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  • Cracking An Egg

    by Andy Becker
    Cracking An Egg is a humorous and heartfelt memoir of early childhood experiences about growing up in the 1950s and 1960s. 22 vignettes relate stories that discuss conformity, rebelliousness, family relationships, fantasies, humiliations, gratitude, and most of all, love.
  • Dancing with the Trinity

    by Monique Jesiolowski
    Using colorful descriptions and heart-felt anecdotes, Monique vividly depicts the joy of living a life completely surrendered to the will of God. She encourages us to make ourselves available to follow His lead, to be willing to drop everything and join the dance at a moment’s notice. This book is sure to touch the heart of each and every reader, reminding us to set aside some time each day to play with reckless abandon, and to tend to the things in our lives that are truly important.
  • Souvenirs of Suffering

    by Dazhoni Green
    Through the eyes and voice of a child, Dazhoni Green recounts her battle with brain cancer, wrestling with the debilitating effects of its initial symptoms, the diagnosis and ensuing treatment. These experiences, doubts and fears, were a prelude to a lengthy and arduous recovery. SOUVENIRS OF SUFFERING is a candid account that will find the reader cheering Dazhoni on, sometimes with tears, at every obstacle on her way to become the compassionate, energetic young woman she is today. The champions... more
  • She's Got This! Essays on Standing Strong and Moving On

    by Joanne Hartman & Mary Claire Hill
    Boldly and unapologetically told, the essays featured in this powerful collection exemplify strength and resilience as 46 writers—published authors as well as fresh voices—take their truths public. Filled with hope, humor, and determination, these stories tackle love, loss, friendship, identity, and parenthood. She’s Got This is their anthem, one that will resonate with women everywhere.
  • Over the Hill and Gaining Speed: Reflections in Retirement

    by Kay Rock
    Fasten your seatbelts, we're going for a ride. Readers of all ages will relate to these meaningful and engaging vignettes that span a wide range of topics from personal triumphs to fascinating historical events. They reveal a zest for life and an infectious curiosity about the world. Her take on ordinary events is sometimes comedic, sometimes poignant, and always relatable. This charming collection of essays is like a call from your best friend--an unexpected gift that appears when you reall... more
  • Kinex Media

    by Kinex Media
  • Immigrant Daughter: Stories You Never Told Me

    by Catherine Kapphahn
    American-born Catherine knows little of her Croatian mother's early life. When Marijana dies of ovarian cancer, twenty-two-year-old Catherine finds herself cut off from the past she never really knew. As Catherine searches for clues to her mother’s elusive history, she discovers that Marijana was orphaned during WWII, nearly died as a teenager, and escaped from Communist Yugoslavia to Rome, and then South America. Through travel and memory, history and imagination, Catherine resurrects the relat... more
  • Rose’s Tale: The Strap, the Wooden Compass – The Endless Abuse at School

    by Gaynor Jones
    You will read about how she grew up in post-war England, with only a single mum left to raise her and her seven siblings after her father died. She received constant abuse from her teachers at school. I want to bring to light this abuse, so others can know about it. This was an era when there was no child protection. She endured the treatment, but also many other children suffered the same abuse. The story takes place in the 1940s and 1950s England in a city called St. Helen’s, County o... more
  • Opinions and Perspectives by a Black Man That Are Guaranteed to Fuel Controversy

    by God Bless America
    This book involves extremely controversial reading and the material may be offensive to your sensibility. So, my warning to the prospective reader is to read this book at your own risk. Interestingly, this book discusses topics that most people do not want to talk about. Probably, because the topics discussed in this book are topics guaranteed to generate political and racial backlash. The author's objective in writing this book is to stimulate thought and to open up meaningful but objective dia... more
  • His Name was Brownie: Close Encounters with Dogs, People, and Other Ridiculous Animals

    by Judi Roller
    A mixed-breed offspring of "Marley and Me" and "All Creatures Great and Small," "His Name was Brownie" is your next book for fun. Peopled with multiple Marley dogs (and Marla's as well), nearly all readers will recognize their dog or cat, son or daughter, spouse--maybe even themselves-- as the featured characters barrel their way through their laughable adventures. Collies and Irish wolfhounds bound through the pages; but they have many companions, including a tuxedo cat, a mastiff, a demented b... more
  • HEART to BEAT: A Cardiac Surgeon's Inspiring Story of Success and Overcoming Adversity--The HEART WAY

    by Brian Lima
    Success is not reserved for the smartest or most talented—it’s earned by those who want it the most. Heart conquers all and the triumphant always go all in, never settling for anything less than their best effort. As a leading heart transplant surgeon, Dr. Brian Lima’s life story is a testament to that mantra. He’s living proof that slow and steady still wins the race, and that the American Dream is alive and well. He persevered through countless challenges growing up in a Cuban immigrant family... more
  • Where Did She Go?: Experiences of an Alzheimer’s Caregiver

    by Donald Noffsinger

    As Donald Noffsinger watched helplessly as his beloved wife of more than fifty years slowly declined-both mentally and physically-he realized the enormous task in front of him. For a man who enjoyed fixing things in all aspects of his life, now he was up against something he could not repair-Alzheimer's disease. In Where Did She Go?, Donald combines his touching personal story with practical advice that reveals what it is really like to be a full-time caregiver while providi... more

  • Reveiw of Autobiography of a New York City Salesman - ISPN: 9781982231743

    by Rich Mollura
    Details of an inner transformation of Consciousness and the higher energies of the body traditionally called Kundalini Energy. The book weaves the spiritual journey that started as a teenager in Long Island New York and progressed into a fascinating inner journey of conscious evolution while maintaining an ordinary life as a top salesman for a fortune 500 company in NYC. The book, in addition to delivering every day wisdom and how higher ideas of spirituality were applied to life amid the nois... more
  • The Comeback Kid, Memoirs of Thomas L. hay

    by Thomas L. Hay

     Thomas Hay was raised in the 50’s in Clinton, Missouri. After high school, he joined the US Navy, worked for an international airline, retired and wrote his memoirs. His is an intriguing story that includes a forbidden love, alien abductions, ghosts, and revelations that tormented his reality. He currently resides in Lake Waukomis, Mo. with his lovely wife, Karen, along with some hyperactive squirrels, too many irritating geese, and a few cranky old catfish.. A... more