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  • Missing in the Pages

    by Ashley Tropea
    After eighteen-year-old Elizabeth Burrough's father went missing six years ago, all Elizabeth has ever felt is alone. Ostracized at school and ignored at home by her perpetually grieving mother, Elizabeth’s only solace lies within the pages of her favorite book, filled with daring sword fights and adventurous heroines. But when she awakes one morning to discover she's somehow inside the novel, it seems the glamorous world of eighteenth-century England may be more perilous than she'd ever expecte... more
  • Republic Under Siege: Threat from Within (Wars of the New Humanity Book #2)

    by Michael J. Brooks

    In the second book of this adult science-fiction thriller, a young immigrant woman, from Colony Three, becomes an outcast within Eden’s class system but decides to retaliate, and she aims to recruit Randal Scott, one of the colonies’ liberators, into a social-justice organization involved in a shadow war against murderous extremists scheming to preserve the status quo.

    What is the journey of a lottery beneficiary, a colony immigrant, like? What happens when ... more

  • Lost in Hanks Hollow (Hanks Hollow Series Book 3)

    by Rachelle Kampen
    The Harts are left reeling after tragedy strikes right in their backyard. As Sam sits vigil at the side of his injured sister, Rosie, he questions his role within the pack. He already feels he let his father down, now he has the weight of his family on his shoulders. When the pack struggles under the poor leadership of Amos Hart, Sam must rise above his guilt to try to be the leader his family needs. Becca Miller has always had a crush on her best friend Rosie’s older brother, Sam Hart. After... more
  • Cato's Choice

    by Juri Pill
  • Ascension

    by Marc R. Micciola

    The long-standing peace in the continent of Midstad is disrupted by a cult called The Black Light after a number of assassinations. The goal is to cause enough chaos to distract the good people of Midstad from their secret mission. Sadly for The Black Light, and its leaders Iver and Otti, their enemies are not so easily fooled. Suspicions arise when the old name of Kemryr is uttered, and the King of Hestferd, Bryntyr, decides to investigate further. Einar, Bryntyr's son, goes with hi... more

  • The Elevator

    by Alice Night
    After the strange disappearance of their classmate, Julie Anderson, four friends sneak into an unlocked building to play a game to help them locate Julie in "The Other World." Once they come back with her, odd things begin to happen--nightmares, a mysterious woman, possessions, and a mark of something terrible. The web of secrets and lies unravel. Who will survive these horrors? And who will die?

    by Elise Chidley
    SYNOPSIS: DEEPWOOD Young Adult Fantasy, 96,000 Words by Elise Chidley Development threatens the last portal between Earth and a mythical realm in this YA fantasy adventure. After their father abandons them, teenagers Willow and Ivo McBane have to relocate with their mother, Viv, from London to Deepwood Cottage in Gloucestershire. The cottage abuts hundreds of acres of wildwood. For brilliant, curious Ivo, fascinated by botany, it’s a chance to explore. But Willow—fierce, sinewy, and athletic—m... more
  • Scarlet Tides

    by Alice Night
    How far would you go for the truth? Sybil Pierce, a proper young lady dreams of adventure when her best friend, Griffin Morgan, goes missing after failing to accompany her to a party. Believing he's in trouble, she finds herself trusting a pirate and boarding a ship only to find out the pirate isn't who he says he is. As for Griffin, his secret of being a vampire is revealed, along with family secrets.
  • Glossolalia: or don't scream it on the mountain

    by e rathke
    “My name is Ineluki. I come from past the mountains and ice. It took me many days to reach here. All I know are dead. Will you take me in?” And so begins a calamitous year at the edge of the world. Chief for the year, Aukul's life has never been better. His people respect him, he spends his nights with the love of his life, and his skills as a butcher and chef improve every day. Then Ineluki, a young stranger, wanders into town with nothing but an empty book. He begins telling stories of t... more
  • Journey to the Heart Stone

    by Catherine Raphael
    In the beginning, the Goddess danced the world into existence. Peace reigned for generations through matriarchal rule within the Minca, Dute, and Carroo tribes. But then one man’s lust for power destroyed this balance: Vestor assassinated his sister, Mother of the Minca tribe. His army ravaged the Dute and Carroo tribes. A once-idyllic world was thrust into war, famine, and despair. Yet today, there is hope. Vestor’s niece, Cora, has a vision: if she can convince an emissary from each tribe t... more
  • Myracles in the Void

    by Wes Dyson
    Myracles in the Void is a novel about two siblings, one with the power to create, the other to destroy. When their father becomes a Void, a monster of destruction, Lynd and her brother Gai attempt to fix him. The magic of myracles, powers that either bond or break, accompanies them on a journey across the land of Esa as they try to bring their family together. But there is much more at stake as they begin to learn the truth of the magic that has pulled their family apart.
  • GoulCrest: Book 1 of the Vestovian Trilogy

    by Alicia Jeanne
    Have you ever wanted something so bad you could taste it? The past traumas of your life seem to have all led you to this one moment, and one opportunity. While you thought you would be taking this journey alone, somehow, you found the most amazing friends to take the risks, and gain the rewards with you. That is how all four of them felt when they started their journey. For Pria, exiled from her traditionalist family of nomadic warriors, the GoulCrest Games are a chance to prove she is th... more
  • The Enemies

    by Anna Varlese
    In a world that barely survived the nuclear attack, two deadliest enemies, Karm and Drell, begin another war. Drell, a proud nation of warriors, attacks Karm after a hundred years of fragile peace. This time Karm is unprepared and about to become the Drellian colony. Rhea is a well-trained progeny of a special operations Karmian general. Destined to become one of the elite warriors, she goes against her father’s will and enrolls as a regular private with her best friend. After he is brutally mu... more
  • An Oracle Walks into a Bar: A darkly funny noir urban fantasy

    by Scott Burtness
    Shapeshifter August Shade will get your favorite whatever back from your ex after a messy breakup. A huldra hires August to repo an unusual book from her vampire ex-lover. The book grants the power to write your own horoscope and create your own future. Unfortunately, trying to read it will drive you insane, and August isn't the only one that wants the book. Meanwhile, an oracle is having visions of the end of the world, and August is popping up in all of them.
  • The Condemned

    by Robert Bone
    Bauldane awakens to find himself a living skeleton with a terrible curse residing in his hands. Whatever he touches that has life, turns to dust. With no memory of what transformed him or who he was before waking, he goes in search for the one responsible. With the help of newfound companions, Bauldane tracks down an evil ex-wizard who may have the answers he seeks. But can Bauldane regain what was lost while keeping his companions alive?
  • Father's Day: A Military Sci-Fi Novel

    by Austin Dragon
    Humanity is on the brink of becoming a multi-planet species at last! The military is leading the way in Earth’s transformational new era with its flagship vessel the NCS Neil deGrasse Tyson under joint command of the Army (the soldiers) and Navy (the scientists). For Captain Joshua Halley, commanding the Tyson’s soldiers, the “Titan Mission” began even before he was born. He will be among the first humans to help terraform a planetary body for off-world human colonization. But is the “... more