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Political & Social Sciences

  • My letter from Donald J. Trump

    by Everett Watson
    It is a story about a letter from a man who got elected in the most infamous fashion in political history. Donald Trump was a longshot. The letter Donald Trump wrote to me contained an under stated vision for America, it is a story of his life that created the vision he had for the country prior to election and a picture of what the man became at the end of his term in office. It is listed as political but it is more like a real live. action packed Hollywood movie. It contains sex, lies, be... more
  • Usurpers: How voters stopped the GOP takeover of North Carolina's courts

    by Billy Corriher
    Republican legislators across the U.S. are taking aim at state courts: gerrymandering judges, partisan elections, and court packing. It's a page from the North Carolina legislature's playbook. But in North Carolina, voters protected the courts that stopped voter suppression. They thwarted the GOP’s worst power grabs from 2016 to 2018, even though Republicans had complete control over the legislative process. The story begins when the GOP took over the state legislature in 2010 and gerrymander... more
  • The Zombies Are Coming

    by Kelly J. Baker
    Look anywhere in America these days, and you'll find the living dead: they’ve invaded TV shows, films, comics, novels, and video games. These monsters dominate pop culture in ways that titillate and terrify us, but to some people, zombies aren’t just fiction. And zombies are just the beginning: America's real obsession lies in the zombie apocalypse. Our culture loves to imagine the world at its end, and some Americans do more than imagine: they actually hope that the zombie apocalypse will oc... more
  • Human Rising

    by Roar Alexander Mikalsen
    Human Rising exposes how power politics and unconsciousness maintains a regime of drug prohibition. Written as a defence against arbitrary persecution, it explores the link between drug barons and governments, and shows why the drug laws violate basic human rights protections.
  • Saaya Unveiled: South Asian Mental Health Spotlighted

    by Mrinal Gokhale
    Saaya Unveiled: South Asian Mental Health Spotlighted shares the true stories of second-generation Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi immigrants who navigate mental health in the West- the U.S. U.K., and Canada. Each featured interviewee discusses how destigmatizing mental health became their fight, and how they're bridging the gap of access, education, and acceptance between generations. From topics like identity, culture, socialization, academia, love, loss, and trauma, each unique story unvei... more
  • 1097766756

    by Jordan Sher
    Interviews with fourteen immigrants from diverse countries immigrating to the U.S. to tell their harrowing tales for why they left. An important chronicle of why people risk much to come to America.
  • Our Need to Give to the World, America Love in God, Heal America

    All of us have a mission to bring God's love to heal America and the world. Whether we are believers are not, we have a legacy of our forefathers and our children's future. There is an urgency, now! Jesus Christ, the Son of God, Alpha, and Omega, is asking us to respect, love, and seek Him and love our neighbor. When we build a prayerful, and humble relationship, and seeking righteousness with God in Christ, we then become that authentic person we were created as. In God's infinite love in us, w... more
  • Arise to God's Truth, Restore and Keep America's Freedom

    Divine Message, keep in President Trump to protect and restore our America. The Democrats are controlled by a hierarchy of Communist and Socialist, proven by the facts in this book. Arise to God's Truth Restore and Keep America's Freedom In His days Judah, shall be saved, and Israel shall dwell in safety, and this is His Name shall be called the Lord our Righteousness (Jesus Christ in the Trinity).Jeremiah 23:6 How can we restore and keep America's Freedom? The Spirit of the Lord promises of His... more
  • East West - Sword and Word

    by Anwar A. Abdullah
    At dawn of this brave century: overshadowed either by the mirage of Last Man or Last armada of Microbes, the heart of humanity is being ripped apart by the rising complexion of Modernism. While Religionism is tearing throughout the heart of modernity and money-life; Mammonism, is plotting against our humanity, everything is hinting at the heralded times to come. Wonder! at shuddering blow of utopian Mammonism, where are we going? Further, whether of reorganization of “Tender Nature”, of reprogra... more
  • Shaping Public Opinion: How Real Advocacy Journalism(TM) Should Be Practiced

    by Janice Ellis
    There is a growing, if not urgent, need to understand the difference between the advocacy journalism being practiced today and Real Advocacy Journalism™. More importantly, we all need to readily recognize when one or the other is at play in trying to influence public opinion, or urge a hopeful, trusting public to action. The author revisits the works of Walter Lippmann, one of the foremost advocate journalists of the last 100 years for a roadmap on how to know the difference. Complex local, r... more
  • Family in a Time of Covid-19: The Truth About Coronavirus, How to Protect Yourself and Prepare

    by E. Hughes
    This is a no frills apolitical nonfiction book about the tragic consequences of a dangerous virus unleashed on an unprepared public & the paranoia that takes hold of a family trying to keep from getting infected. - A true story. The book, published in April 2020, also accurately predicted what U.S. government would not admit at that the time, which is that the virus is airborne. This book offers many other facts as to why the virus is so incredibly dangerous and how the public can and should pro... more
  • The Evil Within Us: Evolution of Social Systems & the Ideal State

    by Tayyib A Tayyib

    In our world of nuclear weapons, global warming and an uncertain future for mankind, the US, among others, has developed economic and military conflicts with China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Syria and Palestine. In this atmosphere, we tend to forget what unites us. What is the "Goodness" that has created large communities living together in peace and relative harmony? How has the "Evil" of violence and exploitation been progressively suppressed over our long evolutionary history? In thi... more


    by Olga Magdalena Lazin
    STATISM ITS RECURRING CYCLES IN MEXICO AND ROMANIA is an exhilarating analysis of Statism and Anti-statism, the interventionist state, Cycles and trends are analyzed in two countries. This Book Is About: From Pre-Colonial Times to 2012 in an On-Going World Context: “Statism,” “Anti- Statism,” “Active State,” and “State Capitalism.” With a 2020 Postscript. How President Vicente Fox Made Genaro García Luna (GGL) Chief of Mexico’s “FBI” (2001-2006); and HOW President Felipe Calderón Made GGL ... more

    by Jeanne Jones
    Candid, compelling, and ultimately revelatory, Mixed is a heartfelt, necessary, and timely exploration into the heart and soul of what it means to be and live as mixed, blended, and biracial in America.
  • Unchecked Capitalism is Killing Us!

    by Earl B. Rynerson
    The purpose of the book is to educate the reader about the extent of corruption, greed, and lobbying activities that occur in Washington between our elected officials and major corporations, their lobbyists, the wealthy and special interests. These activities started gradually in the 1980's when businesses learned they could get their way by "spreading money" around in Washington. It has grown to such an extent over these last 40 years that our nation is no longer a democracy; it is governed by ... more
  • Society In Repair: We Can't Win Even If We Try

    by Alex T. Wolf
    It seems like a fairy tale, but not too long ago, there were rational people who ran the Republican Party. In these divisive times, we don’t have very bright politicians to look up to anymore. How did the party of Lincoln become the party of right-wing nut-jobs? Republicans have gone crazy, who keep on convincing themselves that the Democrats are evil, and the Democrats with their ugly threats have become what they claim to hate.With SOCIETY IN REPAIR, it will prove that no one is immune to stup... more