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  • God Saw That It Was Good

    by Lorianne Rose
    God loves you and me! God’s creations are all unique and special, from the animals that walk the earth to the ones that fly high up in the sky! God loves each of his creations. Let your child hear and see just how special it is to be unique and loved by God! Travel from the garden to the backyard, from the backyard to the farm, from the farm to the safari, from the safari to the forest, and from the forest to your home as your child hears and sees how God created all things according to their ki... more
  • Solita and the Purple Moon

    by Miriam Isabel Elliott
    Little Solita knows her mother left many days ago and does not know if she is coming back. To deal with her fears, the little girl finds refuge in her bedroom at night. She lets her imagination go beyond her window in search of hope and understanding. Solita discovers a smiling moon as purple as her favorite color. With the maternal instinct of a mother and the cleverness of a teacher, the moon becomes comforting and playful devoting precious time to the lonely child. One night Purple Moon t... more