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  • His Place at the Table

    by Diane Nares
    His Place at the Tableis about my son Emilio, his cancer diagnosis at three years old, and the rollercoaster ride my husband Richard and I traveled in the attempt to save Emilio’s life. In an instant, upon hearing the profoundly painful words, “your child has cancer,” we took a rapid plunge into the depths of Dante’s inferno, with absolutely no idea how we would ever get through this nightmare. My book recounts the highs and lows with uncommon honesty. Although my unrelenting optimism and fortit... more
  • The Tongue Chains

    by Khaled Bassyouny
    SUBSTANTIAL AMBITIONS. HEFTY CHAINS. A QUANTUM LEAP. Should you not listen to your inner voice? Khaled was a 6-year-old boy the first time he was jailed. After a vivid dream, a cataclysm kick-started his life journey. As soon as he set sail on his life-journey, he was persecuted by Taurus, his once best friend who forever became his worst enemy. Defying all the odds to fight his way out through a series of life changing trials, he metamorphosed, fell into a loop of grief, and stayed on the verge... more
  • Dealing with a Head Injury at Nine Years Old

    by Henry More
    After suffering a severe head injury at nine years old, Henry has embraced the difficulties of his condition. In this book, he depicts what it was like growing up between the ages of thirteen and twenty-five with a small learning disability. His quirky and bold writing style makes the reader engage their critical thinking, as they wonder whether he will win out in the end.
  • Porter Brothers' Tragedy

    by Glenn Porter and Steven Porter
    The Porter brothers, Glenn and Steven, were in their twenties and had their whole lives in front of them. They found jobs and worked at a business where the wealthy owners had two beautiful daughters. Glenn and Steven pursued these two girls with hopes of marriage. The Porters eventually quit working at the business, and everything turned against them. The two daughters labeled the Porter Brothers as runners, men who run away from the responsibility of marriage, while their rich parents put out... more
  • Where's Me Teeth

    by Geoffrey Pearson
    From the mystery of the missing teeth to the urine sample for a goldfish. From the hapless gardener who mows through a power cable, to the debate over fresh or frozen ice to be used in a drink. Why can’t you send an octopus through the post, yet you can take your parrot for a walk? The frustration caused by the jobsworths of this world and automatic/robotic telephone answering machines. A humorous and tongue-in-cheek observation of daily life and society. You could not make this up. Life is re... more
  • A Human, Then a Building, Now a Rising Stock

    by Billy Beans
    A Human, Then a Building, Now a Rising Stock follows the author’s journey through turmoil following the loss of his brother. This account chronicles the far-reaching damage and suffering felt by him and his family. Repeatedly seeing the person he believed responsible for his brother’s death exacerbated a destructive path for the author, leading to alcohol addiction and criminal actions to deal with the anger and hurt. It is a vivid description of how a difficult loss and perceived injustice impa... more
  • Love Is A Losing Game

    by Preston Nelson
    Always love yourself first, be cautious of giving love too soon, you should make a conscious effort to make sure that you’re getting loyalty, honesty, respect and dedication from the other person before you give in to the emotion of love. Keep in mind love can’t be turned off like a faucet if the other person becomes problematic. How many times have you heard of someone staying in a toxic relationship they obviously shouldn’t be in and the reason is that they love that person? In my opinion, you... more
  • Perils of Eden

    by Meg Whitelaw
    A girl grows up in poverty with a single-parent mother in a deprived, ’70s mining town. She is faced with the bigotry of peers and teachers alike but things take a turn for the worse when her mum meets a local man who turns out to be a controlling, narcissistic abuser. The girl, unable to fit in with her hostile community, finds her life spiralling into hopelessness and the fog of depression. It is against all odds that she finds the courage to overcome her abusive past and carve out a brighter... more
  • A Soldier's Perspective

    by Carol Ann Asplund
    In A Soldier’s Perspective, Carol Ann Asplund presents a biography of her grandfather, Walter C.R. Kreiger, and his family, focusing on his service in the 1916 Mexican Campaign and World War I. Told by Walter’s own words from his diary entries and accompanied by numerous photograph’s, A Soldier’s Perspective shows the heart and patriotism of a young man whose family were immigrants to the United States from the same areas of Germany and France where the war was fought.
  • Like a Lotus

    by Veronica Trunzo
    Veronica seemed to have what so many strive for: a good home, a wonderful fiancé, a well-paying job. But none of that gave her the purpose and joy she longed for. So in 2013, she began a journey of self discovery, adventure, and freedom. Running a guesthouse in dusty and blissful Cambodia; climbing to mountain peaks in Indonesia and Nepal; even getting lost in the depths of Chinese countryside, she learned that the path you choose to follow doesn’t have to be the one laid out in front of you.
  • Lit Soul: My Journey Back to Faith

    by Jessi Hersey
    It's a collection of poetry from my childhood to adulthood in finding my faith again.