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Political & Social Sciences

  • Shaping Public Opinion: How Real Advocacy Journalism(TM) Should Be Practiced

    by Janice Ellis
    There is a growing, if not urgent, need to understand the difference between the advocacy journalism being practiced today and Real Advocacy Journalism™. More importantly, we all need to readily recognize when one or the other is at play in trying to influence public opinion, or urge a hopeful, trusting public to action. The author revisits the works of Walter Lippmann, one of the foremost advocate journalists of the last 100 years for a roadmap on how to know the difference. Complex local, r... more
  • Family in a Time of Covid-19: The Truth About Coronavirus, How to Protect Yourself and Prepare

    by E. Hughes
    This is a no frills apolitical nonfiction book about the tragic consequences of a dangerous virus unleashed on an unprepared public & the paranoia that takes hold of a family trying to keep from getting infected. - A true story. The book, published in April 2020, also accurately predicted what U.S. government would not admit at that the time, which is that the virus is airborne. This book offers many other facts as to why the virus is so incredibly dangerous and how the public can and should pro... more
  • The Evil Within Us: Evolution of Social Systems & the Ideal State

    by Tayyib A Tayyib

    In our world of nuclear weapons, global warming and an uncertain future for mankind, the US, among others, has developed economic and military conflicts with China, Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Libya, Syria and Palestine. In this atmosphere, we tend to forget what unites us. What is the "Goodness" that has created large communities living together in peace and relative harmony? How has the "Evil" of violence and exploitation been progressively suppressed over our long evolutionary history? In thi... more


    by Olga Magdalena Lazin
    STATISM ITS RECURRING CYCLES IN MEXICO AND ROMANIA is an exhilarating analysis of Statism and Anti-statism, the interventionist state, Cycles and trends are analyzed in two countries. This Book Is About: From Pre-Colonial Times to 2012 in an On-Going World Context: “Statism,” “Anti- Statism,” “Active State,” and “State Capitalism.” With a 2020 Postscript. How President Vicente Fox Made Genaro García Luna (GGL) Chief of Mexico’s “FBI” (2001-2006); and HOW President Felipe Calderón Made GGL ... more

    by Jeanne Jones
    Candid, compelling, and ultimately revelatory, Mixed is a heartfelt, necessary, and timely exploration into the heart and soul of what it means to be and live as mixed, blended, and biracial in America.
  • Unchecked Capitalism is Killing Us!

    by Earl B. Rynerson
    The purpose of the book is to educate the reader about the extent of corruption, greed, and lobbying activities that occur in Washington between our elected officials and major corporations, their lobbyists, the wealthy and special interests. These activities started gradually in the 1980's when businesses learned they could get their way by "spreading money" around in Washington. It has grown to such an extent over these last 40 years that our nation is no longer a democracy; it is governed by ... more
  • Society In Repair: We Can't Win Even If We Try

    by Alex T. Wolf
    It seems like a fairy tale, but not too long ago, there were rational people who ran the Republican Party. In these divisive times, we don’t have very bright politicians to look up to anymore. How did the party of Lincoln become the party of right-wing nut-jobs? Republicans have gone crazy, who keep on convincing themselves that the Democrats are evil, and the Democrats with their ugly threats have become what they claim to hate.With SOCIETY IN REPAIR, it will prove that no one is immune to stup... more
  • Screened in: The Art of Living Free in the Digital Age

    by Anthony Silard
    Have you ever asked yourself why you are spending less time interacting with people in person and more time sitting alone behind a pixilated screen? As we furiously type into our keypads in search of the Holy Grail - an empty inbox - our happiness and well-being dissipate. Through eye-opening studies, interviews with some of our world's most captivating thought-leaders and stories gleaned from his 25+ years as a leadership trainer and professor, Anthony Silard will help you realize what many of ... more
  • Plantation Theory: The Black Professional's Struggle Between Freedom and Security

    by John Graham

    From cover to cover, Black professionals are faced with an urgent question—why work twice as hard for half the recognition and a third of the pay? 

    Written to speak for those who've been without a voice throughout their professional career, Plantation Theory: The Black Professional’s Struggle Between Freedom & Security showcases the realities that countless Black corporate professionals face despite best efforts to prove thei... more

  • On Freedom and Revolt: A Comparative Investigation

    by Carl E. Moyler
    This book is dedicated to all those heroes and heroines who have seen and will see life as a daring adventure to be given in the name of service to humanity, to justice and to freedom.
  • Author

    by Maria Taylor
    What happened to the globally-beloved kangaroo, koala and other Australian indigenous animals under the beliefs and traditions of colonialism? How did their fate during 200 years of nation building become a fugitive drama of dispossession and disrespect – and what is today’s little-known and blood-stained legacy in a world rapidly losing its biodiversity? Documentary journalist Maria Taylor, author of Global warming and climate change: what Australia knew and buried, unveils a cultural history... more
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    by Hotel Ashirwad Mussoorie
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  • The Liberal Record

    by Marcelo Brazzi
    A brilliant book, very highly recommended. —Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Top 100 reviewers. This book is essential reading. —John Kelly, Detroit Free Press A powerful read. I devoured this book. It was hard for me to put it down. Extensively researched. —HUGEOrange Publication Review A must-read for everyone. A highly interesting and informative book. 5 Stars. —Maria Beltran, Reader's Favorite Review Over the past few decades the country has become highly divided politically. In the ... more
  • 1734849908

    by Earl Rynerson
  • New American Culture Race

    by Jerry Unis
    New American Culture Race" is a short treatise about societal unrest, COVID-19 and its affect on American society and our evolution as a culture in response to the threat. From protests to policy, Jerry Unis notes the distinct American culture and how it is visible in moments like this. When we respond to crisis we respond primarily as Americans. What he has captured in the book is that American culture is growing, learning, and changing.

    by Bar-Giora Goldberg
    Humanity is on a path of rising cognition. The tedious Darwinian process has given way to a fast and directed cognitive evolution, driving our politics, economy, technology, sciences and arts. Consequently, the world becomes increasingly our idea. Our sciences, arts, politics and other means of expression steadily become more abstract, more complex. One hopes for deeper understanding, increased humanity and better use of our natural resources and treatment of mother earth. Technology is gi... more