Rex Hurst

    "We had to destroy the planet to save lives."A force grown Gen-Human, only three months from his decanting bottle, is shanghaied by a sadistic pirate clan. Three aliens track a gleeful villain who is hell-bent on destroying his own world. A military failure on a ruined planet finds only one chance left for personal glory. All their paths collide together in a galaxy at war. Worlds destroyed. Civilizations ruined. Cities devastated. Join them on this trek across a wounded galaxy.

  • The Markings

    by Catherine Downen
    DATHER IS AN ISLAND THAT WAS ONCE KNOWN AS OHAU. A nation that rose from the ashes after an asteroid shower has divided itself when people began to discover their unique powers. At sixteen-years-old Adaline sits in prison with her mother and younger brother, and today is Parting Day where more prisoners will be executed. After seven years of being spared, Adaline’s luck has run out. But she won’t go quietly or easily. Her life depends on her ability to escape the grasps of the King and find a pl... more
  • The Clockwork Mirror

    by Richard Snow
    Surrealist fantasy, horror, black humour and eroticism combine in a dark mirror universe of interlinking stories.
  • Angelus Rose: As Above, So Below: Book 2

    by Loren Rhoads
    If Romeo had wings and Juliet a barbed tail, could they find happiness in the City of Angels? After their escape from the ashes of Lost Angels, the succubus Lorelei and the angel Azaziel want nothing more than to enjoy each other's company. Unfortunately, Asmodeus, the Demon Prince of LA, has threatened to devour Lorelei's new-grown soul if she doesn't bring about Azaziel's downfall. Meanwhile, Aza is keeping secrets of his own that threaten the tenuous peace between Heaven and Hell. Three... more
  • The Onyx Coronet

    by Leilani Graceffa

    No frogs, no happily ever after, but... a curse?

    Prince Zane, once a courteous prince, struggles with a curse cast onto him by a spiteful voodoo priestess.

    Surrounded by people who will never understand what happened to him and why he is the way his shadow perceives him to be, he is misunderstood. Although being misunderstood and scuffling with an egocentric shadow that shares his body with him, he hasn't succumbed to its abrupt befalls, overwhelming outbursts, and degrading r... more

  • Never-DEAD

    by Ann Greyson

    Around December 21, 2012, the end of the Maya's Long Count calendar, a world-changing virus springs up bringing the dead to life. Central to the plot is Hannah Winter, the head of information technology at Biogenetics & Disease Control, a medical research company below the city of Dulce, New Mexico. The prologue explains that in Chiapas, Mexico a raccoon with a mutated strain of rabies attacks a couple of campers. The woman dies from her neck wound. The raccoon bites and infects the man, ... more

  • Ever Alice

    by HJ Ramsay
    Alice’s stories of Wonderland did more than raise a few eyebrows—it landed her in an asylum. Now at 15 years of age, she’s willing to do anything to leave, which includes agreeing to an experimental procedure. When Alice decides at the last minute not to go through with it, she escapes with the White Rabbit to Wonderland and trades one mad house for another: the court of the Queen of Hearts. Only this time, she is under orders to take out the Queen. When love, scandal, and intrigue begin to mudd... more
  • A Hidden Message

    by Elijah Shaw
    Nasir is about to start his life in college. Coming from a small town, he's not used to the big city life and at first, it's a lot to handle. But when he arrives he realizes that he's in way over his head. With certain forces lurking in the ether, demented figures after him and ancient gods in the fray, Nasir's world is turned upside down. Anyone who is a fan of Rick Riordan or Neil Gaiman will enjoy this spin on on age-old story. Delve into the world of the Yoruba and learn about African histor... more