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  • Journey of an EX-Teetotaling Virgin

    by Fay Faron
    Setting off on a 3-year journey across the U.S. & Europe, free-spirited “good girl,” Fay Faron, shakes off her fundamentalist upbringing as she navigates the changing world of the 1970s.
  • Let's Be Frank

    by Jane Biondi Munna
    Integrity. Kindness. Hard work. Substance and value. Are these the words that describe a media mogul? They are when it’s the late Frank Biondi, the former CEO of HBO, Universal Studios, and Viacom, who leaves a legacy far beyond the movies and TV you love. Through Frank’s example, we can learn how to make good relationships alongside great deals, earn respect while earning multi-million dollar returns, and maintain character even when surrounded by an industry full of characters. Let’s Be Fra... more
  • Life After Death - A Widow's Journey of Love

    by Ferris Whitfield
    This book is about an extraordinary USAF veteran who served in WWII, Korea & Vietnam Wars, flew commercial B-747s for Transamerica Airlines, was an Attorney-at-Law, plus how his widow loved him for 33 yrs. of marriage, was his sole caregiver when he had dementia, and shared all the wonderful adventures they had together. It is a story of faith, courage, and perseverance battling many obstacles, but throughout their romance their love endured. It is a testament to both having indefatigable streng... more
  • The Gift is to the Giver: Chronicles of a 21st Century Decade

    by Mark Gozonsky
    In The Gift is to the Giver, Mark Gozonsky shares uncommon insights in essays that navigate between the hope of being a force for good and the reality of sigh-inducing, not-what-I-had-in-mind results. These everyman epics play out in the realms of public-school teaching, non-professional baseball-playing, well-intentioned gardening, eclectic music-loving, and semi-cautious urban bicycling. The book includes works first published in The New York Times, The Sun, Lit Hub and the Best American ser... more
  • Somewhere in the Music, I'll Find Me: A Memoir

    by Laurie Markvart
    A COMING-OF-AGE-STORY told with raw honesty, suspense, and dashes of humor, Somewhere in the Music, I'll Find Me is a woman's journey about self-acceptance and healing in the face of grief and devastating loss. Musician Laurie Markvart was adrift in life. In the wake of the deaths of her father and preemie baby, her family life was in anguish, and her music career stalled. Music was the remedy for anything in Laurie's life. Looking for a quick fix, she attended an open audition in Los Angeles ... more
  • Jojoba

    by Anthony Amiewalan
    Jojoba, written by Anthony Amiewalan, is a coming-of-age story about overcoming life's setbacks and redefining success. This memoir is a written account that captures seven years of the author's life, beginning in the fall of 2004 and ending in the summer of 2011. It follows a twenty-something queer Black man as he comes to terms with his sexuality and tackles cultural issues that come with being a first-generation Nigerian American. In addition to internal strife, the author explores the comple... more
  • When the Light Goes Out

    by Lisa Myers
    Dr Lisa Myers’ story begins with her recounting the frantic moments of uncertainty leading up to her discovery of her father’s death in tragic and horrific circumstances. Struggling to come to terms with the experience herself, Lisa was forced to put on a brave face as she broke the news to her mother and her own children. Unable to simply accept the reports from authorities, Lisa details her search for the truth of what really happened to her father, reaching the ultimate conclusion that she ma... more
  • Uncertain Fruit: A Memoir of Infertility, Loss, and Love

    by Rebecca & Sallyann Majoya
    In Uncertain Fruit, lesbian couple Rebecca and Sallyann try everything to expand their family, from foster care to fertility trials. After nearly ten years of failed attempts, they participate in a local, private adoption with a teenage mom. But outside forces intervene, sending the couple into a tailspin. At the heart of this memoir is an endearing love story that has endured small-town homophobia, the stress of trying to conceive, and the grief and loss of an adoption gone awry. It truly is “A... more
  • Becoming Nobody: A Personal Account of One Man's Search for Self-Knowledge

    by Rick Branch

    In this personal account, I take a long, hard look at the person I believe myself to be. The chapters within chronicle my findings from 2008 to 2018. Most of these "chapters' are the emails I sent to a fellow seeker.

    Backing up my conclusions with philosophy, psychology, science, and life experiences, I found that acquiring self-knowledge is not a matter of addition, but subtraction; that finding out who we truly are is not about gain, but loss.

    Note: Thoug... more

  • Miles from the Sideline: A Mother's Journey with Her Special Needs Daughter

    by Maura Weis
    In this powerful and honest book, Maura Weis, wife of Notre Dame's former football coach Charlie Weis, shares the challenges and blessings of raising their special needs daughter, Hannah. In a moving story that will both bring tears to your eyes and a smile to your face, Maura Weis bravely describes the emotional ups and downs of life with Hannah--now twelve--and she reveals how she has learned to see her daughter, and others with special needs, as gifts who have important lessons in awareness a... more
  • QUARTET four-part harmony from a recollected life

    by Judith Ren-Lay
    An artist's life over seven decades in four books, each separate from the others, to weave a harmony of voices considering life as it has been lived from differing perspectives.
  • My Rosemount Mn. Memories - Teenage Years in MY Shoes

    by KEVIN M. HALL
    Have you ever thought about what it was like to be a crazy teenager during the 1970’s, or what it might have been like for your parents or grandparents who were teenagers then? Ever wonder what it was like to be in a school of 9-12 graders, beaming with youth and activity, but with no cell phones, no Nintendo’s and no personal computers? As you look back on and explore that time you may find that those were, for the most part, simpler times, awkward teenage times, anxious times and fun times... more
  • Ilion, My Childhood, My Memories - Growing Up in a By-Gone Era

    by KEVIN M. HALL
    Have you ever wondered what it might have been like to grow up in small town America during the 1960’s & 70’s? How about being a 7-year-old and riding your bike around town, or to your little league games? And how about the anticipation of Christmas and the hunt through the house to see where your parent’s had hidden the gifts? Then follow this young boy, a boy curious with the life around him, on his many adventures and the sometimes unexpected, and not always anticipated consequences of tho... more
  • Then I Was Taken

    by Alaina Davis
    Even though Anne was underprepared to steal a child, she succeeded in kidnapping and manipulating Alaina, making her believe that her family abandoned her. Being drugged, 'accidentally' electrocuted, and sexually abused nearly breaks the thirteen-year-old girl in this true story that must be read to be believed. Walk with the author as she shares her firsthand experience in being taken and delves into the feelings that come with being a kidnap victim, in this heartbreaking and thrilling story. R... more
  • Map

    by Audrey Beth Stein

    As a late-blooming, sexually-confused college senior, Audrey Beth Stein was looking for love, but she never expected it to arrive via email, from someone she first knew only as

    It was 1996. A time when the Indigo Girls had just performed their first explicitly gay songs, Ellen DeGeneres was preparing to come out on national television, and Tinder and OkCupid did not yet exist. A time when being queer was just a little bit ea... more

  • Suffering and Sentiments

    by Jeffrey Robb
    Suffering and Sentiments is a collection of poems and illustrations about mental illness, pain, life, love, and imagination.