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  • Finding Mother After Five Decades: A Story of Hope

    by Grace LaJoy Henderson

    Grace LaJoy’s determination pays off when she finally finds her mother who abandoned her at age two. Discover the specific details about her intriguing journey in Finding Mother After Five Decades: A Story of Hope. Book 1 of 4 in the Finding Mother Series. Questions inspiring mental health discussion and Questions Teachers Can Ask are included in the back of the book.

  • Blossom~The Wild Ambassador of Tewksbury

    BLOSSOM~THE WILD AMBASSADOR OF TEWKSBURY By Anna Carner Imagine what life would be like to be loved by a not-so-typical wild deer. Think of the discoveries—full of fun, at times terrifying—as awareness blurs nature's wildlife boundaries and friendship grows. This is the true tale of a deer rescue and a human ...
  • Souvenirs of Suffering

    by Dazhoni Green
    Through the eyes and voice of a child, Dazhoni Green recounts her battle with brain cancer, wrestling with the debilitating effects of its initial symptoms, the diagnosis and ensuing treatment. These experiences, doubts and fears, were a prelude to a lengthy and arduous recovery. SOUVENIRS OF SUFFERING is a candid account that will find the reader cheering Dazhoni on, sometimes with tears, at every obstacle on her way to become the compassionate, energetic young woman she is today. The champions... more
  • Journey Untold: Twisted Love: My Mother's Struggle with Mental Illness

    by Yassin Hall
    Yassin S. Hall walks us through the shadows of her life as a child growing up with a mom that has mental illness in Journey Untold - My Mother's Struggle with Mental Illness. In Yassin S. Hall's town within the Virgin Islands, everyone knows your business due to its small community. Her mother's illness created several stigmas that followed Yassin S. Hall wherever she went. It is Yassin S. Hall's goal to not only tell her story, but to show how this illness can cause harm to loved ones dealing w... more
  • My Life: Journey to the Alter

    by Sasha
    Sasha move to the state to live with her father and to start a new life. She hopes things will be different than when she was with her mother in Ghana.
  • Huck & Finn, Bookstore Cats

    by Kevin Coolidge
    Huck & Finn are the bookstore cats at From My Shelf Books & Gifts. You may have seen the brothers in "Bookstore Cats" by Brandon Schultz. Now you can read about a day in the life of Huck & Finn at the bookstore. It's a book all their own, but they still have to share it with each other.
  • Brainwashed by Foster Parents

    by Jeffery Tracey Sr

    Brainwashed by foster parents is a true story about a twelve-year old boy who is forced to live with foster parents, after his family was torn apart because of alcoholism, abuse, abandonment, and poverty. The book tells how a very fanatic religious family manipulated, coerced, and brainwashed a twelve-year old boy for four years. The foster parents brainwashed the young boy to join their church congregation and live according to their fanatic religious beliefs. It tells about the emotional ev... more

  • A Family Torn Apart

    by Jeffery Tracey Sr.
    A Family Torn Apart is a heart-wrenching true story of an eleven-year-old boy seeing and experiencing his family being torn apart. The mother and father had four children, all of them boys. The family definitely had its ups and downs. The parents separated in 1954, and three of the boys were sent to foster homes. The youngest boy, who was two years old stayed with his mother. The family reunited in 1958 and lived for four years on a farm in Montezuma, Kansas. After a horrible accident, the fami... more
  • A Family Reunited

    by Jeffery Tracey Sr
    The story “A Family Reunited” is about the harsh life living in poverty through the eyes of a young boy. His mother and father had been separated for several years. A mother that could not afford to raise four boys on her own, sent three of the boys to foster homes. The mother kept the youngest boy to raise. This is the story of the youngest boy. A boy that would discover he had an older brother, then father, and finally two more older brothers. The story tells of the boys wild, excitin... more
  • ISBN 9781544514154

    by William Manzanares IV
    If not being able to read was a disease, it would be an epidemic. Millions of Americans can't read but illiteracy often goes unacknowledged or unnoticed. If you are the parent or teacher of a child who struggles with reading, you know the painful way that illiteracy steals their confidence and robs them of the joy that comes from learning. William Manzanares IV - a member of the Puyallup Tribe in Washington state - wrote I Can't Read to give the literacy conversation a much-needed jumpstar... more
  • A Time to Weep and a Time to Laugh

    by MJV Literary

    Robert was called to the Priesthood at 16 and was guided towards Ordination by local priests. After school he worked in the Briton Ferry Steel Works in South Wales, part of the Dupont Group. He later studied at St. John’s College, mid Wales and then St. Michael’s College Llandaff, Cardiff. Robert was ordained in 1974 at 23 years, the youngest a priest can be, according to Canon law. He has served in many parishes in South Wales, before becoming a Canon of Llandaff Cath... more

  • Kerala Resorts

    by Jas Jose
    kerala is one of the best tourist destination in India.So many foreign tourists visit kerala every day .The main attraction of Boat house alleppey kerala are the lake,resorts ,beaches and wild life sanctutarires .Alappuzha is the famous tourist destination in Kerala . Kerala is known as the god's own country beacuse of its natural beauty .So many famous lakes are in Alappuzha .Kuttanad is the famous tourist place in Alappuzha .Alap... more
  • A Long Way to School: A Story of Overcoming Challenges and Never Giving Up

    by Seconde Nimenya

    When she was a first grader, Seconde Nimenya witnessed the first civil war in her native country of Burundi, in East-Africa. Her parents were nearly killed because of their ethnicity. Many members of her extended family and her friends’ died in the war. Born in a mud hut, with dirt floors, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no telephone, Nimenya fought to get an education, a rare luxury that was not encouraged for girls. To get to her boarding high school, Nimenya walked─ a trip that t... more

  • A Look Back in Time: Memoir of a Military Kid in the 50s, Vol. II

    by Bernard N. Lee, Jr.
    A Look Back in Time: Memoir of a Military Kid in the 50s – Vol. II finds our military kid living in Deutschland, while attending an American middle school and high school. His adventures, with the German and American young adults, are rich in history, suspense, and surprises. You will enjoy following this well-traveled, military kid as he navigates his early teen years in Germany during the late 1950s.
  • The Boy Who Loved Climbing Trees.

    by Bruce Sherman
    A young boy (me) Loved Climbing all kinds of trees in his youth. However, there was a very tall tree named “Old Pine” which intimidated him and all his friends from attempting to climb it. Lee...the boy’s name in the poem...finally summons the courage to challenge Old Pine. Despite a slip during his climb which frightens him, he successfully reaches the top and...when he is once more on the ground, he hugs the tree! He challenges the reader to...”turn off the TV and go climb a tree”. an... more