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  • Perils of Eden

    by Meg Whitelaw
    A girl grows up in poverty with a single-parent mother in a deprived, ’70s mining town. She is faced with the bigotry of peers and teachers alike but things take a turn for the worse when her mum meets a local man who turns out to be a controlling, narcissistic abuser. The girl, unable to fit in with her hostile community, finds her life spiralling into hopelessness and the fog of depression. It is against all odds that she finds the courage to overcome her abusive past and carve out a brighter... more
  • A Soldier's Perspective

    by Carol Ann Asplund
    In A Soldier’s Perspective, Carol Ann Asplund presents a biography of her grandfather, Walter C.R. Kreiger, and his family, focusing on his service in the 1916 Mexican Campaign and World War I. Told by Walter’s own words from his diary entries and accompanied by numerous photograph’s, A Soldier’s Perspective shows the heart and patriotism of a young man whose family were immigrants to the United States from the same areas of Germany and France where the war was fought.
  • Like a Lotus

    by Veronica Trunzo
    Veronica seemed to have what so many strive for: a good home, a wonderful fiancé, a well-paying job. But none of that gave her the purpose and joy she longed for. So in 2013, she began a journey of self discovery, adventure, and freedom. Running a guesthouse in dusty and blissful Cambodia; climbing to mountain peaks in Indonesia and Nepal; even getting lost in the depths of Chinese countryside, she learned that the path you choose to follow doesn’t have to be the one laid out in front of you.
  • Generation Zero

    by Sabreet Kang Rajeev
    Two pants. Two T-shirts. The socks and shoes he wore. His life savings of one thousand dollars. That is what Sukhvir brought to America at the age of twenty-three. Together, he and his wife started from nothing. They struggled in blue-collar jobs and poured their souls into two American-born children. They were Generation Zero. For most of her life, Sabreet searched to find meaning in her family’s immigration story. She read books about extraordinary immigrants’ triumphs and everyday tales of ha... more
  • Lit Soul: My Journey Back to Faith

    by Jessi Hersey
    It's a collection of poetry from my childhood to adulthood in finding my faith again.
  • Listen Mama

    by M.S.P. Williams

    Through a series of letters at times heart-breaking, poetic, and unexpectedly humorous, come explore this true teen and young adult journey of a lost soul searching for the love of his mentally ill mother. While facing seemingly insurmountable odds, Manny ultimately becomes her caretaker and guardian while also parenting his four younger siblings in 1990’s Houston, Texas.

    Witness his transformation in this coming-of-age story of a forgotten and disfigured black chil... more

  • Never Mind Shakespeare

    by Irma Bohmer
    This is a memory of the 25 years that I spent at The Globe theatre. They are my memories and may vary according to the people I worked with. All I can say is that I had the most exciting time there. My knowledge of Shakespeare grew and is still growing. The variety of plays, old and new were an eye-opener to me. I could never have had this in an ordinary way. Seeing so many versions of each play was great. Visitors to The Globe often asked, “What is your favourite play?” I could not answer that ... more
  • Pups Paws on Wheels

    by Jessica Heaton
  • testerhero

    by tester hero We are a small team of 6 employees in the heart of Baden-Würtemberg. It is our mission to connect businesses and people in order to provide the greatest mutual benefit.
  • The News From Arkansas

    by Valerie Katz
    The News from Arkansas is an account of the culture shock that can occur when somebody moves to a different state after living in the same place for decades. And the inevitable problem is when she hits the road in a motor home. It took a year to actually make the move. For that year she endured the comment "You're moving where?", and the astonished looks that went with it by her California friends. She kept in touch through emails. After a few years there was a new comment from her friends. "Val... more
  • The Saints of Zara: An Intimate Memoir

    by Isabel Kulski

    Nishan was nineteen years old when Turkey saw an upheaval in the Ottoman government. Violence and lawlessness ravaged the whole country. When the Mormon missionaries arrived, it seemed logical to seek a new opportunity in the United States. Nishan and a small group of Armenian converts left their violence-torn home in Zara, Turkey, in September of 1902.

    In The Saints of Zara, author Isabel-Rose Kulski shares her family's story, focusing on her father Nishan, a man who saw too l... more

  • Why Did I Have to Go Through This?

    by LeJeana Reagan
    LeJeana Reagan shares her life story and the hurt and pain that she has faced during her life, such as abuse from her husband and brother who is now deceased. Not wanting to hide anymore lies and face the battles head on, Reagan’s story is sure to inspire those who may be in a smiliar situation to be strong. Her strength and pride will amaze you.
  • The Eclectica

    by James Geanakakis
    The Eclectica shares the observations and characteristics in a small town from a man who has lived it. Through his eyes, see and learn about relationships throughout the town. The lives within these pages and their actions are assimilated in Jim Geanakakis’ mind which makes a digestible and enjoyable read.
  • Jungle Jaunts

    by Dulee Paranavitana
    Jungle Jaunts is a adventure story. Set in the jungles of Sri Lanka, the stories are based on real experiences. With fun ecounters with wildlife and more, this book will entertain and delight both young and older readers alike.
  • The Biggest Theft in World History

    by Marc Yocom
    Adversity is a part of life. How you respond to adversity is a measure of your character. Life isn’t always fair, but you can’t give up; you have to keep on fighting. In The Biggest Theft in World History, Marc Yocom talks about dollars and cents, but the real fight for anyone is spiritual. If you win that battle, you win everything! Meet the real guy behind Facebook, and so much more.
  • Quote Of The Day

    by Mukesh Saini
    Whether you have money in your life or not but you must definitely have fun. Not all fun beings with money.