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Political & Social Sciences

  • A Teenager's Guide to Feminism

    by Pear Shaped Press
    This powerful debut anthology from Pear Shaped Press features contributions by feminists from all walks of life. What started out as an introductory book for teens, has morphed into a set of stories and sentiments about the continued search for gender equality through the ages. A Teenager’s Guide to Feminism is aimed at helping today’s youth navigate the necessary but sometimes controversial topics surrounding what it means to be a feminist or a woman in modern society. Essays, letters, and poem... more
  • The Amazing Zoe: A Queen Like Me!

    by Valene Campbell
    What would you do if your child came home crying because others didn’t see them the same or think they were able to do the same things? Meet Zoe and Kaitlyn, two girls who love playing together. Their favourite game is dress-up and one day, the girls decide to be royals. Their playdate takes a turn when Kaitlyn refuses to let Zoe be the princess because she has never seen a princess like her before. Teaching Opportunity: Zoe runs home, upset and confused, not realizing that she is about t... more
  • Lemar and Her Magical Pets

    by Nesrine Sleiman

    Perhaps, Pets are more than best friends, they are a huge responsibility. Lemar and her Magical Pets teach simple facts about pets and give children a glimpse of what it means to own a pet; that pets require lots of care and are hard work. Lemar finds a gemstone in her backyard.  She will use it to ask for a pet. Little did she know that the gemstone will unfold the truth of owning a pet. With a little bit of time left to try over and over again, will magic work for her af... more

  • Old Enough: How 18-Year-Olds Won the Vote & Why It Matters

    by Sheri J. Caplan
    Old Enough provides a lighthearted yet substantive account of the history of the Twenty-Sixth Amendment and the subsequent participation of young people in the electorate. The book breaks the norms commonly found in non-fiction by thoughtfully addressing a significant topic in a well-researched but accessible way. Appealing to both reluctant and avid readers alike, the intended audience spans ninth graders to adults. The book highlights primary sources and includes drawings, historical images, a... more
  • Learn 2 Live

    by Afrah Bee
    Learn 2 Live. You gotta Learn HOW to Live. You gotta Learn IN ORDER TO Live. You gotta Learn, but don’t forget point number 2 - to LIVE. With such a triple entendre, I bring to you this book - a social commentary, as I like to call it, criticizing and evaluating some of the most common steps of life mankind go through. Some consider this a lifestyle book or even a "self-help", but this just goes to show how differently unique Learn 2 Live can be for different readers. If you enjoy lighthearte... more
  • My Vote Counts

    by Candace Parker
    My Vote Counts (September 2020, $13.60) is a picture book that explores the voting process, demystifies perceived barriers to participation and emphasizes the importance of democracy for young readers ages 6-8. Ms. Littlefield’s students are learning about voting! After hearing they can’t vote in the presidential election themselves, the students go home and ask their parents if they plan to. The next day, Ms. Littlefield is shocked to hear from the students that many parents aren’t planning ... more
  • STEADFAST: Frances Perkins, Champion of Workers' Rights

    by Jennifer J. Merz

    Frances Perkins gasped in disbelief when she visited a factory and saw the horrific conditions that workers endured. Moved by the injustice, she felt compelled to help, setting her on a path of social work.

    But, when Frances witnessed the terrifying Triangle Factory fire in 1911 in New York City, her desire to assist the American worker transformed into a lifelong mission. Determined to fix the problems that led to the tragedy, Frances worked to change a catastrophically broken system a... more

  • My Mom is a Big Fat Whale: A New Workbook for Kids & Teens to Take the Power Back from Bullies

    A workbook that teaches kids and teens a new, unique way to deal with verbal and cyber bullies. After an explanation of each step of the strategy, readers have the opportunity to see examples of how it is done, and then practice.
  • The Naughty Bunny

    by Rachel B. Evans and Cameron J. Alvarado
    Tiny, the naughty bunny neither behaves like a dog nor acts like a cat. A fact that is making it incredibly hard to find a forever home. His cuteness gets him adopted but the lack of understanding by others on his bunny ways gets him sent right back to the pet shop over and over again. Eventually, a 9 year-old boy and his mother adopts Tiny but when Tiny the bunny fails to live up to the boy’s expectations, Tiny gets carted right back to the pet shop. The shop owner helps the boy to realize that... more
  • The Indictment of Tribal Dogmas

    by Collin Stanton Registered
    The book is an indictment of all the major dogmas, and their godheads. The book is intentionally calling for the support of a public indictment to call for the banishment of these false and treacherous doctrines, obstructing the road to global peace, and unity. It also reanimates the soul of Edgar Cayce, back to reveal why he's no longer Christian, and just prior his death, stated under trance, that "anyone who forgives a soul all its sins but teaches it nothing more practical, is a liar and ... more
  • Dear Mr. President

    by Kathryn Holliston Ortiz
  • Every Day in the USA: 30 Black Moments

    by Anika Nailah
    Dear person of color, is Becky driving you crazy? This book will make you laugh out loud and show you that you’re neither crazy nor alone. Dear white person, is it possible that you are Becky and don’t know it? Welcome to an undisguised, sometimes humorous portrayal of life in Black America. Designed to spearhead conversation about race and racism that incites change, Everyday in the USA: 30 Black Moments is inspired by Langston Hughes’ Black Misery with 30 b/w illustrations by C. Andrew Willia... more
  • Celebrate Holi with Me!

    by Shoumi Sen
    Holi, the Festival of Colors is here, marking the arrival of Spring! Step into this book and watch Riya and her friends immerse everyone in a spectacular carnival of colors, while learning the story of Prahlad and why we celebrate Holi! This book is part of the series From The Toddler Diaries, a series of illustrated books which celebrates the spectrum of Indian festivals as experienced by a toddler. Presented in poetry and color, ‘From The Toddler Diaries’ is designed to drape parents and child... more
  • Excuse Me Ma'am, Excuse Me Sir: I'm Amina an All-American Girl

    by Shayma Mustafa
    Have you ever been asked, "Where are you from?", simply because you look or dress differently? Although Amina was born and raised in America, she is constantly asked the same question because she doesn't look "American". Being American means being different. So, join Amina on her adventure through different states; highlighting America's beauty and embracing its many scenic features yet remaining ONE United States. Because in the end, like every state is one of a kind, so is every American,... more
  • I Told You So!!

    by Althea Lewis-Banks
    I decided to publish this book because this election cycle was nothing any of us had ever witnessed before. It was a circus?pure madness. So I made notes. I was in constant shock, saying to my poor husband, Roy, ?Can you believe this?? After a while, I knew he was tuning me out. LOL. I am what many people would describe as a political junkie. I pay attention. I follow the campaigns. I was a beast. I listened and watched as they tricked the uninformed and convinced them to vote against their own ... more