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  • Stratagem

    by Christina Hagmann
    At seventeen years old, Meda is ripped from her family to train as a shape-shifting operative for the Agency. It's her job to seek out and discredit political figures. While on a high stakes mission, Meda is kidnapped by three teenage boys. It’s the last thing she needs. She’s behind schedule, and if the mission fails, her family pays the price. However, the longer she spends playing hostage, the more information she gathers on her kidnappers. Fueled by revenge, the boys are gathering intel ... more
  • Altered: 2nd Edition

    by D.L. Gardner
    A fast paced tale of conspiracy and escape through the southwestern desert and northern Mexico as Abree, her older brother and his girlfriend defy an abusive government.
  • At Daddy's Hands

    by Jacob Paul Patchen
    In public, Jim Handler is a well-respected, small-town hero, and homicide detective who solved the case of the Will’s Creek Massacre. But at home, in the shadows, Jim’s childhood demons come alive to feast upon his family in the form of sexual, physical, and mental abuse. But his three teenage children have had enough. They have devised a plan for redemption. Empowered by the legal system’s lack of accountability, a judge who offers a quiet and meager plea deal to save face, Jim feels enab... more
  • It Came from Under the Highchair – Salió de debajo de la silla para comer: A Mystery (in English & Spanish)

    by Karl Beckstrand
    (Language learning/parts of speech) A bilingual picture book thriller for learning prepositions in Spanish or English. Ivan and Elena have a mystery on their hands—something is eating everyone’s food. Benjer-Man is on the case. Gross children’s humor book includes full text and pronunciation guide in English and Spanish, finding/counting activity, online SECRETS, a mysterious visitor, and vivid illustrations by Jeremy Higginbotham (for kids ages 4+ ESL/ELL). Get this monster book in English-only... more
  • George's Generations: Through the Magic Doors

    by Gavin Hodgson
    George's Generations is full of excitement, adventure and danger and based on a young 10-year-old called George and his two best friends Peter and Paul. Follow George and his friends as they stumble upon a strange yet magical doorway 50 years into the past, live the experience as George meets his grandparents also aged 10 years old. Follow him and his friends as they travel back and forth through time and embark on a journey of a lifetime that embroils them in danger and adventure at every... more
  • Broken Lives (Gialli Picca...nti Book 4)

    by Cesario Picca
    The monsters from the past destroy the future… A monster from the past reemerges in the present destroying the life of three young students and engaging in a fight against time with the promising Scotland Yard detective, Sonny D’Amato, in charge of solving the difficult case. The suffering of someone who as a child doesn’t know about love but suffers only abuse can turn into the worst nightmare when it triggers that dangerous stress factor that makes anger push a person to cross the hellish th... more
  • Pixie And The Green Book Mystery

    by Coraline Grace
    Pixie’s day starts with an apple disaster, but things are about to change. On an afternoon trip to her local library, she finds a glowing green book. It magically brings fairytale characters to life out of their stories. But danger is lurking. There’s an evil Book Guardian trying to capture them and rid their books forever. Pixie, our second grade hero will do whatever it takes to help save her new fairytale friends. An action-packed story about perseverance and determination.
  • Tooten and Ter: A Nose for Crime

    by Chris McCloskey
    Author: Chris McCloskey Book titles: The Adventures of Tooten and Ter: A Nose for Crime \t The Adventures of Tooten and Ter: A Nose for Trouble Publisher: OnStage Publishing Websites: Summary: A Nose for Crime followed by A Nose for Trouble chronicle the detective adventures of thirteen-year-old Terrance O’Connell and his partner, service-dog-in-training, Tooten. Ter is a street-wise kid, and Tooten is simply wise. They share the characteristics of curiosity,... more
  • Cyberspiracy

    by Wolf O'Rourc
    While hiding from bullying behind her macho avatar, a lonely, pink-haired hacker girl battles the high-tech henchmen of a president provoking nuclear war in “Cyberspiracy,” where “War Games” meets “Hello Kitty.”
  • Mulvaney Cousins' Adventures, The Unfinished Manuscript

    by Terry M Becker
    Erin Mulvaney never dreamed a simple book report could end up an adventure beyond her wildest imagination. She, along with her brother and her new best friend, convinced her cousins to join them in a journey through the pages of a mysterious ages-old unfinished manuscript. The Mulvaney cousins found things were not always what they seem as they search for the answers to the clues left over a hundred years ago. . Was it a treasure or the truth to an old legend? Whatever it was, they could not sto... more
  • Mystery of the Rusty Key: Australia 2

    by Janelle Diller
    Wendy, Chloe, and Jacko must unravel four spooky clues: an ancient letter, a rusty key, a missing box, and a curse. The kids race against time to solve the mystery before the clock strikes midnight. 2017 Literary Classics Gold – Best Series – Young Reader 2017 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Silver - Best Chapter Book Series 2014 Moonbeam Children’s Book Award Winner - Best Chapter Book Series About Pack-n-Go Girls Designed by girls for girls who love to play and travel, Pack-n-Go Girls ... more
  • Mystery at Campsite 21

    by Amanda Hardigree
    Enjoy a fun-filled camping trip with Kent and his sister Mary to Canon Lake Park in Alabama. This brother and sister duo meet new friends and explore the park only to discover secrets and possibly even a murder. Enjoy this action packed mystery that will keep everyone interested until the end.
  • The Psychic Son

    Like a typical teenager, Dominic Gambino struggles with love, bullies, and social awkwardness. But he’s anything but typical when he begins having premonitions of tragic events. After he reveals his sixth-sense to his police officer father, the two devise a plan to use his visions to stop criminals and hit the streets as a crime-fighting duo. Searching for answers as to why he’s developed psychic abilities, Dominic discovers a world that only exists in the history books and learns that his power... more
  • Don't Look Back

    by Jeff Magnuson
    Jason Markum is an ordinary high school sophomore facing a suspension after getting blamed by the class bully. Ted Collins is a wealthy technology developer whose greed is about to catch up with him as he completes a new project for a secret government group. When part of this project—technology that’s never been seen before, in the form of a circular red chip—finds its way into the hands of Jason and his friend, Lori, they soon discover an alarming new world. The secrets in their posse... more
  • The Mystery of the Lost Map

    by Mickey Goodman and Jim Rhoden
    Cowboy Little and Cowboy Small love adventures with their horses Ned and Ted, their dogs Red and Fred, their pet fleas Itch and Scratch and their cattle Brawny Bull and Helen Heifer. When they chance upon old saddlebags filled with ancient Spanish coins and a strange map, they set out to solve the mystery. Along the way they face bandits, Indians and bats. The Children's Book review set the optimal age for this chapter book at 8-10, but it's a great read aloud book for ages 4 and up.
  • Alabaster Dangermond and Astrid's Jewel

    by Jason VanHorn
    Fourteen-year-old Alabaster Dangermond, U.S.A. agent, has uncovered the nefarious agenda of Dr. Zerick Moonshae, who seeks to collect ancient artifacts sent around the world by a long dead Viking king. After discovering new information about one of the lost ancient artifacts, Astrid's Jewel, Alabaster and his partner, Turnkey Keystone, travel to London to acquire it. It isn't long before they face off with Moonshae's personal thief, Katya, who has been sent to get the jewel. But Al and Kat... more