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  • The Stone of Madness

    by Nick Baker
    Henry Price and Pearly Black are the most brilliant alchemists of their generation, but as their unique metaphysical talents flourish, their friendship deteriorates into a bitter feud. Following Black’s establishment of a shadowy organisation with dark, inscrutable goals, the men are firmly set on a collision course that culminates in Black’s death at the hands of his rival. Ten years later, the theft of an obscure sixteenth-century manuscript hiding a powerful secret forewarns Price of ... more
  • HYPO: The Complete Story

    by DL Jones
    An Urban Sci-Fi Thriller with Powers, Deception, Action and Adventure! Chauncy and Tre were childhood friends. Tre, who works for a pharmaceutical company, is in town on business. Chauncy hadn't seen Tre since college and decides they should catch up. After picking Tre up from the airport, they are ambushed and kidnapped. Held hostage in an old abandoned house. With hopes of escape, Tre and Chauncy use an experimental drug from Tre's company that gives them extraordinary physical abilities. ... more
  • A Betrayal and Other Stories

    by Brian Biswas
    Pen-and-ink illustrations complement each of these nineteen stories spanning the literary genres of magical realism, horror, and science fiction. In the title story, “A Betrayal,” a doctor travels into the countryside to help a young patient, only to deliver a diagnosis with which the girl’s family vehemently disagrees. The peculiar narrator of “Sedgefield’s Diary” recoils in horror when he discovers that the hourly diary he keeps has taken on a life of its own and now threatens his very existe... more
  • Winterhued

    by E. H. Alger
    Princess Winterhued, heir to the throne, finds the bigoted and demented king turning against her. But her worries become as naught when a vast winged beast lays siege to the town, reducing much of the castle to flaming rubble. She strives to save her people but it seems the only one able to help her is the lowliest servant boy in the castle. Yet on the borders of the land rides a nameless knight, exiled and condemned, and a horned creature follows him, silent as moonlight.
  • A Light Between Darkness

    by Darren Ramon
    Jimmy has to survive physical beatings from his father and manages to survive because of his mother and grandparents. He is taken to the farm out in Rural El Paso after a terrible beating and discovers with the help of his grandmother a story of another young man who is uncannily like him living in a fantasy world who is also running for his life. Jimmy is somehow transported to this world where he joins forces with John the Dom and learns the power of the light that exist in those individuals t... more
  • The Bright Path: An Anachronism

    by Benjamin M. Birney
    A sprawling science fantasy comic adventure romance political thriller, with goblins and cannons! Johnathan Miller has harbored a secret flame for his childhood friend Merrily Hunter for years, and as Midsummer’s Eve approaches he’s ready to make his move. But when a cranky, sharp-tongued professor of Applied History rides into town looking for a lost book, Johnathan and Merrily quickly find themselves swept up in an adventure that will take them to the very edges of history, language, and pr... more
  • Prometheus Rising

    by D. F. Wink
    ★★★★★ "It's grasping story which had a cinematic feel to it.” I will find you. Even if I have to see the world burn. Adama has chosen his place in the perfect world of 2076. He is a medic, a doctor. But his choice is shattered when he loses the woman he loves to a deadly truth, hidden from the Civilized Society for decades. To save her, Adama has to unite the Outer Areas and start a revolution – a battle that will tear down the foundations of the world he has lived in for his entir... more
  • Leon Dekar and the Sky Garden

    by Leonardo Adriel
    It's a really original and deep fantasy book that can be for children as for adults.
  • Solar Knights

    by Adam Moymy
    Lucian and fellow treasure hunters land on the moon of Kordan, searching for artifacts to plunder. They discover a twenty-thousand-year-old vault from a forgotten age of Mankind. Lucian learns the mysterious and sinister nature of his world. The Solar Knights Order, lead by the great Grandmaster Kairos, chase an old enemy through an empire consumed by war. Difficult decisions must be made, for the fate of the ancient Order rests upon his shoulders. In the Forsaken regions, the Emperors once grea... more
  • The Stone Awakened

    by Judith Sterling
    Since moving to Ireland, Ashling Donoghue has tackled one challenge after another. Now the mystery of her parents' disappearance seems unsolvable. Are they dead or only missing? No one—not even the godlike Breasals—has a clue. Hope and fear war inside her, but she's determined to find answers and stay strong for her siblings. Even as she hones newfound powers, her banshee-in-training sister Deirdre needs her support. Ashling could use a little help herself. She's struggling to navigate ... more
  • The Cauldron Stirred

    by Judith Sterling
    Ashling Donoghue never dreamed moving to Ireland would rock her perception of reality and plunge her into a mystery that brings legend to life. At seventeen, she’s never had a boyfriend, but she feels an immediate connection to Aengus Breasal, the son of the wealthy Irishman who’s invited her family to stay at his Killarney estate. For the first time in her life, a guy she likes seems attracted to her. But Aengus is secretive, with good reason. He and his family are the Tuatha Dé Danann,... more
  • Future Comes from Behind (PARADIGM SHIFT, #1)

    by STK Chan
    After Lisa barely manages to escape an invasion from the Rebel army in her home of Malta, she discovers Exo. This ancient dimension is made of memories from the past and brings forth all the strong echoes we leave behind. Lisa desperately wants to resolve the conflicts of this inner world peacefully, but quickly learns she must fight the shadows in people's hearts, materialized through battle re-enactments, warfare and emotional turmoil.
  • A New God in Athens

    by Peter Kornis
    The novel is an alternate history fantasy about the Peloponnesian war between Sparta and Athens in ancient Greece. The main character named Zeevik and his friend a weird god Josh, travel to another universe using a portal based on dark matter. Contrary to other gods who thrive on the prayers and the religious beliefs of their followers, Josh thrives on the scientific and artistic developments of the human spirit. They arrive at a local version of ancient Greece which is on the brink o... more
  • Jericho Caine Vampire Slayer: Dakota Rises

    by Dee Rose
    Jericho’s vacation is interrupted when he learns that an ancient vampire angel, Dakota, has risen. Dakota’s story is unique in that both angels and demons believe he’s an abomination and want to destroy him. Instead of blood, Kota survives off human souls, which poses a threat to both Heaven and the underworld. The humans that he turns into creatures of the night, are more zombie-like than vampires, and are called minions. When a demon coerces the vampire Lord, Caden, leader of the Ireland Murph... more
  • Father Tom Padilla: Mark of the Demon Priest

    by Dee Rose
    Father Tom Padilla died in the events that ended in The Hangman. His friend Jericho Caine, the vampire slayer, recovered his body and made plans to cremate it. However, the body is stolen by a demon that plans to inhabit Tom's body. The botched incantation brings Tom back to life and sets him on a collision course with the demon. He learns the demon can't possess his body without a ring engraved with the Padilla's family crest. Tom's path reunites him with Jericho, a new love interest, and terri... more
  • The Grand Librarian: Life of an Immortal

    by Dee Rose
    The Grand Librarian: Life of an Immortal, tells the story of Alexander Merryweather, which begins initially in the year 1273 A.D. On the surface, the Grand Library appears normal. But underneath it, lies a secret chamber containing knowledge from Merlin’s world of magic and wizardry. However, a rebel group known as the Knights of Niviane, led by Alexander’s daughter, want the secrets for themselves. When they lay siege to the library, Alexander is forced to destroy the chamber with a fiery spell... more