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  • Red Cinder Swan

    by Andaleigh Archer
    Previously published under Trisha Leigh Shufelt -Once upon a time, a long time ago, ballads and fairy tales were dark and sinister reminders of what indeed lurked outside the safety of our homes. Red Cinder Swan contains three modern retellings of old stories, each sprinkled with evil and delight. Bella Cigno is based on the murder ballad, the Miller and the King's Daughters, also known as the Twa Sisters, the Cruel Sister, and the Bonny Swans. In this retelling, an obsessive writer discovers hi... more
  • The Promise A Faerie's Tale

    by Andaleigh Archer
    Ivy is a sixteen-year-old coping with coming of age when she witnesses her boyfriend Ash's horrific disappearance. As she struggles to cope with her loss, she seeks help from Miss Christina, an elderly woman known as the Carter Witch. Through her, she discovers the Faeries stole Ash. With Miss Christina's guidance and her best friend Sukie by her side, Ivy sets out on a quest to rescue him. However, upon entering the Realm of Faerie, she discovers a tithe is due to the Lord of the Underworld ... more
  • Quietus A Wicked Ending

    by Andaleigh Archer
    The Realm of the Fae sits precariously on a thorn's tip... Evil is spreading throughout the Realm, and all that remains of Elysia and its Fairy Queens has been forgotten. Or have they? Amidst the snow and the wind, a voice rings out, summoning all those loyal to the name Underwood. Armed with her ancestors' powerful magic, a new Queen rises from the ashes of her past to exact revenge on those who have stolen her crown. Quietus A Wicked Ending is Book 3 in the Underwood A Wicked Fa... more
  • Thorn Apple A Wicked Spell

    by Andaleigh Archer
    One, two, three, the Queen bleeds for me. Evil sleeps until it is awakened. Lillianna Underwood thought she'd found her happily ever after as Queen of Elysia with her Elf King husband and two beautiful daughters by her side. However, an evil once vanquished has returned in the form of horrific nightmares and visions. She'd dismiss them, except the Fae don't dream, and what she's experiencing is tearing her fairytale world apart. Meanwhile, a nefarious plot unfolds behind the scenes to s... more
  • Underwood A Wicked Fairytale

    by Andaleigh Archer
    Once upon a time, fairytales were wicked. A woman in Victorian England has little freedom. This is especially true for eighteen-year-old Lillianna, who is facing nonexistence behind the cold iron bars of her parent's Manor or a life of servitude in a loveless marriage. However, everything turns upside down when the one person she trusts disappears after gifting her a mysterious trinket tied to a family history of betrayal, lies, and a world exceeding her imagination. As she steps beyond... more
  • JAKE/GEEK: Quest for Oshi

    by Reonne Haslett
    What happens when a 15-year-old cyber genius, Jake Green, discovers that his best friend, Oshi O’Malley, is missing? Jake’s convinced a virus he planted in a rival’s laptop may have caused her disappearance. He won’t stop till he finds her, including breaking into a top-secret military base using psychic cloaking, an implanted microchip, and futuristic spyware from the Department of Paranormal Research at Stanford to uncover who’s behind a classified experimental project, ENERGENX. Jake’s belief... more
  • The Massive Planet: The Adventures Of Deep Contact

    by Jeff Walker
    Captain Christopher Riley and his brave crew of the Earth Core United spaceship, Deep Contact, set out for adventure beyond the solar system. Their mission is to traverse space and discover new worlds for colonization; They represent humanity seeking to expand, explore, and search for alien life in any form. Alone and in the uncharted wilderness of the cosmos, they try to survive and complete the mission on behalf of Earth Core United. #1 - The Massive Planet: Deep Contact almost collides wit... more
  • Avalina Jones and the Eye of the Storm

    by Lori Adams

    When a young girl learns she is the Last Heir of the infamous pirate Davy Jones, she is whisked away to begin life aboard an enchanted schoolship for Pirate Heirs where danger and excitement awaits. 

