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  • Close Calls (Revisited)

    by Vito Tomasino
    Excerpt from my son's foreword: Close Calls starts out with a bang in chapter one, “The Hits Kept Coming.” If this story doesn't keep you on the edge of your seat, I don't know what will. The fact that it's a true recollection of a fighter mission during the Viet Nam war and is riddled with multiple obstacles in the span of one night should keep you turning the pages in anticipation of how this man and his other fighter pilot brothers survived. This one story alone could be a major mo... more
  • My Journey (Lessons I've Learned Along the Way): The Memoirs of Leonard I. Eckhaus

    by Leonard Eckhaus
    A look back on the author's life including what it was like growing up in the 1950's; historical events he actually witnessed; what success in life really is and how to achieve it; the things that will make you happy; the great successes and perhaps even greater failures he has encountered, and most importantly, the lessons he learned from them. He also takes you through his careers in the computer industry and more currently, in the music field.
  • Ninety-Nine Fire Hoops

    by Allison Hong Merrill
    Allison Hong isn’t a typical fifteen-year-old Taiwanese girl. Unwilling to bend to the conditioning of her Chinese culture, which demands that women submit to men’s will, she disobeys her father’s demand to stay in their faith tradition, Buddhism, and instead joins the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Six years later, she drops out of college to serve a mission—a decision for which her father disowns her. After serving her mission in Taiwan, Allison marries her Chinese-speaking Am... more
  • Always Yours, Bee

    by Mia Hayes

    "There's a guy. He was hit by a truck."

    On a rainy November day, Mia Hayes' husband left for work on his Vespa. Normally, she would have driven him, but Mia was waiting on a phone call with an editor and didn't have time.

    She never saw that caring, loving version of her husband again.

    The fallout from his accident--Mia's guilt and her husband's PTSD, memory loss, and depression--consumed their lives over ... more

  • Ages\Compared

    by Faye Hollins-Moore
    A mother/daughter memoir: with a twist! Each chapter is told first-person recalling a certain age comparing two autobiographies side-by-side. One born 1910 and the other 1951, revealing stunning comparisons despite the difference in ages! And most stark are the photographs: one with sepia tone, the other modern color.
  • Immigrated: A Memoir

    by Nadija Mujagic
    At the age of 19 and newly married, fleeing from her native country and still haunted by her demons from the Bosnian War, Nadija struggles to adapt to the completely different culture of the USA. Immigrant life cannot protect her from her abusive marriage, which magnifies and extends her war trauma. Isolated and lonely, she learns new life lessons, making many mistakes along the way. Can she face her war demons head on and rise above the horrors of her past to start afresh? Immigrated is an i... more
  • The Burning Light of Two Stars

    by Laura Davis
    This riveting memoir by Laura Davis, author of The Courage to Heal, examines the endurance of mother–daughter love, how memory protects and betrays us, and the determination it takes to fulfill a promise when ghosts from the past come knocking. When she published The Courage to Heal in 1988, Laura Davis helped more than a million women work through the trauma of childhood sexual abuse. But her decision to go public with her grandfather’s incest deepened an already painful estrangement with he... more
  • Listen, Think, & Speak Like a Doctor: Essential Skills for Medical School and Practice

    by Smiley Thakur, MD
    Listen, Think, & Speak Like a Doctor is a witty, relatable, and honest book full of sage advice regarding the real-life challenges and practice demands of becoming and being a physician. Students graduate from medical school with a knowledge of body systems, disease processes, and care algorithms. They’ve learned to treat but not necessarily how to connect with patients as people. It’s these difficult-to-learn connection skills that trip doctors up and that patients need doctors to have to ensur... more
  • The Ribbon Untied, A Journey to Finding a Family

    by Ann Eklund
    Are you searching for someone missing from your family tree? Ann was. Her husband, Chuck, was born out of wedlock in 1944 and raised by his mother, Mary Lou, and a stepfather. Chuck grew up an only child, thinking that his mother was the only blood relative he had. After his stepfather dies of a heart attack in 1966 and Mary Lou succumbs to cancer in 1972, Chuck needs to sell the family home. As Chuck and Ann clean everything out of Mary Lou’s house, they unearth a shoebox full of love letters... more
  • Eat, Drink & Be Wary: Cautionary Tales

    by Kathy Biehl
    A tasting tour of joys, quirks, and questionable behavior that food and drink inspire. From Houston’s burgeoning culinary landscape to late-night revelry in Britain and Barcelona to a Hell’s Kitchen TV studio, the tales capture a way of life we take for granted no longer, when people freely gathered at tables and counters, shared food, raised glasses, and partook of drama and laughter and magic
  • The Demon Staring Back at Me

    by Jesse Busdegan
    The Demon Staring Back at Me is a raw and real account of the perils that many face in dealing with toxic relationships. Jesse takes you through his story of real life events in a vulnerable and authentic way. His bravery in sharing his truth is commendable and inspiring as many could relate to his experience in dealing with the crazy-making of narcissistic abuse. His story showcases the real and raw facets of one man's journey in understanding and rebuilding from the grip of darkness. His bra... more
  • Resisting Jim Crow: The Autobiography of Dr. John A. McFall

    by Lahnice Hollister

    Dr. John A. McFall (1878-1954) was among the first generation born in freedom in South Carolina. By the time he reached manhood, African American men were being disenfranchised and all Black people were essentially designated second-class citizens. In this recently found manuscript, Dr. McFall tells how he tasked himself with resisting the Jim Crow laws that were crippling the political and economic strides women and men of African descent had made in the first decade after Emancipation. This... more

  • 9781647043827

    by Larry Walsh

    "Your job has been eliminated."  In other words, you're unemployed, out of work, and desperate to find a new purpose.  When US Army veteran Larry Walsh heard those words, his world was turned upside down. With a desire to move beyond unemployment, create an exciting new future for himself, and push past his limits, he decides to fulfill his lifelong dream to bike across the country.

    He purchases a Surly Disc Trucker touring bike and begins his 3,120-mile ride of ... more

  • Una búsqueda de Dios en nosotros y en el mundo

    by Jesús A. Diez Canseco
    Colección de pensamientos sobre diversas áreas que dentro de la sociedad humana impulsan nuestras vidas.
  • Searching for God in us and in the world

    by Jesús A. Diez Canseco
    A series of thoughts concerning the various aspects of human society as they apply to our daily living.