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  • Girl Intrepid: A New York Story of Privilege and Perseverance

    by Leslie Armstrong
    An engrossing memoir about a spirited and independent-minded young woman growing up on the pre-Sixties East Coast. The book is, in part, about how the particular time and place -- and family -- you are born into shapes you, whether you embrace those factors or rebel against them. Like her mother, who was a lawyer, she ultimately powered her way into a profession dominated by men and became a successful architect. As Gail Godwin notes, this is "a masterful work of anthropology, a compelling tale ... more
  • Sauce on Sunday: An Ancestral Journey to Find my Sicilian Roots

    by Janet Sierzant
    While sitting at a restaurant with two of my fellow authors, one asked me about my Sicilian background. I laughed and said, “All I know is, we always have sauce on Sunday.” My friends joined in the laughter, but I realized that I didn’t really know too much about the maternal part of my heritage. Something awoke inside of me and I had the desire to find out exactly from where I came. I began the quest for my roots by taking an ancestry DNA test. Within a few months, I had the surprise of my life... more
  • Gemini Joe

    by Janet Sierzant
    The The runt of the litter, Gemini Joe is no stranger to tears. His life is a story—following the Great Depression and his parents struggle to provide for his family. Survival in his powerful, sometimes cruel family was not easy. Although he remembers with affection and occasional humor the holidays, his childhood friends, his mother and grandmother, his tough, bullying brothers and indifferent sister, his family was too much for him. He found acceptance in a bottle of scotch. Health issues begi... more
  • Quote Of The Day

    by Mukesh Saini
    Whether you have money in your life or not but you must definitely have fun. Not all fun beings with money.
  • The Rope of Life: A Memoir

    by Mirinda Kossoff
    At the heart of this book is the mystery of Mirinda’s father, Hugo Kossoff, a New York Jew from an intellectual, cultured family who, after his service in WWII, settled in Danville VA, a town that proudly billed itself the “Last Capital of the Confederacy” and was a place as anti-Semitic as it was racist, though not overtly violent towards Jews. Hugo changed his name to Hugh, renounced his Judaism for Baptist fundamentalism, got a nose job and took on the trappings of a “good ol' boy,” affecting... more
  • 30-For-30: The Writings Behind the Wall

    by Darren Smith
    Well educated. Rewarding career. World traveller. An all-around well-rounded individual. These are a few of the notions that come to mind when friends, family, peers and acquaintances speak about Darren Smith. But, for a period in 2019, all the aforementioned was briefly, yet unexpectedly halted. On March 15th 2019, Darren Smith became inmate #1474625, as he was sentenced to 60 days in the Jennifer Road Detention Center in Annapolis, MD for a DUI conviction. Suddenly, Darren goes from living ... more
  • cheetah media

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  • ImPerfukt...and Never Happier!

    by Heidi Patullo

    "ImPerfukt...and never happier!" is a gutsy and quirky memoir recounted through the lenses of humour and humility; brains and brawn; stupidity and sexuality; partnering and parenting. Gritty, off-beat, sexy, and cringe-worthy, her life mimics the reality of a true, roller-coaster life.


    ImPerfukt is a celebration memoir of author, Heidi Patullo’s first 50 years, beginning with a hilarious imagining of her ... more

  • Secure in God

    by Rita Malsch
    These are poem-like writings of my own journey and my faith and trust in the Lord. I look at these as a sharing with others who are seeking new meaning in their own lives. I added 20 pieces of my art to open up myself in a deeper way so my faith can be understood.
  • Boy: A Story Based On True Events

    by Nathan Zen-Sapien
    A man recounts the incredible events in his life with his autistic brother growing up in the slums of Chicago IL and Milwaukee WI
  • A Way Forward

    by Christian Dattwyler
    Can a teenage boy struggling with school, family, and drugs turn his life around to become successful? Not without the help of a nearly two-hundred-and-fifty-year-old American institution called the United States Marine Corps. A Way Forward: My Years in the Marine Corps reveals how a Marine recruiter used every old trick in the book to compel young Christian Dattwyler to sign his life away for government service. The memoir delves into his mindset as he experiences legendary Marine Corps boot ca... more
  • Playboy, Mad Men, and Me---And Other Stories

    by Julie Wosk
    Playboy in the days of Mad Men and the challenges of being a civil rights worker in Alabama soon after the march at Selma. Her stories conjure up America’s fast-changing history, and are filled with vivid, contrasting images: a swinging party at Hugh Hefner’s mansion, a sobering childhood visit to a cemetery, waiting in a church to hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Many of her stories are shaped by her sense of surprise and serendipity as she encounters moments of magic and cha... more
  • So It Happened Like This

    by Kristen Alger
    So, It Happened Like This is the perfect gift for your mother-in-law, or a needed read while she's visiting! Come on over and sit for a spell. Front porch swing and y'all glass jar of sweet iced tea not included, but highly recommended. Feel free to add a shot of moonshine, a squirt of lemon, and a dollop of honey. Kick your feet up and settle in for a while. Join Kristen Alger as she unfolds the stories from the Appalachian hills of Alabama, through the sandy dunes of the Emerald Coast, and int... more
  • EarthBodyBoat: Queer Journey Of A Somatic Earth Artist

    by Ahjo K. SIPOWICZ

    In a culture of “me, me, me!” I am changing “me” to “we” as a way to remember that we are of Nature—ever-changing and part of a larger ecosystem.

    Ahjo Sipowicz’s journey of initiation begins at a political protest when they expose their naked female nipples in a gesture of resistance. Charged with public indecency, Ahjo constructs an unusual defense—a pastiche of letters, journal entries, essays, poems, composite photographs, Tarot card images, and performances. EarthB... more

  • Patriot Gangster: Volume 1, Evolution of an Outlaw

    by Jeff Burns
    Everyone thinks they understand outlaw motorcycle club culture but they have no idea and Patriot Gangster is the very first work of its kind to pull the curtain back, reveal all the secrets, and tell the truth about American outlaw motorcycle club culture. Patriot Gangster uses the story of Jeff "Twitch" Burns time in the outlaw motorcycle club life combined with his professional skills to explain the realities of outlaw motorcycle club culture, while at the same time conducting a well-evidenced... more