    Contemporary kids who happen to be Heirs of the most villainous and celebrated pirates in history. Superstitions, mysteries, curses, secrets, strange ocean creatures, undead pirates, and seafaring legends will thrill middle-grade readers in this rollicking, g... more

  • Silkhysteria

    by Stephen Webb
    It’s the 6th of June, 2050. Welcome to the Silkian Sci-Fi Fantasy Mothetic Adventures, namely, ‘SILKHYSTERIA’. In this story it has been discovered that Silkworms can be transformed into humans and the current population around the globe is growing – you’ll be amazed by Silkies’. Albeit that this is a fantasy story in essence, it does relate to our history, present time realities and possible known futures of planet earth inhabitants. Scientific experiments in DNA mutations occur. Social, ... more
  • The Committee Wars

    by Gerald Hoover
    In a World Where (I said that in that Hollywood announcer voice, you know the one) the United States no longer exists three new nations arose from the ashes. The east coast is ruled by the Green Committee where every thought, inkling, and urge is monitored and controlled in an effort to force one to worship Mother Nature. The West Coast is ruled by the iron fists of the Peace Committee social justice warriors, where every victim-class can obtain retribution. And stuck in-between, the Smith Commi... more
  • The Way of the River: Kellandale Wood (Book One)

    by Shan L. Spyker

    "Compulsively readable from the first page" (Self-Publishing Review), The Way of the River is a captivating middle grade fantasy/adventure that emphasizes the power of friendship and communication, and encourages reflection upon our own interconnectedness with nature, to one another, and to all living beings.

    "The forest is haunted and malevolent," they were told.<... more

  • Cecilia: The Last Croilar Tier

    by Sandra L. Rostirolla
    Set in a post-apocalyptic future, Vitus, the last surviving city, maintains dominance by exterminating surrounding villages and enslaving the young men. Because of Vitus’s oppression, the Goddess of Light is dying. The last bastion of goodness keeping her alive is the village of Plockton, nestled deep within the Plockton Forest. When this village falls victim to a raid, the Goddess pours her remaining light into the lone survivor, eighteen-year-old Cecilia. Unaware of the precious light that ... more
  • Tosho is Dead

    by Opal Edgar
    What if after being murdered you woke in purgatory? What if you were the only one without a soul? What if the other dead were trying to eat you? Tosho has no idea what he's running from, but he better figure it out quick if he doesn't want to disappear into oblivion. Tosho is a 16-year-old apprentice in Post-World War II Germany, desperate to be anything but like his Nazi father. He thought he had a lifetime ahead to atone and rebuild a better world. He was wrong. When he is brutally murdered... more
  • Physiotherapy

    by LISA RUIZ
    PT is an abbreviation of physical therapy or physiotherapy, a branch of rehabilitative health which involves treatment to help patients regain their physical abilities which might be harmed due to an injury or illness and to return back to their normal self. This therapy cures orthopedic, neurological, respiratory, cerebral palsy cardiopulmonary problems among infants, children, adults and geriatric populations. For instance, sports injuries, fractures, joint disorders, amputation, shortag... more
  • BIRCH a witch tree

    by Jennifer Hotes
    “Megan comes to understand the dead not only speak, sometimes they cry out for justice.” Ten years ago, Megan stole forty dollars and a gas card, packed her belongings into her father’s rusty Ford, and put her small-minded hometown in her rearview mirror. She drove east through the Cascades and began art school in Seattle, trying not to think about the carnage she left behind. After her father’s unexpected death, Megan must return home for his funeral. Standing at the base of the tree whe... more
  • Blood Moon (A Louisiana Demontale): Book 1 of the Crescent Crown Saga

    by Schuyler Windham
    Leo is ensnared in a web of lies… and the arms of a beautiful demon… He is suddenly thrust into a dark world of vampires, werewolves, and a crusade for the crescent crown which promises peace for the city’s humans. But nothing is as it seems... Unknown enemies stalk the night, threatening Leo’s loved ones and his fledgling music career. Every action in pursuit of peace only attracts more danger, threatening everything fought for. All the while Leo can't help but fall for the captivating Ar... more