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  • Replika: Sky's Mission

    by Hugo Bernard
    Earth’s ecological collapse is avoided when most of the world population agrees to permanently upload into Replika, a simulated reality maintained by the AI. But the stability of this world is threatened when a group of neuroscientists hack their own brains to interact with Replika in unforeseen and dangerous ways. Sky devotes her life to rebuilding the real world left dysfunctional from the massive exodus into Replika. But when she learns her brother, who disappeared under mysterious circums... more
  • UE1: The Secret Revealed

    by T. M. Ely
    Follow along with the U.S. Government in the recovery of an alien crash site in Roswell New Mexico, May 1947. As the story unfolds you will begin to understand what took place. The timeline follows two different years, one in the past when it took place and the other in the almost present day. The incident was coded as a code red alpha project, which became the biggest secret from the government. Watch as it is moved to Groom Lake (area 51) and becomes covered up in mystery. In the near present ... more
  • The Nomad: Book One

    by Debra Tillar

    Zara is a star-shooter—a member of an elite class of space workers who travel throughout the galaxy delivering supplies to space stations and newly settled planets. A minor accident causes Zara’s ship to be delayed on an unexplored world. The crew is enchanted by the planet’s lush beauty, but when the star-shooters' idyllic interlude is suddenly interrupted by a distress call, they discover their paradise has a dangerous secret. After a near-death experience, Zara wakes ... more

  • Ditching The Ugly Suit

    by Ed Christiano

    A successful entrepreneur stumbles into a technology that allows people to choose new faces and bodies to swap for their own.

    He gets involved with all kinds, from those preferring to shed their droopy eyes or crooked noses to those struggling with their weight. Some want to escape disease in younger more attractive bodies, while others want to ditch their criminal identities to evade justice. The service is also popular with the famous, who opt for temporary changes wh... more

  • Dark Fangs Rising

    by C. Thomas Lafollette
    Luke Irontree is a former Roman legionnaire and an immortal vampire slayer now living in Portland, Oregon as the city experiences an upswing in vampire related violence. While he's hunting vampires, he meets Pablo--the second of a local LGBTQ+ werewolf pack who tries to befriend him. After a run in with a human hunter, a Black woman from New York named Delilah, Luke tries to dissuade her from continuing down the dark path of vampire hunting. Instead, she joins forces with Pablo, and they save Lu... more
  • Durch die Blume

    by Horst Müller
    Durch die Blume ist die Geschichte eines im Wald verirrten Floristen, der viele seltsame und beängstigende Monster entdeckt.
  • Annihilation

    by Kaylin McFarren

    The saga of Soul Seeker continues with Queen Lucinda increasing her powers by devouring the souls of demons, while plotting the destruction of Heaven in the upcoming Red War.

  • Jestin Kase and the Masters of Dragon Metal

    by J. Michael White
    Mankind lost the battle for its soul without knowing. Evil won. And no Chosen Ones are coming to the rescue. Enter Jestin Kase, a foster kid on the run in Chicago. He finds himself drawn into the underbelly of civilization, where the Three Great Schools of Magic are crippled by their own corruption and unable to push back against the Great Dark. Monsters from Babylonian myth, demons, and the enthralled thrive beneath the notice of everyone. Only one force of good remains: an ancient magic cal... more
  • Mercy's Light

    by Jess L. M. Anderson
    Mercy has been keeping a secret from his loved ones and his village. A secret that could very well end his life. Descended from a group of ancient warriors from Aitus, Mercy is destined to become the greatest Keeper of Light the planet has ever seen, but one mistake will cost him everything. With his secret out, Mercy must now find a way to free his people and keep himself alive before Queen Mala and her Unity Council can cause any more damage. With the help of his best friend, Sylas, and an ... more
  • Dual Sword God: Book 1

    by Shadows Finger
    In the Bright Flame Kingdom, there exists a small town known as Machen town. A boy of age 15 called Feng Yu was beaten to death by the son of the Xiang clan. Upon his death a soul that seemed to have traveled through time and space quickly took over the body, it was the soul of a martial arts expert from another world also bearing the name of Feng Yu. Seeing that he has been given a second chance at life he decided to take his new identity and his family with him on his journey to the peak of ma... more
  • A Dragon of Turicum

    by C. R. BRACHER
    Eldred, the heir to the throne of Deria struggles to manifest the Bond, the gift the Night Mother bestowed on their people. He must gain this power before he reaches the age of ascension or he will lose all he has fought for. In the midst of his struggles, news of trouble in the distant north reaches the kingdom. Eldred must face the challenge. Deciphering the mysteries of the Wretcheds, a discarded people of the Night Mother, could spell the difference between victory and death.

    Two hundred years after a cyclone of asteroids pummels Earth, survivors live on a rebuilding planet led by the mighty Reeves Corporation and Planetary Governing Union (PGU). The Kupita virus still lives within the fragmented asteroids that lay across the planet, killing or transforming its victims into mystical sages. \tThe Reeves Corporation holds an economic monopoly on Ojult, where it transports mystics, criminals, and those unlucky enough to find themselves under the boot of the PGU. Choos... more
  • Noobs

    by Simon carr
    IF YOU THINK LIFE IS A GAME, WAIT UNTIL YOU PLAY DEATH! Chris and Steve were quite happy sitting in their rooms playing online games until events in a kabab shop changed everything and reset all of the rules. A deal with the Grim Reaper could give them both a second chance at life if they can play the game of their lives inside some of the games they have only ever seen through a screen, until now. Luckily they are not alone, friends they had not met, or maybe they had, help the new guys, the... more
  • Virtually Gone

    by Simon carr
    Since mankind first climbed down from the trees we have looked out to the stars. We looked outward wondering what secrets to our existence are out there. Professor John Spanks is about to discover the biggest secret the universe has. John has his World turned upside-down when he discovers that all this time; we were looking the wrong way!
  • End of the Eighth Day

    by Mark Graves
    The battle to save mankind from domination by the vampires is about to begin but Johan has more pressing concerns. His mentor and friend, Alexander, lies dead in a Paris morgue and the mortal friend, John Jones, had been taken hostage by the vampires. Johan, his new girlfriend Annick, have to figure out how to stop the Princess and the three Families from building an unstoppable army and come up with a plan to rescue John before the vampires use him to feed their slaves. When John’s mother arri... more
  • Army of the Eighth Day

    by Mark Graves
    After searching for him for almost a century, Alexander McGill has finally destroyed the Graf, the most dangerous vampire in the world, preventing him from uniting the vampire families in a battle against the mortals. Any thought of being able to live peacefully among mortals is interrupted by the knowledge of the Graf's apprentice, Princess Irina Poltoratzky escaped along with supporters from three vampire families. Alexander and loyal companion Johan embark on a quest around the globe to disco... more