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Political & Social Sciences

  • Democracy on the Edge, Second Edition

    by Terry AmRhein

    Democracy on the Edge discusses many important issues affecting America.

    - The Supreme Court's decision on "Citizens United"

    - How gun ownership is a right but has limitations

    - The effects of global warming (by W.K.Fifield, MD)

    - How health care issues affect all Americans

    - The influence of big business on American lives

    - Causes of the "Financial Crisis," and what Congress has done

    - The Tea Party and their conflicting views... more

  • A Modern Perspective

    by Cam McCutchen
    Written with one of the most direct, but humorous tones, A Modern Perspective provides a clear opinion and evaluation of modern taboo topics. Influenced by the life experience of a normal man, this book demonstrates how to use basic logic to understand the complexities housed within the modern world. Readers looking for inspiration and direction can draw from the fundamental thoughts and lessons within this book.
  • Silent Cal's Almanack: The Homespun Wit And Wisdom Of Vermont's Calvin Coolidge

    by David Pietrusza
    A treasury of the wit and wisdom of Calvin Coolidge, America's surprisingly eloquent 30th President. You may ask "Why Coolidge?" Everyone asks "Why Coolidge?" We are quite used it. Here is my sound-bite answer (or, at least, one of them): Every politician that comes down the pike, promises you four or five of the same things. He or she will cut taxes, reduce unemployment, spur growth, balance the budget, and suppress inflation. They all promise such things. They never do them--and we fall for ... more
  • a plea to think differently in the digital world

    by peter hagedoorn
    In just a few decades, economy and society have been digitalized. At any time every citizen can be informed of what is happening all over the world and be "online" 24/7. All this has enormous effects on the way in which societies are functioning. The physical world of everyday life is no longer the decisive entity, but the digital world is actually the world in which the economy flourishes and decisions are made. A digital layer has impregnated the classical world, connecting everything to every... more
  • Tears in the Flag: Based on a True Story

    by Siddharth Bindra
    A young Indian boy is plucked from his middle-class existence surrounded by the familiarity of his native country and dropped off in an apartment complex in New Jersey, thousands of miles away from everything he has ever known. He watches his father transform from a bank manager in India to gas station attendant at a small-town Texaco, all in the name of the American dream. When the boy’s mother is suddenly forced to leave the country after an immigration officer shows up unannounced, his new re... more
  • Outspoken: A Decade of Transgender Activism and Trans Feminism

    by Julia Serano
    Outspoken: A Decade of Transgender Activism and Trans Feminism is the third book by trans author and activist Julia Serano. In it, she chronicles her own personal evolution and the many shifts in transgender activism since the dawn of the twenty-first century. This collection compiles forty-eight of her previously unpublished and difficult to find trans-themed writings -- including her early slam poems and spoken word, essays and manifestos written contemporaneously with her acclaimed books Whip... more
  • Excluded: Making Feminist and Queer Movements More Inclusive

    by Julia Serano
    While feminist and queer/LGBTQIA+ movements are designed to challenge sexism, they often simultaneously police gender and sexuality—sometimes just as fiercely as the straight-male-centric mainstream does. Here, acclaimed feminist and queer activist Julia Serano chronicles this problem of exclusion within these movements. She advocates for a more holistic approach to fighting sexism that avoids these pitfalls, and offers new ways of thinking about gender, sexuality, and sexism that foster inclusi... more
  • Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on Sexism and the Scapegoating of Femininity

    by Julia Serano
    A provocative manifesto, Whipping Girl is a gripping, no holds barred collection of personal essays that debunk many of the myths and misconceptions that people have about trans women, femininity, and the subjects of gender and sexism more generally.
  • Kings, Conquerors, Psychopaths: From Alexander to Hitler to the Corporation

    by Joseph N. Abraham MD
    Conquest is murder and theft. Conquerors are vicious criminals. Vicious criminals become kings. Kings designed civilization. We are the products of civilization. Right wing populists increasingly draw attention around the globe, but the attention is misdirected. The real problem is not the authoritarian leader, but the blinkered supporters who unquestioningly follow him. Without them, the despot is irrelevant. Why do we attach ourselves to demagogues and mountebanks? Why do we defend... more
  • The Circus: Media, Politics, & Power in the Era of Trump

    by Lynn Morris
    Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, is perhaps one of the most divisive political characters in modern history. Those who love him, the Trumpers, appreciate his irreverent take on modern politics and wear their Make America Great Again hats with a kind of unbridled zeal. On the other side of the aisle, his opponents dislike his capricious worldview and consider the Trumpers devotion to Trump and his policies as something approaching cultlike status. In The Circus: Media, Po... more
  • Black lives matter: the expectations of justice in a democracy

    by Everett Watson
    The story of the lives loss during the BLM movement and the pandemic that is currently affecting the country. The response of the American people during these trying times.
  • Black Lives Matter: The Expectation of Justice in a Democracy

    by Everett Watson
    The short story of the loss of life during the BLM movement and the effect that the pandemic has on the country during these trying times. The response of the American public to the current crisis.
  • Three Invaders: The Secrets and Lies Behind the Deliberate Revision of History

    by Saleem Abdulrauf, MD

    Politicians for decades have debated and posed solutions for the troubled region we know as the “Middle East” to no avail. As a neurosurgeon, Saleem Abdulrauf has treated hundreds of patients with complex brain tumors and aneurysms. This involves review of published data, critical analysis of available treatment options, analysis of complex problems, and thinking outside the box. In some cases, Professor Abdulrauf has even had to develop new surgical techniques to cure his patient... more

  • The Missing Link in American Education

    by Joseph Cortese, Ed.D.
    Educational reform cannot be imposed. It is the belief of long-time educator and educational professional. Joseph Cortese Ed.D. that corporate reformers in education are wrong. In Cortese's book The Missing Link in American Public Education, he discusses how corporate reformers love the word "innovation." but they lack the knowledge of children and how they learn. They all too often rely only on data, which can be skewed, misapplied, and misinterpreted. Instead of involving community feedback, p... more
  • Manifesto

    by Alex Exarchos
    Humanity as we (used to?) know it is in grave danger. The most effective, efficient, far-reaching and numbingly overwhelming tyrannical regime ever experienced in the human history has all but tightly embraced our collective life as human beings, leaving us an ever-diminishing room for autonomy and spontaneity; and it has achieved this largely through our, explicit and implicit, consent. Moreover, this regime is progressively and rapidly invading into domains of our personal life that had so f... more
  • Making a New American Constitution

    by George William Van Cleve
    Making a New American Constitution explores the grave flaws in the United States Constitution that obstruct reforms urgently needed for national unity and survival; proposes crucial amendments; and shows that a new constitutional convention is essential to achieve them. Today America is an economically and racially highly unequal society. We are now in danger of being governed permanently by a small group of wealthy people (an “oligarchy”) in their own interest. Our middle class is collapsing... more