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  • The Rabbit Hole

    by Matthew Fries
    An evil ideology is altering the minds and bodies of visitors to Santa’s Kingdom, a Christmas-themed amusement park, and once joyful children are transforming into little monsters. Unaware of the horrors that await them, the park’s newest hire, Jimmy Miles, and his pregnant sister, Bailey, are looking for a fresh start. Upon arrival, the siblings are stunned to find the park overrun. Gingerbread Go-Kart Palace has fallen, the go-karts commandeered, and a convoy of children are demanding freed... more
  • Archaic

    by Jasmin De Anda
    Archaic presents the battle of good and evil in a realm of sorcerers and angels, as an evil force plans to unleash an unimaginable horror on Earth. Cornelius Alewar, leader of the sorcerers helping humankind, is unexpectedly reunited with his grandson, Eric. Cornelius, who has lived almost two centuries, and is known more recently as Neil, had thought Eric was killed along with his mother, Leanna, 13 years before. Having found himself different from other boys all his young life, Eric hap... more

    by Jeevan Gopalan
    Was this their last goodbye? The Marga’s decision to leave Prithvos (Earth) was difficult. They had been here for thousands of years, spanning thousands of generations. After leaving their home planet Ishkoe, they discovered Prithvos (Earth), a paradise. They had grown accustomed to the good life because many of their generation had spent their lives on Prithvos. Even though they had known from the start that they would have to leave once Homo-Sapiens, the only native Sentient,... more
  • Aries and the Prince No More

    by Taylor Stephens

    "Aires and the Prince No More" is a gripping fantasy novel that intertwines elements of dark magic, personal vengeance, and epic battles in a richly imagined world. The story unfolds with Aires, the protagonist, haunted by recurring nightmares about a prince and his dark, sacrificial rituals. As the narrative progresses, Aires finds herself in a relentless struggle against a fearsome Revenant, a monstrous entity linked to her past and the death of her father.


    The ... more

  • Dreams of Song Times

    by Amy L. Bernstein
    When sixteen-year-old Ell Gossamer's two mothers mysteriously disappear, the teen human-mermaid hybrid quickly flees home with little more than a mysterious family keepsake, a book called “Dreams of Song Times.” Alone in the world, Ell seeks love and safety—only to be pursued by a fanatical cult hoping to extract magic from her ancient DNA. Ell’s quest to control her life leads to heartbreak and triumph, as she courageously steps out to defend other endangered creatures before discovering her ow... more
  • Compass Points: Compass Points #1

    by Jillian Witt
    A magical weapons master just might be the key to saving the continent from a deadly plague; if only she didn’t have to romantically entangle herself with a dangerous fae leader to do it. Rose has kept her head down and life private for the last ten years, making weapons in the remote northern village and staying away from the world of the Compass Points. Running from her past seemed like the easiest way to deal with her pain. When a representative of the Suden Point, the leader of the earth ... more
  • Mannigan: A Speck of Light

    by L. Ross Coulter
    In a post-apocalyptic world engulfed in darkness due to a global catastrophe, the Vitruvian global government constructs ten machines to restore light to new civilizations. Will Manning, a once content resident of Zeno City, wakes from a coma with a terminal diagnosis and a shattered life. Offered a chance for eternal life by the mysterious Legion, led by Dr. Barkoba, he joins their mission to overthrow the oppressive Vitruvians. Alongside his nurse Abby, Will embarks on a journey outside Zeno, ... more
  • The Alexandria Scrolls

    by Lukman Clark
    : In pursuit of the lost scrolls of Hypatia of Alexandria, a naïve scholar ventures on a mind-bending, existential quest. Despite being hounded by dangerous supernatural beings and possibly slipping into a psychotic break, he not only recovers the scrolls but finds himself and true love along the way.
  • Gaventor's Journey: Second in the Land of Paron series

