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  • Becoming Ordinary

    by Michael Fox
    The war was over long ago, but the Holocaust still lived in his family. It was the subtext of his life, the trauma that held him captive. He was named in consolation after six million dead, and his legacy haunted him. How could he break the shackles of the trauma that was his legacy? How could he move on? Yet he knew he had to.
  • Sky Candy – A journey into the world of astrophysics as art

    by Douglas Bullis
    Most people who look into the sky at night don't think of it as an art form. As a producer of an astrophysical journal, I see the night sky through a vastly different set of lenses. Our eyes see only one percent of all the energies emitted by the objects of the universe. I am accustomed to seeing the other 99 percent. What I see is an art form that is inconceivable to people who have not seen the sky in ultraviolet, X-ray, infra-red, and radio waves. Sky Candy is a non-technical portrait of the ... more
  • On The Future of Wagnerism

    by Lawrence D. Mass
    On The Future of Wagnerism: Art, Intoxication, Addiction, Codependence and Recovery is the sequel to Lawrence Mass’s memoir, Confessions of a Jewish Wagnerite: Being Gay and Jewish in America. Together, they form a narrative of consciousness and experience in the author’s life as a gay Jewish man, as a physician, and as a writer. Via the trajectory of his own struggles with and specialist work in addiction, Mass explores interfaces of culture, social tolerance, health and spirituality. How do su... more
  • A Season of Disruption: A Memoir

    by Jacqueline P. Walker
    Obstacles are a part of life. Overcoming them motivates others to persevere and soar! A Season of Disruption is a fictional memoir that tells a story of courage, love, and the willpower to withstand challenges that often break and defeat families. Widowed due to a twist of fate, Murna Moreland, a Caribbean homemaker, makes a nearly unimaginable choice. She leaves her children—alone— in Jamaica and journeys to the US to find opportunities. Murna anticipates that she will be able to have the ... more
  • It's Hard Being You

    by Sharon Emery
    This is a book for people facing the limits and the losses life sends us, despite our desperate attempts to avoid them. The focus is on disability and death – but, wait! wait! – the message is on our amazing ability to survive what happens to us. For Emery, that involved telling the story of her life-long struggle to speak with a significant stutter, and to survive the crushing loss of her eldest daughter, who had cognitive disabilities. She says everyone who suffers losses and limits – ... more
  • Stalked by Demons, Guarded by Angels

    by Simone Yemm
    Stalked by Demons, Guarded by Angels: The Girl with the Eating Disorder is a window into the depths of dysfunction as experienced through bulimia, binge-eating disorder, self-harm, and suicidality. Carrying messages of self-loathing and inadequacy from her childhood, Simone explores key relationships and how they shape her—for better and for worse—over the decades. Stalked by Demons, Guarded by Angels offers vulnerable insight into an oft-hidden world. It doesn’t pretend to answer all the questi... more
  • Bullets in The Fire - The Saga of New York Red

    by Edward Roy
    A liberated young woman, “New York Red” (Erma Louise Hill,) comes of age during the depression in rural South Georgia under difficult family circumstances. She fights off white rapists and escapes too the high-life in Atlanta within an inch of her life. She moves to New York City and becomes a celebrated Number Hustler, Number Banker and Mafia Associate in Harlem, NY. She fulfils her dreams for her children and herself in New York City by living a life style that resides on the edge of the law. ... more
  • The Sixth of September

    by Callista Bowright
    Olivia comes from a simple Lancashire background, where her terrible, traumatic childhood leads on to further drama, pain, and tragedy, which mould her into a tough, beautiful fighter. Sophie is raised in wealth and comfort; she has the education, talent, and intellect but no confidence. She struggles, in her hippy way, through similar life experiences - and appalling losses - with nervous bravery. Both are sensual, raunchy, strong, and loving women, who defy society's hypocrisy. Then, one Septe... more
  • What Are the Best Sites For Streaming Live Football?

    by mohamed a;i

    What Are the Best Sites For Streaming Live Football?

    So, you're wondering what are the best sites for streaming live football? You'll be surprised that I'm going to tell you that the internet is the most effective way to do this. Football games are some of the most popular sports on the planet right now, so why wouldn't people want to watch them? In fact, millions of people tune into their favorite games to see if t... more

  • Voicemails from My Sister: Stories of a Schizoaffective Sibling

    by Kate Russell
    In "Voicemails from My Sister" author Kate Russell explores her sister Sibby's Bipolar Schizoaffective disorder through true stories that illustrate the disease and how medication both helped and hindered its progress. From her mother's drug use during pregnancy, which led to an incomplete diagnosis, to Sibby's current mental status, as a 37-year old ward of the state, Kate breaks down her sister's disease by highlighting events that contributed to the uprise and decline of her well being. ... more
  • Never Make A Sound

    by Fanen Chiahemen
    A true story told through the eyes of a child in a raw suite of stories and poetry, this creative memoir showcases the resilience and strength of the human spirit as a young girl finds a way to survive a turbulent family setting.
  • Reimagining The Twilight Zone: A Young Fan’s Stories

    by Elayne Zalis

    Reimagining The Twilight Zone: A Young Fan’s Stories blends fact, fiction, and fantasy to explore how the Twilight Zone television series sparked the imagination of a young girl growing up in Miami, Florida, in the late 1950s and early ’60s. The collection of twenty hybrid essays considers selected episodes from the child’s perspective and includes remixes and mash-ups of the shows, similar to fan fiction.

    Each episode prompts the young fan to exercise her imagination ... more

  • Great Adventurers of the 20th Century: Revised and Updated 2nd Edition

    by Ron Tagliapietra
    Have you ever hungered for adventure? Now, you can accompany nineteen adventurers on their record-setting trips. Explore the earth from its deepest spot with Jacques Piccard to the top of its highest peak with Edmund Hillary, and even into the atmosphere by helium balloon with Ben Abruzzo. Mush with Roald Amundsen to the South Pole, crawl through tight cave passages with John Wilcox, and kayak the Amazon River with Piotr Chmielinski. Geography comes alive through the recent history of exploratio... more
  • Like Two Saplings: A Memoir

    by Margery al Chalabi
    Our complete immersion in one another, our yin to one another's yang, and our ultimate growing together, like two saplings, into one great tall tree. It was our greatest strength, this intertwining. In the early 1960's two recently-graduated architects, from very different cultures and continent's, traveled to Greece to continue their educations as urban planners. The ancient City of Athens had long served as a bridge between the East and West. Attraction, between Margery and Suhail grew slow... more
  • Mi-Granted Life - The Adventures of a Happy Immigrant

    by Michel Delifer
    The author's life journey begins in Lebanon where he volunteers as a field medic for the Lebanese Red Cross during the civil war. He immigrates to the United States and lands a position in the insurance industry that leads to success and international adventures. He encounters many learning challenges, including how to survive in the U.S. business culture and when to use the many idioms of American English. As he continues to expand his international business skills he also discovers his own i... more
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