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  • Kennedy's Ghosts

    by Matchett
    Kennedy’s Ghosts is a novel that follows a young journalist as he embarks on a journey that begins in 1960, when he meets a mysterious bohemian bag lady. The story takes readers from the post-war era through the 1960s and beyond, as the journalist uncovers a web of secrets and conspiracies surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Against the backdrop of a tense Cold War and increasing paranoia over UFO sightings, various leaders - both in government and the intelligence commun... more
  • The Fish Stick Detective

    by John Kilby
    When the mysterious and valuable Neil diamond disappears, Dame Jane Great-Dane rushes to the one detective who can solve the mystery before it hits the papers – Hake Pollock, the famous Fish Stick Detective. The mystery trail will take the Fish Stick Detective from his shabby corner office to the glitzy world of the gem trade and into the halls of academia. In his trademark trenchcoat and fedora, Hake Pollock sets about investigating the suspects: Sir Humboldt Penn-Gwynn, Lady Javan Magpie, and ... more
  • Jungle Party

    by Janine Ann Bower
    This book is the first in a new series of children’s books, designed to make book sharing time with your child fun and interactive. The notes to caregivers provide simple tips on how to get children interested in books, and to develop their social, emotional, creative, language and fine motor skills.
  • Social Murder

    by Wayne Michael Dunwell
    These are the questions faced by law graduate Ronni Wong when her friend Jenny disappears after a date with a man she met online. Finding evidence suggesting that Jenny’s internet lover hides the darkest of secrets, Ronni is forced to embark on a journey through social media to discover the identity of a kidnapper, and then a dangerous race against time through the streets of Metro Manila to save her friend’s life. The clock is ticking, can Ronni make it in time?
  • Blood & Water

    by Linda Armstrong-Miller
    Lisa Rivers is a genius with a photographic memory. She is the youngest, highest paid computer designer for the Department of Defense. Her program promises no more POWs and can be used domestically. No more missing children. So, how is it that Lisa is kidnapped? How was her identity discovered? Is she still alive, and if so, can she be found before it is too late?
  • A Case Of Gravity

    by Sim Moy
    To Christian Simpkins, time was of the essence. His old friend, a rather eccentric rotund scientist had been abducted from his own facility in Cornwall, England. Simpkins was on the trail, piecing together tiny snippets of information to steer him onward into the unknown. Others also desperately wanted this scientist, they wanted his knowledge and they wanted a particular little prototype that could seemingly defy gravity. Slowly, too slowly, Simpkins begins to unravel the workings of those th... more
  • Keisha's Killing

    by Delores Dudley
    Surrounded by a loving family, relatives, and friends, Keisha is a small-town girl on the move up to her proper place in society, or is she? In Keishas Killing, by Delores Dudley, it is tempting to name all that is wrong in the world right now, where the brief snap of a finger may be all it takes to change the course of one persons life. Yet in Keisha, there is that aspect of life, too, that may yet redeem and make up for all the dark notions of living, almost to the point of making them too ac... more
  • Justice

    by Sarah Ciacia
    “I’m not broken, but I’m far from repaired.” Justice is a suicidal teenager whose life is not only saved but suddenly worth saving when she turns the knife on her abusive father. Self-orphaned, she literally closes the door on his body and reinvents herself. Yet some harsh realities never change. Justice is still bullied at school, particularly for her rumoured affair with her science teacher, something they’re compelled to explore. But Justice’s new life doesn’t stay perfect for long, and... more
  • Who Murdered Tanya?

    by Bertie Angammana
    People like to read a thrilling story, whether it is based on facts or fiction. This is a story of a widow who was relatively wealthy and had made many enemies. (Her immediate members of the family and also a close relation: the defendant who became obsessed with her, perhaps for her money or for her love!) Having studied the history of the victim and the overwhelming circumstantial evidence, the prosecution was adamant it was the defendant who had the motive to murder Tanya and then burn her t... more
  • Zombie Attack: Toronto

    by B. T. Clabby
    What if are out in the woods and come across a carcass of a deer violently ripped apart? What if have on video that deer being ripped apart and when you go to take it to the authorities no one can be found? I don't mean just the police station is empty but the entire town is deserted. What if ... as you approached the fifth-largest Metropolis in North America you find it too, deserted? These are the situations the narrator of this story finds himself in. Where have all the people g... more
  • Murder in Pink Country

    by Kassandra Torres
    In another dimension similar to ours, a sinister organization is attempting to erase all biracial humans from the face of the Earth. However, they didn’t count on Special Agent Penelope Pink and her team standing in their way. In Murder in Pink Country, Penelope is hot on their trail, closing in, and prepared to take them down.
  • The Magician's Web

    by Maidie Reeve
    Something is very wrong in the world of the magic game The Tenth Gateway. Two children, Sophie Jones and Jun Wu, are magically transported into the game and receive a desperate message from Eda, the guardian of the game world. The evil magician, Malefic, is now in control of the enchanted world and Eda is his prisoner. Only a powerful talisman can save her. Following the clues contained on a magic scroll, the children set out on a quest to find the seven magic gemstones which were once part of ... more
  • The Lion Hotel

    by Philip Jones
    Readers are transported to the historical town of Shrewsbury. The Lion Hotel provides the setting for a story in which a detective’s daughter is wrongly accused of a crime. One might have expected her father, Inspector Horace no less, to have easily been able to prove her innocence, but things never quite work out that way when you are a teenager. Fortunately, Florence is quite capable of remaining one step ahead of her father and the hotel staff. Florence’s predicament begins, in her mind, when... more
  • The Quickening of Alec Ross

    by Walter Reid
    A psychological thriller set against the ambivalent values of occupied France. Alec Ross, a withdrawn and reserved young man who had avoided entanglements, finds himself drawn into the world of spying and resistance. The book explores the nature and ambiguities of commitment against a gripping personal drama.
  • New Horizons

    by Christopher Webster

    Kids call it The Compound - an endless wilderness enclave where teens rule and everyday is a fight for survival. A world out-of-time where an elaborate youth culture has arisen out of violence and scarcity, and all live under the thumb of unseen masters who have ultimate control.

    15 year-old Marcus Riley is the Compound’s latest enrollment. A delinquent, kidnapped from his inner-city apartment, he awakens alone in the wilderness. Left with nothing but the clothes on his back and a... more

  • A Mark of Strength

    by Christopher Webster

    The compound is in chaos! Following the victory against Talon’s vicious clan, a wounded Adam struggles to lead his united tribe of loners and control New Horizons. But as rumor and paranoia sweep through the ranks, threatening to end his short reign, a mysterious message arrives that puts everyone’s loyalty to the test.

    Meanwhile, Marcus, Elle and Scab struggle to adjust to the outside world in the wake of their daring escape. Who can they trust as they work to discover more... more