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  • Here We Begin

    by Adrian J. Atwater
    In his debut poetry collection, Adrian J. Atwater (AJ) discusses the beauty of self-determination and the fascinating power we have over our personal growth. Daringly, this composition of original work invokes themes of hope, love, and peace to guide readers on a thoughtful, reflective experience. Here We Begin is meant to encourage readers to look within, find the courage to reimagine the role they play in causing their personal growth -- and redefine where we begin to lead a life of humilit... more
  • Ruins Were Castles

    by Gursher Singh Randhawa
    I had an interest in creative field since my childhood. My inclination towards this area made me see the things from different perspective. I started writing poems and prose during my college.
  • Loving Memories

    by B.J. Barkley
    This is a collection of my mother's experiences through her poems. Her journey from good and bad, happy and sad, are portrayed in this book. This book is published in her memory.
  • Further Collected Poems

    by B.E. Stock
    Further Collected Poems contains selected lyrics from 2001 to 2017, divided roughly by theme or subject. You and I is about relationships, We is about society and institutions, He is about religion and spirituality, Visions is about ideas, and Beautys Mead is about art. The poems are in and out of form, in many modes and voices, simple and complex, hopeful and tragic. The common thread is a conviction that there is an order and a goodness behind and beyond all absurdity, if we will seek it and b... more
  • Poems for Mental and Spiritual Healing

    by Rufus Johnson
    I started to write because of reoccurring memories. I work all day I could not shut my mind down. All my memories from childhood keep coming back while I wanted to rest. My inner voice is talking to me which made me decide to write words down. I decided to put them in writing for the others to relate to. That serves as an inspiration for me to write poems and come up with the title "Mental and Spiritual Healing." I call it Mental and Spiritual Healing because mental serves as my reoccurring m... more
  • Animated Stills: Poetic Pareidolia

    by Thomas G Reischel
    This is not an ordinary poetry book. This book is an “Inspiration of Life” from photographs. The concept is Animated Stills engaging the reader using pareidolia. Like faces in a cloud, or Jesus’ face in a piece of toast. I believe that photography and poetry go together well. One form paints a visual picture, while the other creates a poetic image. Together, the synergy becomes very powerful. This book contains both, with a twist –a hidden reveal. As a photographer, I take pictures. As a Poet... more
  • Best of Denny Dymes: Spiritual and Inspirational Poems

    by Denny Dymes
    It's just a book of poems. Spiritual and inspirational poems. The credited author named on the book's cover is Denny Dymes but that's my pen name. Let the record show here that Dennis A. Massei is my real name.
  • I Asked the Wind: A Collection of Romantic Poetry

    by Valerie Nifora

    We all seek love. Discover a journey of prose into our profoundest passions and heartbreaks. From the earliest stirrings of a new romance through the grief of loss and separation, the human experience takes us along soaring highs and deep lows. Nowhere is this more breathtakingly realized than in romantic poetry, where the mere power of words evokes feelings that cross cultures and divides. In this array of poems drawing on the natural elements all around us, you’ll bask in the light an... more

  • Quinine For The Creature: Modern Poetry Collection

    by Arnav Jhunjhunwala

    A vivid collection of poetry in a new and unique style that spans two decades.

    The creature within us needs the occasional medicine for relief which the interlinked themes explored in these poems attempt to provide. Love and relationships, dreams and desires and the state of affairs of the world are explored in inventive settings with a refreshing style.

    I picture a tree where little people grow,

    Swaying towards the angelic glow,

    Blue poppy fiel... more

  • The History of Eternity

    by James E. Winder

    You cannot help but wonder what and why you are. The History of Eternity is a book that again and again answers these questions, as it celebrates the tragic joy of wonder at the enigma of your existence. There will always be a clamoring after elusive fact. There will always be a hankering for some durable theory that will explain the fact. There will always be an inability to match the one wholly with the other. Because something is always left out, there will always persist a stubbornly invi... more

  • Write It in the Hearts of Women

    by Hinemoa Pourewa
    Often, there is emotional turmoil that erupts within the very essence of a woman’s being, yet so many women are unable to speak the words of their aching hearts. Hinemoa Pourewa is the poetic instrument of this pain. She is a voice, compelled to announce women’s silent fears. Through these pages, a hand is stretched out in earnest to hold, seek comfort, and above all, share truth. Pourewa’s poetry exhibits self-honesty and self-reflection. She faces issues that many women find too painful or ... more
  • Savor My Quiet Parts

    by Caro Eugenia MV
    A book of mostly self-love and other-love poems that invite a mood into the mind of the reader and embolden their senses to discover romance in the mundane.
  • Still Water Words: Poems and Stories from Ancestral Places

    by Patricia Ann West
    The first collected writings of Patricia Ann West invite readers on her ancestral journey to corners and coasts of the American South and beyond with softly whispered secrets, shared memories, history, and stories that have been carefully preserved—told in family cemeteries, along creeks and rivers, down roads, across bridges, and on urban streets between Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. Readers will enjoy a glimpse in to the author’s Gullah Geechee ancestors, neighbors, and church family throug... more
  • The Creative Route

    by Miranda Keuter
    A partly lyric and narrative poetry book filled with many important subjects through ages like Aristoteles. Summaries on rhyme do contain beautiful metaphors within a style combination of well-known writers and a trying of my own. Hopefully this new concept will receive great replies. Next to appreciations of readers this may be a real good study use by making homework and pleasurable to read.
  • Sea Glass Circe

    by Irina Moga
    “Then there is the small matter of a poem, to be settled in the hours ahead,” writes Irina Moga in “Sea Glass Circe”.But how is such a settlement to be reached to a reader’s satisfaction - and how does one go about it? Through the reinterpretation of feelings and sensorial cues, the author aims to create an opening towards that perplexing and mutual poetic concord. In “Sea Glass Circe” Irina Moga recasts themes from classical mythology in an everyday setting, in a low key interrogation on the ... more
  • Human Kindness Shortfalls

    by Edmund F. Byrne

    Diverse indications as to failure of humans to find and follow pathways to peace.

    Human Kindness Shortfalls is a collection of poems that vary as to topic but all address some problem or issue regarding which kindness is in short supply as we too often resort to harmful efforts at controlling who and/or what is allowed to prosper.

    These poems deal with family matters, government misbehavior, human flaws, war, ecology. The overall theme is how we humans fail to live up to our poten... more