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Political & Social Sciences

  • Made in America by AmeriCANS not AmeriCANTS

    by Richard V. Battle
    AmeriCAN-do spirit is what propelled our prosperity and success for more than 200 years. It is our responsibility to perpetuate this gift for future generations of AmeriCAN freedom and advancement. Made in America by AmeriCANS not AmeriCANTS includes the following tools to aid our efforts to benefit our families, communities, and country: Including specific ideas to achieve more success: •\t46 Proven common sense AmeriCAN essays. •\t103 Motivational and inspirational quotati... more
  • The Struggle of Women: Major Female Figures Throughout World History

    The Struggle of Women: Major Female Figures throughout World History examines the extraordinary contribution of a number of notable women from different walks of life. It considers women across multiple nation-states, various eras and epochs, women in slavery, poverty, royalty, and aristocracy. In addition, this book identifies the majestic contribution of saintly and secular women alike, it also cuts across the variations of gender, race, colour, social class, ethnicity, private wealth, educati... more
  • The Midterms Why They Are So Important and So Ignored

    by Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    The Midterms Why They are So Important and So Ignored, political analyst Earl Ofari Hutchinson offers fresh insights into a part of the American political process that has meant so much to the governance of the country. But at the same time has received so little public attention and so little overall voter participation and interest. So little that it represents an embarrassing stain on our democracy.

    by Jerry Kotsovos
    COMFORTABLE FALSEHOODS AND UNCOMFORTABLE TRUTHS is a presentation of nearly one hundred comfortable falsehoods pertaining to nearly thirty social, political, and economic issues (e.g., abortion, the death penalty, nuclear war, church-state relations, sports in America, obscenity, and euthanasia) and the uncomfortable truths contradicting them. The presentation is documented by nearly one thousand sources and nearly two hundred famous people are quoted in the book - including, for example, famou... more
  • The Trump Files

    by Jack Hassard
    Jack Hassard examines the interplay of politics and science to unravel the effects that Donald Trump and his administration had on American society. Using Robert Jay Lifton's concept of "a witnessing professional," and Charles R. Ault's introduction of him as "Citizen Jack," The Trump Files is Citizen Jack Hassard's eye-opening book revealing how Donald Trump affected not only American democracy, but human rights, science, and public health. Citizen Jack's blog writing over a six year period w... more
  • Life Enabling Enterprise: An Alternative Approach to Commerce. Volume 1: The Model and Other Critical Knowledge

    by Raphael Vitalo

    The issue with Capitalism is more than economics. It is about the survival of humankind.

    This first-ever book to evaluate the effects of Capitalism from economic, social, and evolutionary perspectives also offers a detailed presentation of an alternative approach to commerce that is founded on the principles of individual freedom and property rights, yet it ensures that all commercial endeavors protect, nurture, and enrich human life and the ecosystem that supports all life.

    Capit... more

  • Illusion in the 2017 Campaign: Fishkill Town Clerk

    by Michael Boyajian

    The use of illusion increased due to the Town of Fishkill clerk candidate's growing health concerns, fear of winning and acute apprehension of carrying out the job in what many were beginning to suspect was more husband Mike's campaign than that of wife Jeri's.

  • Social Security Disability Revealed

    by Spencer Bishins
    A former Social Security Administration (SSA) disability decision writer goes behind the scenes to show you why it’s so difficult to win a Social Security Disability case. Working as an Attorney Advisor for over 10 years, the author drafted and reviewed thousands of disability decisions. During this time, he learned why the system is stacked against the claimant throughout the process. After he left SSA, he wanted to make this knowledge available to everyone. The author reveals the inner working... more
  • American Apocalypse: Some Thoughts on the Rise of Fascism and the Betrayal of Democracy, 1971-2020

    by Mel G. Montpelier
    AMERICAN APOCALYPSE is a reflective commentary on the fifty-year Republican Assault on America from the 1971 Powell Republican political “dark money” offensive to save “Capitalism from Democracy” to the 2021 Republican violent Capitol Insurrection of January 6, 2021, to overturn the United States Constitution and the electoral will of the people. Yesterday’s America of prosperity for the many is today an America of prosperity for the few.” This will be America’s forever world of tomorrow should ... more
  • Fairness: The Blaming and Defending of White America

    by Steve Ghent

    Fairness:  the Blaming and Defending of White America 

    Almost daily the U.S. public is barraged with headlines, news stories and "White People are Racists" as news and entertainment from two industries, Hollywood and the news media, that traditionally have looked demographically like apartheid.  

    "Fairness" also highlights many of the news stories that have been ignored by the mainstream media, namely, hate crimes and discriminatio... more

  • Healing America's Narratives: The Feminine, the Masculine, & Our Collective National Shadow

    by Reggie Marra
    Healing America's Narratives takes a multi-disciplinary look at American history and current affairs through the lens of the country's collective Shadow—what we deny about ourselves and project onto others—which, dominated by unhealthy masculine energy, longs for integration with the healthy feminine. The book explores increasingly comprehensive, inclusive, and complex perspectives on the larger scope of the American experiment, including chapters on women, Native Americans, African Americans, t... more
  • Business or Political President: You Choose: Trump or Biden

    by Peter Murphy

    We look at Donald Trump, a famous business tycoon through the lens of a citizen providing some insights into the background of America’s Business President.

    Peter Murphy as he breaks down the facts from a shockingly relevant business-savvy perspective.

    We look at Trump’s struggles, successes, and areas that could have been better for him and the country.

    We look at Joe Biden, Political President, and his background and where he is taking the country.

    What a... more

  • Poll-Arized: Why Americans Don't Trust the Polls - And How to Fix Them Before It's Too Late

    by John Geraci
    Have you ever wondered why pollsters can’t seem to predict who the next president will be? With the sheer volume of data that encircles our lives, why can’t pollsters detect the signal through the noise? POLL-ARIZED is a provocative examination of what has gone wrong with US pre-election polls written from the unique perspective of a market research industry insider. Blending actual data from polls, interviews with leading pollsters, and a proprietary survey conducted specifically for this b... more
  • For the Hurt of My People

    by Joseph Q. Jarvis, MD, MSPH
    In For the Hurt of My People: Original Conservatism and Better, Simpler Health Care, Joseph Q. Jarvis, MD, MSPH, a long-time public health physician, offers practical ideas on how to untangle the messy politics which keep Americans from really reforming how we do healthcare business.
  • Common Sense for Humans: An Outsider's Look From the Inside

    by Claus Windelev

    “Common Sense” is a book that attempts to bring some rationality to our increasingly complex world. We appear to have reached a critical mass, where we look to be divided again along tribal lines we began with tribes and established a powerful united multicultural society from there. The elimination of traditional, tried-and-true behavioral conventions, as well as a lack of common sense, are both contributing factors to this fragmentation. Politics, education, the environment, and... more

  • The Battle of Lincoln Place

    by Dennis Hathaway
    The Battle of Lincoln Place is a stirring account of the courage and perseverance shown by the tenants of a large, historic apartment complex who stand up to the greed and heartlessness of their corporate landlords, whose quest for profit threatens to destroy their long-time homes. It follows four women who lead the hundreds of working class and elderly tenants in a desperate struggle on the streets, in the halls of government, and in the courts of law and public opinion, along with a fifth wom... more