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  • A Collection of Morning Hours

    by Tinamarie Cox
    A Collection of Morning Hours is Tinamarie Cox’s second poetry chapbook. This small volume brings together 23 short-form poems under one sun. Written during the early hours of spring and summer days, these poems reflect on the simple beauty of nature as well as the brevity of seasons and life. Within this gathering of morning hours, Tinamarie captures that precise moment when life suddenly becomes visible in a fresh way. She gives new meaning to the sunrise and shares her ideas through imagin... more
  • Csaba Méra - Author

    by Csaba Mera
    My passion is to tell stories about the complexities, nuances and quirks of humanity on our pale blue dot through poetry, screenplays and multimedia artwork.
  • Middling Wood & Other Poems

    by Valentin Per Lind
    Middling Wood is Valentin Per Lind’s second volume of poetry, offering a rich tapestry of traditional and modern verse that plumbs the depths of the human soul, set against often wild and evocative landscapes, in which love, jealousy, desire and loss become potent elemental forces.
  • Spooky Fall Poetry Collection

    by J. Mummey
    Fall brings cool mornings, spooky nights, and sweet delights. Embrace the eerie season curled up in your favorite spot with this book of poetry doom. The cover is the painting Fall Morning by the author, J. Mummey. The painting is acrylic on canvas, painted in Raleigh, North Carolina in September of 2023.
  • From My Eye To The Sky

    by J.V. Sadler
    From the author of Licking comes a collection of poetry filled with raw verses that expose a piece of J.V. Sadler’s heart. From My Eye to the Sky places a magnifying glass on U.S. society and forces it to take a look at itself. Unrestrained and unabashed, this collection is a call not only for hope but organized and passionate action toward a better world. Dare to put your eye to the sky. “We shall be free . . . one day We will walk on water . . . one day”
  • Icons

    by Jonathan Reeve Price
    Computer icons carry culture, history, and code. As buttons, they awaken functions deep inside the system. As images, they evoke old technology, memes, and mysteries. And, as artwork bearing their own titles, they come loaded with implications, overtones, and attitude. In this light-hearted study, Jonathan Reeve Price explores the complex powers of 100 icons. Price created the first style guide for Apple's writers and designers, and here recalls the invention of computer icons, when the... more
  • Porcelain Bird

    by Matt Misikov
    Porcelain Bird is a photo-filled poetry book. The collection tells a story of emotional vulnerability that shapes the author's perception of his past and soon-to-slip-away West Coast present. Matt Misikov ruminates on ever-lasting melancholy while yearning for, both physical and mental, a state of happiness that might just be hiding in a maximalist and obscure image of the future.
  • The Objective Scholar: Poetic Wordplay

    by Troy R Legette
    Troy R Legette is one of the most incredible poets of today, leading with his stamp of motivation using a pen to shine a light. He hopes to expand his audience with The Objective Scholar:Poetic Wordplay, his second poetry collection using artistic wordplay that applies some form of therapy to the human mind. Exercising various poetry styles to inspire, create awareness, and change lives.
  • A Place No Flowers Grow

    by Cheryl Cantafio
    A Place No Flowers Grow is a book in verse that uses poetry to create a modern-day gothic tale. The story introduces Octavia, an optimistic doctor with a passion for the scientific world of plants and flowers. She meets Roen, an innovator looking for a fresh start. He is practicing questionable experiments on Fox, a regal, intelligent arctic animal in the wrong place at the wrong time. Fates collide. Love blooms. Rage smolders.
  • Thursdays with You: A Collection of Sapphic Poetry

    by Emma Payne
    Thursdays with You is a collection of poetry that encompasses what it feels like to struggle with sexuality, self-expression, and the acceptance of love. It discusses topics related to loneliness, healing, self-love, personal transformation, and happiness. Written for those struggling to find love outside and within themselves, this captivating collection of poetry was written to help others find comfort in their journey of self-acceptance.
  • Mi Vida de Poemas

    by Trinidad Rodriguez
    "Mi vida de poemas" es una historia de determinación, valor y una fe inquebrantable. Cada poema es un capítulo de una vida llena de luchas y la perseverancia de una madre soltera. Respira cada línea y comparte esas experiencias y ve ellas a través de las ventanas de sus ojos. Algunos poemas le permiten volar como una mariposa, la realización de la libertad de un primer vuelo, mientras que otros traen un dolor a tu corazón. Deja sentir el anhelo de una pareja amorosa y el cuidado y la dedicación ... more
  • 979-8987554876

    by PS Conway
    “Echoes Lost in Stars” by PS Conway is not just another poetry book; it is a fabulous experience that transports the readers to realms where words transcend their mere definitions. It is an exploration of the universe, a celebration of love, an immersion into nature’s wonders where philosophical, mystical and biblical concepts, and our eternal connection to them take new forms. This exceptional collection of poems weaves together all these elements to create a stunning journey to self-discovery.
  • I Spent 30 Consecutive Days in the Library and Wrote this Little Poetry Book about It

    by Walter the Educator
    The Library is a sacred place; it is a place to learn, discover, question, and relax. The Library brings me peace. Using poetry to discuss the Library may help someone else find peace in a place that is so serene and educationally beneficial. Poetry can give a fresh perspective on the revered place.
  • A Thousand Thousand Petty Phrases

    by James Lewis Huss
    Perhaps there is no other poetic form in the English language that carries with it the mystique and allure of the sonnet. Revived in the 14th century by the Italian poet Petrarch, the sonnet was popularized in English by Renaissance writers like William Shakespeare and Edmund Spenser. The sonnet, with its strict meter, rhyme scheme, and thematic structure, is a challenging but rewarding form, which is probably why it continues to appeal to poets centuries after its revival.
  • bliss is a fitter muse than misery

    by James Lewis Huss
    Robert Frost famously quipped that writing free verse poetry is like playing tennis "without a net." And yet free verse poetry can be just as challenging as the classical forms. bliss is a fitter muse than misery is not just poetry without form, but a free expression of the elements of sound that make words and phrases into poetry.
  • Stars over Antioch Birthmarks and Buttoned Lips

    by April May Burnside
    This book of poetry is a eulogy of what used to be.. this eulogy is for the old me. Eulogy for the memories.. Eulogy for the one that cries. Eulogy for the one who hides. Eulogy of the elder lies. Eulogy for the conditioned ties. And as she looked on down the road. The weight of it was quite the load. And the helping hand has gone ahead. And the thoughts and prayers had been given and said. And the footprints trailing her do press. And the wind does ... more