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  • The Campfire Chronicles

    by Carl Fisher
    Through thirty-five years and one man's stories from a life on the road, The Campfire Chronicles takes you into the world of a dedicated long-distance rider with all the perils, predicaments, humor, and revelations of a life lived out under the sky?on two wheels. Come out and ride the long roads toward new places and new people, and experience that revealing moment when you first understand that there is much more to the story than the images coming at your windshield. The real tale is what i... more
  • Operation Cure Boredom

    by Dan Martin
    Life in the military… as you’ve never read before. At nineteen, filled with wanderlust and hormones, Dan Martin made the hilariously amazing decision to join the military to travel and meet girls. Three months later, with Desert Storm in full swing, he found himself surrounded by dudes with not much to do. What unfolded was a long, protracted series of adventures into the art of curing boredom. Told in a collection of vignettes, Operation Cure Boredom is a coming of age story in camouflage. F... more
  • A Father's Choice: A Memoir of Love, Loss, and Hope

    by Anthony Perry
    Tony's life changes the moment he learns he's going to be a father. A casual relationship grows serious and he faces a choice that will ultimately be made for him. Tony tries to persuade his girlfriend to keep their baby but she chooses abortion and Tony blames himself. Did he say the wrong things? Was he just not good enough? Would he ever get another chance to be a father? Tony's experience shows that abortion isn't just a women's issue, but one that can also affect men in unexpected ways.
  • Initiation: a Memoir

    by Ly de Angeles
    Initiation is a memoir that reflects on the moral and ideological changes of the last sixty years. Written in a perennial voice de Angeles, witch, rewilds her own story and transforms cultural stereotypes into the language of myth. “Witch people, like magicians and sorcerers, conjurers, druids and hoodoo hexers, like cunning women and cunning men, kadaicha, shaman, manitou, angakok, curandera, bruxa, enchanters and shapechangers are needed in this world. They are the stories not bound by dog... more
  • Five Years, Eleven Months and a Lifetime of Unexpected Love

    by Visakha Dasi

    In 1971, at age 20, Visakha had just published her first book and was beginning her ascent to fame and fortune through a career in photojournalism. She dreamed of bringing the people of the world closer by sharing their common kinship and values through her photographic essays. Then, at the invitation of her college boyfriend, who was working on his MFA thesis in India, Visakha traveled east, where she first learned about bhakti yoga – the yoga of devotion – from a simple Indian s... more

  • Smurfs: The Inside Story of the Little Blue Characters

    by rena winters
    One of the key executives of the company that created the Smurfs for TV and movies was an expert in mind control and brain washing for a communist country. Unknowingly, we allowed our kids to be entertained by these blue cartoon characters who in retrospect were teaching our kids communism. How do I know this? I was on the inside of that company. Rena Winters was Vice President of the company that first brought the Smurfs to America.
  • Shock Horror

    by Mary Oxley
    Take your vows feeling so confident all will succeed in sickness & in health, never believing your wedding ring holds gates to total misery. A dark side well buried, I sincerely hope Shock Horror helps other persons to avoid this bazaar situation.
  • Strong at the Broken Places

    by J.T. James
    Raised under modern day Dickinsonian conditions, the author takes you on a tour of life on the streets to the continued misery and pain of combat in Vietnam. These experiences followed by service as a Police Officer, led to multiple failed marriages. A determination to succeed by any means necessary put him on a fast track to the top of the corporate world. But the constant remembrance of all things that he wanted to forget, led him down the Path To Self Destruction. You will read within these p... more
  • Purrs and Promises

    by Deanna Chesnut
    When is a cat more than a cat?  When it’s a feline sage! Come on a transformational journey with Deanna and her furry guides into worlds of kinship, wisdom, and immortality. Along the way, we’ll form a family, encounter unorthodox bed fellows and intensify our relationship through animal communication. Come in for the humor, warmth and faltering steps into love and attunement. Stay for the magic, mystery and mayhem! A very unusual, rock-your-world ‘must read’ for all animal lovers… and others. 
  • With Ballet in My Soul: Adventures of a Globetrotting Impresario

    by Eva Maze

    A life spanning close to 100 years is noteworthy, if only because of its longevity. The rich life of a woman committed to a professional vision ahead of its time, filled with glamour, excitement, and adventure, is truly remarkable. Narrated in her own words, this is the story of such a woman, Eva Maze, who, from the time she left Romania as a teenager in 1939, dreamed of being a ballet dancer, and through a series a circumstances, became instead one of the most successful theatrical impresari... more

  • JOURNEY TO MYRTOS: Vietnam to Crete--Healing the Wounds of War


    Military training as a helicopter pilot evokes the warrior spirit in a young soldier, but in combat that warrior spirit comes into conflict with the mechanized soldier.

  • Watch That Rat Hole ... and Witness the REIT Revolution

    by Kenneth D. Campbell
    Leaving his Pennsylvania steel town home, author Campbell scrambled to land a magazine writer's job in Manhattan. He followed his new boss's instruction to "Watch that rat hole," newspaper slang for a beat or coverage topic. His "rat hole" was real estate investment trusts, or REITs, untested entities just then approved by Congress. That "rat hole" became his life's passion and Watch That Rat Hole intertwines Campbell's personal journey with his unique observations as a newsletter creator an... more

    by Cassie Harte
    Cassie was just a little girl who wanted to be loved. Betrayed by her mother in the most horrific manner, and abused by her 'uncle', she had to fight to survive the demons of her past. She couldn't remember when the abuse began, but from an early age, she knew that her life was different from other children. Her mother made it clear that she wasn't wanted, she wasn't loved and He said he was her friend, that this was his way of showing her she was special. I DID TELL I DID is the incredible sto... more
  • Follow in the Tigerman's Footsteps

    by Colin Guest
    Although a memoir it reads more like an adventure story, covering an array of experiences, some crazy, exciting as well as life-threatening all mixed with a band of humor during 19 years of working as an expat in 15 countries spread through the Middle, Far East and North Africa.
  • SALVATION - A Judge's Memoir of a Mormon Childhood

    by Katharine English
    In her memoir, Salvation, Katharine English, an Oregon juvenile court referee and family court judge, sets out on a road trip to journey through her childhood in Salt Lake City, Utah. Throughout this journey, with literary grace and humor, English reveals her dark and shocking secrets, and uncovers the forces that have influenced who she’s become and the judicial decisions she has made. Kirkus Review calls it "a devastating and intelligently written story...English crafts passages that are trul... more