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  • Solar Rift 2120: The Prologue Novel

    by Steve Rivers
    Raz takes care of the physical, Namazu takes care of the digital. But Namazu isn't like any hacker you've seen before.... Together, they are Namaraz Solutions Ltd—freelance infiltration experts and corporate spies. Pilot. Geek. Ambitious. Zarina Verma is one of three crew members aboard the Emergency Response Vehicle Xiangu, a patrolling spaceship belonging to the TKR Corporation. Her job is protecting people and property...and getting her crew home alive. Solar Rift 2120 tells two ... more
  • The Songstress (Records of the Three Realms Book 1)

    by Joshua Killingsworth
    Spreading her wings wide enough may break the songstress free… unless her captors manage to clip away her very spirit first. Seventeen-year-old Kari, now exiled from her people, spends her days singing in the teahouse and her nights huddled with Suying, a younger girl she has taken under her wing. But when Kari’s songs draw the attention of the empire, both girls are abducted and forced to become royal concubines to the Imperial Brothers of Xiang. Their compliance means a life of subjugation... more
  • Natural Selection

    by Fiona Stoffer
    An author's resilience is tested when his child protagonist turns on the elderly. He has no choice but to kill the hero in his manuscript. A near impossible task in a nursing home that's on fire if not under water, with killer turtles lurking in the dark. And what made his grandma a target for this evil?
  • The Beedlebogs In: A Recipe For Disaster

    by Kegan Kerr
    In a whimsical world where goblins make their own brand of coffee, elves hold cowlick contests, and adventure lies around every corner- two halfling boys must do what they've never done before... make breakfast!
  • Demonic Fragments: Horror from the AI Mind

    by Juha Raipola

    Demonic Fragments: Horror from the AI Mind is a novel-in-very-short-stories published in December 2022 by Juha Raipola. The entire contents of the book were generated using ChatGTP, a language model that uses machine learning to generate human-like text for various applications. In Demonic Fragments, Juha Raipola showcases the potential of AI in writing horror fiction and social satire. Rather than following a traditional narrative structure, the book is structured more like the experience of... more

  • Welcome to Visanthe

    by L M Sanguinette
    A recently orphaned girl is taken to a world of elemental magic where she discovers she is the missing heir to the throne of fire but has been cursed with the powers of blood. She has no idea how she ended up in our world, but she will stop at nothing to uncover the truth about herself and her wicked powers.
  • Mind-Mage

    by Heather Braegger
    As the crown Prince of Dreidon, Rathan carries a heavy mantle. The Amidon Mage Kingdom was annihilated in mass genocide; the strongest ally to the Dreidon Kingdom was no more. Rathan must discover what happened to Amidon, for the sake of his people. Born with abilities far surpassing any Mind-Mage before him, even Rathan cannot unlock the dark magic rituals trapped in Amaiya’s mind. Amaiya — the sole survivor of Amidon. Amaiya holds all the answers to stop this from happening again… That is,... more
  • Coming Home: The Finders Series

    by Dana Terrell
    On the surface, Kim and Kevin appear to be two ordinary kids when the Donaldson family adopts them. Things soon change, however, as they begin to exhibit unusual powers. Then, when Kevin turns twenty, something happens that will turn his whole world upside down forever. Now, Kevin is in a race to find out who he is and where he belongs while he races across the US, looking for others like himself.
  • The Order of Ja'el

    by Jeanelle Frontin

    Jada is the wife of Commander Leagus, head of Sky Colonies' Forces. The Sky Colonies' allegiance is to the Order of Ja'el—a sect of priests and priestesses who alone can hear, interpret and issue instructions from the goddess Ja'el to the people. Through the Goldberg Sphere, the most sacred object that stands tall in the city's centre, Ja'el channels her whispers to her chosen ones. Yet Jada, a commoner of lowly origins, has a secret: she can inexplicably perceiv... more

  • Oblivion's Cloak (Oblivion's Galaxy, Book 1)

    by Dylan McFadyen
    Nine hundred years after the end of the world, a troubled human mercenary awakens Earth’s last surviving son from cryosleep; now she must protect him, both from the callous alien powers that have enslaved humanity, and the ruthless human fanatics that fight them.
  • Tourist Trapped

    by J. B. Velasquez
    Depressed, newly divorced, and languishing away at a dead-end job, Tobias Munch dreams of becoming a famous author. He pines for Mia, a blonde barista way out of his league, but when she hits him with her car, his mundane, going nowhere life takes an unexpected turn. Desperate to gain Mia’s approval, Tobias partakes of a psychedelic tea that transports him to the in-between, a place the dead go to learn to let go of their bodies in preparation for the Great Beyond. After the effects wear off,... more
  • Utopia Project: The Arrow of Time

    by Billy Dering
    The battered survivors of the apocalyptic event, losing cover at their new hideaway, are attacked and trapped in an underground tunnel system by hostile Utopia Project troops. A small contingent of survivors flies to the last area of the world left unscathed in Italy. Unfortunately for Kid Carlson, Sara Hyland and her father, General Hyland, the enemy is one step ahead and they are being guided by the traitorous Heidi Leer. A dogfight ensues, and the survivors take refuge under the Isle of Capri... more
  • The girl who broke the world

    by Renee Hayes
    Do humans deserve a second chance after reaching the world's resource limits, decimating the forests and destroying the earth that has given them life? Find out in book one of the beguiling Rim Walker series. In 2032, the world as we know it is no more. The earth sighs in relief as billions are stripped from her surface. Very few humans survive. From the ashes of the old earth, a new world arises. A world of magic, shapeshifters, earth guardians - and a new humanity. A world where nothing and... more
  • The Redemption of Bes

    by H. Dean Fisher
    12-year-old Khoury accidentally releases an ancient Egyptian God who got into trouble 3,000 years ago. She's given 3 days to help Him find redemption - but he doesn't care. All he wants to do is party and get her into trouble. Can she help Bes become a better God?
  • Miller's Mansion

    by Johnathan P. Blackwell
    Charlie, a love-starved mortal, gets more than he bargained for when he buys the mysterious Miller’s Mansion. With the house comes a host of silent terrors and a woman of his dreams—or nightmares. Read on to experience the heated and bizarre passions and pains of this mortal and his otherworldly lovers. Through this story, you will feel the fluttering of first experiences and the agony of a broken heart, and you will taste the bitter tears of a coveted love that would live ... more
  • The Dream Lord

    by Johnathan P. Blackwell
    He's here because you want him here. The guardian of your inner self, caretaker of all you fear, and creator of your most intimate fantasies. He is "The Dream Lord!" Have you ever questioned the meaning of a dream or wondered what spurred a nightmare? If so, step into the world of dreams and their makers to witness the mystic possibilities of the mind, passions of reality, and depths of an elder's wisdom. In this vivid occult tale, The Dream Lord shows that, of dreams, anything is possible and ... more