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  • Floating in Saltwater: Memoir: A Young Girl's Search for Answers

    by Barbara Carter
    A young girl in a house filled with so many feels lost and alone. By observing those around her she fears for her future and what her mother wants her to become. She must sort out what to believe in, whom to trust and how to find love and happiness. Hope is offered by meeting people in a nearby rental property, people unlike others in her neighbourhood: hippies, artists, girls from the city, a black man, and a rock-and-roll band.
  • Being Here: Reflections on Life, Love, Faith, and Turning Thirty

    by Lindsey Brunette
    What if you lived your entire life by the plan you'd laid out when you were thirteen years old? Being Here: Reflections on Life, Love, Faith, and Turning Thirty tells one woman's journey from living the life she had planned to learning to live each day to the fullest. A no-holds-barred look at author, Lindsey Brunette's, story of recovery from her own demons, it asks the question, "Who am I if I am not..." This compelling memoir looks deeply at faith, divorce, self-identity, and the idea that we... more
  • Pentosin FFL 3 And Pentosin FFL 2

    by alex thaimor
    The balms diminishes the scouring and wear of the machine. There are number of oil associations in uae among them we are the best. The Fuchs persuades incredible condition to machine. We give quality oils and assorted sort of machines. Pentosin FFL 3 and Pentosin FFL 2 helps to get good wear protection.The right oils give number of inclinations to the m... more
  • Ocean Metaphor: Unexpected Life Lessons from the Sea

    by Cathryn Castle Garcia
    Ocean Metaphor:Unexpected Life Lessons from the Sea s a collection of stunning underwater imagery, interesting marine life facts and insightful life lessons aimed at helping us all relate to the underwater world in a meaningful way.
  • Ramblings of a Third Grader

    by suzy carruth kuperschmidt
    If you were ever a third grader and let's be honest...who wasn't? (well...unless you're a second grader) Then, this book is for you! Explore the world through the eyes of a third grader that didn't have access to an iPhone, laptop or some other mode of information-gathering system. This third grader actually had to write legibly with a #2 pencil. My quirky little stories in RaMbLiNgS brings a sense of nostalgia to the pages of this book from a third grader's innocence of awe and wonder. I... more
  • Walking The Fences

    by Pete Critelli
    A portal into how family, dogs, ranching, and the people of south central Montana work hard, and enjoy family, written in a descriptive short-story narrative that seats the reader right at that table with the extra place setting.
  • To Kiss the Blarney Stone

    by Kate Curry
    Autism-it's a spectrum, this story is not of recovery but of hard work and instilling that abiltiy to advocate into the child you are helping. It is a survival guide for those that are lost in the maze of the process. This is my son's journey as I remembered it, but he also shares his thoughts throughout the book. My child who never uttered sounds for so long, graduated college. I made mistakes along the way, but never lost hope. In the entaglement of your life, you have to hold on for one more ... more
  • Snake in the Grass

    by T. R. Robinson
    Earlier doubts are slowly subjugated by apparent sympathetic consideration. But, had it all been a deception? Can we truly trust? Can we really believe? Can we? A cautionary tale based upon true events.
  • Mixed Blessings (a brief family memoir)

    by Karen Minard
    The L.A. Times ran a front page story on Brian Minard after his ex-wife removed their children from him back in the late 1970s. But it was only told from his perspective. This memoir tells what happened after that event and from the mom's point-of-view. Nowadays mixed-race couples are almost the norm, but back then such was not the case, especially when the mom is a black woman from Detroit and the dad is a white lad from Liverpool, England.
  • Unwitting Mystic

    by Mary Reed
    This story is a rare journey from Washington, DC to India and into otherworldly realms in the company of God, Jesus, Buddha and a woman with no previous interest in, or understanding of, spiritual teachings. This transcendent story goes beyond the conflict-driven borders of human experience to offer hope in the promise that the ever-increasing willingness to resurrect one’s own divinity is resurrecting a new love-driven consciousness throughout the world.
  • How Wireless Headphones Can Improve Your Life

    by Aisha Adele
    Over the years, we have gravitated towards lifestyles that are fast, convenient, focused and efficient and for this reason, we find ourselves looking for products that enable this way of living instead of hampering it. Headphones have contributed a lot to this lifestyle. For instance, before they were invented, the only way to listen to music was to play it out loud and hope that the people around you don’t get annoyed.

    Today, wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular beca... more
  • The Mindset

    by Ace Bowers
    At the age of 22, Bowers was thrown the biggest curveball of his life. He was forced to choose which path he was going to take: continue the cycle of family poverty or break it. The Mindset is an inspirational memoir of Ace Bowers’ personal transformation from janitor to millionaire. Bowers began his journey uneducated, overweight, addicted to cigarettes, in debt, and depressed. Revealing the skeletons in his closet for the first time set the scene for how he got to the point of cleaning... more
  • Heaven's Edge: A Story of Hope in the Darkness of OCD, Anxiety & Depression

    by Michelle Brazzi
    Follow one woman's journey out of the darkness of OCD, anxiety and depression through journals, poems, prayers and emails. Experience the struggle and the triumph!
  • This Tumbleweed Landed

    by Larada Horner-Miller
    Growing up as a member of a ranching family in Branson, a small town in southeastern Colorado, provided author Larada Horner-Miller a treasure-trove of stories, characters, and emotional moments that make up her touching memoir, This Tumbleweed Landed. This collection of poems and prose transports readers back to rural America during the fifties and sixties, to one idyllic, tight-knit community in particular. Each of the book’s eight sections weaves a nostalgic yarn that tells of playtimes with ... more
  • Bullets And Bosses Don't Have Friends

    by Toni Crowe

    Are you worried that you're too nice to get ahead. Discover how to play smart in your work place and take your life to the next level in Toni Crowe's continuation of her memoir.

    Does your office feel more like a minefield than a place to get things done? Are you confronted by tenacious colleagues and even more challenging situations every workday? With over 30 years of experience, award-winning executive Toni Crowe has climbed the ladder across multiple sectors, from high tech t... more

  • A LION WHERE THERE WERE LAMBS The Quest for Truth, Justice, and the Rule of Law in the Pacific Northwest

    by Bill Erxleben
    The true story of a crusading lawyer willing to risk his career and reputation in some of the most famous cases in Pacific Northwest history Referred to by a political commentator as “Front Page Bill” for his headline-making exploits, Bill Erxleben was an anti-corruption federal prosecutor, consumer protection and environmental champion. He would take on vested interests and the federal bureaucracy and win national acclaim for his zealous commitment to the public interest. Politicians and ... more