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  • Dreamer

    by Multi Mind
    Vera has quite unusual dreams. Whatever she dreams, affects her in real life. All is fine until one day, she sees something she thought she could handle – instead, she’s plagued with a reoccurring nightmare, haunted and tracked by The Hunter. Now she worries she may never wake up again.
  • Wayward Suns

    by Hamelin Bird


    "Bird's prose sets the bar high for his contemporaries in this slice-of-life tale marbled with self-destruction and ambiguous hellfire magic. Smart, deep, and honest. Highly recommended."
    -CHAD LUTZKE, author of Slow Burn on Riverside and Of Foster Homes and Flies

    In this speculative coming-of-age tale, Holden Caulfield gets a makeover and settles down in the Eighties. He doesn't know it yet, but he has a date ... more

  • Rayne Storm

    by Stephanie Colbert
    Rayne Parker isn’t your average, everyday Private Investigator. Instead of searching for run-of-the-mill cheating husbands or finding missing persons, her most recent client is the world’s oldest witch with a prophecy that stuns Rayne—she must slay the mighty demon, Marchosias, to save the world. Before long, Rayne is involved in chasing a demon who charbroils his victims with a blast of fire hotter than anything known to man. But how can she slay the invincible demon? Her quest to find answers... more
  • Ethereal's Call

    by Leslie Cook
    Kyra Vale Aiwler is an unpopular witch on an assignment for her coven. Her task is clear, and her goal is set. Then she gets derailed when she crosses paths with a Fae bartender, Micah Rao. She has no interest in anything he has to offer, but he will not take no for an answer. Ensnared by his proposal, she finds herself at the mercy of a secret destiny and a past she knew nothing about. She crosses over to a world that is foreign to her and one she may not be ready to embrace. She goes on an epi... more
  • And so Began the War

    by Ian Anthony Hollis
    Zoe Evelyn Lionheart, a young roboticist, and her house-robot, Herbert, are inadvertently swept away on an adventure to stop a war, after a powerful government vies for control of a much smaller, but technologically superior nation. When the smaller nation's government refuses to be controlled, robot production is put into overdrive in an attempt to create a robot army, alarming the world-renowned roboticist, Michael Alouicious Copperpot. After Lord President Smythe and Vice-President Perriw... more
  • Through the Abyss

    by Sidney Son
    Investigate, mitigate, and eliminate any abnormalities that threaten the planet. Former elite soldier, Jonathan Hawthorn has his work cut out for him. In a world where few people believe in the possibility of life existing outside of Earth, his job is to protect humanity—at all costs. Oceanographer, Ariella Marconi is suddenly thrust into the perilous deep when two large crystalline structures were detected on opposite ends of the ocean. Together, Ariella and Jonathan delve into the depths, inve... more
  • Blood Dragon Rising

    by G.S. Carline
    All Lisette de Lille wants is an easy life. She’s not enthralled with getting married to a dull young nobleman, but it will secure her Caribbean island for France—for king and country, right? When her betrothed and his lover sell her to a pirate, her life goals change significantly. Now all she wants is white-hot revenge. The pirate, Rocco, has a sinister motive for purchasing Lisette. An ancient curse turns him into a blood dragon each night of the new moon. He is driven to kill everyone who w... more
  • Aracron: Aracron

    by Bethany Arliss
    The Shadow Fractures of the void will be penetrated, and worlds will collide bringing hope and horror and oblivion. Seventeen-year-old Kelsey Denner can run faster, kick further and jump higher than anyone else at her Australian high school. Why then, if she’s such a winner, does she feel like anything but? With her friends acting weird and her father dating, Kelsey thought she had troubles, until a sparkling light mysteriously sends her to the strange world of Aracron. Here, people wit... more
  • Alice in Liars Land

    by Diana Shafran
    Hello, My name is Diana Shafran, I am a fantasy, young adult author. I live in Ukraine. I have spent a few nights in the bomb shelter. I never thought I could sleep on the floor with the lights on and people talking. There was electricity in the bomb shelter, and you could charge your phone and make hot tea. I spent one week in Kyiv, but the explosions didn't stop. That is why I went to my relatives in the village. There's electricity and the Internet. In general, the village is calm. But s... more
  • The Zombie Protector

    by Mae Johnsson
    When the most important person in her life became a zombie Ellie did what most people would. She kept her. Fourteen-year-old Ellie has definitely had some bad luck the last couple of years. First, the zombies came. Not too big of a deal, at least she didn’t have to go back to school. Then her parents became infected. Even that she could deal with, after all she still had her sister Ronnie. Then Ronnie got bitten. Ellie didn’t think she would be able to handle that but then she discovered somethi... more
  • Beneath the Veil

    by Martin Kearns
    In a battle between two ancient evils, can one naïve young man become the last hope against powerful creatures of legend? David Dolan thinks he's already got the world figured out. But when a collapsed bridge plunges him into the icy Hudson, he's pulled deep into the deadly realm that exists between life and death. And with his earthly form trapped in a coma, he's vulnerable to the horde of demons hell-bent on his utter destruction. Traversing the road to the afterlife, David seeks the wis... more
  • Banshee Blood

    by Kimberly Quay
    When the ones you’re meant to protect turn on you, what do you do? I’m a Hunter. I’m also a banshee. My mission is to protect mortals from the evils they think only exist in stories. Things were going well until a mortal in the US government stumbled upon a rogue banshee and discovered who and what we are. The rogue got away, but not before the mortal came up with a diabolical plan. With the goal of securing world domination by using banshee blood to create immortal soldiers, he formed ... more
  • Banshee Bewitched

    by Kimberly Quay
    I made a mistake. One I paid for with my heart. I hurt my clan. Worst of all, I hurt the man I love. My clan forgave me, but not him. I severed our bond. He’s sworn to never forgive me. I’ve refused to accept that, and I’m determined to change his mind. But can I? With a dark-magic wielding fairy haunting my dreams, my personal life may need to wait. My unique blood has always attracted the attention of dangerous enemies, and now that I’ve turned full-on banshee, I’m even more intriguin... more
  • Becoming Banshee

    by Kimberly Quay
    What you know about vampires is what we want you to believe. The stories of vampires were created to distract you from the truth… Banshees are real and secretly live among mortals. I’m Qadira Quinn. As a half-fairy, kick-ass Hunter living with a clan of banshees, you'd think I'd be safe. But when one of our enemies figures out what I am, I’ll have to fight for my life... not to mention the lives of countless mortals. Our sadistic foe is bored with his mortal-trafficking ring and now wants... more
  • Shattered City

    by Jo Denning

    Explore the stories before the story of Dead Blood City in this collection. Follow Saoirse Reilly and others across five supernatural tales of mystery, romance, and horror.

    "He gazed up at me like I was fashioned from dreams and sunlight. I felt like a goddess."
    A young woman embarks on a sensuous journey to adulthood with a stranger in the woods.

    "I was faking it, hoping to make it and praying the people I loved wouldn&rsq... more

  • Dead Blood City

    by Jo Denning

    "Drowning might be like going to sleep. It would be nice to sleep forever - leave everything behind in the waking world."

    Detective Saoirse Reilly commits to finding a missing child before dying by suicide. While investigating the kidnapping of Delaney Bascom, she is snared in the supernatural underbelly of Boston, Massachusetts. She will have to face her demons if she hopes to bring the girl home.

    Reilly has the dubious support of Emrys Somerled, a forensic psychologist... more