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  • Me and My Shadow

    by John Walker Pattison
    As one of the UK's longest-surviving cancer patients in the UK, John Walker Pattison wrote the New York Book Festival award-winning book, Me and My Shadow – memoirs of a Cancer Survivor, to deliver a chronicle of incredible inspiration. Pattison was diagnosed with cancer at the age of eighteen and despite repeated treatment failures and his unexpected recovery, only eight years later, his four-year-old daughter was diagnosed with leukaemia. The immature adolescent, who, by his admission, wast... more
  • Never, Never, Hardly Ever

    by Kelly McKenzie
    This coming-of-age memoir revels in frequently challenging mother/daughter dynamics often played against a cast of colorful, unforgettable characters. Kelly never imagined working at FROG. She's surprised to discover a welcoming community where customers are encouraged to linger and share their lives. With her two best friends moving away, Kelly treasures these new friendships, including that of a certain customer's son who happens to be dating her dedicated running partner. Happily a different ... more
  • The Tunnel: A Memoir

    by Tripp Friedler
    There is a popular, long held superstition that when you are travelling through a tunnel, if you make a wish, and hold your breath for the length of the tunnel, your wish will come true. Over the last decade, Tripp Friedler would hold his breath and make one wish: that his son Henry would get better, that he would find a way for him to live with his debilitating bipolar disorder—a disorder that cost Henry the ability to hold down a job, keep friends, or maintain an apartment. A disorder that wou... more
  • Starving the Wolf A Victory Over Lupus

    by Karen Quiros

    Nearly four decades ago, Karen was diagnosed with lupus and given a prognosis of "at best" five to seven years to live.
    Refusing to accept this fate, she embarked on a relentless quest for healing, dedicating over a decade to research and uncovering the strategies that would allow her to conquer this disease. Today, she celebrates over 25 years of living 100% lupus-free.

    Starving the Wolf: A Victory Over Lupus embodies her transformative journey, establishing itself... more

  • Cancer Moon

    by Jenna Tico
    Growing up in Santa Barbara, California, way too close to the Hollywood dream machine, Jenna Tico’s self-worth wanes to invisibility when her identity becomes enmeshed with validation from celebrities and spiritual F-boys . . . until she claws her way back to empowerment. Here, Tico shares vulnerable personal essays, stories, and poetry—all grouped following the cycles of the moon—chronicling her journey from late bloomer to full grownup. Observing the world of twenty-something relationships fro... more
  • The Night Garden: of My Mother

    by Sandra Tyler
    When her 86-year-old mother falls and breaks her hip, Sandra Tyler is 42, with a nursing infant and precocious toddler. In her forthcoming memoir THE NIGHT GARDEN: OF MY MOTHER (Pierian Springs Press; October 23, 2024), Tyler, the acclaimed author of BLUE GLASS, a New York Times Notable Book of The Year, mines what it means to be divided between the role of mother and daughter, with empathy and affectionate comedy. After this fall, Tyler’s mother insists on hiring her own caregivers—a motley... more
  • Hawker Dreams: A Vietnamese American in Singapore

    by Oanh Ngo Usadi
    Shining a brilliant light on expat life in Singapore, “Hawker Dreams” sweeps readers into the heart of the rule-abiding city-state where nearly a third of its six million inhabitants are foreigners, each with a story to tell. The memoir is equal parts travelogue, family history, and cultural exploration. Oanh Usadi takes you on her journey of home and belonging through the prism of language, cuisine, and class. In the multi-cultural, multi-ethnic island where language plays a central role in ... more
  • Stories I've Been Meaning to Tell You

    by Andy Romanoff
    Andy Romanoff's memoir is a story of wild living, hard choices, and unlikely outcomes. Filled with 80 years of stories told as fresh as today Romanoff takes you along for the ride as he makes a meaningful life for himself without turning his back on the person he'd been or the places he'd come from. "Stories I've Been Meaning to Tell You," is filled with tales of getting thrown out of five high schools; stealing cars and motorcycles; getting tossed in jail; finding his way into the sleazy end o... more
  • A Memory of Fictions (or) Just Tiddy-Boom

