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  • CCNA Wireless

    by Sushanth p
    A Cisco Certified Network Associate Wireless professional will configure, implement and support wireless LANs. These professionals provide the necessary support for a basic enterprise wireless network on Cisco WLAN
  • The Maid of the Mist

    by Melissa Franckowiak
    Kobo Rakuten Get $5 off your first purchase (worth $5.01 or more) x Search by title, author, series Back to Fiction & Literature The Maid of the Mist ebook by Melissa Franckowiak Preview Now Save Preview View Synopsis 1 The Maid of the Mist by Melissa Franckowiak Buy the eBook Your price$8.69 USD Get $5 off (Save on your first purchase worth $5.01 or more) Add to cart Buy Now Add to Wishlist Or, get it for 4800 Kobo Super Points! See if you have enough points for ... more
  • Valentine act I of II

    by Elliott Morreau
    Welcome to Coalfields. A Town where everyone fits in. From murderers to rapists to paedophiles. And you. Yes, you. What? You think you’re so much different from them? That’s what Jack and Lia thought too. After all, what do two high school lovebirds have in common with a place like that? Nothing. Until one of them commits murder. But even then, who am I to Judge? After all, I'm merely an observer in the stars—a spectator. God. So out of all the people in the world, why observe ... more
  • I Escaped The World's Deadliest Shark Attack: The Sinking of the USS Indianapolis, WW2 (I Escaped #3)

    by Scott Peters & Ellie Crowe

    A young sailor is trapped in the ocean, surrounded by hundreds of man-eating sharks, during the deadliest attack the world has ever seen. Can he escape?

    From multi-award-winning Ellie Crowe and Scott Peters.

    16-year-old Josh is thrilled to be a crew member aboard the mighty USS Indianapolis. But when a Japanese torpedo strikes in the middle of the night, it tears the warship in half. Josh is thrown from the deck and plunged deep into th... more

  • Double Trouble at the Museum

    by Stew Knight
    How safe is it to sleep near a Tyrannosaurus rex in a dark museum? Maybe there’s more to worry about . . . Finn and his friends attend a school sleepover at the museum. After the local news reports that some of the dinosaur bones are missing from the new exhibit, other strange things begin to happen. Can Finn, Botts, and Tess uncover the trouble at the museum before it’s too late?
  • Curse of the Cornfield Ghost

    by Stew Knight
    Finn is certain the cornfield on his street is haunted. Botts, his best friend, thinks Finn is a little paranoid. But strange things have happened every October on Halloween night. When Halloween arrives, someone dressed in a black cape steals kids’ sacks of candy. Finn realizes he must do the unthinkable to catch the thief. He must enter the cornfield and experience his worst fear. Join Finn, Botts, and Tess in their search for the stolen candy and the thief’s true identity.
  • Give Them Unquiet Dreams

    by James Mulhern
    In 1976, fourteen-year-old Aiden wants to free his mother from McCall's, a psychiatric institute outside of Boston. He's certain she's not schizophrenic because he also sees ghosts. His grandpa, whose spirit visits at night, tells him he must rescue his mom from "that shower of savages" at the hospital. "Like you, she has second sight. Your grandmother's ma also had the gift. She was demonized, and we can't let that happen to your mother.” Aiden enlists the help of his nana's old-lady friends, h... more
  • Kassy O'Roarke, Cub Reporter

    by Kelly Oliver
    Twelve-year-old Kassy O’Roarke wants to win the Thompson prize at her school newspaper. Her pesky little brother Percy and his key-stealing ferret try to help . . . and that’s when the trouble begins. Apollo the cougar cub goes missing from their family’s petting zoo. Kassy puts her detective skills to the test to find him before Animal Control does. Can Kassy outsmart the dogcatcher and rescue Apollo before being grounded for life? Join Kassy’s fun-filled adventure cracking riddles, detecti... more
  • Old Kurt, Two Gorillas and a Bagful of Diamonds: Paris-Berlin

    by Claire Dickinson
    What can you do when the world goes insane? If there’s one thing worse than getting home from school and being told to do your homework, it’s getting home and finding that your parents are missing. And it’s up to you to get them back. Ant and Houdini aren’t looking for a treasure hunt but that’s exactly what they get when their ancient next-door neighbour gets kidnapped – along with their mum. To set things right, the two brothers will have to stow away on trains, explore the Berlin Wall and cra... more
  • Mis-Chipped

    by Susan J. Kroupa
    One dog, two people, two microchips. . . What happens when two people claim to own the same dog? And both insist they have the microchip number to prove it? When Molly and Doodle watch a good friend’s dog race in flyball tournament, Doodle thinks flyball might be fun. But when Grady’s dog shows an unusual talent for the sport, what initially seemed like a good thing throws Molly and her friend into a world of trouble and hard choices. Faced with the unspeakable, a claim that someone else o... more
  • It Came from under the High Chair - Salió de debajo de la silla para comer: A Mystery (in English & Spanish)

    by Karl Beckstrand
    A mysterious visitor brings excitement and humor to a biracial family. A bilingual picture book of prepositions, interjections, monsters, and heroes—with pronunciation guide and online SECRETS for ages 4 – 7/ESL
  • The HAunting Of Smith Orchard

    by Jimmie R. Pennington
    The summer of 1960 finds siblings Ellis, Wanda and young Timmy moving with their parents from town to an old farmhouse and orchard. Strange events begin to occur almost immediately, odd noises coming from the upstairs bedroom, and a picture is being moved from an old trunk in the attic. While out exploring the old barn, the kids run across Joe, the foreman at the estate, and he tells them about Amanda and Eli Smith, past owners of Smith Orchard. Amanda was home alone one stormy summer day wh... more
  • Yakai/Night Mystery

    by Mulele Jarvis
    A true account of two friends on a series of midnight adventures through some of the spookier parts of Tokyo. Noriko had always wanted to go ghost-hunting, but Mulele was the first chucklehead willing to tag along. Both of them, though, got more than they bargained for as they traversed some of Tokyo's lesser known but equally creepy haunted spots.
  • The Boring Days and Awesome Nights of Roy Winklesteen

    by Sally Dill
    According to nightlifer Roy Winklesteen, daylifers have no idea what they're missing. So, when a 2 a.m. glance out his bedroom window reveals a neighbor is hiding a secret of mythic proportions, Roy's summer break looks a lot more exciting. Seeking a cure for being the most ignored kid in all of fifth grade, Roy knows an awesome adventure will surely get him noticed in middle school. He watches and waits for the perfect time to move in for a closer look at the mysterious man who lives one street... more
  • American Lions

    by Tina Marlene Goodman
  • The Nightstalker

    by Carter Press
    A large populated, academic high school with extremely aggressive kids, was targeted by a vengeful, hooded mask serial killer call the Nightstalker. The principal of the school attempts to deal with the aggressive and unethical behavior of students, including a white supremacist group, by delegating six gifted and athletic students who were just as aggressive to contend with the serious problems. The six super athletic females, who were seniors, vowed to clear the school aggressive and corrupt s... more