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  • The Secret Collector

    by Linda Bray
    It's 1949 and nine year old Ruthie spends the summer at a sanitarium run by her great aunt. Once a posh country club has now been converted into a rest home filled with aging but remarkable residents. Ruthie's curiosity combined with a reckless quest for truth leads her to uncover not only the identity of the mysterious previous owner, but takes the reader down the forgotten paths of the lonely souls who live there. Hearts are revealed and healed and rescued. Each room holds a secret and Ruthi... more
  • Jake the Jail Bird

    by Emily Marie Bowles
    Jake's tale is based on the true story of a baby bird who accidentally fell into the care of female prisoners in a small Virginia town. His companionship provided them with direct contact to Nature herself where there was none other. He brought with him a message of hope: There is no separation. Birds of a feather flock together. Even when we ache at the anguish and grief of loving from a distance, love knows no bounds. It reaches everyone, even those otherwise disregarded. It is the do-or-die m... more
  • Messiah, Jesus Christ, Gives Us the New Hope: Evil Bruises Us, But Christ Gives Us the Restoration and Victory

    by Anna Cortez
    There is a saying in Asian classical battle principle by Sun Tzu (c. 6th century BC) who was a Chinese General, military strategist, and author of The Art of War, an immensely influential ancient Chinese book on military strategy; said, . "Know your enemy and know yourself, find naught in fear for 100 battles. Know yourself but not your enemy, find level of loss and victory. Know thy enemy but not yourself, wallow in defeat every time." (知彼知己,百戰不殆) From the moment of human beings' fall and gr... more
  • This I Know: Seeing God in the World He Made

    by Clay Anderson

    "Jesus loves me, this I know, for the whole world tells me so."

    Have you noticed the fingerprints of God in the world around us? The creation tells us about its Creator. His beauty in the trees. His power in the thunder. His eternity in the night sky.

    Join a family on an unforgettable road trip. Witness the wonder of God's world. And see how all of creation confirms what the Bible tells us: Jesus loves me, this I know.

  • Noonimals - Believe

    by Dalandra Young
    In this motivating and inspirational children’s book, take a journey to the Land of the Noonimals! Five friends that are battling their own insecurities have a sleepover that they will never forget! On this journey within the imagination, the children are introduced to the Law of Attraction. They meet an amazing new breed of characters that offer them reinforcement and seven incredible steps in creating their own reality. Believing and knowing that they can do, be, and have anything they want is... more
  • An Evening with Daniel: The Lion's Den Theatre

    by Lee Jenkins
    An Evening with Daniel; The Lions' Den Theatre is the 3rd book in Lee Jenkins' series "Bible Patterns for Young Readers." All books are written for ages 4-7 as children are learning how to read. As many patters as possible are included in the story in order to ease the reading. The books are written as a parent/child experience with the parents reading the book out loud a number of times before the child can read the book. Also, an early reader cannot give all of the details included in the Bibl... more
  • A Week with Joshua: The Battle of Jericho

    by Lee Jenkins
    A Week with Joshua is the second book in Lee Jenkins' series Bible Patterns for Young Readers. The book is written for children ages 4-7 to support them as they are learning how to read. With amazing cartoons by Jim Chansler, and a easy repetition, children easily smile because they can read a whole book. Joshua did the same thing for 6 days and then on the 7th day God provided the miracle.
  • A Day with Jesus: The Story of Zacchaeus

    by Lee Jenkins
    The Bible Patterns for Young Readers series fills a niche between Bible stories to read to children and Bible stories children can read for themselves. These books are for children ages 4-7 as they learn how to read books. The cartoon Zacchaeus goes through the phase of trying to force his way through the crowd, to climbing a tree, and then entertaining Jesus in his home. Life for Zacchaeus is never the same again.
  • If Grandma Were Here

    by Amber Bradbury

    If Grandma Were Here, what would you do together? Would you sing a song? Go on an amazing adventure? Or give each other a giant hug? See what special things grandmas and grandkids do together! This treasure chest of memories is a perfect way for kids and parents who miss their grandma to remember her kindness and her love.

  • Mr. Flopsy Whispers from God

    by Christi Eley
    Mr. Flopsy, Whispers from God is an early reader storybook that shares the simple message and guidance from a pet bunny to help your child find stillness and peace. By connecting with animals, children learn to see and hear God’s love and feel secure as they learn to be quiet, patient, brave and trusting. Written in a rhythmic bouncy script, Mr. Flopsy, Whispers from God: A Lesson on Being Still provides a platform for your child to begin their own relationship with God and is reaffirmed by the ... more
  • Maximize the Season

    by Roslynn Bryant
    Maximize the Season reveals that life is a gift and a stewardship. Between birth and death, we will experience various seasons such as triumph and tragedy, gain and loss, opposition and peace. The key is to be a good steward in each of these seasons so that we maximize all that they have to offer. This book gives Scriptural insight and practical wisdom that will guide us in doing so.
  • Who is Jesus Christ: The Complete Story

    by Abraham Howard Jr.
    This book contains the complete story of the Lord Jesus Christ as presented in the mystery's of the Holy Bible. Certain hidden proofs are unraveled and brought to light that he was with the Father when the heaven and earth were created; that he is the eternal light of God; that he created everything on the earth; that it was his light that was blown into the nostrils of the created man, and caused man to became a living soul; that he is the creator of the Sun, moon and stars; that he was a close... more
  • Chloe has a Question, A Very Important Question

    by Dina Alexander
    Everyone has questions. But sometimes we aren't sure if it's okay to have certain questions. Meet Chloe. She has a question, and it won’t leave her alone. She isn’t sure if it’s okay to have questions, especially gospel questions. Soon she begins to feel alone and stuck. She wonders if she’s the only kid in her class with this question and tries to push her question away, but it keeps coming back. With her family’s help, Chloe learns one of the most important lessons in gospel living: Quest... more
  • Neglected Love

    by Juanita Cunningham
    Young Siniyah was lost, broken, and discouraged. She wanted to be in the music videos and model because she thought it would complete her. She had several opportunities to sell out to darkness at the age of 18. However, God had a different plan, he loved her too much to lose her to the devil. She was never taught the proper standards in how to choose men, therefore she made a lot of mistakes in her choices of men. Neglected Love delves more into various supernatural occurrences and ways to de... more
  • Author

    by A.S. Roper
    SMART KIDS ROCK Ages 4-7 is a juvenile children’s picture book appropriate for preschool and kindergarten age. This picture book has colorful pictures of black, white, and brown children smiling and enjoying school. This picture book is designed to get boys and girls excited about school. This book shows children that they all have superpowers that can make them a school Rock Star.
  • 7 Words You Should Know: A Dad's Advice for the Journey Ahead

    by Ward Anthony Dean

    You may have heard someone say "I wish someone had told me that when I was young!" 7 Words You Should Know was written for that person desiring to receive powerful advice in an easy-to-remember, uncomplicated way. With essential principles and thought-provoking insight, it will deliver lifelong lessons and experiences with those you want to prepare for their life’s journey. The author’s hope is that the book will be a catalyst... more