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  • The Boring Days and Awesome Nights of Roy Winklesteen

    by Sally Dill
    According to nightlifer Roy Winklesteen, daylifers have no idea what they're missing. So, when a 2 a.m. glance out his bedroom window reveals a neighbor is hiding a secret of mythic proportions, Roy's summer break looks a lot more exciting. Seeking a cure for being the most ignored kid in all of fifth grade, Roy knows an awesome adventure will surely get him noticed in middle school. He watches and waits for the perfect time to move in for a closer look at the mysterious man who lives one street... more
  • American Lions

    by Tina Marlene Goodman
  • The Nightstalker

    by Carter Press
    A large populated, academic high school with extremely aggressive kids, was targeted by a vengeful, hooded mask serial killer call the Nightstalker. The principal of the school attempts to deal with the aggressive and unethical behavior of students, including a white supremacist group, by delegating six gifted and athletic students who were just as aggressive to contend with the serious problems. The six super athletic females, who were seniors, vowed to clear the school aggressive and corrupt s... more
  • Everything is Different and Nothing is the Same

    by Darcy Fray
    No one ever expects their life to go from zero to suck in a matter of weeks, but when a lethal global pandemic strikes, that’s exactly what happens to fifteen-year-old Ripley Beasley. Her mother was just cremated, her father isn’t far behind, and her beloved hometown of Los Angeles is rapidly disintegrating into a lawless, urban wasteland. When two strangers come looking for Ripley at her dying father’s bedside, she’s forced to go on the run, fleeing an umbral organization with a seemingly u... more
  • The Officially Unofficial Files of Dr. Gordon B. Gray

    by Darcy Fray
    Twenty-three year old wunderkind professor, Dr. Gordon B. Gray has it all, a Nobel Prize, tenure at Caltech University and looks that make women swoon. Last night he was tossing frozen pumpkins off the library roof and today -- well -- he’s saving the world. When twenty-two of Dust, West Virginia’s twenty-three inhabitants disappear into thin air, U.S. Army Lieutenant General John Wilkinson resorts to enlisting the brilliant young professor, who quickly finds himself caught in an internationa... more
  • film production

    by aggi film production
  • wedding photography

    by lara rose

  • best rent car service in Kottayam

    by anita george
    Having a car or an own vehicle is a necessity for any family . Having an own vehicle makes the transportation more easier. In this world , it is very important to be there in any place at correct time . So it is very important that you should have an own vehicle . Depending on public transport may help you to a certain extent , but it is not favorable in some situations. But having an own car may seems to be an over burden for some people . So one of the brilliant method to use in this situat... more
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  • Quod Nidifene: Protector

    by Brianna Bloomdahl
    Micheal and Moses are just two ordinary high school boys. Ordinary except for one thing, they've been trained by their dad to be Protectors; people tasked with protecting the world from vampires. Their first job was supposed to be a simple one, but it goes horribly wrong when their target marks their school friend, Vanessa, to be turned into a vampire. With Vanessa's life on the line, the brothers must keep the vampire from completing the changing ritual, but he's not about to go down without a ... more
  • Kaiyo the Lost Nation

    by Cliff Cochran
    Kaiyo - The Lost Nation is the first book in a series which is certain to leave you wanting more. Fast-paced and filled with intense action scenes, there's never a dull moment reading this book. The story is told in first person through the eyes of each McLeod - Sam, Susan, Libby, Dean, and Grace - and the unknown hunter called the Tracker. This, coupled with intensely descriptive battle scenes, draws you, the reader, into the story until you live each moment vividly and empathize with the chara... more
  • Stratagem

    by Christina Hagmann
    At seventeen years old, Meda is ripped from her family to train as a shape-shifting operative for the Agency. It's her job to seek out and discredit political figures. While on a high stakes mission, Meda is kidnapped by three teenage boys. It’s the last thing she needs. She’s behind schedule, and if the mission fails, her family pays the price. However, the longer she spends playing hostage, the more information she gathers on her kidnappers. Fueled by revenge, the boys are gathering intel ... more
  • Altered: 2nd Edition

    by D.L. Gardner
    A fast paced tale of conspiracy and escape through the southwestern desert and northern Mexico as Abree, her older brother and his girlfriend defy an abusive government.
  • At Daddy's Hands

    by Jacob Paul Patchen
    In public, Jim Handler is a well-respected, small-town hero, and homicide detective who solved the case of the Will’s Creek Massacre. But at home, in the shadows, Jim’s childhood demons come alive to feast upon his family in the form of sexual, physical, and mental abuse. But his three teenage children have had enough. They have devised a plan for redemption. Empowered by the legal system’s lack of accountability, a judge who offers a quiet and meager plea deal to save face, Jim feels enab... more
  • It Came from Under the Highchair – Salió de debajo de la silla para comer: A Mystery (in English & Spanish)

    by Karl Beckstrand
    (Language learning/parts of speech) A bilingual picture book thriller for learning prepositions in Spanish or English. Ivan and Elena have a mystery on their hands—something is eating everyone’s food. Benjer-Man is on the case. Gross children’s humor book includes full text and pronunciation guide in English and Spanish, finding/counting activity, online SECRETS, a mysterious visitor, and vivid illustrations by Jeremy Higginbotham (for kids ages 4+ ESL/ELL). Get this monster book in English-only... more
  • George's Generations: Through the Magic Doors

    by Gavin Hodgson
    George's Generations is full of excitement, adventure and danger and based on a young 10-year-old called George and his two best friends Peter and Paul. Follow George and his friends as they stumble upon a strange yet magical doorway 50 years into the past, live the experience as George meets his grandparents also aged 10 years old. Follow him and his friends as they travel back and forth through time and embark on a journey of a lifetime that embroils them in danger and adventure at every... more