    by Leonce Gaiter
    A modern, jazzy bildungsroman that uses everything from personal memoir, a fugue-like structure, poetry, images, lyrics, and diaries to paint a vivid, eloquent and human portrait of gay, black, Jessie Vincent Grandier and the striving African American middle class that spawned him in the late 1950s. Born to a high-yellow Upper-crust New Orleans Creole mother and a lowborn, Louisiana bayou-bred, military father, Jessie steadfastly battles to reconcile his existence with expectations and preco... more
  • YOUR POWER UNLEASHED - How Savvy Women Use Courage to Get Promoted Get Paid and Find Fulfillment

    by Kisha Wynter
    From the creator of the DIVA Method®, Kisha Wynter, comes a transformative guide for women navigating the corporate world. Your Power Unleashed: How Savvy Women Use Courage to Get Promoted, Get Paid, and Find Fulfillment is for astute businesswomen ready to unlock their full potential and achieve unparalleled professional success. Drawing on the insights and lessons developed in Kisha’s coaching programs, Your Power Unleashed lays out practical strategies for corporate women looking to succee... more
  • Compositions on Compassion and Other Emotions

    by Bob McNeil
    In Compositions on Compassion and Other Emotions, celebrated poet, essayist, and artist Bob McNeil explores the importance of love and hope in healing from the pandemic and endemic violence. But perhaps most of all, this collection explores our collective mortality. Deeply personal while completely universal, this collection was conceived of when McNeil was bedridden with a collapsed lung that endangered his heart. Faced with the real prospect of imminent death, “I culled some of my writing and... more
  • I’m Not Dead… Yet

    by Dr. Joshua J. Caraballo
    In "I'm Not Dead...Yet: How I Turned My Misfortunes Into Strengths," Industrial-Organizational Psychologist Dr. Joshua J. Caraballo takes readers on an unforgettable journey through the depths of his personal struggles and triumphant resilience. With poignant honesty and raw vulnerability, Joshua shares his battles with mental health, addiction, self-hate, surviving cancer, and coming to terms with his queer identity. Readers will glean valuable insights into the power of resilience, the less... more
  • In the End: A Memoir about Faith and a Novel about Doubt

    by Karie Luidens
    Part memoir, part novel, In the End offers a kaleidoscopic portrait of God as seen through the eyes of a child. Christianity was the author's birthright: she is the daughter of a pastor, granddaughter of missionaries, and so on for generations. In her earliest memories, God feels like a member of the family, bearing a promise of eternal life in heaven. But as she ventures beyond the parsonage, the world complicates those simple beliefs. The God of her understanding evolves from father figu... more
  • Surviving Blake

    by Perpetual Survivor

    "Surviving Blake" is a compelling narrative chronicling the tumultuous journey of a courageous gay martial artist and his relationship with a US Veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan. With stark honesty, it delves into the complexities of their marriage and subsequent divorce, exposing the raw reality of the abuse endured at the hands of a narcissistic psychopath with Machiavellian tendencies who was a professional interrogator trained in the art of manipulation.

    Through vivid storytelli... more

  • Miracles in the Dark: How a Childhood Cult and Abuse Survivor Reclaimed the Light

    by Tammy René
    Tammy René is a survivor of extreme childhood abuse. She has found healing from its effects and shares her journey to instill hope in other victims and understanding in communities. If you are asking how to heal from childhood trauma, or if it's even possible, Miracles in the Dark: How a Childhood Cult and Abuse Survivor Reclaimed the Light can help answer those questions. It is a compelling and raw story of overcoming the trauma of childhood abuse. In Miracles in the Dark you will gain insight... more
  • awfully hilarious: period pieces

    by Heather Hendrie
    In an intimate, courageous, and transformative collection, 26 girls and women of all ages share poems and stories exploring the ups and downs of menstruation, from first period to post-menopause. The award-winning anthology awfully hilarious series returns with its second installment, period pieces, featuring that most ubiquitous “time of the month.” These short pieces of prose and poetry illuminate our collective fascination, trepidation and shame around the biology of periods: from pre-pubesc... more