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  • The Adventurers and the Cursed Castle

    by Jemma Hatt
    A mysterious curse has stricken Kexley Castle for generations ever since Egyptian treasure was transported to Cornwall by a 19th Century explorer. Can four young adventurers reveal the secrets that have been hidden for over a hundred years? Join Lara, Rufus, Tom and Barney in their first exciting adventure together as they unravel the mystery and race to find Captain Jack Kexley’s hiding place. To succeed, they must discover and solve a series of clues left by their ancestor, ahead of two unw... more
  • Ronaldo: The Phantom Carrot Snatcher

    by Maxine Sylvester

    He wants to be the fastest reindeer ever. But a little lost wolf has thrown his plans into a tailspin!

    Ronaldo has his heart set on breaking the Reindeer Flying Academy top-speed record. But his quest could be ruined when some meanie keeps stealing his carrots. Determined to catch the culprit, he’s surprised when he learns it’s a poor young wolf shivering in fear.

    After the coldest night in two hundred years, Ronaldo takes pity on the lonely cub and p... more

  • Rescue at Three Sisters Springs: A Dreamer. A Runaway. And a Poet. Three Teens and One Kidnapped Toddler. Will the Truth Bring B

    by Pam Kumpe
    Hattie Holmes is a thirteen-year-old teen who writes stories in her journal about dirt runners and tree stingers. She often races across the railroad tracks from her home in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to a land she calls HopeMore. But beware, a monster will invade her life, when the jewelry comes up miss from the home where Hattie babysits. And then the next morning, tragedy sets in when the toddler, Ben, isn't in his bed, which is the day after Hattie gets fired. Embark on a rescue with Hatt... more
  • Emma Beware, Book One

    by Michelle Anne Iden

    A stalker is like having your own personal terrorist appointed to you. A high school girl's life is about to change. A standout student and track athlete in Eden, Iowa she gears up for a big meet. She does not show. So unlike her. My name is Emma Mae Davenport. I'm 14. In the past few weeks, I've been stalked through text messages by an unknown person. Each time they've masked their identity. I've also received gifts at places where nobody knew I'd be. I've va... more

  • Xander Chase and the Unicorn Code

    by Carrie Weston
    A young adult crime fiction novel full of fantastical creatures and the wondrous realms of Spirit and Fae.
  • Who's at the Door?

    by JC Bratton
    Due to an unfortunate accident, 17-year old Jamie Patterson had to decline a Hawaiian cruise with her family and stay at home. To protect the home while they were away, Jamie's father installed a video-monitored doorbell. Little did Jamie know that the device that was supposed to guard her would ultimately become her biggest nightmare. At 3:33 PM, Jamie received a notification on her phone that the doorbell rang; however, there was no one at the door…With the aid of her estranged boyfriend, Jami... more
  • The Hunt for Bull Murphy

    by Greg Wickham
    Children’s adventure novel.
  • The Fishermen and the Mermaids

    by Judith Ackerman
    Do you believe in mermaids? The fishermen certainly do. They hear them gently calling in the middle of the night and watch them frolic during the day. But, it isn't until a horrible storm arises that threatens their lives when they experience the magical reality of their existence. Yet no one else believes the exist, causing the fishermen to wonder, "Do mermaids only appear to the fishermen of the sea?"
  • The Scam List

    by Kurt Dinan
    Meet the best teen con artist team around. Boone McReedy: high school conman, smooth-talking charmer, and the idiot who just got scammed out of $15,000 of his mom's money. Darby West: ass-kicker, straight-shooter, and Boone's ex-girlfriend. Now, they must team up to save their parents' business, one con at a time. That is if they don't kill each other first.
  • Anna and the Missing Child

    by Brigitte Novalis
    The day has arrived for ten-year-old Anna to start her studies at the Quentin Academy of Magical Arts and Sciences, but she doesn’t want to get out of bed despite the insistence of her magical frog. Even the fact that her entire family enjoyed attending the academy does not convince her she will. Her life is perfect just as it is. Why can’t things stay the way they are? Why does everything have to change? On her first day at the academy, Anna meets the enigmatic singer Ingrid Andersson and her... more
  • Opting for Female Instructors Over Male…..Helpful?

    by Wilson Alton
    Learning to steer in today's busy world is a mandatory priority to fulfill the essential tasks and motivating the people to assume their responsibilities. The steering now requires exercise tests and the person is required to be practical on-the-road, for being skilled at the task, one needs to find a suitable exercise task that is practical and pays off in the long run. A quality exercise coach enables one to encourage and motivate the individuals to an extent that is remarkable and helpful in ... more
  • Private Eyes: A Moose McGillicutty Mystery

    by Rene Fomby
    It’s Saturday morning in the Windy City, and Moose is running out of time. In less than 48 hours, his pit bull best friend has a date with a needle, the kind of date you don’t walk away from with a kiss. Moose has to find out who framed his best buddy for the savage slaying of his girlfriend — a runway model French poodle — and then somehow convince the humans that he’s nailed the right guy.
  • The Lake Never Tells

    by Alex Tully
    Zoe has lived in Sunny Shores Trailer Park her whole life and she knows what the Memorial Day weekend brings—snobby rich kids who serve as a constant reminder of how pathetic her life really is. So when she meets Ethan, the awkward boy from the exclusive community of Crystal Waters, she can’t help being intrigued. He’s different, but in a good way. Along with her stand-in little brother Parker, and her best friend Meredith, the four of them form an unlikely friendship. But one morning, their id... more
  • The Pond Scum Gang

    by Gregory Saur
    Mystery and adventure collide when a group of boys discover an old abandoned road in the woods of a historic battlefield. Planning a camping trip, they run into wild dogs, face down a "beast", and uncover a sinister plot. Join the Pond Scum Gang on a grand adventure full of humor, danger, and trouble. Lots of trouble.
  • Soccer Star

    by Gregory Saur
    Brittany Tiff's life is turned upside down when a son of an international soccer celebrity is kidnapped and winds up on her doorstep. Together with her brother, she must find a way to protect the boy from vicious killers...and from himself. When two very different words meet, mystery, soccer, and danger collide.
  • Best Shot Forward

    by Gregory Saur
    Two boys are brought together through basketball, but ultimately face a sinister foe in a game of life and death. An epic middle school story where basketball becomes much more than a game.