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Political & Social Sciences

  • Once Upon a Time in the Kalahari

    by Viki McCabe

    Once Upon a Time in the Kalahari raises a provocative question: can humankind reverse an impending global food crisis and save the remarkable planet we call home? Author and cognitive scientist Viki McCabe (birth-death) explains the holistic perspective of the world’s most ancient cultures and draws a stark comparison to modern man’s attempts to alter, control, and manage the natural world. Her research illustrates how the race for power and profit in agr... more

  • Nice Place, Shame about the Human race

    by Allan Gilmour
    Present day society has over the last sixty years, undergone immense transformation processes in which because of this rapid development, an attempt has been made to create a greater awareness in our everyday modern attitudes and behaviour. Spending child and adolescent years in the UK and his working life in Germany, the author has concentrated most of his observations upon these two cultures - examining modern behaviour both towards our planet and one another, and of stressing the importance o... more
  • The Breakdown: Where We Have Been & Where We Are Headed

    by Anthony Ciotti III
    A breakdown of the mechanics of the various systems which compromise the current paradigm, how they tie together and the major systemic flaws within that macro-system.
  • Tom Hayden on Social Movements

    by Paul Ryder
    "Every now and then, there's a surge of history in which a group of people has the chance to determine events by taking their lives, their destiny, into their own hands." Tom Hayden shows what social movements look like from the inside. He spells out why they are intense, complex, exhilarating -- and powerful enough to make history.
  • Over the Peanut Fence

    by Marilynne Eichinger
    Former OMSI president, Marilynne Eichinger, reveals what she learned when she and her partner invited a twenty-year-old street-youth to live in their home. A moving look at traumatized youth and leaders and volunteers who work diligently to help them scale barriers that led them to the streets. Read emotional stories about those who overcame abusive childhoods. -Understand the causes of youth homelessness. -Meet Good Samaritans who work diligently to help traumatized youth succeed. -Lear... more
  • Philosophy: The Infinite Abyss

    by Rahmel Garner
    Philosophy: The Infinite Abyss is a book for thinkers. In his unique style, Garner explores the vastness of the mind and the moral structure of the human being. He puts convention aside to provide readers with an opportunity for psychogenic-spiritual growth. He teaches that learning-and-living is a religion that reveals the many realities of illusion and truth and of suffering and salvation.
  • Human Compassion for Beginners

    by Johnny Townsend
    The battle to direct legislation and policy often seems to be a fight between greed and compassion. Emotions run so high that family members stop speaking to one another and long-time friendships fall by the wayside. But the problems being debated--climate change, universal healthcare, LGBTQ rights, gun regulation, economic inequality, and the separation of church and state--desperately need to be resolved. In this volume, Johnny Townsend, author of The Tyranny of Silence and The Wa... more
  • 31 Benning Place

    by Karen Slider
    The story about a young girl born in Dayton Ohio, raised in Los Angeles by a single mother she 2nd of 6 children. The story is about her childhood. Becoming a member of Los Angeles Fire Department and her struggles with success and tragedy.
  • The iPINIONS Journal Vol XIV – Commentaries on the Global Events of 2018

    by anthony L hall
    Anthony Livingston Hall is easily one of the deepest thinkers and most prolific writers of our times. What’s more, his views defy conventional wisdom. In this volume, The iPINIONS Journal: Commentaries on the Global Events of 2018—Volume XIV, Hall comments on a wide array of topics spanning the globe. These include the Trump presidency, sports, mass migrations, China colonizing, data breaches, mass shootings, England brexiting, entertainment, warfare and pandemics, Russia hacking, s... more
  • Iran from Crown to Turbans

    by Gail Rose Thompson
    People are curious about how life in Iran today, under the Islamic republic, differs from life as it was during the reign of Shah Mohamad Reza Pahlavi. Gail Rose Thompson, who lived there in the 1970s, working for the imperial court as the Shah?s horse trainer, has many tales about life during that time and also about the way of life in the country postrevolution. She visited Iran in 2017 after an absence of forty years, the first ex-employee of the Shah to return. She paints a picture of a beau... more
  • Political Cocaine: How America Got Hooked on the 2 Party System and How to Intervene

    by Art Rude
    The American system of government was meant to run without political parties. There was no provision for them in the Constitution, the first two Presidents sternly warned against their formation, and many colonists blamed the political parties in Great Britain for the need for the Revolution! In spite of overwhelming opinion by the American colonists that political parties were evil, today they control all phases of American government. How can this be? This book tells the amazing story, and... more
  • 1000 Castaways: Fundamentals of Economics

    by Clint Ballinger
    A renegade band of Modern Monetary Theorists has overturned mainstream economics in part by emphasizing that there is not one, but two systems of modern money, the “vertical” and the “horizontal.” They demonstrate conclusively how unifying our understanding of these is crucial for grasping modern economies. “the key to understanding Modern Monetary Theory is this vertical-horizontal relationship” Warren Mosler 1000 Castaways develops Mosler's statement into a concise book-length treatmen... more
  • Imaginative Communities: Admired Cities, Regions and Countries

    by Robert Govers
    Many of us feel uneasy with the lack of recognition that our community, city, region or country receives internationally and with the stereotypes and outdated clichés by which "outsiders" define us. This has probably been the case for as long as man exists, but in today's world with its global connections and social media, it is becoming more apparent, more relevant and more frustrating; to citizens generally, but in particular to policy makers, public administrators, leaders and representatives... more
  • The DNA of Democracy

    by Richard C. Lyons
    An American poet writes a compilation of historical vignettes, discerning the future of our democracy by rediscovering the combative, instructive, fascinating past of tyranny and democracy. Just as DNA is interwoven in every aspect of the human body, tyranny and democracy have their historically distinctive DNA that have shaped our democracy today. From Israel's Ten Commandments, to the Athenian Constitution, to Rome's Twelve Tables, to the overthrow of kings in England and America, Lyons tra... more
  • Escaping Oz: An Observer's Reflections

    by Jim Mosquera
    In today’s economic and political climate, protecting yourself means asking the right questions. You can’t ask the right questions if your mind’s encumbered by what you think you may understand. Who’s the man behind the curtain? What’s this thing we call money? It’s not what you think. We’ve burdened government with all our problems but do they have the capacity to solve them? Do we want them to? What’s the difference between freedom “of” and freedom “from” and why’s it important? Why is t... more
  • Happiness. A Quick Immersion

    by Benjamin Radcliff and Amitava Dutt

    Happiness. A Quick Immersion, addresses what happiness is and how we can create more of it based on scholarly research. In this short volume, Professors Amitava Krishna Dutt and Benjamin Radcliff explain the study of happiness and resulting conclusions on what individuals and societies can do to make life as satisfying as possible.