    by L Denton Kennett
    Journey into the enigmatic Land of Paron prequel to Valkomert the White’s Shadow Mountains. When Gaventor was only four years old, he was rescued from a dire situation by Gamliccis, an elven high lord who saw the young boy’s potential. After introducing him to elven magic, he sent the lad to a revered ancient wizard to learn and acquire more knowledge about the mystical realm of power for the good of the people. After centuries of study and hard work honing his innate abilities, Gaventor went... more
  • Valkomert the White of the Shadow Mountains

    by L Denton Kennett
    Unearth the chronicles of Valkomert the White, an ancient dragon's epic quest amidst wars, mysteries, and sorcery in the magical realm of Paron! Dive into the captivating realm of Paron, where legends are born and epic tales unfold. Valkomert the White, a majestic dragon as old as time, has called the enigmatic Shadow Mountains home for millennia. Here, he has witnessed the fury of erupting volcanoes, discovered the mystifying metal of a fallen meteor, and battled the sinister sorcerer Rombithon... more
  • D.O.L: City Lights Part 1

    by Jason Maxwell

    D.O.L City Lights Part 1

    Set in New York City proper during the late 1990s, Lilly Lamberton’s life was flipped upside down at age thirteen. In one year she lost her father, betrayed her best friend, and fell into a crushing depression. Now, at age seventeen, she lives with an abusive stepmother who only agreed to take custody in order to steal Lilly’s inheritance. Lilly has no knowledge of her family history and is completely orphaned. Racked with guilt and desperate to reli... more

  • The Heart of the Wood

    by Dulee Carmel
    Damian, an average middle grader, discovers his elvish heritage when he meets Lady Rachel, his aunt, who happens to turn his bike into a stallion to summon him to her castle. At Lady Rachel's palace Midwood, Damian discovers a world of magic, from the wood's heart to the fay tree. He stumbles across marvellous things he never thought he would. But, everything is not as it should be. While Damian is on his way home, he notices that the wood is on fire, and Lady Rachel comes and puts it out with t... more
  • B08HY6KFQS

    by Todd Hosea
    A mysterious spacecraft has crashed in a remote, mountainous region of North Korea. The ship is now in the hands of a tyrannical dictator who will stop at nothing to unlock its secrets and bring the West to its knees. As tensions rise in the wake of this threat, North Korea’s Supreme Leader is unaware that a small, prototype vessel, known as the Reaper, lays hidden within the wreckage. Its ingenious purpose could either save humanity or lead to its extinction. Meanwhile, Captain Ava Tan is re... more
  • The Adventures of Izzy Adams: Descending Into Darkness

    by Jessica Lee Sheppard
    “Descending into Darkness” unfolds the gripping story of Isabelle “Izzy” Adams, a young woman whose life takes a dramatic turn when she is unexpectedly pulled into the spiritual realm. Raised in a family deeply rooted in tradition, Izzy stands at a crossroads, torn between familial duty and her ambitions. Her internal struggle, fueled by a longing to attend university and drive societal change, is compounded by her guilt over her father’s death and the weight of family expectations. While ove... more
  • The Unicorn And The Lion

    by James de Ciutiis
    Embark on an electrifying adventure in the mystical realm of Leono, where an unsuspecting kingdom is thrust into a fierce battle against the formidable Fae! With the demise of the beloved King and Queen, the fate of the entire land rests on the shoulders of two courageous young princes, Richard and Henry, who must rise above their challenges to rescue their people from the clutches of evil. As the nefarious schemes of the wicked Fae Queen unfold, a glimmer of hope emerges in the form of a radian... more
  • My Kingdom in Peril: A Schema Therapy Journey for Brave Young Hearts to Master Their Fears and Worries

    by Vasilis Karavasilis
    Welcome to "My Kingdom in Peril!" Join Phoebe and Orion, two brave kids, as they follow a mysterious voice when the clock strikes twelve. Their quest leads them to a kingdom that's nowhere to be found on any map. It's the Kingdom of Deception, a peculiar place ruled by a punishing queen who guards a treasure everyone seeks but no one can find. Your child can now ally with the Fellowship of Courage on this thrilling adventure. Together, you'll voyage through enchanting landscapes, cross paths wi... more