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  • Niah's Magic

    by Nina Waldman
    Niah is a little girl who dreams big. Every night she dreams about the same magical place where she plays with her best friend, Mayson, and her unicorn, Squigs. In her dream she meets her fairy godmother who gives her a magical treehouse and some magic fairy dust. Each day Niah is eager to return to her dream until one night, she discovers Mayson is missing. It takes Niah's love, Squig's help, and the magic fairy dust to bring Mayson back to the magic treehouse. Niah's Magic is a brightly... more
  • 9781735460604

    by K.L. Kolarich
    Behind the mask of duty and power, no one is who they seem... Centuries after the Forgotten Wars ravaged the world and turned it to ash, the Houses of Pilar, Darakai, Boreal, and Bastiion forged an accord with the royal line of Thoarne, founding a Quadren of advisory to the throne of Orynthia. Every generation, a single Haidren from each of the four Houses is appointed to this coveted chair. Upon her Ascension to adulthood, Luscia Tiergan takes her seat at court as al'Haidren to the House ... more
  • The Translucent Boy and the Girl Who Dreamed She Could Fly

    by Tom Hoffman
    The Translucent Boy barely survives a nocturnal encounter with a terrifying ancient apparition. Silas falls for Emmeline, a disabled girl with a secret otherworldly life. A mysterious old woman being held prisoner at the Shady Pines Retirement Facility reveals an astonishing secret to Sephie, helping them locate the infamous stolen Spike of Odysseus. The four friends set off on a mind boggling mythological quest to the Plane of Percupio to return the stolen spike and bring Emmeline’s brother ... more
  • The Secrets of the Kings

    by Nora Delzelle
    Who are we, really, underneath the masks we choose to wear? Alex Kincaid is twenty-four years old and leads a quiet life in a small college town. She works at Galen Industries and spends most of her free time with her co-workers. Her friends, like Emma Bastian, want to meddle in Alex’s love life. That’s what friends do, right? Yet Alex is too preoccupied with the odd letter she’s received. It grants her a large inheritance from a total stranger. Among the effects is a magical mask that wil... more
  • Juvenile Tribulations

    by Nathan D. LATREV
    Juvenile Tribulations A fantasy novel without the tropes of the genre? I dare you! A novel accessible to 16 year olds and up. Two hundred years have passed since the last great war of the five peoples. Peace reigns, in appearance, on the vast world of Isthariun. In Valendas, the human capital, Eskalys, a young boy, and his childhood friends, Firnaël, the fishing elf, and Gugnir, the forest dwarf, live a golden and happy youth, hardly disturbed by their numerous pranks. But their l... more
  • The Secret of the Scroll

    by D J Harrison
    A mysterious device with unknown powers A man desperate to impress a tyrant King A city plunged into deadly turmoil Never trust a demon. Or fall in love with a witch. A witch summons supernatural assistance in her attempt to overthrow a tyrant king but discovers the key to the king’s downfall lies instead in the hands of a boy. In a world where the King has supreme power which he uses to oppress and terrorise, a fifteen-year old’s attempt to impress has catastrophic results. His only ... more
  • Castillo Cove

    by Conor Metz

    Things are usually pretty quiet in the coastal town of Hatford, Oregon, but that’s all about to change.

    When college students on summer vacation discover long-dead human remains hidden in the nearby Castillo Cove, a vicious storm unexpectedly rolls in. And that’s not even the worst to come. Mysterious murders follow, along with other calamities that leave the quaint seaside town reeling. 

    Police Chief Ramona Wesley believes the remains are from a Mexican community... more

  • The Book of Souls

    by Kevin Moore
    Jack Kelly remembers everything about his wife and children. The wonderful smell of his wife’s hair, the way she whispers to him at night. His three children running through the house, the sound of their laughter. That was his life before the accident. His near-death experience left him in the in-between space, somewhere between this world and whatever comes next. But he recovered and woke up as his thirteen-year-old self. The doctors tell him it is a false memory, a result of his fall and... more
  • Mermaid and the Water Magnifying Glass

    by Lois Wickstrom
    One of Trezzie's treasures seems to have a pattern on it. Is it art, or something else? The only way to be sure is with a magnifying glass. Maia shows the mermaid how to make a magnifying glass with a drop of water on a plastic veggie box she had among her treasures.
  • Dinosaur Friends

    by Lois Wickstrom
    NOTE: this is a flip book with a different story front and back. A present for the Volcano Spike (an ankylosaurus) sees a volcano erupting. He thinks it is unhappy. He wants to give the volcano a present to cheer it up. He gets his friend Conifer (a tyrannosaurus) to help him build a necklace of stones around the base of the volcano. When it does erupt, the stones block the lava flow. Saving Conifer's Eggs Spike and Conifer smell smoke and know they must leave the forest. But Conifer is si... more
  • Red Dragon

    by Brian Roberts
    How do you fight an adversary you can’t see? The second EPSILON mission to Mars has arrived to mine the sites assayed by the first mission. But team members keep disappearing. Back on Earth, general Zhang Aiguo has assumed control of the Chinese military in his bid to declare himself emperor. His reach for power and control extends even to Mars. Time is running out. Can Dallas Gordon and the Prospector team locate and neutralize Zhang’s hidden bases before they are all killed?
  • Keep On Asking

    by Jeffrey McClain Jones
    He feels like his family is falling apart, their lives wrecked by the car that hit his little brother. His brother in a coma, ten-year-old Josiah Winslow faces the hardest weeks of his life. Little Matty may not survive. If he does, he may have serious brain damage. Praying. That’s what his family is doing, what their church is doing. As Josiah struggles to imagine the power of those prayers, a celestial visitor takes him on a miraculous ride into the realm where petitions rise toward heav... more
  • Jimmy Chartron and the Lost Keystone

    by J.T. Michaels
    An orphaned Academy student gets tangled up in a dark mystery and must use his wits – and the ghost in his head – to solve it, before a larger evil unravels. Sixteen-year-old Jimmy Chartron is parentless, living on his own and working down at the docks. With dreams of becoming an electrician, he’s accepted into the prestigious Navale Academy of Eagleon, where he finds strange things afoot—not the least of which is a ghost who has claimed residence in his head. When murder and mystery unfold a... more
  • Dream Phaze - Imagination

    by Matt Watters
    Book 2 in the continuing award-winning Dream Phaze series. Introduction by Dr Keith Hearne (father of lucid dream research). "With great prescience, author Matt Watters has figured out the issues that will occur with mass public involvement in dreaming (of all things!) in the not-too-distant future. I salute Matt Watters' insightful revelations of times to come." The ultimate uncharted frontier is the human mind. Dream Phaze - Imagination explores these extreme boundaries through engine... more
  • The Nemesis Vector

    by bo demont
    Sci-Fi romance of an American Astronaut and his pregnant wife. Aliens attack the International Space Station starts the story off. Only two Astronauts survive and battle their way back to earth using their wits. Many hair raising moments leave your hands cold and your heart pounding. Heartbreaking moments between husband and wife during uncertain times as his missions are all but suicidal.
  • The City of Stone & Sorrow

    by S. D. Howard