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  • Fever Dreams and the End of All Things

    by A.J. Massey
    The sequel to the award-winning Where Dragonwoofs Sleep and the Fading Creeps. As Ben, Avery, and Marcus near their last summer break before high school, a feverish sleep beckons them back to the mysterious dream realm of Meridia. The three friends haven’t returned to Meridia since they stopped the Fading from consuming their magical world. But a new triad of villains threatens the land: The Ghastly Three. Ben, Avery, and Marcus must join forces with a kodkod pirate, translucent elves, and... more
  • 978-0989760881

    by Cheryl Campbell
    Dani's return home to Maine after three years of diplomatic missions overseas lands her in jail and within Colonel Houston's crosshairs. Maine's civilian and Commonwealth forces continue to work together against the Wardens-the genocidal faction of alien Echoes-but Dani's relationship with Colonel Houston deteriorates into a personal conflict, putting others' lives at risk. When Houston has sixteen-year-old Oliver whisked away to become a Commonwealth soldier, Dani's primary ally in getting him ... more
  • The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories

    by Briana Morgan
    "The Tricker-Treater is gonna stop by your house tonight. You gotta meet with him and do what he says, or else."A woman agrees to take part in a creature's sick game to save the child she loves. A girl and her mother move into a nightmare house. Two brothers embark on a high-seas treasure hunt.In this haunting collection, Briana Morgan shares stories of love, loss, and horrors both real and imagined.
  • The Mask

    by Clayton Marshall Adams
    He was born that way. Few would forgive his appearance. Fear and revulsion, even rage, were not unfamiliar to him. The villagers, but for one small child, have not been kind. The forest, his home, was not only a sanctuary, ironically, it also became his prison. One day, the forest offered him something more. What he found both chilled and excited him. It was a discovery that would change his life forever.
  • The Munchkins

    by Candice Zee
    When Capricorn Munch and her twelve siblings appear outside a children’s home, no one, including themselves, knows who they are or where they came from. At ten years old they stop aging, as she and her siblings develop powers that gift them with incredible abilities, like healing wounds and manifesting objects. They keep these powers secret and their adoptive father restricts their use. Capricorn strives to live a normal life, blissfully playing with her favorite sisters, witty and bold Allie, e... more
  • The Saga of the Phoenix

    by Oriano Galvanini
    During one of his travels, in the 1960s, the protagonist, a young radio operator, comes across a mysterious organization, the Phoenix, which operates worldwide and has unlimited financial resources and technologies that were unthinkable in those years. He had been chosen because he was deemed suitable, on the basis of some mental analyzes to which he had been subjected without his knowledge. After a few trips during which he has the opportunity to verify the extraordinary technologies available ... more
  • A Light in the Sky

    by Shina Reynolds

    Red Queen meets The Scorpio Races in a high-flying new fantasy series filled with passion, betrayal, and adventure from debut author Shina Reynolds.

    Seventeen-year-old Aluma Banks has always dreamed of soaring freely through the skies astride a powerful winged steed of her own. But flying is a privilege granted only to the Riders of the king’s Empyrean Cavalry, the aerial warriors who defend the borders of their land from the ... more

  • Heart of the Talisaar

    by Joe Shephard
    Chronicling the final days of a devastating conflict, the story predominantly follows Kal'atora Kyrenapur and his friends as they fight to defend the human colonies of the Talisaar from an overwhelming foe. Whilst on Earth, Elspeth Tanner, learns of a shocking truth that explains the origins of the Talisaar and how we're all connected, but which may also hold the key to humanity's salvation. It's an action-packed tale full of exciting battles, interesting characters, religious and political intr... more
  • Nothing to Get Nostalgic about

    by Eddie Brophy
    Charlie Harris is haunted. Haunted by addiction, haunted by depression, but more than anything he is a man haunted by his childhood. For years, Charlie had successfully used his relationship with his past and with fear to his advantage. He became a successful and award-winning author by confronting the tangible terrors of a divisive world of economic strife and political polarization. Unfortunately, the one fear he was never able to confront was the one that now hid under the crib of his infant ... more
  • Darkwood

    by Deven Kane

    What if there's more to climate change than just the weather?

    The centuries-old warnings of the Forest Prophets have fallen on deaf ears. Caorran, the capital city, turns its back on the Forest, refusing to acknowledge the environmental crisis.

    Journalists R’chelle and Jaco thought their documentary on climate change would be a routine assignment—until they stumble upon an ancient warrior rune, the Eve of Battle.

    Caorran’s hostility toward the Forest Pr... more

  • The Stone the Curse of Mastema (The Brothers Curse Saga Book 2)

    by Christine M. Germain
    She broke one Brother's immortality and killed the other by destroying the amethyst chariot stone, but not from the Twenty-five demonic ShapeShifters that were held captive inside the stone itself. Now that Crystal Francois has consumed the Lazurkismurma demons and the entity of "Mastema" the evilest shapeshifter demon to humanity, her reign of terror has just begun. One by one, she will torment, torture, and try to eliminate the rest of her friends and the entire town of Lakeview Falls, inc... more
  • The Brother's Curse (The Brother's Curse Saga Book 1)

    by Christine M. Germain
    A year after the brutal death of her parents, Crystal Francois moves back home to the eerie small town of Lakeview Falls. When one of her neighbors goes away abruptly leaving his home to be watched by a young man named Jason Warwick, Crystal finds herself falling for him instantly because of his charming ways and dashing good looks. Two weeks before her 25th birthday, she receives a rare antique purple amethyst stone necklace that is left for her by her late mother; A necklace with a deadly p... more
  • Perseverance: How It All Began by Ardel Emery

    by Chick Lit Café - Book Reviews, Promotions & Author Services
    Epic love laced with epic pain… Loving him was my secret. Mine alone. I never let anyone come remotely close to accessing that part of my heart. Not even myself, except on rare occasions. Trystan was simultaneously the source of my greatest love and the source of my greatest heartache. He never knew how I felt about him. I’d never told him how deeply and profoundly in love with him I was…and still am. He had always considered me a friend so that was the position in his life that I desperately... more
  • Mr. Barsin's Toy Emporium

    by Lois Wickstrom
    While on his birthday cruise, Jack spies a mermaid. He finds her later in the secret room at Mr. Barsin's Toy Emporium. Lily lost her sylphs when her father moved to Florida. Like her other friends, her sylphs stayed behind. But now they are looking for her in Mr. Barsin's Toy Emporium. Audrey sees herself as a noble knight, whose duty is to slay a dragon. She seeks one at Mr. Barsin's Toy Emporium, and she intends to slay it. And Nick has been lying about a bad gnome causing all the trouble at ... more
  • Earth's Last Ships: The Jericho: Legendary Edition

    by Ryan Rodriguez
    As mankind flees the ruins of Earth, everyone knows survival won't be easy. Major Nazario expects danger. His team expects hardships and hunger. What no one expects is a dragon and a horde full of angry orcs... Nazario is stranded on board one of Earth's last ships. With no time to process the pain of losing his home, he is charged with finding sanctuary for his people before they perish on their failing colony ship. What he finds is even better: an alien paradise full of magical life stra... more
  • Time Machine Emergency

    by Dan Arthur Busby
    A genius twenty-two-year-old student makes an astounding discovery while working for a college professor. Derek and Professor Kibble are the right combination to invent an unlikely but very timely time machine. Forced to hurry their experimentation because of a nuclear threat, they add a woman, Lex, to the team and take a leap into the unknown. Which fate would be worse-nuclear destruction or a jump into time travel? Soliciting the help of Alexander the Great, they formulate a plan to rewrite hi... more