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  • Mabel!

    by Everett L. Jennings and Jon C. Rogers
    “Mabel” is an illustrated, humorous tale of three unusual characters, in an eccentric old roadster, trying to survive the unexpected dangers they encounter as they explore the back roads of Western America, far from civilization. It started as a simple vacation trip but transforms into a life changing adventure that will take you to places you’ve never been before. Meet Everett, he’s an Artist and a two hundred and twenty pound roly-poly package of fun and wit. He, with his two friends, the ... more
  • No Pianos, Pets or Foreigners! My Life in Japan in the 80's

    by Joe Palermo
    A young Japanese woman was running through Tokyo station screaming “Save me! Save me!” There was a Japanese man chasing her and closing in. He grabbed her wrist and caught her about 10 feet in front of me. The woman was still yelling “Save me! Save Me!” but the Japanese people in the crowded station ignored her, not wanting to get involved. This is the beginning of just one of the stories from my experience living in Japan in the 1980’s, where I had moved right after graduating university. It... more
  • "Pet Tails"

    by Laurie Stone

    Forty years of marriage and six pets. Three cats and three dogs -- all different, not only in looks and personalities, but in how they changed us.

    A charcoal gray feline would prepare Randy and me for parenthood and a small, tan Chihuahua would demonstrate a dog’s unswerving (and at times, unrelenting) devotion to our young family. A quirky looking mutt would educate Randy, me, and our teenage sons on how what lies on the inside counts the most, and a gorgeous, but neurotic k... more

  • Presidential Spirit

    by Gina S. Scheff
    Presidential Spirit This memoir Presidential Spirit is a love story of David and Gina Scheff. Two people that enjoyed perfect love together. Love could not get any better as life was so good for the two of them. They both worked at the same retail store and while on break in the breakroom one day David told Gina he worked third shift in the Eighty-Ninth Airlift Wing. He mentioned he put in a special duty assignment after reading and article in Airman magazine. He was impressed that Air Force ... more
  • Here's Your Pill, Kitten!

    by JuLee Brand
    When S.M. Kelly suffers a freak accident near Central Park and shatters her femur, at first, she figures “It’s early. . .we can still make dinner and Kinky Boots tonight,” as an ambulance hurtles her toward the hospital. The complex, four-hour surgery results in a nine-inch titanium plate and seven pins embedded in Kelly’s leg, and her humorless surgeon, Dr. Swarthy Unibrow, orders three months’ recovery in a nursing home. Here’s Your Pill, Kitten! is a true story of recovery, discovery, and ... more
  • Return to Ithaca

    by David & Susan Wight
    At age 18, my elder son Rion enrolled in Cornell University’s School of Architecture with a future full of promise. At age 22, he committed suicide. My wife Susan and I had missed the latest critical warning signs. Yet the red flags were there all along: his social angst and anxiety through adolescence, his inner demons that continued to plague him in college, the diagnosis of bipolar disorder, the failed suicide attempt. We believed him afterward when he adamantly promised he would never try it... more
  • Our Italian Journey

    by Ilene & Gary Modica
    Award-winning bloggers, Ilene and Gary step out of their comfort zone while living in Italy in 2019, writing their adventure travel memoir. Experience the seducing charm of the country, the twists and turns, and their humorous moments along the way. Live vicariously through them and encounter the Italian zest for living.

    by Dawn James
    She experienced being blind, deaf, and mute before the age of ten. In her teens, she faced the fight of her life which left her paralyzed from the waist down. How much more could she endure? Two decades would pass before her world would begin to unravel again. An unexplainable loss of appetite was swiftly followed by a heart-stopping event – her biggest challenge yet – death! An Awakened One explores what each pivotal – and sometimes traumatic – life experience revealed and how her world ... more
  • Real Women's Stories

    by Beth Kallman Werner
    A powerful, inspiring collection of nonfiction short stories by and about real women.

    by Marie Estorge
    THEN THERE WAS LARRY: Dating is an iffy business at best. Being set up by a close friend usually offers some reassurance, but what happens when this close friend and boyfriend are not who they claim to be? Headlines about the arrest of a well-regarded community member for charges of child pornography and abuse are disturbing in the collective sense. When the person charged and sentenced to 15 years turns out to be a man you've dated, the blow is sharp and personal. The questions and shock, the... more
  • Alabama Blue: A Southern Gothic Memoir

    by Toni Pacini

    From white trash mill village girl to Senior-Cinderella. In Alabama Blue, Toni K. Pacini shares her tumultuous journey. A girl raised-up like an invasive weed in an Alabama cotton mill village where illiteracy, bigotry, religious fanaticism, and abuse were as commonplace as fried chicken on Sunday. From pillar to post, and coast to coast, she sought a dauntingly elusive refuge. Toni fled a life predestined for sorrow from cold cradle to cold crypt, and she made it! Her life needed a major re-... more

  • Arizona Awakening: A Memoir of Romance, Race, and Redemption

    by Richard C Lin
    As a lonely, awkward American-born Chinese high school freshman in Arizona during the early 80s, Richard endures the spirited racial taunts of schoolmates by day and the furious fists and flying chopsticks of his dad in the evenings. Into his world of tumult steps Lesley, the captivating new girl in town whose grace, wit, and charm have all the boys at school maneuvering for her attention. Despite two prior disheartening forays into the realm of unrequited love, Richard eagerly joins the fray. T... more
  • A Guy with an Accent

    by Ned Sahin
    “He is probably carrying a bomb in his bag.” A woman said this while passing by me in a Target parking lot. I was wearing a hefty backpack filled with my school and work belongings. My beard and hair were unkempt after a long day. That night in my basement room, I closed my eyes and thought about my life as an immigrant in the United States. Nothing has been easy. I experienced discriminating verbal attacks from strangers, hateful colleagues, no social life, and lost hope for the future… ... more
  • Bella Memoirs

  • Gentleman Jack

    by Tim Slee

    If you have killed hundreds of men in war, can you ever find peace? This is the question at the heart of Gentleman Jack.

    The topic is explored as a work of narrative non-fiction. It uses a literary style to tell a true story. The narrative is based on hours of taped interviews with Jack Lundie conducted by his grandson, journalist David Crocker; notes by the co-author Tim Slee taken during a weeklong visit with Jack while his wife Annie was hospitalized; and supplementary historical res... more

  • The Colour of the Sun

    by Gillian Thorp
    One hot June afternoon in Durban, South Africa, a child is born. Doctors and nurses marvel because the birth is one of the rarest in the world. The child, Gillian August, is born still shrouded in her amniotic sac. She is a caul baby, and in 1970s South Africa, this heralds greatness. Or it might have, had Gillian's caul not been stolen within hours of her birth. A belief in predetermined outcomes looms large in Thorp's family, culture, and her perception of the world. After all, a lifetim... more