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Political & Social Sciences

  • Own The Libs

    by Jim Joquico

    An intersectional exploration of a socio-psychological phenomenon – trading personality for ideology – featuring interviews with thought leaders in communication and political psychology. The book breaks down this trend by citing possible theoretical explanations of political rhetoric, social media, corporate news, and the diploma divide.

  • American Insanity

    by LeRoy Cossette
    "American Insanity" reflects on the political insanity that has overtaken the United States. It addresses American citizen's apathetic view of our governing system, both toward elected officials and the ever controlling Washington bureaucracy. How and why the cititens of this nation have failed their obligation to keep vigilance over our governing officials and holding them accountable when they fail to uphold their promises and their oath of office. I compares the America I grew up in, which is... more
  • No Common Sense

    by Lucy Furr
    You are cordially invited to participate in my absurd but heartfelt attempt to help save this nation from corruption, stupidity, and evil beings of one sort or another. No Common Sense is a genre-bending political satire-based update of Founding Father Thomas Paine’s original Common Sense. An argument and a declaration for independence and freedom from a totalitarian king. Using my fake but funny original concept, a reality fairytale about Donald Trump and the big bad government, I try to enligh... more
  • Click Me Baby One More Time

    by Geo Ellen James
    For anybody who spends on average 8 hours per day looking at screens (that’s you!). Explore how we all shape the digital landscape, culture and each other through our engagement with digital media. Like it or not, digital media impacts most peoples’ lives today, whether through the content they consume on their devices or the purchasing decisions they make. Social platforms and their influencers are a driving force in the zeitgeist, pop culture, social issues and the economy. A must-read ... more

    by SAMO
    This book completely refreshes the old educational thinking and teaching methods, and is a terminal revolution in the educational system, from which the educational progress of mankind has reached its end and can rest. The secularized Five illuminated anthroposophy educational system is just such a lion's roar: if the spiritual power of the old human beings wants to have a qualitative transformation into the new human beings, only education, and only the secularized Five illuminated anthroposoph... more
  • Capital de facto: An Inquire into the General Theory of Capitalism

    by Arman Calbay
    Feeling like your salary isn’t enough? Wondering if a college education has lost its value? Sadly, that’s the reality today. But do economists offer any strategic solutions? They don't! It's the same old story: the rallying cry for modern socialists is "Tax the Rich," while conservatives cling to the traditional mantra of "Work Hard." So predictable, boring, and out of touch! The last fresh idea in economics was Supply Side Economics, 40 years ago! Since then, nothing new. Today's economic de... more
  • Pioneering Prosperity: The Morazan Model for Free Cities

    by Joyce Brand
    Imagine living, working, and doing business in a community where you choose the rules of the game and they can’t be changed on you. Pioneering Prosperity introduces the concept of 'free cities,' where entrepreneurs have the freedom to innovate and collaborate without unnecessary red tape. It’s based on the real-world example of Ciudad Morazan, a ZEDE in Honduras. It's for creative thinkers ready to break new ground and take the lead in building the future of business and society. It’s about i... more

    by Jack Forbes
    MAY A GOVERNMENT, OR EMPLOYER, CONSTRUCT A LEGALLY ENFORCEABLE RULE OR PRACTICE WHICH VIOLATES A PERSON'S NATURAL LAW RIGHTS OF PRIVACY AND LIBERTY? This book discusses the written and unwritten boundaries of governmental, and employer, powers. In America, we employ constitutional rights such as due process, the right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures, the right to be free of cruel and unusual punishment, the right of privacy and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of h... more
  • Making Money Real : The Radical Anti-Capitalism of Thermodynamics

    by BJ Chippindale
    In a book that connects our threat of extinction to the money we use, a NASA Engineer introduces a real definition of money and explains what that definition means to our society — and he’s NOT an economist. This time, we are going to have to do more than just occupy Wall Street.
  • To Stop a Tyrant: The Power of Political Followers to Make or Brake a Toxic Leader

    by Ira Chaleff
    It is a sad fact that the world is awash in political tyrants. ​So is human history. Ira Chaleff, an expert in political followership and one of the 100 “Best Minds in Leadership” (Leadership Excellence magazine) reveals how political followers can make or “brake” toxic leaders and what we can do—no matter our level of political influence or where we sit on the political spectrum—to support beneficial leaders and stop the rise of would-be tyrants. Political tyrants are one of the most des... more
  • You Wanna Put What, Where?

    by Brian Fasterling
    Hold on to your gurney and embark on a hilarious, side-splitting adventure through the often daunting world of medical procedures, where laughter truly becomes the best medicine. In this uproarious tale told from the often-overlooked perspective of the patient, Brian Fasterling masterfully weaves together humor and everyday life experiences in a comedic and clever medical memoir, creating a literary gem that will leave you in stitches. From relatable anecdotes to unexpected twists, each page ... more
  • A Charter of Negative Liberties (Second Edition): Defining the Bill of Rights and Other Commentary

    by C. Howard Diaz
    I'm not one of these conservatives who believe freedom of speech gives anyone the right to burn our flag. I'm not a conservative who believes there is no such thing as treason or *treasonous statements. I'm a conservative who believes evil people will use our Constitutional rights to their advantage against us. I don't believe the A.C.L.U. represents the true intent of the Constitution. I don't believe the National Education Association wants to teach our children or represents all teachers. ... more
  • The Art Of Strategic Communication: A Police Chief's Guide To Mastering Soundbites, Storytelling, And Community Engagement

    by Christopher Cook
    In today's fast-paced environment, the speed at which communication travels and the resounding calls for police accountability demonstrate a need for purposeful and intentional communications embedded in a strategic mindset. When done right, strategic communication can increase transparency, build trust, and encourage active community participation. Chief Cook has distilled over thirty years of experience into timely lessons filled with practical solutions that law enforcement leaders and commun... more
  • The Reformer’s Dilemma

    by Ricardo Rosselló Nevares
    Five out of six of us are not part of political extremes and want meaningful reform.
If you are reading this, chances are you are part of this silent-but-overwhelming majority. In a world where narrative is controlled by extremes, where do we find our voice? How can we recover our national talent to solve problems? 
  • How Contempt Destroys Democracy

    by Zachary Elwood
    This book explains why politically liberal and anti-Trump Americans should care about the problem of toxic political polarization and want to reduce it.
  • America in 2040 New Edition

    by David Walker
    This book provides a "Wake-up Call" regarding what the international and domestic situation could look like for America in 2040 absent a change in course. It includes an overview of the significant adverse implications of COVID-19 related activities, lessons learned from past great powers, and key concepts from our nation's founding and past history. It summarizes a broad range of economic, national security and domestic tranquility threats facing America, including the new and dangerous Modern ... more