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  • Am I So Different

    by Robert Sedillo
    In Am I So Different, Robert Sedillo writes of a child living with cancer. The cancer treatments have caused her to look different. He chronicles what she felt when friends and classmates made snide remarks and teased her because they don’t understand what living with cancer is like.
  • Buried Secrets

    by Anne Hanson
    Ida Hanson hated when her sons left her sight. It was almost as if this fiercely protective mother, who sacrificed everything to nurture her four young boys during the economic ruin of the 1930s Great Depression, feared she might never see them again. What happened in her earlier life to make this devoted mom, my grandmother, so afraid of losing her boys? My new book, Buried Secrets: Looking for Frank and Ida, is a true-life mystery about my quest to discover the hidden past that my grand... more
  • The Buddha in Our Bellies

    by Keith Robinson
    The Buddha in Our Bellies spans continents and centuries in stories of identity and belonging — where do we fit? A mysterious ailment rips through young Keith’s guts, while his relations with family and the world are fraying. His childhood descends from undiagnosed illness to invisible identity to denied self. The only hope for healing lies in the least expected, most vulnerable place. Yoshiko grows up determined to work for peace beyond her remote mountainside village and move past her family t... more
  • Violet Underground

    by Emma White
    VIOLET UNDERGROUND is a sentimental snapshot of a 15-year-old’s journey to find independence and adventure. She faces the inescapable trials of self-confidence and sexuality as she fumbles through the beginning stages of her first relationship. Set in New London, Wisconsin in 2010 Based entirely on real events
  • Jigsaw Puzzle in a Vortex: A Collection of Memoirs

    by Aurora M. Lewis
    Here are my stories of family, friends, sexual harassment, rape, and racism, including the state of my physical and mental health. These pieces were written over a period from 2008 to 2022. Telling my truth may help others regardless of race or gender, but particularly Black women, know you are not alone.
  • Daddy Lover God: a sacred intimate journey

    by Don Shewey
    Writer and pleasure activist Don Shewey shares his journey of building a sacred intimate practice and cultivating the capacity to treat each client as a combination of Daddy, lover, and God. This unvarnished account of his unfolding discoveries will be both illuminating and validating to past, present, and future practitioners, to seekers of sexual healing, or simply to sentient beings with an interest in the varieties of human sexual experience.
  • Meet Dave Lassam, the Man for the Job

    by Dave Lassam
    I joined the Navy in 1978 and was discharged in late 2016 after almost 39 years service. I served as a medic and also a Medical Administration Officer during my time. The book contains my memories of an awesome career and covers many subjects from my attendance at car accidents; reviving people who had had heart attacks; working in disaster zones to give humanitarian aid and many other stories. I wrote this at the behest of many of my civilian friends with whom I had told these stories and also ... more
  • Thinking on the Other Side of Zero, Part 2

    by Alan Joseph Oliver
    This book is about finding an explanation for my experiences as a healer, a role which I fell into without any idea of how or why it worked as effectively as it did. I have always been aware that my mind seems to work differently to others in some circumstances, such as noticing that I didn’t have any subjective memory at the age of 23 after a fright in an aircraft when the floor hatch on which I stepped fell a half an inch and locked. This gave me a great fright at the time, and the aircrew tol... more
  • Along Came Hell, or So I Thought

    by Lois Young
    How does one recover after learning that a husband of forty-four years has been molesting their granddaughters? Along Came Hell, or So I Thought tells one woman’s story of her family’s journey down that road. Throughout this book we see how conversations, circumstances, Bible studies, TV shows, and Holy Spirit surprises brought about healing over many years. It’s not merely her story, it is God’s story as he guided her from emotionally feeling nothing to recognizing her pain, naming it, and hand... more
  • From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream

    by Janice S. Ellis
    A Powerful, Compelling, and Inspiring True Story For girls and women who seek to discover their purpose in life, their role in society, and dare not let any obstacle stop them from realizing their quest, their dream—no matter the place of their birth, socioeconomic status, or station in life—which, after all, is America’s promise. From the perch of poverty, farm life, family, and the confining community in which Janice Ellis grew up, she found her sense of purpose and determination to change t... more
  • Girl Hidden: A Memoir

    by Jesse Gibbs
    Echoing among the Blue Ridge Mountains were the cries of newborn babies that disappeared into the night. The screams of children nearly drowned out by the sound of crickets. A girl, hidden and waiting to be found, terrified, and confused. The fireflies sparkling in the woods, bringing light to darkled places. The bulk of Jesse’s memories were of growing up in the farm country of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. The farm folks stayed pretty much outside of town, except for visits to... more
  • Good Boy, Bad Boy, a Better Man

    by Phillip Giambri
    In Phillip Giambri’s most recent collection of vivid prose vignettes Good Boy, Bad Boy, A Better Man a lost world is recalled in the tradition of Jack Kerouac as the Great Rememberer. With the skilled practitioner of the art of the spoken word set to robust prose, these word picture snapshots cut with an uncluttered precision of a master storyteller. From some of Phillip’s earliest memories as a child growing up in urban Philadelphia to an emerging adult on the lower east side of NYC, one can tr... more
  • Rites of Passage

    by E.C. Joe
    Rock climbing throughout the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California has been going about quietly for well over a century. The exploits of its pioneers into this beautiful mountain range have been infrequently documented in a few books, alpine journals, and magazines. The tales of these climbers in this area remain elusive in comparison to more mainstream places like Yosemite. Rites of Passage is a collection of those experiences written by a few aficionados of the Southern Sierra who hav... more
  • Jolts, Synchronicities, Dream Catchers and Milagros

    by Dennis Swiftdeer Paige
    Jolts, Synchronicities, Dream Catchers and Milagros: A Memoir Into the Fire of Original Experience challenges the reader to look below the surface and see what is most important to one’s body, mind, heart and spirit. The book explores different themes that make up the author’s journey of becoming as he presents a memoir that goes to the epicenter of being human. The stories in this book span seven decades. They begin in a 3 flat apartment above a tavern owned by the author’s family on the nor... more
  • My Fabulous Disease: Chronicles of a Gay Survivor

    by Mark S. King
    My Fabulous Disease: Chronicles of a Gay Survivor is an anthology spanning four decades – in turns emotional, biting and hilarious – from activist and writer Mark S. King. The sum of these chronicles is a manifesto of survival. But they also are a portrait of a man giggling through a graveyard. There is a sense of joyful gratitude that permeates even the darkest chapters, a throughline of cheeky optimism that makes the tragedy bearable and the humor uproarious. My Fabulous Disease divulges... more
  • Naked Truth: A Fight Against Racism, Religious Discrimination, and Retaliation in My Federal Government Career

    by Jean D Francis, Ph.D.
    Jean served successfully for eighteen years in various government agencies-until her stellar career came to a screeching halt. Naked Truth is the riveting true story of one woman's experiences with discrimination, racism, and unlawful retaliation from the government entity meant to watch over and protect the people. After seven years of suffering under widespread corruption, lies, and mismanagement, Jean uses this deeply painful and personal experience to help motivate, empower, and inspire othe... more