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    by styleup365
    Style up 365 shares daily news about the new fashion trends and gossips about daily entertainment.
  • “The Boy Who Loved Climbing Trees”. plus another “Climbing Trees”.

    by Bruce Sherman
    Book #1: The joy that a boy gets from climbing trees and how he finally overcomes is fear of a particular tree...” Old Pine” ...and successfully climbs it. an 88 year old, the pleasure he gets watching his grandkids climb trees. Book#2: The many diverse ways that trees make contributions to our lives..
  • Noah True Love Never Dies

    by Carol Mitchell
  • Pentosin FFL 3 And Pentosin FFL 2

    by alex thaimor
    The balms diminishes the scouring and wear of the machine. There are number of oil associations in uae among them we are the best. The Fuchs persuades incredible condition to machine. We give quality oils and assorted sort of machines. Pentosin FFL 3 and Pentosin FFL 2 helps to get good wear protection.The right oils give number of inclinations to the m... more
  • Ramblings of a Third Grader

    by suzy carruth kuperschmidt
    If you were ever a third grader and let's be honest...who wasn't? (well...unless you're a second grader) Then, this book is for you! Explore the world through the eyes of a third grader that didn't have access to an iPhone, laptop or some other mode of information-gathering system. This third grader actually had to write legibly with a #2 pencil. My quirky little stories in RaMbLiNgS brings a sense of nostalgia to the pages of this book from a third grader's innocence of awe and wonder. I... more
  • How Wireless Headphones Can Improve Your Life

    by Aisha Adele
    Over the years, we have gravitated towards lifestyles that are fast, convenient, focused and efficient and for this reason, we find ourselves looking for products that enable this way of living instead of hampering it. Headphones have contributed a lot to this lifestyle. For instance, before they were invented, the only way to listen to music was to play it out loud and hope that the people around you don’t get annoyed.

    Today, wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular beca... more
  • Farmer's Son, Military Career

    by Clarence Vold
    The book is done, it is published and now it is ready for you to read and enjoy my story. I am happy to share my experience growing up on the plains of South Dakota, completing grade school in a one-room school, surviving blizzards, including getting lost in our yard. I have virtually all positive memories, for example I remember being in severe pain, but I don't remember the pain. I can look back and see points where a different decision by me would have changed my life, but not necessarily bet... more
  • Car maintenance service in Dubai

    by feena sagar
    Car repair services is an upcoming sector in todays world.In todays world there is no one remaining without a vechicle.So as like vechicles Car Repair dubairepairing shops are also very important.The top leading repairing shops are having skilled and dedicated employees.Experienced labours are the assets of every firm.
  • Ida's Witness: The True Story of an Immigrant Girl

    by Karl Beckstrand
    (Illustrated biography) Young Ida lives in 1880s Sweden with her mother, brother, and sister. When she contracts scarlet fever, she almost loses her sight. After another brush with death, Ida learns that there is more than this life—and that disease has an end. Ida sails with her sister to America for a better life, free of religious persecution. But she knows no English. How will she share what she’s learned? A delightful tale of courage for all ages and cultures (prequel to Anna’s Prayer, 6 yr... more
  • The Back Porch Kids: The Blue Elephant

    by Joseph Warren Brown
    Do you believe in Santa? Well, Joey does. He wants a bicycle for Christmas. Instead, he gets a blue elephant. But, sometimes Santa can be a little late on his deliveries. Based on a true story about a family living in poverty during the 1960's; due to Joey's father suffering from PTSD.
  • The Tale of Broken Tail

    by Chi Varnado
    A true story of how Gramaset and her granddaughter, Kali, rescued three baby squirrels and raised them until they were ready to live on their own.
  • Coffee Shop University "Livets Universitet"

    by Mario Kfoury
    Baileys gym, Los Angeles, Kalifornien – kl. 6:00 – hösten 1999... Från en borgerlig stadsdel i Beirut till livets skola på gatorna i Europa och USA, berättelsen tar dig på en resa i själv-utforskning och personlig utveckling som går via viktrum, boxningsringar, bibliotek och aktiemarknaden. Obeveklig, okonventionell och självständing; dessa successiva händelser leder till enorm personlig utveckling. Ditt liv är inte inristat i en sten, utan är en gåva vars första sida är ingraverat i din DNA, me... more
  • Coffee Shop University "La Universidad de la vida"

    by Mario Kfoury
    El lugar: Bailey's Gym, Los Ángeles, California --6 de la mañana--, otoño de 1999... Desde un barrio burgués de Beirut hasta las escuelas de las calles de Europa y Estados Unidos, la historia le lleva a un viaje de autoexploración y transformación a través de salas de pesas, rings de boxeo, bibliotecas y los mercados financieros. Implacables, poco convencionales e independientes: estas sucesivas experiencias proporcionan inmensos beneficios para el desarrollo personal. La vida no está grabada en... more
  • Elizabeth and the Potato Dolly

    by Barbara Sorensen Fallick
    Elizabeth and the Potato Dolly is a nostalgic look at yesteryear too precious to sweep into the dustbin of history. Unique among pioneer stories with its reenactment at a living history museum, the artfully done photographs bring authenticity to the story. Elizabeth is sent to the root cellar to fetch potatoes for her Pappa’s dinner. When she doesn’t return promptly, her mother repeatedly calls but “Elizabeth does not answer and Elizabeth does not come.” This parallelism tickles young reader... more
  • Giraffe Travels

    by Michelle Bartley

    Giraffe Travels details the adventures of a giraffe on a quest to find her roots and a place where she feels she belongs. On her journey with Mr Mole digging the way, they encounter a few animals, some were more than happy to help out with directions and others were at times unaware of their plight.

  • Lonnie's Tree

    Lonita finds herself alone gazing out of her bedroom window in disbelief of the horrific events from the previous night. At the age of ten, she finds herself without her mother. As the questions crowd her frantic mind, she’s determined to push past the pain and celebrate the life of her mother. With her Dad right by her side, Lonita begins to discover creative ways to celebrate her Mom.