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  • The Saints of Zara: An Intimate Memoir

    by Isabel Kulski

    Nishan was nineteen years old when Turkey saw an upheaval in the Ottoman government. Violence and lawlessness ravaged the whole country. When the Mormon missionaries arrived, it seemed logical to seek a new opportunity in the United States. Nishan and a small group of Armenian converts left their violence-torn home in Zara, Turkey, in September of 1902.

    In The Saints of Zara, author Isabel-Rose Kulski shares her family's story, focusing on her father Nishan, a man who saw too l... more

  • Why Did I Have to Go Through This?

    by LeJeana Reagan
    LeJeana Reagan shares her life story and the hurt and pain that she has faced during her life, such as abuse from her husband and brother who is now deceased. Not wanting to hide anymore lies and face the battles head on, Reagan’s story is sure to inspire those who may be in a smiliar situation to be strong. Her strength and pride will amaze you.
  • The Eclectica

    by James Geanakakis
    The Eclectica shares the observations and characteristics in a small town from a man who has lived it. Through his eyes, see and learn about relationships throughout the town. The lives within these pages and their actions are assimilated in Jim Geanakakis’ mind which makes a digestible and enjoyable read.
  • Jungle Jaunts

    by Dulee Paranavitana
    Jungle Jaunts is a adventure story. Set in the jungles of Sri Lanka, the stories are based on real experiences. With fun ecounters with wildlife and more, this book will entertain and delight both young and older readers alike.
  • The Biggest Theft in World History

    by Marc Yocom
    Adversity is a part of life. How you respond to adversity is a measure of your character. Life isn’t always fair, but you can’t give up; you have to keep on fighting. In The Biggest Theft in World History, Marc Yocom talks about dollars and cents, but the real fight for anyone is spiritual. If you win that battle, you win everything! Meet the real guy behind Facebook, and so much more.
  • Quote Of The Day

    by Mukesh Saini
    Whether you have money in your life or not but you must definitely have fun. Not all fun beings with money.
  • Fund Accounting Service

    by Robert Lee

  • IT solutions companies in dubai

    by John Mathew
    A server is the center piece of the working framework and IT foundation. In the event that any of the server bombs it requires some investment and cash to beat it. So keeping the server sheltered and secure is a need. An IT support can guarantee the strength of the framework and application accordingly giving a protected IT foundation. They will deal with all the issues in the event that it I basic or complex that are destructive to the server. They stay up with the latest and shield your serve... more
  • Why Do I Love America

    by Karamba Bayo
    This is a book in search of a true recognition of America’s generosity to others, and to say at last, “Thanks, America
  • MEZAAR Dubai

    by Maria Warner
    MEZAAR Dubai: We have the expert team of MEZAAR offering the home maintenance carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting, masonry services.
  • Underprivileged Overachiever - A Crenshaw Story

    by Y.A. Salimu

    My name is Yohancé.
    It rhymes with Beyoncé, starts with a Y.

    Like too many young people, I grew up amid poverty, homelessness, gang violence and drugs. But unlike many others, I found success. I reached for the skies – literally – and became a multi-decorated graduate of the famed Air Force Academy.

    At age fourteen, I ran away, but not from home—because I never had one to begin with. At school I participated in every sport, cl... more

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  • Gabby's Journey-The Making of a Canadian Air Cadet Pilot

    by Gaynor Jones
    Do you want to get paid to learn a new skill? Make new friends for life, join an organization for free, and be able to earn your pilot wings? Improve your band skills? Play sports and get paid to do it? If you have answered yes? Find out how by reading my book.
  • Grandmother's Tin Box

    by Judith M. Ackerman
    Discover the treasure held with Grandmother's tin box and the magical story it revealed. Could the real treasure be discovered in the beautifully illustrated pages of this book and the loving relationship between a grandmother and her granddaughter? Grandmother's Tin Box is a book to be cherished!