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Political & Social Sciences

  • Our Worst Strength

    by James F. Richardson
    We are all settlers on our own personal frontiers. It’s our national way of life. Individualism. America has now taken individualism to its logical extreme like no other society on Earth. And the results are mixed. Radical autonomy without wisdom and lots of social support is a dangerous gift. It can even become a curse of self-destruction. This book explores how individualism affects the five major domains of American life that comprise 80% of our waking time - work, fun, food, friends, a... more
  • Is Biden Really Too Old?: The Politics of Age and Ageism in America

    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    In Is Biden Really Too Old? -The Politics of Age and Ageism in America, political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson takes a laser look at the great debate over Biden’s age. He assesses how much of a liability age poses for Biden. He examines how Reagan and 2008 GOP presidential candidate John McCain dealt with the age issue. He presents the varying views of medical professionals about Biden’s age as a factor. He details research and studies on aging and the performance of older Americans. He ex... more
  • The Only Authentic Book of Persuasion: The Agenda-Spin Method 7th Edition

    by Richard E. Vatz, Ph.D.
    Man and woman are the persuading animals. There is no overriding issue more important in most people's daily life, life's pleasures and all of political matters than persuasion. Many, if not most, matters are largely wholly related to persuasion, defined in this work on the Agenda-Spin theory, as the struggle of people to determine for their chosen audiences: 1. What we talk about and 2. What it means. Persuasion is not the only determinant in life, and there are some matters mostly out... more
  • For Love of Country

    by Norman W. Holden

    In 1776, Thomas Paine anonymously produced Common Sense, a pamphlet advocating for colonial independence from Great Britain. If Paine’s revolutionary words had been revealed to the British authorities prior to their publication in the colonies, his writings most certainly would have resulted in his death. Paine insisted that British rule was directly responsible for nearly every problem in colonial society. Paine’s political views and his fellow revolutionaries’ act... more

  • FREEDOM: The Case For Open Borders

    by Joss Sheldon


    Once upon a time, we were free to go wherever we chose. It wasn’t so long ago. The history of humanity, is a tale of constant motion.

    People are supposed to move about. We have imaginations which encourage us to dream about life in other places, bodies which are built to roam, and hands which can make an array of vehicles. A few of us even possess the “Wanderlust Gene”, which encourages us to take risks –... more

  • Ready, Set, Go!: Playbook for Campaigns, Candidates, and Causes

    by Kacey Carpenter
    Ready, Set, Go! is the essential playbook for anyone eager to make a positive impact in their community. Tailored for students, retirees, novices, and experts, this book is a versatile guide for initiating or advancing your role in organizing campaigns, running for office, or advocating for causes. Dive into a step-by-step journey that builds your skills from the ground up, or selectively navigate to the chapters that resonate most with your current needs. Ready, Set, Go! is both a comprehen... more
  • Redefining Work Health and Safety: Systems, Strategies, and Progressive Approaches

    by Richard Skiba
    This comprehensive book on workplace health and safety covers a range of topics essential for professionals and researchers in the field. The initial chapter sets the tone by exploring challenges, emphasizing the economic impacts of safety incidents, and outlining the workplace safety landscape. Subsequent chapters delve into safety models, accident causation, and the evolution of linear and complex systems, applying systems thinking to risk assessment. Human factors, including ergonomics and or... more
  • Models, Metaphors, and Intuition: How we think, learn and communicate

    by Michael Ruhl Frank

    How does our subconscious / conscious, mind / brain system work? How does it effect us? And why is it important to understand? My goal in this writing is to promote social consciousness and increase awareness and understanding of the “human condition” that we all share, and that ultimately binds us all in our future, and our fate. I endeavor to pursue that goal with a series of discussions on how we think, how we learn, and how we communicate against the backdrop of our own indivi... more

  • Early Voices of Conscious Evolution

    by Matthew Shapiro
    Early Voices of Conscious Evolution is a unique anthology that brings to light a lesser-recognized yet critical dimension of human cultural and social history, opening a perspective that helps put today’s dynamics into a broader and more empowering context. The work features 138 painstakingly curated passages drawn from the works of more than 120 thinkers and social actors living through the Industrial Revolution and Progressive Eras, specifically from 1866 through 1939. The passages individuall... more
  • Symbionts or Parasites? Humanity’s Crossroads

    by Dr. Pedro A. Gonzalez Jr.
    When AI benefits both humans and machines, it can be considered a symbiont, or when AI benefits only machines at the expense of humans, it can be regarded as a parasite. However, when AI is used to benefit only machines at the expense of humans, it can be considered a parasite. Similarly, AI can be viewed as a parasite if used to manipulate or control human behavior. It’s worth noting that the relationship between humans and AI is not always clear-cut, and there are often shades of gray between ... more
  • Rethinking Money and Finance: Economics, Morality and Common Sense

    by Richard G Patterson

     The economic activity of our society is destroying the viability of life on earth and enabling a minute minority to accumulate vast wealth and power while much of the population struggles with poverty or insecurity. We have an inhumane economic system which is rooted in ideas propagated either by those who stand to gain from the system or by well-meaning people who have been persuaded that the current system represents centuries of evolutionary progress. There is nothing inevitable abou... more

  • Generation Hope

    by Arunjay Katakam
    “A generation of hope is what we need urgently. Here is a book helping ensure the next one proves precisely that.” —Yanis Varoufakis, author of Technofuedalism and Another Now It has become clear: Our current economic system is broken. Growth at all costs is unsustainable. It’s easy to get discouraged when faced with the reality of the current climate crisis, economic instability, and the vast income inequality across the globe. It’s obvious that our trajectory is aimed toward destruction... more
  • The Broken Whistle

    by Pedro Israel Orta
    The Broken Whistle is a searing exposé that unveils a chilling chapter in American history, a narrative meticulously recounted by Pedro Israel Orta. Plunged into the heart of power and deception, Orta emerged on September 23, 2019, with a Twitter thread that ignited a tempest that tore through the sinister underbelly of the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act (ICWPA), which had been perverted for political ends. In this gripping account, Orta fearlessly shines a light on a co... more
  • A Secret I Can't Tell

    by Joe Gantz
    In 1977 a law was passed in Florida banning discrimination in housing, employment, and public accommodation based on sexuality. This law was an important step towards respecting gay and lesbian civil rights. However, immediately after it was passed, a group called Save Our Children vowed to overturn the law. This group stirred up so much fear regarding the idea of a gay role model, such as a teacher, interacting with children that the gay-rights ordinance was repealed. In 1979 Joe Gantz decid... more
  • Our Constitutional Republic

    by William J. Dell
    What more can be said about a book than that all Americans should read and think about it? In this time of challenges for America, here is a reasonable, readable, passionate, balanced book telling the tale of our nation's meaning from before its founding until the present day. It captures the original American spirit of hunger for liberty and opportunity, of love of God, and of reverence for honest hard work. Written by a man who has served our country all his life and knows why he has done thi... more
  • To Save the Earth, Work Less! The Crucial Environmental Issue No One Is Talking About

    by Charles Siegel
    Americans believe we need rapid economic growth to create jobs and avoid unemployment—but that is because we do not have the choice of working shorter hours. The Dutch have a better model. By law, they can choose to work part time, which means they avoid unemployment by creating the amount of work people actually want rather than by creating more and more full-time jobs. In the course of this century, most nations of the world could emerge from poverty and have a comfortable middle-class standar... more