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  • A Time to Weep and a Time to Laugh

    by MJV Literary

    Robert was called to the Priesthood at 16 and was guided towards Ordination by local priests. After school he worked in the Briton Ferry Steel Works in South Wales, part of the Dupont Group. He later studied at St. John’s College, mid Wales and then St. Michael’s College Llandaff, Cardiff. Robert was ordained in 1974 at 23 years, the youngest a priest can be, according to Canon law. He has served in many parishes in South Wales, before becoming a Canon of Llandaff Cath... more

  • Kerala Resorts

    by Jas Jose
    kerala is one of the best tourist destination in India.So many foreign tourists visit kerala every day .The main attraction of Boat house alleppey kerala are the lake,resorts ,beaches and wild life sanctutarires .Alappuzha is the famous tourist destination in Kerala . Kerala is known as the god's own country beacuse of its natural beauty .So many famous lakes are in Alappuzha .Kuttanad is the famous tourist place in Alappuzha .Alap... more
  • A Long Way to School: A Story of Overcoming Challenges and Never Giving Up

    by Seconde Nimenya

    When she was a first grader, Seconde Nimenya witnessed the first civil war in her native country of Burundi, in East-Africa. Her parents were nearly killed because of their ethnicity. Many members of her extended family and her friends’ died in the war. Born in a mud hut, with dirt floors, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no telephone, Nimenya fought to get an education, a rare luxury that was not encouraged for girls. To get to her boarding high school, Nimenya walked─ a trip that t... more

  • A Look Back in Time: Memoir of a Military Kid in the 50s, Vol. II

    by Bernard N. Lee, Jr.
    A Look Back in Time: Memoir of a Military Kid in the 50s – Vol. II finds our military kid living in Deutschland, while attending an American middle school and high school. His adventures, with the German and American young adults, are rich in history, suspense, and surprises. You will enjoy following this well-traveled, military kid as he navigates his early teen years in Germany during the late 1950s.
  • The Boy Who Loved Climbing Trees.

    by Bruce Sherman
    A young boy (me) Loved Climbing all kinds of trees in his youth. However, there was a very tall tree named “Old Pine” which intimidated him and all his friends from attempting to climb it. Lee...the boy’s name in the poem...finally summons the courage to challenge Old Pine. Despite a slip during his climb which frightens him, he successfully reaches the top and...when he is once more on the ground, he hugs the tree! He challenges the reader to...”turn off the TV and go climb a tree”. an... more
  • One Lost Boy: A Memoir of a Missing Childhood

    by Fred O. Jones
    Born into a poverty-stricken family, Fred did not have time to experience just being a child. His life was one of hard work, abuse, and survival. One Lost Boy, A Memoir of A Missing Childhood, is a coming-of-age story of a young boy whose family worked as sharecroppers picking cotton on an African American owned plantation in Texas. At a time when children are told to be seen and not heard, his childhood is a moving story of barriers he overcame and wisdom gained.Fred’s story is one of a stolen ... more
  • Trendsetter: 7 Steps To Radically Standout To Be The Best You

    As an migrant from West Africa, Aisha began being bullied in elementary school and it followed her into high school. As she attempted to fit in she started to follow the bad crowd and found herself failing out of high school in her freshman year. Soon after she was suspended and then expelled because she could not stay out of trouble. In reality she was screaming for attention as she fought through social pressures and low self esteem. This book and workbook combined provides you with the con... more
  • rent a car service

    by anita george

    Every body have craze on cars. All people have their own favorite cars. But it is not possible to buy all the favorite cars. But there is another option to full fill your wish . Rent a car is a brilliant option to drive any car of your choice of mid.Rent a car service in very common now a days. Many rent a car services now offer all types of car like sports car , automatic car or luxury cars etc. One of the main advantage s that it is possible to drive any car of your choice at a very afforda... more

  • styleup365

    by styleup365
    Style up 365 shares daily news about the new fashion trends and gossips about daily entertainment.
  • “The Boy Who Loved Climbing Trees”. plus another “Climbing Trees”.

    by Bruce Sherman
    Book #1: The joy that a boy gets from climbing trees and how he finally overcomes is fear of a particular tree...” Old Pine” ...and successfully climbs it. an 88 year old, the pleasure he gets watching his grandkids climb trees. Book#2: The many diverse ways that trees make contributions to our lives..
  • Noah True Love Never Dies

    by Carol Mitchell
  • Pentosin FFL 3 And Pentosin FFL 2

    by alex thaimor
    The balms diminishes the scouring and wear of the machine. There are number of oil associations in uae among them we are the best. The Fuchs persuades incredible condition to machine. We give quality oils and assorted sort of machines. Pentosin FFL 3 and Pentosin FFL 2 helps to get good wear protection.The right oils give number of inclinations to the m... more
  • Ramblings of a Third Grader

    by suzy carruth kuperschmidt
    If you were ever a third grader and let's be honest...who wasn't? (well...unless you're a second grader) Then, this book is for you! Explore the world through the eyes of a third grader that didn't have access to an iPhone, laptop or some other mode of information-gathering system. This third grader actually had to write legibly with a #2 pencil. My quirky little stories in RaMbLiNgS brings a sense of nostalgia to the pages of this book from a third grader's innocence of awe and wonder. I... more
  • How Wireless Headphones Can Improve Your Life

    by Aisha Adele
    Over the years, we have gravitated towards lifestyles that are fast, convenient, focused and efficient and for this reason, we find ourselves looking for products that enable this way of living instead of hampering it. Headphones have contributed a lot to this lifestyle. For instance, before they were invented, the only way to listen to music was to play it out loud and hope that the people around you don’t get annoyed.

    Today, wireless headphones are becoming increasingly popular beca... more
  • Farmer's Son, Military Career

    by Clarence Vold
    The book is done, it is published and now it is ready for you to read and enjoy my story. I am happy to share my experience growing up on the plains of South Dakota, completing grade school in a one-room school, surviving blizzards, including getting lost in our yard. I have virtually all positive memories, for example I remember being in severe pain, but I don't remember the pain. I can look back and see points where a different decision by me would have changed my life, but not necessarily bet... more
  • Car maintenance service in Dubai

    by feena sagar
    Car repair services is an upcoming sector in todays world.In todays world there is no one remaining without a vechicle.So as like vechicles Car Repair dubairepairing shops are also very important.The top leading repairing shops are having skilled and dedicated employees.Experienced labours are the assets of every firm.