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  • The Mill

    by Cailyn Lloyd
    As a psychic, seeing ghosts is routine for Lili. She isn’t surprised to discover spirits lurking in the renovated paper mill where she just bought an apartment. What she doesn’t expect is the dark, sinister presence under the floor and the serial killer who is prowling about the mill. When a woman is found murdered and another goes missing, Lili tries to work with one of the spirits—a young girl long dead—to expose the psychopath. But not everyone can be trusted and soon, Lili fears the killer w... more
  • Maxwell Cooper and the Legend of Inini-Makwa

    by Simon Hargreaves

    This is the story of fourteen year-old art prodigy Maxwell Cooper who can't wait to attend Apogee Art Academy, if he can only prove to his father that Max will stop spending time drawing dragons and goblins and ghouls and focus on drawing things that are real.

    Max must spend the week of his family's annual vacation to Bear Tooth Point Resort putting together a new portfolio for the school's admissions board that reflects his father's ideology. Out of spite, Max decides t... more

  • Galaxy

    by Mark Lingane

    Spark, an elite Space Academy pilot, barely survived a deadly battle. After years in a coma, he emerges to find a crippled world, and his memory in tatters. Humanity faces threats from many sides, often self-inflicted. And a new evil is coming. Something that will wipe out the human race for good. With a dwindling number of fighter pilots, Spark is forced back into active duty, where he meets another cadet, beautiful and enigmatic. Together they work to restore his memory, and Spark is tested... more

  • The Abhorrent

    by Nathan Wilson
    Shindara and his companions embark on a journey to the Yomi—a barren underworld frozen in time and devoid of light. Hoping to find the answers to his curse, he faces the endless perils with the aid of a chaos demon. What he discovers is more shocking than anything he could ever imagine, leading him on a voyage from samurai-infested battlefields to a secluded village with ancient ties to a dead goddess. Shindara might succeed in saving Japan from a corrupt Empire, but no one can save Japan from w... more
  • Letters

    by Brandon Wolfe
    A boy, with the power to see the future, saves people by writing them a letter and leaving it where they'll find it when they are in trouble
  • The Boy Who Glowed in the Dark

    by Richard Holeman
    Welcome to Hayfork, Iowa, a peaceful farming community nestled in the heart of a tranquil valley, a town that looks after its own. It’s a place where gossip is king, but secrets are kept from outsiders and those who are born there live and die at the mercy of the weather, or the forgiveness of the land. Now a strange terror roams the sky at night, a dread horror lurks among the corn and a troubled widow gives birth to a boy who glows in the dark. Death on the streets and blood in the fields seed... more
  • The Light after the Orange

    by Beverley J. Hall

    Eighteen-year-old Alex Chegasa, one of the first generation to be raised on post-apocalyptic Earth, was taught to embrace her magical gifts.

    After the Orange, as the planet burned, magic trickled in. The bombs that had wiped out most life ripped open the barrier between worlds. Can the next generation, connected to the magic, be the solution to mankind’s problems or are they destined to repeat the mistakes of their ancestors?

    Did the Orange, the very thing that ravaged the p... more

  • Blanchland Blues

    by Tom Dell'Aringa
    Since being dishonorably discharged from the Star Corps, pilot John MacAlister has been struggling to make ends meet with less-than-legal cargo runs across the cosmos. He’s desperate to get his life back, but every time John thinks he’s found that “one last job,” some new disaster lands him back at square one. After he crashes on the Moon, John finds himself in debt to a shady lawyer who makes him an offer he can’t refuse: Locate teenage runaway Meryl Amelson and bring her back or rot in jail... more
  • DR O and the ECO-X

    by roger loff
    Plastic that manmade stuff which is indestructible. Nature’s laws of assimilation do not apply to plastic. You can’t burn it, applying heat only makes it melt into a lump. Burying it in the ground won’t help since the laws of aging don’t work here. So, we make it and it piles up into one big mess. Dr. O invents a creature whose only sustenance is the petro carbons, the main ingredient. He is wildly successful and world demand becomes impossible to meet. His new conglomerate partner is greedy and... more
  • To Wield a Plague

    by Derrick Smythe

    There will be no victory here for anyone but those who thirst for blood.

    Forced to choose between his mother’s life and his own exile, Dwapek embarks upon a journey wrought with trials no ordinary Renzik could hope to survive. Relics of legend, plagues of old, and monsters of unthinkable dread all collide in this epic fantasy adventure as a weapon capable of destroying an entire people is set to be unleashed.

    This standalone story will be enjoyed by new ... more


    by Christian Raymond

    Stranded on a collapsing frozen lake, two 14-year-olds find themselves trapped in a mythic entity’s uncanny hunting grounds.                       

    Despite being horrified by the idea of taking even a single step onto the ice, Falc, a shy newbie to northern ways, tracks his erratic grandpa to a seasonal ice fishing shanty town atop Lake Blackbird. Falc unexpectedly bonds with the quirky community of fishe... more

  • Mer and Her

    by Chess Desalls
    Hazel receives a gift from her grandmother's jewelry collection. She appreciates its beauty but not its power, until she meets a sea creature whose kingdom is in danger of being wiped out. Kai rules a colony of Perlnauts, ancient lake dwellers who are in desperate need of the pearl jewelry used to sustain their underwater realm. He suspects the humans have stolen the jewelry, and he wants it back. With Kai's help, Hazel vows to solve a mystery that joins their worlds.
  • Dark Sun

    by Melissa Marr
  • Cryptid Academy

    by Howard Wolke
  • Alien Redemption

    by Gloria Oliver

    First Contact gone terribly wrong.

    All Claudia wanted to do was escape the mistakes of the past and start over. But when she answers an ad for a medical officer on a merchant ship in the Fringes, the captain recognizes her and blackmails her into taking the job.

    She finds out that not only can Captain Bennet not pass up a bargain, neither will he allow morals to hold him back from climbing the power ladder at the borders of the Dominion. Can Claudia stop the impen... more

  • Jewel of the Gods

    by Gloria Oliver

    A man unwillingly altered by magic.

    When fate sends Red and his crewmates to the coveted port of Syrras, it is an opportunity he plans to take full advantage of. Unfortunately, his search for a little adventure hands him a lot more than he ever bargained for.

    Changed by unknown magics into something other than himself, he's told a terrible secret. One he must now help protect, even as he is tasked to find those responsible. Failure will cost him his body, his ... more