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  • Bewicched: The Sea Wicche Chronicles

    by Seana Kelly
    We here at The Sea Wicche cater to your art-collecting, muffin-eating, tea-drinking, and potion-peddling needs. Palmistry and Tarot sessions are available upon request and by appointment. Our store hours vary and rely completely on Arwyn—the owner—getting her butt out of bed. I’m Arwyn Cassandra Corey, the sea wicche, or the wicche who lives by the sea. It requires a lot more work than I’d anticipated to remodel an abandoned cannery and turn it into an art gallery & tea bar. It’s coming along... more
  • Between Shadow and Flame

    by C.T. Bryce

    Seventeen-year-old David Rose has been pulled from place to place by his mother Emily Rose for ten years, never staying anywhere long enough to form bonds or face consequences. When he discovers his mother burning a letter from the family they’ve been running from, he looks them up himself, desperate for a place that feels like home and a sense of connection. He discovers his father is Viktor Guthanderkaz, a member of the royal family of Fyrnlendh, a small island country on the Black Se... more

  • Sex with Jesus

    by Mike Spiritfair Marty
    Sex with Jesus ( concretely describes the actions of the main characters as they each make choices during the events that occur, and it also addresses the economy, mental health, antisemitism, student loans, suicide, misinformation, the world, nature, deoxyribonucleic acid, and more. The characters are specifically contrasted with regard to how they each view the gap (if any) between their views of reality and their unrealized wishes. Within the action-packed meta... more
  • Witness to the Revoltion

    by Kiersten Marcil
    Without warning, the roar of the traffic and the stink of funeral lilies fade away. Just as Savannah Moore notices that the world around her has changed, a man wraps her in his arms and presses a knife to her throat. Only after she escapes, with the help of Captain Jonathan Wythe, does she realize she has been inexplicably sucked into America’s Revolutionary War. Anything Savannah does could alter the course of history and threaten the family she left behind. But Savannah is not the only one ... more
  • The Mars Migration

    by Wayne M. Bailey
    When a pair of otherworldly spheres land on Earth in Canada and the UK, Amber and Daniel are instantly transported away from their homes to a strange world beyond a black hole. Amber and Daniel, are taken on an unwanted adventure to be studied by a race of people living without a sun in the desolate Dark Space. Meanwhile, their families and friends on Earth remain frozen, trapped inside a thousand mile squared bubble, surrounding each sphere where time does not pass. The governments on bot... more
  • The Whisper Killer

    by Rod Little
    Ben is a baby-faced serial killer who can charm his victims with a smile. But when he stumbles into Wolf Hollow to hide from the FBI, it's the town that charms him and convinces him to stay. Because Wolf Hollow gets what it needs, and it needs Ben. It knows his secret. Under cover of a blizzard, a bitter enemy returns to Wolf Hollow, hell-bent on revenge, intent on wiping out the entire town, leaving no survivors. Only Ben has what it takes to stand in its way. He is their only hope. Be... more
  • A Prophecy of Wings

    by Jane McGarry
    A betrayal, a prophecy, a kingdom in the balance. Sixteen years ago, the evil Dahlia overthrew the kingdom of Roshall Grove, the heart of the Fairy World. A prophecy foreseen by Edwina, a powerful enchantress, remains the only hope to topple her iron-fisted rule. Now, Lina, a simple peasant girl, learns her future is linked to this prophecy. Edwina brings Lina to the Fairy World to fulfill her destiny—conquering Queen Dahlia. Separated from the enchantress by agents of the dark queen, Lina begin... more
  • 979-8378163571

    by Sandrillont Major
    The Adventures of Nylah: When Combs Meet Hair is a fun and inspiring children's story about a 10-year-old girl named Nylah who struggles to accept her curly and puffy hair. After transforming into a superhero, she uses her hair to fight against the evil comb that's attacking the city. Through her exciting adventure, Nylah learns to love her hair just the way it is. This story encourages children to embrace their unique qualities and find their inner strength.
  • Harry Rides the Danger

    by Lancelot Schaubert
    Harry woke at night: in his doorway stood THE DANGER. Harry learns first to face and follow Danger, then to court Danger. Harry takes the Danger out for chocolate cake, for jumping over mountains, for leaping over pits of snakes. Then he wields Danger to save lives, homes, and worlds from a world ending fire. A children's book written in the wake of the historic Joplin tornado, HARRY RIDES THE DANGER teaches the abstract concept of courage in a fun way. It will quickly become an early reader ... more
  • The Word Dancer

    by Maxine Rose Schur
    At a banquet for the royal court of Wisland, Wynnfrith, a 12-year old orphan whose father was advisor to King Goodliwink, sits silently mourning his recent death. Now, in the care of the wicked new advisor, Lord Ugsome, Wynnfrith perks up her ears when she hears King Goodliwink announce the arrival of the Word Dancer. The Word Dancer is a mysterious young who communicates by dance. Each time his dance is completed, he conjures up a single but significant word. The recipient of the word needs... more
  • The Carnelian Game

    by Mary Ann Hayes
    The Carnelian Game is an adventure story written for middle grade/young adult readers. It is the story of a boy and his magic carpet competing in The Global Magic Carpet Games, along with eleven other rider/carpet teams. These teams are faced with a challenge: save a dying village in Egypt by finding and replacing the stollen carnelian agate to its rightful place; in the eye of the sphynx that has protected them for thousands of years. The Carnelian Game is not only a delightful education abou... more
  • The Stone of Athelas

    by Peter D. Godman
    Gothrin was not yet ten when he was made aware that he was no ordinary child, but the prophesied Redeemer, a sorcerer who one day would destroy the necromancer Kotor. Kotor had risen once more to destroy the land and enslave all the races, and all that stands in his way is a young man, uncertain of his powers, and uncertain how to use the magic staff endowed upon him by the prophecy. Forced to flee from Kotor’s wraiths through storm and flood, he loses Odra’s magic staff in the flooded canyon.... more
  • The Au Fae Detective Agency: The Sgian Salann

    by Peter Bryson
    In a world where mythical creatures are real, yet unseen by us normal folks, Finn runs The Au Fae Detective Agency. With Bob, the sarcastic Bobcat, along with the help of Ami, a Fae police officer, they get caught in a fresh case that isn’t as simple as it first seems. A historic knife, the Sgian Salann, is stolen from a prominent Nymph family, and Finn and the team are tasked with finding it. This leads them through the seedy underworld of the Fae and As Sidhe, with Goblins, Brownies and, of c... more
  • Troublemakers’ Ball: Part One

    by Jill Rebryna
    Jake Dee is your average private detective. Finding lost items, doing background checks, not getting himself murdered, the usual. Except he’s an independent wizard in a world of Covens that will not tolerate his existence if they ever find him out. One spring day at sunset, he sees an angel fall right in front of him. She’s everything he ever wanted in a leading lady: beautiful, cold and probably dangerous. He immediately elects himself to protect her, whether from demons who want a fight or his... more
  • The Lost Little dragon

    by Dani James
    Drake, the little dragon goes on a heartwarming adventure of self-discovery and friendship in this kids' book. Perfect for early readers and smaller kids, The Lost Little Dragon teaches about asking for help and making friends.
  • The Blue Race: A galaxy-spanning space opera.

    by Senan Mahon
    The truce between humanity and the Engus empire is finely-balanced on a knife-edge where neither side can overpower the other. Both are striving to capture ancient alien tech that will upset the apple cart. The race is on...