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  • Zoe the Crab - Lost on the Beach

    by Lucia Matuonto
    Zoe is a clever little crab, who is very curious about the exciting world around her. However, she faces many challenges once she leaves her safe and cozy hole. Her main desire is to get out, discover new places and make many new friends. But she has to deal with predators, humans, snakes, and all kind of unplanned surprises. She is the youngest of three siblings and she is sometimes more mature than her older brothers, who are always getting into trouble.  One day she gets also dragged into ... more
  • Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Missing Wellies

    by D.Z. Mah

    Your cousin, Pippa, cannot find her wellies. She’ll need those rubber boots the next time it rains, and so she must solve the mystery of where they’ve gone.

    She’ll want YOUR help to decide where to look and how. See if you can figure out how someone would sneak up to the cottage and swipe a pair of wellies without being seen. More importantly, who would do such a thing?

    See if you can solve the mystery before Pippa does!

  • What Happened to Mary Loo?: A Barry Holmes Mystery

    by Brenda Mohammed
    What Happened to Mary Loo is the third book in the Barry Holmes Mystery Series written by Brenda Mohammed author of 26 books. Immediately after the lockdown for the coronavirus pandemic is lifted, Jacob’s wife Mary Loo, a businesswoman. disappears in a bizarre incident in front of their home in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad. Detectives Rudolph Sergeant and Joseph French fail to find a suspect and tries to pin Mary’s disappearance on her husband Jacob and the helper Josie. Officer Jean Brya... more
  • The Axe Murderer: A Barry Holmes Mystery

    by Brenda Mohammed
    Set on the beautiful island of Trinidad, The Axe Murderer, a Barry Holmes Mystery, is a quick, easy to read, enjoyable short story about kidnap and murder. This mystery has a relaxed writing style and a pleasant tone that demonstrates the fragile state of the human mind and is written in the author’s humorous style. The author takes the reader on a thrilling journey to solve a string of murders plaguing small community. Barry Holmes is meticulous in his investigation and leaves nothing to chan... more
  • Barry Holmes Mysteries: Tales of Mysterious Disappearances

    by Brenda Mohammed
    Barry Holmes Mysteries is a book of three thrilling and exciting tales of kidnapping, murder, and mysterious disappearances, interspersed with romantic scenes. In the first story, A Gift of Love, you will read about how Barry became involved in detective work. In the other two stories, he shines out as a brilliant detective who uncovered secrets that no other investigating officer could. Award-winning Author Brenda Mohammed displays her writing talents in these well-written stories.
  • Roarg

    by Phil Brown

    Crick, Honour, Willow and Sage are hunters in the village of Juniper, just off of the Arbor Woods. They encounter a dragon who has traveled far from home in pursuit of an evil monster, Magu. The chase is an urgent matter of life and death, not only for the hunters, but also for their village, as Magu exacts a heavy price for satisfaction.

  • Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Stolen Lunches

    by D.Z. Mah

    "I hear you're quite the sleuths." Nils's mother is onto you and your cousin, Pippa. She knows that you are good at solving mysteries, and now she has a new one. Who is stealing Nils's lunch every day?

    Pippa needs your help to discover all the clues. You decide where to look and when, and once you have done your investigation, see if you can solve the mystery before Pippa does!

  • The Demon's Veil: A Tale of White Lies and Black Truths

    by Rati 'Diara' Tarapore
    The night was bleak and dark when the first drop of blood tinted the soil. A result of all the sullied hearts and broken souls. Didn’t they hear her screaming and pleading? Or did the music of silence prevail as the most dreadful act of human nature unveiled…Each demon hid behind a veil carefully sewn by the lace of white lies to conceal the black truths held deep within. Their mist of deception was so thick that no one could see what was in plain sight. They believed it was her sister who was d... more
  • Someone in the Walls

    by Teymour Shahabi
    Andrew Day looks like any other student. At the Saint Clemens boarding school, nobody knows—not even his two best friends Cameron and Olivia—that Andrew is one of the wealthiest people in the world. No one knows that he has inherited the fortune of Lyndon Surway, the legendary tycoon, who disappeared decades ago and was never found. Nobody suspects that Andrew is the new master of the Surway House, which lay uninhabited through the years. But as life returns to the stairways and ballrooms ... more
  • Pippa Parvin and the Mystery of the Fork in the Garden

    by D.Z. Mah

    Someone has left a fork in the garden. You find it one morning, sticking out of a rotting piece of wood. It's a nice fork, and an odd thing to lose in the forest.

    Your cousin Pippa is intrigued and decides that this is the next case she must solve. Together you investigate all the clues and get the fork back to its rightful owner. As always, YOU decide in what order to look at the clues.

    The true mystery, though, is why the owner left it in your garden. See if you can crack th... more

  • Jas and the First Librarian

    by Imi Salem

    She's the only thing standing between Order and Chaos and the demonic servants of Seth will do anything to tear her soul apart. Good thing Jas has no idea what's about to go down, or she might have had an even worse night out with her parents than she did.

    But then she gets home from Burger Heaven to find the local librarian passed out on her doorstep. And when she wakes up, what she tells Jas will change everything she thinks she knows about who she is, and who she was.

    (... more

  • Storybook, Inc.

    by Parker Pace
    Storybook, Inc. is a mystery/suspense novel, with a romantic subplot. It is written for a YA audience and tells the story of Mica Psmith, a senior in high school, whose parents enroll her in "the program" -- a secretive boarding school for at-risk youth -- after her expulsion from high school. Mica's enrollment in the program sets into motion a bizarre series of events that finds Mica on the run for her life, and wondering if the program is little more than a theatrical con game or worse.
  • The Brute

    by Mike Klaassen
    A tornado rips through their campsite on the prairie. Can he summon help, or will his violent temper betray him? Sixteen-year-old Fortney Curtis is on a campout in the vast Flint Hills of Kansas. A tornado destroys their campsite, disables the adults, and leaves Fort in charge of six younger boys. Distance, storm damage, wildlife, and flooding all obstruct his efforts, but Fort's greatest challenge lies within himself. Can he save the day—or will he let everyone down? The Brute is a young-ad... more
  • Boy Between Worlds: The Cabinet of Curiosities

    by Cynthia C. Huijgens
    In this action-packed thriller, twelve-year-old Max Mead is headed to Cairo, but there’ll be on time for fun. His grandfather, a famous antiquities expert, has gone missing and his father is frantically organizing a search party. When Max is given the key to his grandfather’s Cabinet of Curiosities, he hopes to locate clues to his grandfather’s disappearance. Instead he unlocks an old and powerful family secret and encounters people who will stop at nothing to get their hands on it. Themes:... more
  • Little Miss Villain

    by M. A. Stewart

    A fun, action-packed mystery with a superhero twist.

    For Carmen, family reunions were all about safe-cracking and adrenaline-fueled escapes from the city's fanciest high-rises. That's just par for the course when your biological mother's a melodramatic supervillain and you've been raised by two of her most loyal employees. Since she was toddling around in stolen diapers, Carmen's life has been The Company. But after Carmen tries to prove herself in ... more

  • The Detective's Nightmare (A Beaumont Bros. Circus Mystery #2)

    by Tabi Slick

    A ghost, a circus, and a tin flute.

    A slew of impossible disturbances plagues the little town of Halifax, leaving Barnaby Grey with little choice but to call the infamous Private Detective Wilson Davies out of retirement.

    Haunted by the events of losing the Beaumont Bros. Circus, Wilson Davies has succumbed to seeing a doctor for a prescription of his latest vice. Instead, the doctor advises the unthinkable. To take a holiday.

    But when Wilson... more