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Political & Social Sciences

  • America's Last Fortress

    by Alexander Odishelidze
    China's Belt and Road initiative is on the way. Premier Xi's agenda? For China to have unrestricted access to the rest of the world. At the focus is America's last fortress, Puerto Rico, which sits primely at the southern entrance of the Caribbean from the Atlantic Ocean. The only way that China can exercise influence in Puerto Rico-and move freely around the globe-is if Puerto Rico becomes an independent nation. Puerto Rico's political process is in shambles and the island is now slipping to... more
  • Socialism USA: A Plea for a Soft Variant

    by Phillip J. Bryson

    Socialism USA: A Plea for a Soft Variant, was written by one who rather dreads the coming socialist economy in the United States. It reviews the results of "hard" socialism in countries that have become totalitarian dictatorships, depriving their citizens of human rights and producing an equality of poverty. Of the two elements of genuine, Marxist-Leninist ("hard") socialism, it is the state's attempt to own and micro-manage every firm and corporation in the economy th... more

  • Comparing America's Public Schools: Lessons from Top Scoring Nations

    by Dan Peterson
    This book compares American public schools with multiple countries, especially with Canada, Finland, Japan, and South Korea. The topics include school finance, strengths of American public schools, academic achievement gaps, and a national plan for improving public schools. The book is unique since it disaggregates data from each country for just public schools, far different than other researchers.
  • More After the Break

    by Jen Maxfield
    In More After the Break, Jen Maxfield revisits ten memorable stories from her career as a TV news reporter, describing in heart-pounding detail how the events unfolded and revealing what happened after the cameras went away. She introduces readers to unforgettable people who will inspire you with their hopefulness, even when confronting life’s greatest heartbreaks: a young man who lost both legs in a ferry crash, an endurance athlete with stage-four lung cancer, a fifth grader on a doomed field ... more
  • The Patient

    by Olive Kobusingye
    The Patient is the story of Ugandan doctors and their patients through the decades, from Mulago Hospital’s very early days to the present. It’s the story of mostly young enthusiastic medical students becoming doctors, and choosing their paths in a corrupt and impoverished world where their own needs, wellbeing, and sanity, compete with the needs of their patients. It is the story of a hospital badly in need of healing, a health care system that is designed to fail, and a country whose continuing... more
  • Democracy Under Siege: It Could Never Happen In America

    by Mark Sobel
    In this critical study of the present threat to American Democracy from the legacy of the Trump Presidency and the violent insurrection at America's Capitol on January 6, 2021, filmmaker Mark Sobel takes us on a journey that spans the ongoing influence of Trumpism in America, and considers possible steps to assure the survival of democracy in the United States. This collection of author essays calls out the former President's unrelenting lies and racist speeches, looking at how they influence... more
  • Strong Connections

    by Rosa Wang
    Rosa Wang’s remarkable book takes readers to the last frontier of the mobile/digital revolution. While much has been written about breakthrough technologies and early adopters who live where roads are good and smart phones are affordable, this book explores the largely undocumented journey of how digital technologies are entering the lives of those in extreme poverty—people, often women, often illiterate—who live without electricity or running water. With powerful stories, Wang brings you to ... more
  • Policing Bodies: Law, Sex Work, and Desire in Johannesburg

    by India Thusi
    “Policing Bodies: Law, Sex Work, and Desire in Johannesburg” by I. India Thusi is set to be released worldwide on December 21, 2021. This transformative work examines relationships between police and sex workers in Johannesburg, South Africa, where legal ambiguity has led to inconsistent action and attitudes among law enforcement, leaving room for violence and stigma despite increased focus on human rights and social welfare. With Johannesburg as the backdrop, Thusi addresses broad issues of... more
  • The War in Southern Africa: An Analysis of South Africa's Total National Strategy (1948 - 1994)

    by Miguel Junior
    This book on the national strategy of Angola targets several objectives. First, to attest that the newly independent Angolan state also formulated a national strategy in the light of its political and philosophical vision. The Angolan state, during the period under consideration, had its own structured vision, which prevented it from going adrift and playing second fiddle within the context of political and military confrontation in Southern Africa. Second, to demonstrate that the Angolan state ... more
  • The Finger of God

    by Jesse Jackson Jr
    Let me offer an early disclaimer. I know exactly who the Founders were. I know exactly the crimes against humanity that they were responsible for and those they inherited and were not responsible for. I do not spend time extolling the virtues of Mr. Jefferson, Mr. Adams, Mr. Franklin, and Mr. Madison. Nothing in this work or in my experiment (my life’s work) can change the fact or alter the history of the debasement of humanity that preceded the Declaration of Independence (1776), the Constituti... more
  • Saving Our Democracy

    by Lincoln Anniballi
    In 18 year old political writer Lincoln Anniballi's first book, read about the problems, history, and solutions surrounding money in politics, election security, voting rights, congressional leadership, the president, primaries, gerrymandering, division, the Supreme Court, the media, & more.
  • Hunting, Fishing, & Pick-Up Trucks

    by Xolani Kacela

    How Not To Be Bored
    You’re retired or getting ready to retire and don’t know what to do next. Maybe you’re retired and bored. You’re constantly wondering how not to be bored for the rest of your life. This is the book for you!

    Hunting, Fishing, and Pick-Up Trucks” is the story that will inspire you to get busy living. Read how my wife and I learned something new together every year. That’s the origin of this book. The... more

  • Holier Than Thou

    by Constantine Grey
    HOLIER THAN THOU is a study of what I feel are the real origins of religions and how they actually evolved. A critical review of the major weaknesses and illegalities in the scriptures of Christianity and Islam and how they have negatively affected our lives plus a recommendation on how to correct them. An attempt to put religion in its place, to respect it but realize that it is only one of the ways to keep us on the right track to living a good life while, at the same time, respecting our neig... more
  • Journeys From There to Here

    by Susan J. Cohen

    A famous writer exiled from Albania and Greece.

    A Somali nomad-turned-multinational banker.

    An Asian-born virtuoso violinist with perfect pitch, and many more . . .

    In this eye-opening collection of immigrant trials, triumphs, and contributions, leading immigration lawyer Susan Cohen invites you to walk with her clients as they share their incredible journeys coming to America while overcoming unimaginable dangers and ofte... more

  • Hope Disappearing: A Population Left Behind

    by Sherman Haggerty
    Hope Disappearing explores the events that put this country and its homeless population in an untenable position. Drawing from Sherman S. Haggerty’s experience in social services, this book details the growing social and financial burdens of homelessness, both to individuals and their communities. Tens of Thousands in this country are Homeless and the population is growing at alarming rates. The chance to leave homelessness is becoming a fading dream. Many are losing any chance to become contrib... more