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  • Born Torn: Kiara Noir Mother Nature Series

    by Suz Eglington

    Sixteen-year-old Kiara Noir, living on a Colorado reservation, running a farmstand, and overachieving in homeschooling wants to explore the world and become a famous photographer.

    Her wanderlust was getting the better of her. Only her mother won’t let her leave.

    The family was a mystery. It was just Kiara and her mother, Willow, transplanted to the reservation.

    Kiara assumed they were witches. The cloaked ceremonies’, the bloodletting and chan... more

  • Grendel Wept

    by C. P. Serret


    Juliet died for love… only twice.

    Defrocked archaeologist Dr Julian Corbin searches dead and forgotten things for signs of the unspeakable Other. Alien dreams and waking visions of lost civilisations have always haunted him, but now a serial killer is leaving a trail of grisly murals in his footsteps.

    Amid his surreality, love seems an impossible dream. But Maaike, a young Egyptologist, is too determined to ignore. She harbours her own mys... more

  • Panglossian: Quasi-Daisy

    by M. K. Bingman
    Faith, an anomaly to the human race, must defend herself, her world, and her universe from certain doom after accidentally injuring a monster she runs into at her high school graduation. Her adventures lead her and a Watcher known as The Man, to the planet Quii, a city-planet outside her own universe that potentially holds a key to stopping the end of planet Earth. On Quii, secrets come out and they learn truths about the mysterious Rymuth Elves, the planet's only inhabitants.
  • Queen of the Fairies

    by Lois Wickstrom
    I'm writing a story about the Queen of the Fairies. She's a good fairy. But I'll also have to write about the bad fairies. They don't like being left out. If I leave them out, they'll play mean tricks on me. What if the bad fairies find out I'm writing this book, and they don't like what I write? They might steal this book. Then what will I do?
  • Nightstalkers: The Extinction Event

    by Jasper T. Scott
    Everything changed the day that they arrived… Adam and Kimberly Hall are enjoying a quiet suburban life when an emergency message flashes up on their phones—meteor impact imminent, seek immediate shelter. The shock wave rages through South Austin like a hurricane, and then horrific creatures come crawling out of the impact craters.
  • Blaze of Anger

    by Melanie Bokstad Horev
    A Dystopian Thriller about the Bionic Boy of the Union In the divided world of Eden 4023, anger is illegal, hidden, and suppressed. Doctor Tanger, the new hunter of angry people, is struggling to cope with the loss of a boy who changed his life. With the help of an orphan girl, Dancer, Tanger embarks on a journey of self-discovery that uncovers secrets about his past, the world he lives in, and the unexpected places where anger blazes. As Tanger is torn between loyalty and love, he encounters t... more
  • Rolo the Pet Earthling

    by Hans Ness
    Zira finally gets her very own pet earthling, Rolo! Life as a pet is easy, but over the years, Rolo grows bored and starts wondering where earthlings came from before they were pets. After running from the overzealous Animal Control Force and getting lost, he goes on a quest in the city to learn about the mythical planet Earth. Will Zira find Rolo before the earthling catchers do, and will he even want to come home? Cleverly comical and genuinely heartfelt, Rolo the Pet Earthling is a charming c... more
  • Angels

    by Len Gizinski
    In this thrilling sequel to The Metal Within, Simon commits two full CYBER teams to take down a warlord pimp of a vast trafficking cartel operating in a place only known as Witch City, but the mission escalates beyond what they anticipated.
  • The Metal Within

    by Len Gizinski
    An action-packed sci-fi saga. In a dystopian future, six upstanding survivors from varied backgrounds are kidnapped by a covert government agency - to be recruited for its next autonomous team of cybernetic agents.
  • Alpha and Omega: Awakening

    by Peter J. D. Woodruff
    The Alpha and Omega series tells the story of Xavier and Melissa. Cast adrift between our world and the world of myth and legend. On the day they celebrate their anniversary, the curtain rises, the veil cracks and the couple finds themselves caught between heaven and hell and the eternal war of good vs. evil. They, along with a cast of characters, fight for survival in a world where demons now roam free and hunt what remains of humanity. But in this bleak apocalyptic epic, a glimmer of hope rema... more
  • We The People

    by Michael Raymond
    In a world teetering on the edge of annihilation, the devastating aftermath of nuclear bombs lays waste to countless cities, plunging economies into chaos and governments into a frantic scramble for survival. Amidst the chaos, a clandestine force known as 'The People' emerges, demanding the disarmament and dissolution of all militaries. Meet Cliff Tanner, a brilliant CIA operative thrust into a desperate race against time. As governments reluctantly comply with The People's demands, Tanne... more
  • The Bear's Claw

    by Elizabeth R. Jensen
    The Wolfensberger brothers barely escaped the Lost Isles. Now, back in Etria, they long to return to their normal lives. Unfortunately, fresh danger is closing in fast. Trouble begins with Princess Ella’s disappearance. As Jules and Borus hunt for her, they find themselves fighting against oddly familiar circumstances. While his brothers are gone, Kass suffers a crushing loss that forces him to turn to friends for support. With the trio more vulnerable than ever, the threat of war closes... more
  • Steve The Zombie

    by Stephen Wayne
    In a city ravaged by an undead plague, Steve, a seasoned detective, finds himself ensnared in unimaginable horror. His body, overcome by the infection, roams with the mindless horde. Yet, miraculously, his consciousness persists, distinguishing him as a unique aberration among the undead. As his physical form drifts unchecked among the undead, his fragmented memories coalesce into a grim puzzle, providing vital clues about the onset of the apocalypse. Aware his time is limited, Steve's mind ... more
  • Flower of Memory

    by David M. Snow

    An underwater ark that shelters the last remaining survivors.

    A young doctor tormented by his past.

    A mysterious power that could drive them into madness.

    A cataclysmic Flood has forced the survivors to retreat into an intergenerational ark, secluded from the world they have always known. But the wait is insufferable in the abyss of the Great Ocean. More than a century, heavy with silence, has passed. The surface is but a... more

  • Far Removed (The Apidecca Duology Book 1)

    by C. B. Lansdell

    On the moon of Knyadrea, the sea yields intelligent life. For a species shaped by tides, change is the only constant.

    Charismatic and innovative, Oklas Sayve has risen to prominence in Apidecca, the moon's capital city. A politician and college director, he has the resources to effect the changes he envisions for the world. But the sovereigns he serves oppose him at every turn and his status cannot protect the low-strata students attending his college. After a young knyad i... more

  • Subjugation

    by Erik A. Otto

    Subjugation follows Proliferation as the third installment in the Detonation science fiction series, taking place a hundred years after a civilizational fall. In Subjugation, the Essentialist—Spoke war continues in the east, while in the northwest a tense escalation of arms can only lead to more conflict. The fate of the continent depends on the endeavors of Pyke, a cursed advocate for foreign dignitaries in game show-governed Aspen, and Cecile, a long-time Spoke supporter from Quebec C... more