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  • Why Do I Love America

    by Karamba Bayo
    This is a book in search of a true recognition of America’s generosity to others, and to say at last, “Thanks, America
  • MEZAAR Dubai

    by Maria Warner
    MEZAAR Dubai: We have the expert team of MEZAAR offering the home maintenance carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, masonry services.
  • Underprivileged Overachiever - A Crenshaw Story

    by Y.A. Salimu
    In the South Central section of Los Angeles in the early 2000s, poverty engulfs a community suspended in a cycle of drugs, violence, and gang activity. Kids from the hood have modest career goals: to become the leader of their Crip or Blood gang. Yohancé is a poor black boy. But he has a giant ego – trading off his charm and good looks. He also has big dreams. He thinks he can escape the hood without joining a gang or selling drugs. But he also has big problems. He lives with his mother and y... more
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  • Gabby's Journey-The Making of a Canadian Air Cadet Pilot

    by Gaynor Jones
    Do you want to get paid to learn a new skill? Make new friends for life, join an organization for free, and be able to earn your pilot wings? Improve your band skills? Play sports and get paid to do it? If you have answered yes? Find out how by reading my book.
  • Grandmother's Tin Box

    by Judith M. Ackerman
    Discover the treasure held with Grandmother's tin box and the magical story it revealed. Could the real treasure be discovered in the beautifully illustrated pages of this book and the loving relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter? Grandmother's Tin Box is a book to be cherished!
  • Daughter of Destiny

    by Jennifer Thomas
    This is a story of an orphan who overcame the adversities and persecutions of her life. She has the gift of prophecy and the healing power of her spoken word. Many of her dreams and visions have already come to fruition.
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  • Best And Effective Method To Fix QuickBooks Error Code 20

    by rs
    Customers normally need to print a particular receipt or trade while using QuickBooks. Regardless, envision a situation where printing drives you to an issue. QuickBooks Error Code 20 is one such issue. It is a kind of issue that develops when the customer is trying to print a record or receipt. Generally, the printer being inert prompts this issue, yet there are various purposes behind it. At the present time, will help you with getting some answers concerning the causes too the ways to deal ... more
  • Wales High School: First Diagnosis

    by J. Peters
    It's the year 2003. Teenagers are messaging each other online, listening to punk music on MP3 players, and writing blogs on LiveJournal to fit in. One such teen is walking the halls of Wales High School with bright shirts, leather jackets, and blue hair: Jacques Peters. He's determined to become best friends with one of the coolest guys in school, Davis Mavis. But he soon discovers that smoking, skipping class, and putting up a front aren't as cool as they seem, particularly when mental health i... more
  • How to Resolve the Academic Troubles

    by John Mickey
    Sometimes we are unaware of the aspects of writing so Hire Researcher give the spot of writing services.
  • Looking For The Best Web Design Company In Los Angeles

    SFWP Experts is an innovative web design company in Los Angeles that creates high-performance websites, apps, and software to grow small and medium sized businesses. We deliver your potential customers ultimate digital experience that makes a long lasting impression within a few seconds. Our company helps financial institutions, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations in meeting their project needs such as ... more
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    by digi digi
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  • The Newly Tattooed's Guide to Aftercare

    by Lisa Kastner
    I’m shaking my head at the little girl who thought she could control the story. She doesn’t understand that you can’t control the story, the story controls you.” At twenty, Liza still sleeps with the lights on. In this alcohol fueled narrative, filled with tattoos, family lore and short biographies, Dube shares her raw and graphic coming of age tale. This is a story about ink, on the page and on skin. The Newly Tattooed’s Guide to Aftercare is the love story you never saw coming and only now... more
  • Survivor : Aron's Story

    by Alex Teplish
    Aron considered himself a typical Jewish-Soviet boy, getting along with his Russian and Ukrainian neighbors while growing up in multi-cultural Odessa of the 1930s. Life didn’t come easy to his Yiddish and Russian-speaking family, but they got by, assimilated to their surroundings. As the 40s approached, Nazi Germany began its march across Europe, with the extermination of the Jewish people as one of its aims. Allied with Romania, the Nazis now set their sights on the Soviet Union, fighting the R... more