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    by Barbra Lynn Reifel
    The Body Snatcher's Wife, Barbra survived life on a Hellride with the Devil himself and has appeared on several shows because of it. Oprah, Who the Bleep Did I Marry, The Devil You Know, Nancy Grace, Tabloid, My Life is a Lifetime Movie. But her raw account has never been laid bare. Of love, betrayal and retribution. A warrior. Through all his darkness until the end. Every step. Riveting. Soulful. Inspiring.
  • Finding the Narrow Path: Patterns, Faith and Searching

    by Lin Wilder
    Deciding to walk away from God did not come easily or quickly. Nor did the decision to return. These kinds of tumultuous events feel as if they happen impulsively, spontaneously. But, if we take the time to look back at patterns, we find the seeds of the decision sown years before the actual action. This was not a book medical fiction writer Lin Wilder planned to write. Ever. Until she remembered a promise made to a friend years before. Author Wilder explains: Exactly how much of m... more
  • Ending Life

    by Tina Truax

    "Ending Life: A Young Girl's Journey Through Abortion" provides a glimpse into the heart and mind of author Tina Truax, a self-proclaimed pro-lifer, as she prepares for, and endures, a post-rape abortion.

  • Moments of Clarity

    by G. M. Barlean
    Take a break and have a few laughs while you read this collection of essays by author G. M. Barlean. It's the simple things in this busy life that bring us together. We are all unique and yet so similar. Memories of childhood, school, and the routines of life have roots in not the spectacular, but in the most normal of activities. Sharing a meal, what we learn in school, how siblings and cousins find trouble to get into—life is sticky and fun. I choose to look at the bright side. This book is an... more
  • Standby for Broadcast

    by Kari Rhyan
    Five years years ago, when I returned from a deployment to Bastion Hospital, a British trauma unit just west of “The Most Dangerous Place in the World,” I thought I could resume a normal life. But neither the Navy nor my nursing experience could have prepared me for the devastating injuries that had poured in from the Sangin Valley between 2010 and 2011. Then, one night, after rescuing the family dog from a painful, but otherwise insignificant, household accident, I ransacked the bedroom an... more
  • 978-1-942661-42-9

    by Cindy Rasmussen
    This is a story of a family journey growing up with an autistic family member, from the perspective of a Mom. It is also Steven's story from birth until the present as a man in his 40's. It is an honest portrayal of living with autism on a daily basis. There are no magic cures and no perfect solutions, but it is a story of hope and encouragement. Knowing Steven through this story helps readers to have a greater understanding and acceptance of others like him.
  • Watching Their Dance: Three Sisters, a Genetic Disease and Marrying Into a Family at Risk for Huntington's

    by Therese Crutcher-Marin
    Would you marry the man you adored if you knew he had a chance of inheriting one of the cruelest diseases on earth? Therese Crutcher is not a risk taker. Through meticulous planning, she eliminates as much uncertainty from her life as she can. Yet during her senior year of college, blithely planning to marry her beloved John Marin, she is suddenly thrown into turmoil when John’s sisters announce they finally know what killed their mother, institutionalized when her four children were all under ... more
  • Gubba - Confessions of an American Streamer

    by Gubba

    Gubba - Confessions of an American Streamer reveals the inner workings of a high-profile online Twitch TV stream and the meteoric rise to prominence of streamer “Gubba,” leader of the infamous Gubba Squad. This book is as much about the history of gaming in America as it is about the adventures of a young female streamer. Readers get a glimpse into the not-so-distant future, when videogames are like software apps that play in our minds rather than on our phones. Online streams&mda... more

  • Finding Paradise: Leilani Farm Sanctuary of Maui

    by Laurelee Blanchard
    Finding Paradise: Leilani Farm Sanctuary chronicles Laurelee Blanchard’s unique journey from corporate America to nonprofit animal rescue. Her story is inspiring, devastating, instructive, heroic, and unforgettable. The story—enhanced by stunning photographs—begins by taking readers on a tour of Laurelee’s life running a sanctuary for rescued farm animals such as goats, pigs, and chickens in Hawaii. It quickly rewinds the clock beginning with her harrowing childhood, a highly successful care... more
  • The Island

    by Pete Healey
    "The Island", Gives the reader a glimpse of 20th century ranching on Santa Rosa Island, Calif. At 53, 000 acres, Santa Rosa is the second largest of the eight Channel Islands and is 30 miles off the coast of Santa Barbara. This book tells some stories of four long-time Island residents, their humor and integrity that is only unique to a cattle operation in the ocean. These stories are fun and interesting and give a good historical account of Santa Rosa Island from 1843 to present time.
  • Where Is Home?: How a Childhood in East Germany During World War II Shaped My Adult Life

    by Anneros Valensi
    World War II interrupted Anneros Valensi's childhood. Born in East Germany in 1938, she was just six years old when the war and its fallout struck her and her family. In Where is Home? she shares the story of how she survived the miseries of war. In a narrative told from the perspective of a six-year-old child, this memoir shares the realities of what life was like during that time and what needed to be done to stay alive. Valensi tells the stories of war, beginning with the cruel Russian occupa... more
  • As My Mother Would Say: Como Decia Mi Mama

    by Judith V. Valles
    As My Mother Would Say . . . is about being raised in a conservative Mexican Family that valued the traditions and sayings of Mexico. The proverbs or "dichos" were a daily dose of teachings from my mother. We believed she made them up as situations arose and it was not until we began using the "dichos" as adults, that other people we met from Mexico could relate, laugh and say "my grandma used to say that" These "dichos are not so common anymore among young Mexican families and at the request of... more
  • Destination Dachshund: A Travel Memoir: Three Months, Three Generations & Sixty Dachshunds

    by Lisa Fleetwood
    Not just a book about pets. Not just a book about loss. And not just a book about travelling and broadening the mind. Destination Dachshund rolls them all into one and takes you on a journey much further than the European adventure depicted within its pages. It is a book about coming to terms with loss of family and of much-loved family pets. It is a book filled with fun and laughter, even amidst the pain and heartache of bereavement. And above all it is a book about the love of a family. ... more
  • Side-Yard Superhero: Life Lessons from an Unlikely Teacher

    by Rick D. Niece, Ph.D.
    Although life’s journey takes him far from his childhood home, Rick D. Niece, Ph.D., never forgets the people he meets and the lessons he learns as a young man growing up in picturesque DeGraff, Ohio, population 900. A small-town newspaper boy who becomes a lifelong educator himself, Dr. Niece is deeply touched by the endearing residents of DeGraff who shaped his youth—especially Bernie Jones. Confined to a wheelchair with severe cerebral palsy, Bernie becomes Rickie’s friend, inspiration and s... more
  • The Prodigal Daughter of a King

    by Demetria Mitchell
    Prodigal Daughter of a King is the story of a Christian woman that loss herself in a man. A man that took everything: family, friends, money, house; but most importantly her zeal for the Lover of her soul., Jesus Christ. The question ends with whether she will allow this one person to strip of her identity or does she give her life back to Christ and get back on track for not only her children; but for herself.
  • The Prodigal Daughter of a King

    by Demetria Mitchell