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  • Bright Young Woman

    by Karen Pangantihon
    Karen Joy Pangantihon is an author of endless love letters. She identifies as an Artist obsessed with romance, daydreaming, and interpreting matters of the heart. Her life is her masterpiece and Magnum Opus, her devotion is her oeuvre. Karen has toured nationally in theatre productions as a member of Actors' Equity Association. She has worked as a Burlesque Performer under stage name Dalaga Boom Boom, a retail salesperson, a bartender, events support, a production assistant for several seasons o... more
  • Start Me Up: Tips, Tales, and Truths about Starting Up and Starting Over

    by Jeannie Edmunds
    This genre-bending self-help/business/memoir is insightful, witty, down to earth and provocative. The stories are entertaining, the tips are actionable, and the takeaway is this: even an ordinary life can be lived in an extraordinary way, and in every crisis there is opportunity. A reader may not need to know what to do when confronted by a machine gun while on a news assignment, or how to get invited to sing in the White House, or the secrets to producing a successful infomercial. But as thi... more
  • No Rules: A Memoir

    by Sharon Dukett
    In this coming-of-age memoir, Sharon takes you with her on a nail-biting adventure through the early 1970s after leaving her sheltered home life at sixteen years old to join the hippies. Yearning for freedom, she lands in an adult world for which she is unprepared, and must learn quickly in order to survive. As Sharon navigates the US and Canada―whether by hitchhiking, bicycle, or the back of a motorcycle―she experiences love and heartbreak, discovers who she can and cannot trust, and awakens t... more
  • pranonne healthcare

    by Generic pharmacy

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  • Chasing bin Laden: My Hunt for the World's Most Notorious Terrorist

    by Barbara K. Janik
    A secret truth: On the early morning of August 16, 2006, Osama bin Laden was arrested in Brooklyn by the New York FBI Terrorism Task Force. They were acting on a tip called in by Barbara Janik. Her memoir, Chasing bin Laden, takes readers along with her on an emotional journey through the hidden world of lay investigations, which is charged with high-stakes puzzle solving, Arabic message boards, and anxiety-provoking collaborations with the FBI. Barbara Janik is a middle-aged masters-level hi... more
  • Return to the Light Within

    by Dmitria Burby
    Return to the Light Within: How I Woke Up, Rediscovered Who I Am, and Found Happiness is a revealing and raw memoir of the author’s own journey from successful corporate executive to rediscovering and reconnecting with her soul and spirit. This journey of awakening to her light within allowed her to unlock the life she had always dreamed of. The book traverses through the emotional states and challenges the author encounters, and dives deep into the world of Shamanic healing. Ultimately the ... more

    by Flying Phone
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  • Make Me: a memoir

    by Lisa stathoplos
    A searingly honest and dark humored memoir exploring how one comes to be, to live in their own skin; exist in their very bones. "Make Me" follows Lisa’s memories in and out of chronological time. Her stories of growing up Catholic, coming of age beside the turbulent Atlantic Ocean, discovering dance, her activism and becoming a successful professional actor as well as a fishwife, are fraught, rewarding and often hysterically funny.
  • Badges, Bad Guys and Busts

    by Keith Leighton
    I recently retired as a Supervisory Special Agent with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) after 29 years of dedicated service. I signed on with the DEA on November 3, 1991 in the Springfield, Massachusetts office. After graduating from the DEA Academy in Quantico, Virginia in February, 1992, I transferred to the Miami, Florida office where I served for seven years. I then completed tours in Brussels, Belgium; Providence, Rhode Island; Cincinnati, Ohio and Columbus, Ohio. I was the re... more
  • Incorrigible

    by Ron Enfield
    Rejected by her family, Diane was sent to a repressive Minnesota girls’ reformatory at fourteen. Years later, determined to take her life in a new direction, she trekked into a mountain wilderness. We met there by chance, and a year later we married. We spent fifty years together, sharing passionate commitment, heartbreak, and joy. This is our story of life together, especially the enthusiastic, loving woman Diane was until dementia devastated her. Over the years, she wrote a frank, honest accou... more
  • The Last Taboo: Illegal Porn, Crystal Meth, & Me

    by Thomas S. Ford
    This first-of-its-kind memoir is a complex and compelling narrative of online sexual addiction, chemical dependency and criminal prosecution in 21st century America.
  • Plunge

    by Liesbet Collaert

    Tropical waters turn tumultuous in this travel memoir as a free-spirited woman jumps headfirst into a sailing adventure with a new man and his two dogs.

    Join Liesbet as she faces a decision that sends her into a whirlwind of love, loss, and living in the moment. When she swaps life as she knows it for an uncertain future on a sailboat, she succumbs to seasickness and a growing desire to be alone.

    Guided by impulsiveness and the joys of an alternative lifestyle, she must navigate p... more

  • Coming to Jesus: My Gay Church Days

    by George Azar
    George was your average American kid born to traditional Middle Eastern immigrants. Curious about life but tortured by vicious bullying in middle school, he found what seemed like a solution: evangelical Christianity. It appeared to have the cure for his most “shameful sin.” Believing his homosexual feelings were an abomination before God, he committed his life to a church community that accepted him … conditionally. While hiding the scariest truths about him for fear of losing their love, he we... more
  • The Divorce Seekers: A Photo Memoir of a Nevada Dude Wrangler

    by William L. McGee and Sandra V. McGee

    A Nevada Divorce Ranch Memoir. True stories. 500 images.

    RENO, 1947

    The heyday of the Reno six-week divorce era. Divorce seekers (a term coined by the media) came running to Reno by the thousands for a six-week “quickie” divorce – the rich, the poor, the famous, and the working class.

    If they had the money and wanted their privacy from the prying eyes of the press, they stayed on a divorce ranch (a media term for a dude ranch catering to divorce seekers) an... more

  • Tales from the Kingdom of Tonga

    by Ilisapesi S. Weir
    The lives of Mafi Helu Sisifa and Sione Finau Sisifa (1910 - 1970) in the context of time, geography, and history in the Kingdom of Tonga.
  • LIFE BY DESIGN-Tales of a Dracula-Baby Immigrant

    by ILANA G Holloway
    The book shows the contrast between the idyllic world of childhood with its elements of magic realism and the oppression and lack of freedom in the old communist system. Ileana, a privileged child, who comes from a non-communist family. Shielded in childhood from the everyday reality, she develops as an individual during her college years, and especially after getting married very early to escape the glass bowl she was kept under at home. She lives through the earthquake of 1977, discrimination ... more