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Political & Social Sciences

  • The Naughty Bunny

    by Rachel B. Evans and Cameron J. Alvarado
    Tiny, the naughty bunny neither behaves like a dog nor acts like a cat. A fact that is making it incredibly hard to find a forever home. His cuteness gets him adopted but the lack of understanding by others on his bunny ways gets him sent right back to the pet shop over and over again. Eventually, a 9 year-old boy and his mother adopts Tiny but when Tiny the bunny fails to live up to the boy’s expectations, Tiny gets carted right back to the pet shop. The shop owner helps the boy to realize that... more
  • Dear Mr. President

    by Kathryn Holliston Ortiz
  • Every Day in the USA: 30 Black Moments

    by Anika Nailah
    Dear person of color, is Becky driving you crazy? This book will make you laugh out loud and show you that you’re neither crazy nor alone. Dear white person, is it possible that you are Becky and don’t know it? Welcome to an undisguised, sometimes humorous portrayal of life in Black America. Designed to spearhead conversation about race and racism that incites change, Everyday in the USA: 30 Black Moments is inspired by Langston Hughes’ Black Misery with 30 b/w illustrations by C. Andrew Willia... more
  • Celebrate Holi with Me!

    by Shoumi Sen
    Holi, the Festival of Colors is here, marking the arrival of Spring! Step into this book and watch Riya and her friends immerse everyone in a spectacular carnival of colors, while learning the story of Prahlad and why we celebrate Holi! This book is part of the series From The Toddler Diaries, a series of illustrated books which celebrates the spectrum of Indian festivals as experienced by a toddler. Presented in poetry and color, ‘From The Toddler Diaries’ is designed to drape parents and child... more
  • Excuse Me Ma'am, Excuse Me Sir: I'm Amina an All-American Girl

    by Shayma Mustafa
    Have you ever been asked, "Where are you from?", simply because you look or dress differently? Although Amina was born and raised in America, she is constantly asked the same question because she doesn't look "American". Being American means being different. So, join Amina on her adventure through different states; highlighting America's beauty and embracing its many scenic features yet remaining ONE United States. Because in the end, like every state is one of a kind, so is every American,... more
  • I Told You So!!

    by Althea Lewis-Banks
    I decided to publish this book because this election cycle was nothing any of us had ever witnessed before. It was a circus?pure madness. So I made notes. I was in constant shock, saying to my poor husband, Roy, ?Can you believe this?? After a while, I knew he was tuning me out. LOL. I am what many people would describe as a political junkie. I pay attention. I follow the campaigns. I was a beast. I listened and watched as they tricked the uninformed and convinced them to vote against their own ... more
  • One Million and One Ways to Go to School

    by Connie Goyette Crawley
    Would you like to zip to school on a zipline? How about riding a horse, hovercraft or bullet train? Take a trip around the world with amazing photographs showing the incredible (and DARING!) journeys students take every day - all to get an education! This nonfiction book addresses State and Common Core Standards for Reading Informational Text. What's inside? •Amazing photographs •Colorful maps •Location facts •Research & quiz questions Printable map and additional research/quiz questions ... more
  • Americana a Civics Handbook: Second Edition

    by Mary B. Mackley

         Americana A Civics Handbook Second Edition is a convenient resource for children (and adults!) to learn, review and rediscover early American history and government. There is a wealth of nonpartisan, factual information presented in a format that is easy to read, understand and reference.  The complete texts of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights are included so you will have your own copy of these historic documents. Mis... more

  • 1514292793

    by Kasole Nyembo
    Economics is the study of how people make decisions. It is an extremely interesting field because it reveals so much about human psychology and relationships, how to critique government policies and of course, how to maximize cash money! However, people have an aversion to economics because academics sucked all the fun and practicality out of it. The only memory most have of economics is a dude (who most likely wore a polka dot bow tie) drawing supply and demand curves in their Introduction to E... more
  • E is for Election Day

    by Gloria M. Gavris
    E is for Election Day is a fun and engaging A-to-Z tour of the American electoral process paired with vibrant, child friendly illustrations. Pages like B is for Ballots, C is for Conventions, D is for Debates, F is for Fundraising, G is for Grassroots Efforts, I is for Internet, and most importantly Y is for You offers a contemporary and relevant resource to teach kids about the sights and sounds of election season and that everyone has the power to make a real difference in their government.
  • Machiavelli for Babies

    by Christopher W. Land
    Whether it's the corporate boardroom or the preschool playground, today's world has become a competitive, cutthroat place. Help give your little one the philosophical leg up with Machiavelli for Babies. Teach them how to acquire and wield great power, and ruthlessly bring destruction upon their rivals. The book features time-tested classic advice from history's most clever and scheming political advisor Niccolò Machiavelli, author of The Prince, accompanied by hilarious photos of babies accompli... more