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  • Mukülia: New World Rising

    by Jason Penn Browne
    Four Oceanus Marine Institute students and close-knit friends are drawn into a time-space continuum portal with an inter-dimensional Mukülia, the ancient civilization and ‘lost continent’ in the Pacific. In collaborating with the professor and his wife, who heads the O.R.C.A. research center, their mysterious aikido instructor, along with some marine mammal allies, the group is off on an expedition that leads them into uncharted expanses of the Pacific Ocean. Unique discoveries and extrao... more
  • String of Pearls

    by Scarlett Ripley
    College student Leanna finds herself on a multi-world quest to protect our realm. One night, Leanna learns that our world is but one of many in a realm, like pearls on an infinite string. Those who keep watch over its balance, the Council of Giants, call on Leanna to train and serve as a Warrior in their ranks. Her younger sister, Violet, becomes a Sensor. But, for a self-proclaimed loner like Leanna, training alongside Warriors from other worlds is not so easy. When she and her compatriot... more
  • Into the Violet Gardens

    by Isaac Nasri
    The year is 2024. A ruthless cartel dominates Latin America, and the FBI's Troy Levi gets commissioned to intervene. A cyborg for the bureau's Virtual Division, Levi delivers a devastating blow to the cartel's power but encounters a wave of social resentment in the aftermath. As the people's feelings for cyborgs grow bitter, former black-op cyborg ally and CIA operative Soriana Salazar finds herself caught between sides. Eliminating the cartel destabilized the region, fueling anti-cyborg sent... more
  • Scales of Ash & Smoke

    by Emily Schneider
    She lived her whole life enslaved to the dragons. But now she’s one of them. Seventeen-year-old Kaida, a human, has spent her entire life enslaved to the dragons who slaughtered half the human population a thousand years ago. She is forced to serve her ruthless Master, Eklos, until one deadly summer day when the Prince of Elysia saves her life. Prince Tarrin steals her away to the Royal Palace, shocking Kaida when he reveals that she is mutator formarum. He promises her safety, but when they... more
  • The Scrolls of Sin

    by David Rose
    The Scrolls of Sin - 120k horror fantasy collection - explores the dark side of human, and non-human, ambition. Join obsessed necromancers and sportive ghouls, bent conquerors and those who serve or betray. In the otherworld of Mulgara, David Rose has painted a land of opulence, beauty, hunger, and horror.
  • Clochán

    by Lawrence O'Brien

    KEVIN NEAL, as a young child, survives what happened in 1798 but loses everyone. When he is older and again evicted by a landlord, he still holds onto the memory of the crumpled remains of Anastasia Kelly’s letter. He has found her, but ANTY is as much a stranger as the tenants who live around an Abbey. He finds her aloof and part of a different world. The orphans try to hide from the past, but the violence encircling threatens what little they have left. Can the orphans survive the wak... more

  • Elzora Academy: Myth and Magic

    by Dawn McKelvey
    Jess is an ordinary girl who wants more out of life. Eighteen years of her life have gone by and she has nothing remarkable to report. Then she runs into a questionable character that calls her a witch. Rude. After that, everything she knows about her world goes pear-shaped. Turns out she is a witch, and a descendent of one of the most well-known sorcerers. She has to travel through multiple dimensions, learn about her true family history, play games of chess with a sword and shield, and cont... more
  • Safe! in Outerspace

    by Anita & Brandon Holmes
    After being whisked away in a spaceship, Brandon's brought in to be the pinch hitter in an intergalactic ball game. He must win in order to return to home on Earth, but it proves harder than he thinks when he’s given rules from another planet. Catch all the fun in this out-of-world picture book from debut author duo, Anita & Brandon Holmes. SAFE! IN OUTERSPACE is a fun, alien picture book geared for children ages 3-7 and is great for beginner and reluctant readers. Boys, girls, primary school st... more
  • Flight Time

    by Darcy Flynn
    Sixteen-year-old, student pilot, RYLEE DEAN adores her grandfather. She only knows him through her grandmother’s stories, which have led to years of romanticizing the young pilot’s life and tragic loss. When her official solo flight is postponed, she decides to fly her newly restored Cessna, instead—after all, she is the granddaughter of test pilot Jaxon C. Scott. During the process, she notices a strange dial on the instrument panel. Only minutes in the air, the needle on the odd dial begins... more
  • The Fire Prophecy

    by Megan Linski & Alicia Rades
    Fire and Water don’t mix. Sophia: I’m Sophia Henley, your typical college freshman. I never expected a lion to be stalking me, nor for fire to come shooting out of my hands to protect my sister. Next thing I know, a drop-dead gorgeous guy shows up on my doorstep to sweep me away to a magical school, where I’ll learn to control my element and bond with a powerful creature called a Familiar. I don’t believe I’m the savior of an ancient tribe, or the missing piece of a prophecy that’s more my... more
  • The Coven's Secret

    by Alicia Rades
    Love is a curse when you’re a witch. Nadine: I thought witches were myth—until I moved to a secret town protected by magic. Turns out I’m a witch, and my powers will awaken on my nineteenth birthday. I’m sent to a magic academy, where I’ll learn about the coven and prepare to meet our goddess. It’s there that I meet Lucas, a sexy warlock with an attitude. I shouldn’t be attracted to a guy like him, but he’s a puzzle I can’t figure out—and I find that beyond irresistible. But there’s mor... more
  • The Wolven Mark

    by Megan Linski
    When Emma discovers she has mysterious powers, she's whisked off to the land of the fae, where it's unveiled she's mated to a disgraced wolf shifter who desires to be king.
  • The Crowned Herstory

    by Anchors Lovegood
    Seventeen-year-old Kacia Lin was murdered and surprisingly reborn on an alien planet and became the new governor there. She must quickly adapt to everything, and solve the successive planetary and personal survival crisis.
  • The Five Turns of the Wheel

    by Stephanie Ellis
    Stalking the landscape of rural England are the sons of Hweol, Lord of Umbra. Creatures with a taste for blood and death, they lead the Dance—five nights of ritual, the Five Turns of the Wheel. Proclaiming these events as a celebration of Mother Nature, the grotesque mummers troupe of Tommy, Betty and Fiddler, visit five villages on successive nights to lead the rites as they have done for centuries.In this blend of folk horror and dark fantasy, two women decide it is time to put a stop to the h... more
  • Wilderwood

    by Halli Starling

    Wilderwood is a haven for those who have been cast out of “proper” society: academics, artists, the eccentrics and undesirous. It is also home to other kind and having weres, mages, and even an ancient griffin living amongst mortals just isn’t done. 

    Except in Wilderwood.

    Octavia Wilder cares for those who live in the town her ancestor built and when a feral vampire threatens the peace, she partners with the Ranger who has brought word of the thre... more

  • The Aftermath: The Sequel to the Pleiadian Trilogy (2nd Edition)

    by William A. Guillory
    The Aftermath is the beginning of a new era for the remaining inhabitants of planet Earth who survived two global pandemics. The total population has been selectively reduced to 3.6 billion, and no one was left untouched by these cataclysms. While the trauma of the two Great Tragedies led to a transformation of human consciousness, the Consortium still retains control of human thinking through the extensive use of IT systems, Wi-Fi devices and communications. The Chairman of the Consortium, a... more