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  • Travel Mementos

    by Julie Watson
    Travel Mementos is a collection of true stories from around the world. The argument in an Italian ice cream queue, a bumpy becak ride in Indonesia, African migrants washing up on a Spanish beach. Spanning continents and cultures, the evocative retelling of these personal memories will transport, surprise and delight in an immerisve reading experience.
  • Whole Body Prayer

    by Yan Ming Li

    So begins Master Yan Ming Li's spellbinding memoir recounting the challenges of growing up as a spiritually-gifted child in a land where exploration of the unseen realms was forbidden. Like a Chinese Harry Potter, Li found solace in a mysterious and powerful force he called the Light.

    But this is not a work of fiction. It's a true story. In the pages of this book, we learn how all of us can gain access to this benevolent, healing, and boundless Light.

    It is, in f... more


    by Dashiell Aston
    Drifter is an Autobiographical Novel. Real events woven into fiction or vice versa... Imagine sitting at a table in a bar somewhere, anywhere, sipping your favourite drink. The story is told as if Dashiell sits beside you recounting the events of his life. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, there is only one lesson to be learnt for the young graduate, Dashiell Aston, there is no such thing as justice, morals, or nobility. Only money matters. From 2008 until 2019, he went from aspiring... more
  • On Full Automatic: Surviving 13 Months in Vietnam

    by William V. Taylor Jr.
    Eighteen-year-old Marine recruit William V. Taylor Jr. and his brother Marines are assembled into a new reaction force that is immediately tested in the fire of a bloody conflict known as Operation Beaver Cage. After a traumatic first fight, they push through back-to-back operations with little time to rest or reflect. Those who survive will return home ensnared by everlasting memories of a real, but entirely surreal nightmare. Now after more than fifty years of holding everything in, Taylor sha... more
  • Evolving With Chosen

    by Keisha Robinson
    Evolving With Chosen is a Children's Book i've created on positive affirmation, Children's empowerment, the power of their words and so much more. This book was created with lots of compassion and love . I pray your child take a lesson we will discuss in Evolving with Chosen and share it with their friends. The Children are our future.
  • Modern Day Jouliete

    by S.Storm
    Modern Day Jouliete is the true experiences of one woman and her life as a daughter, sister, wife, stepmother; in addition to being a combat veteran. Written as a first person conversation between Jouliete and her reader, S.Storm tells her thoughts and feelings during her military service, as well as, figuring out life after being a soldier. She provides a raw, honest and deeply personal view of what she experienced living and loving in the military and returning home from combat both physically... more
  • Untethered: A Woman's Search for Self on the Edge of India - A Travel Memoir

    by C.L. Stambush
    In a quest to prove she can go anywhere, do anything, be anyone she wants, C.L. Stambush sets out on a solo 5-months and 7,000-mile motorcycle journey along the edge of India. Fraught with danger and near-death experiences, she encounters ominous men, confronts culture clashes, and homicidal drivers. Along the way, she crashes her motorcycle, loses her camera, her way, and her self-control—crossing lines she never imagined possible. In the end, will the price she pays be worth it?
  • Journey through an Artist Eyes

    by Muhammad Arif
    This book transpires nature tourism and relationship of art with nature, environment and culture. It also reflects information relating to geography and art. My work emulates with contemporary impressionistic style .I paint nature visiting to the beautiful tranquil places which inspire me to play in love with nature and my art composition in the natural environment are aestheticism of snow caped high mountain, thick forest, splashing waterfalls, placid vast meadows, sweeping clouds on the gorg... more
  • When I Grow Up I Want to Be a Chair: A Memoir

    by Ryan Rae Harbuck
    Her story has (not) defined her. From where she sat, her perspective of the world was both quite ordinary and rivetingly extraordinary—from a paralyzing car accident in her teens to traveling overseas on a journey of self-reflection to becoming a mom. Throughout everything she experienced, she fervently believed in following her given path. She wanted to trust its trajectory. She wanted to be sure. Her story is not about a chair. Her story is about her strengths and how they rose out of ... more
  • Cultural Innovation Learning Manual Especially for You

    by Adam Mande
    In a digitalized world, relationships cannot be remote and still impact all parties equally, except on systems that were never designed to justify equality. As the world is indeed a global village, the definition and possible Orientation of Unanimity are necessary to escape a total collapse or whole Society. Now living in a perceived plural world thriving on service delivery, the quality of life of Individuals, Groups, Homes, and Nations are determined by the extent of Service Delivery, defying ... more
  • When Losses Become Legacies

    by Christy Brunke & Kristina Cowan
    When Losses Become Legacies features nine memoirs–about grief, God, and glory. In these true stories, modern-day saints meet suffering, their Savior, and–sometimes–the supernatural. Sooner or later, we all lose someone we love. Maybe the person closest to us. Maybe early in our lives, or theirs. Loss and grief have immeasurable power to draw us into darkness or deliver us into a higher purpose. For those who follow Christ, loss will, ideally, point us back to the Cross and its redemptive e... more
  • A Ball With No Points

    by Stephen Reddy
    When a group of unheralded boys came together in 1971, not much was expected. Over the next four months they produced “one of the most remarkable Cinderella Stories ever written,” according to one local paper. For decades Westfield, NJ has been the idyllic suburban town known for its distinctive homes along tree-lined streets, its classic downtown area, and for having a school system that was the envy of many neighboring towns. During the ‘60s and ‘70s, the town proudly witnessed the most domin... more
  • Cane Confessions: The Lighter Side to Mobility: (The Mobility Series) (Volume 2)

    by Amy L. Bovaird
    Amazon No. 1 Bestseller in Biographies & Memoir; Eye Problems; Health, Fitness & Dieting; Disorders & Diseases When adventurous overseas traveler, Amy, is diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, she has no idea what difficulties lie ahead. After finishing mobility training from the Bureau of Blindness, she thinks her problems are solved, but when Amy tackles the streets with her white cane, the real fun begins. Determinedly sweeping away her fears, she starts to celebrate the reality of vision... more
  • Mobility Matters: Stepping Out in Faith

    by Amy L. Bovaird
    Adventurous international teacher, Amy Bovaird, is diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a hereditary eye disease that will blind her. In spite of that, she manages to continue teaching overseas. Then her father’s final illness brings her back home for good. There, friends and acquaintances begin to notice that she doesn’t always recognize them and sometimes stumbles…as if drunk! Insensitive students ridicule her in the classroom. Unwilling to accept that she is truly losing her eyesight, Amy... more
  • Memos to My Mother's Illness

    by Rosalind Rousseau
    Memos to My Mother’s Illness is the first full-length book of poetry by up-and-coming poet Rosalind Rousseau. In her debut book of poetry, which also serves as childhood memoir, Rousseau reflects on the struggles of growing up with a mentally ill parent, the strong yet fractured bond between her and her mother, and the highs and lows of her own mental health as a result. Tender and sharp, meditative yet grounded in everyday moments, her poetry is both a bold confession and a whispered conversati... more
  • Refined

    by Tracie Breaux
    Tracie was fifteen when she ran away from an abusive father. At the end of her first day of freedom, she was running from two men with a rope. Blazing through the forest, she felt the papers in her shoes she had spent years scribbling her hopes and dreams on. Since the age of eight, she had written down her dreams, trusting the words would rewrite her future. Every day after school she sprinted-shoes full of hope-to the local oil refinery, gawking through fence fabric at the flickering lights, a... more