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  • The Last Hope (The Sevordine Chronicles Book 4)

    by Shawn P. B. Robinson
    No one looks for the dead. And that’s good news, because Caric, Ellcia, and Hemot have a deadly mission that will only work if no one is looking for them. It had been hard enough getting out of the castle months before, but how does anyone go about breaking into a city under lock-down, let alone the castle itself, ruled by a murderer and tyrant? Not knowing their allies from their enemies, they still have one thing working in their favor: No one looks for the dead.
  • The Lost Warrior (The Sevordine Chronicles Book 3)

    by Shawn P. B. Robinson
    Marleet’s friends are gone, and she’s left alone. The prince is lost in his enchantment, forcing Marleet to learn there is no longer any option to hide. If she’s to save the prince and move the nation towards their rightful king, she’ll need to stand up and show courage she doesn’t know she has. But when threats come from every side and dangers lurk in every shadow, can one teenage girl turn the tide for an entire kingdom?
  • The Lost Kingdom (The Sevordine Chronicles Book 2)

    by Shawn P. B. Robinson
    Accused of a vicious crime and now seen as a traitor to the throne, Caric is forced to flee for his life. In the face of great sacrifice and loss, can he stand strong and rise to be what the people need, even if it will cost him everything? Whatever happens, Caric is now left with only two choices: Hide… or die.
  • Tempered Glass

    by Stacey Longo
    Step into the chilling world of Tempered Glass, a collection of spine-tingling short fiction that will haunt your dreams long after you've turned the final page. Journey across the Donner Pass with a young newlywed whose dreams of grandeur turn gruesome. Dare to venture to a carny retirement community, where the echoes of past tortures still resonate. Feel the icy grip of fear as you realize a teenage Ouija board session is about to go terribly wrong. In Tempered Glass, acclaimed author S... more
  • The Blood Vier

    by Christy R. Harrill
    If she flees, she dies. If she stays, she's bound for life. Taryn wants nothing to do with the father who abandoned her. She bolts at her first chance at freedom, only for a mysterious man to track her down, revealing her father was murdered and she is the key to finding the killer. She strikes a bargain, traveling to the kingdom's capital where she becomes an unwilling player in a political game against the opposing sovereignties and her father's suspected killer. As a Blood Vier, a blood... more
  • The Belt

    by Dale E. Lehman
    Dr. Miguel Hernandez discovers proof of ancient life on Mars, but Lowell Colony Mayor Andre Rand covets the discovery site for expansion. Framed for sabotage, Miguel flees to the wilderness to collect additional evidence before it's destroyed.
  • The eye of Eldoria

    by Steven Crossman
    "The Eye of Eldoria" is a captivating tale of courage, friendship, and the pursuit of knowledge. With its vividly imagined landscapes, complex characters, and a plot brimming with intrigue, this book will transport readers to a realm where adventure awaits at every turn. Will Samuel and his fellowship unlock the secrets of the Eye of Eldoria and protect it from falling into the wrong hands? Prepare to be enthralled by a story that will ignite your imagination and keep you eagerly turning the pag... more
  • All the Fragile Hearts

    by M.T. Solomon
    Cecelia feels like a stranger in her father’s court. Her mother’s identity has always been a mystery, though rumors tell of a woman washed up from the sea. A vision of her father’s sends her to the kingdom of Korith, where she hopes to find answers. But sometimes a search for answers takes one down dangerous paths. Viktor might be King Ramiro’s favorite kingsguard, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be used as a pawn. Once satisfied with hiding in his armor, drinking, and fighting, Viktor is forc... more
  • The Stone of Athelas

    by Peter Godman
  • Devil's Crown: A World Divided

    by Z.W. Guard
    Delve into a world where nations collide, faith is tested, and heroes rise to face their ultimate destinies. Devil's Crown: A World Divided is an epic book series full of suspense, mystery, and the unyielding power of unity. The devil invades the minds of men to bring on the end of the world. Perfect for adults of all ages. Prepare to be enthralled as Z.W. Guard weaves a tapestry of fantastical realms and characters whose choices will shape the fate of Adamah itself.
  • Roger Mantis

    by Tom Alan Brosz

    Roger McGillicutty, 11, wakes up one Saturday morning and finds out he has unexpectedly transformed into a five-foot praying mantis.

    His parents seem to be coping with it fairly well, and his dog Lou is okay with it, but how will the rest of the town of Highland Falls handle it? Roger has school on Monday, the carnival’s coming to town next week, and his Little League team is playing their biggest rival Centerville next Saturday. Being a giant bug will seriously c... more

  • Beyond the Gloaming Pass

    by Rebecca Holmes

    Life in the gas-lit city of Tunswick has never been easy for best friends Rubriel and Molindra.

    An unlicensed mage, Molindra struggles to contain her innate magical abilities, while Rubriel bounces from one job to the next after industrialization left her skillset redundant. When a contract from a wealthy merchant offers a hefty payout for a dangerous mission in a mysterious land, Molindra seizes the opportunity for a better life.

    Cold, barren and brutally efficie... more

  • Death, the Gardener

    by Daniel T. Dodaro
    The Grim Reaper is not at all like legends describe. In reality, he is a debonair gardener by the name of Mot. Every person’s life is bound to a rose in his garden, and every person’s death occurs when their rose is snipped. Every person but one. When Cloth wakes up in Mot’s garden, she quickly learns that she has broken all sorts of rules by returning as the first-ever ghost. Her rose was snipped, yet she has surprisingly not passed on. And, to make matters worse, the shock of dying has caus... more
  • The Spring of the Sentinels: An Epic Sci-Fi Adventure (Project AION Book 1)

    by Eduard Lerperger
    In "Spring of the Sentinels," Ava Mason, a teenager returning to her 1999 hometown of Aurora Bay, stumbles upon an escalating supernatural threat involving a nefarious cult, time travelers, and malevolent extraterrestrials, known as Xenoformers. As she rekindles old friendships and establishes new alliances, including a time-traveler named Hailey and a robot named SCOUT, Ava learns of her unique power sought by the cult to reshape the world. After an unnerving revelation of her future self in a ... more
  • 44

    by Daniel Hunter
  • The Divine Union

    by Clare Archer
    Cyra is forced into hiding on another planet after a catastrophic attempt to thwart the Guardians' agenda. As her skill with sword and magic grow, she notices something else blossom as well. A life-altering romance with her true fated mate. And what starts out as disdain for Varjutus turns into something else entirely as astonishing revelations come to light within a land of darkness. The Divine Union is the spellbinding second installment of The Secrets of the Sun Series.