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  • Life Support: Surviving Guillain-Barre Syndrome

    by Holly Frances
    Three weeks after giving birth, Holly Frances went from being a healthy 26-year-old new mom to suddenly paralyzed, stricken with excruciating pain and on life support—in less than 72 hours. Diagnosed with a severe case of a rare autoimmune disorder called Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS), Holly was trapped in her own body, unable to move, speak, or hold her baby girl. As days turned into weeks, she entered a severe state of despair and hopelessness. Holly had no choice but to suffer each day, prayi... more
  • Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness

    by Will Hall
    Outside Mental Health: Voices and Visions of Madness reveals the human side of mental illness. In this remarkable collection of interviews and essays, therapist, Madness Radio host, and schizophrenia survivor Will Hall asks, "What does it mean to be called crazy in a crazy world?" More than 60 voices of psychiatric patients, scientists, journalists, doctors, activists, and artists create a vital new conversation about empowering the human spirit by transforming society. An expansive set of int... more
  • Chasing Tarzan

    Funny and heartbreaking story about surviving the long-term effects of bullying. In the 1960s, a relentless school bully makes Catherine’s life a living hell. She retreats inward, relying on a rich fantasy life––swinging through the jungle wrapped in Tarzan’s protective arms––and fervent prayers to a God she does not trust. She fasts until she feels faint, she ties a rough rope around her waist as penance, hoping God will see her worthy of His help. As the second of eight children, Catherine is ... more
  • Accidental Sisters: The Story of My 52-Year Wait to Meet My Biological Sibling

    by Katherine Caire
    Relinquished at birth to Catholic Charities in 1959, Kathe Linn Caire adores her adoptive family and has never considered searching for her birth parents. At age fifty-two, though, a sudden pull to learn more about her medical history sends her on an unexpected journey. Kathe isn’t interested in learning her birth parents’ identities, just the details of their health. But what begins as a simple investigation takes a startling swerve when the social worker who sends the records fails to reda... more
  • Has The Lady Been Yet?

    by Kit Derrick
    No-one knows what to expect when a parent or loved one is diagnosed with dementia. Kit Derrick’s ‘Has The Lady Been Yet?’ follows his own journey down this path, from the initial diagnosis to the ultimate loss of his mother. The book traces the practicalities of caring, but also quite openly discusses the emotions, guilt and helplessness of finding yourself in that role. But as the book points out, there are moments of joy in the darkest of times, and there is always hope for the good days. And ... more
  • Another Camino Story: Learning to walk my own Camino through life on 500 miles to Santiago de Compostela, Spain

    by John Seegers
    Everyone that walks the Camino de Santiago has their own story to tell. In the fall of 2021, John, at age 67, walked 500 miles on the Camino de Santiago from St. Jean Pied de Port, France to the tomb of Saint James in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. He walked with his friends Rick and Dave. This is John’s story. A story that turned out different than expected. Share his experiences along The Way of Saint James. Walking this ancient pilgrimage road, John learned to walk his own Camino throug... more
  • Quest

    by John Graham
    Quest—Risk, Adventure and the Search for Meaning John Graham shipped out on a freighter when he was 16, hitchhiked through the Algerian Revolution at 19, and was on the team that made the first ascent of Denali’s North Wall at 20—a climb so dangerous it’s never been repeated. He hitchhiked around the world at 22, reporting in the Boston Globe on a every war he came across. A US Foreign Service Officer for 15 years, he was in the middle of the 1969 revolution in Libya and the war in Vietnam, w... more
  • The Time of My Life: A Dirty Dancing Mountain Lake Memoir

    by Mike the Barman
    Ready for the time of your life? Mike the Barman invites you to go behind-the-scenes of Mountain Lake, the Dirty Dancing resort, to experience the ongoing romance, mystique and adventure that makes visitors keep coming back for more. Get an up close and personal tour of Mountain Lake Resort, the movie’s primary shooting location and stand-in for “Kellerman’s Mountain House.” It’s here that, years after the movie’s release, fans gather to relive the film’s allure with Dirty Dancing Weekends fu... more
  • Love Soars the Skies, A mother's quest to reach her son

    by Linda Ann Jones
    My book is a memoir about the heartbreaking devastation of losing my son and my steadfast belief in the supreme, unyielding power of a mother’s love to soar past the stars and reach him in the place he now resides.

    by Joshua Gerstein
    What do you write home to your Jewish mother when you’re in the middle of fighting a global war unlike anything before or since? If you’re Charlie Fletcher, you give near-daily updates covering all kinds of details of life. Fletcher’s letters, which were sent to his mother, father, and sister, reveal a personal side of life during wartime for one soldier training in the U.S. and then marching through Europe. His devotion to Jewish culture, holidays, and community comes shining through in this t... more
  • The Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise: Pentimento Memories of Mom and Me

    by Robert W. Norris

    The Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don’t Rise: Pentimento Memories of Mom and Me traces the trials, tribulations, and unbreakable bond of two Pacific Northwest characters. Kay Schlinkman grows up on the banks of the Columbia River in the 1930s and 1940s. She overcomes a small logging town’s ostracism in the late 1950s for her divorce, excommunication by the Catholic Church for remarrying, severe criticism and rejection for defending her son’s refus... more

  • Memories of a Reluctant Soldier

    by Bruce Conroe
    A personal account of a draftee’s Army life in the mid-1950s, when world events created great tension. A close look at a different time.
  • Odyssey of High Hopes

    by Cyrus A. Ansary

    Odyssey of High Hopes is an exquisitely written tale about an immigrant's harrowing, captivating, and sometimes funny rollercoaster hike across the slopes of the American Dream.

    From the dark and crime-infested tenements of South Tehran to the pinnacle of global finance is the inspiring story of a skinny teenager's hell-for-leather determination to rise above poverty and obscurity to secure a coveted American education.

    Odyssey of High Hopes tells a searing and absorbing n... more

  • Battle Tested

    by Jamal Byrd
    Battles not only occur in warzones, they also materialize in life as individuals face strong opposing forces. Jamal Byrd uses this illustration to depict his intricate story. Come take a walk in Jamal’s shoes as he leads you through his unbelievable journey. Jamal has unveiled his life through this decidedly honest and passionate, yet invigorating novel. From life-threatening injuries and heartbreak, to triumph and achievements. His roller coaster campaign is constantly oscillating as you witnes... more
  • Journey of an EX-Teetotaling Virgin

    by Fay Faron
    Setting off on a 3-year journey across the U.S. & Europe, free-spirited “good girl,” Fay Faron, shakes off her fundamentalist upbringing as she navigates the changing world of the 1970s.
  • Let's Be Frank

    by Jane Biondi Munna
    Integrity. Kindness. Hard work. Substance and value. Are these the words that describe a media mogul? They are when it’s the late Frank Biondi, the former CEO of HBO, Universal Studios, and Viacom, who leaves a legacy far beyond the movies and TV you love. Through Frank’s example, we can learn how to make good relationships alongside great deals, earn respect while earning multi-million dollar returns, and maintain character even when surrounded by an industry full of characters. Let’s Be Fra... more