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  • The Fate of Our States is Great

    by Bill Jordan
    Immerse yourself in a unique journey through United States history. With sections covering significant events, important people and the presidents, this collection is guaranteed to bring you back to history class and help prepare you to win the fight during trivia night as you rhyme your way through time.
  • 24

    by Johannes Saca
    "24" is a collection of 24 poems examining life's most integral and universal themes, ranging from time and perception to fear and identity. It is ultimately a call to action for inclusivity and respect in culture and society, and a reminder to live with purpose, authenticity, and integrity.
  • Waiting on the Monsoons for His Desert Soul

    by Redwulf Dancingbare- pen name for Ralph Greco
    I have just published my first book, 7 days ago. It is called, ”Waiting on the Monsoons for His Desert Soul” and is written under my spiritual healing name- Redwulf Dancingbare. It is a poetry book, often with a storytelling format, of 88 poems crafted over the last 10 years from my every-Sunday-morning-gathering of the Zuni Mountain Poets. It is primarily reflections on my life, its many odysseys, and some of the lessons taught to me. It also has poetic portraits of others (real, composite, an... more
  • Bottled Memories: A Journey through Addiction and Early Recovery

    by David Ritter
    These stand-alone poems were written over many years. While individually they describe the conflicts associated with alcoholism, when read together they reveal a more complete picture of the destruction, depression, and chaos of addiction, as well as the peace, hope, and joy of recovery. Although most of these poems pertain to my life, it is my hope that other people will relate to them also. It’s not only my story but the story of so many others.
  • Roses for the Canyon

    by James Thomas Fletcher
    "Beautiful and haunting images" David Roby, author of Unseen Character “If you love poetry, read Fletcher’s work; if you hate poetry read Fletcher’s work” Stephen Sanders, author of Songs for a Mechanical Age “Profound simplicity” Barbara Blanks, author of Traveling Sideways “His poems mirror our world .... Kindly. And whimsically.” Cathy Earnest, author of Another Bone “A much-needed clarity“ D.A. Gray, author of Contested Terrain “Rhymes to flutter... more
  • Poems from Terra

    by James Thomas Fletcher
    “It may be profligate, but is it not life?” asks Lord Byron. This is poetry with an edge. Combining grit and grandeur while mingling religion and sex, science and spirituality, this intense examination of life reveals the author's struggles with the nature of reality and existence, in language both simple and complex, erudite and approachable. Showing influences of Bukowski, Poe, Cohen, and a tinge of Greek mythology, the author examines wonder, pain, love, and fantasy. "The Lizard and ... more
  • One Heart- Many Breaks

    by Sandeep Kumar Mishra
    The poems range in theme. Most of them are poetic reflections of personal emotions and situations he was laid in. The poems cover a 20 years life events and are expression of clear, true and purged feelings and stark reality of his situation.
  • only 1 her

    by a.g.
    hey guys, this is my first book and i want to share my journey. if you don't know me, continue to read on. i'm from the bay area, ca. my life growing up was not pretty- i grew up with inconsistent-no parents having to do life basically alone. when i was 15 i moved out into a whole new city in the east bay, ca. i was broken, lost, and lonely. i've cried a lot, prayed a lot, questioned a lot, seen a lot, felt a lot, been through a lot, written a lot. i have been writing poetry since i was six year... more
  • Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites

    by Amy Jean
    Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites poetically reveals the diabolical ramifications of life being played rather than lived. Amy Jean shares personal trials, tribulations, and contemplation in a spirited rhythmic chime. The book boldly depicts Woman's struggle to be recognized in a male-dominated society and points out historical missteps with fiery intensity. Engaging illustrations amplify the notions depicted in the poems. Terrorizing Sound Bites is an entertaining snapshot summary of Amy Jean's... more
  • Nocturne: Poems of Love, Distance, and the Night, a callous and disinterested lover.

    by Phil Slattery
    Nocturne: Poems of Love, Distance, and the Night, a callous and disinterested lover is a collection of Phil Slattery’s poetry written from the mid-80’s to mid-90’s, a turbulent, fluid time in his life in many ways, but especially romantically. He has taken many of the poems written (many of which were published in various magazines) during those years and compiled them into a dark narrative capturing the emotional turmoil of an anonymous narrator who descends from romantic love for a woman into ... more
  • Reflekt

    by Kaden James Author
    Reflekt is a collection of poems and inspired thoughts that encourage the reader to reflect on. Pages at the end of each poem for journaling your thoughts and feelings. A new self-help unique approach to tap into your inner-self and be at peace.
  • A River of Dreams

    by Darryl Barnett
    I was born in a beautiful rural area of South Australia. My younger years were spent playing sport and visiting nearby beaches to surf and swim. Living in this idealistic countryside gave me much inspiration to write my poetry. After moving to Adelaide in the early nineties, my writing slowed. When I began practicing tai chi and attending meditation classes, things for me changed again. Through these mindful practices, my passion to write was once again ignited. Over the last sixty years, I have... more
  • Rise Unstoppable

    by Michelle G. Stradford

    Restore yourself to your original wonder with soul-awakening self-love poetry and prose!


    • Rise Unstoppable is an uplifting self-love poetry collection that amplifies the beauty and intrinsic power of women and girls. 


    • From self-care affirmations to the celebration of accomplishment, this book takes you on the path of self-awareness, acknowledgment of one's needs and, stepping into your courage to tra... more
  • Scared Scars

    by Bolaji Kolade James
    Scared Scars is a collection of poems that talks about hope, love, life, coming of age, sorrow and realization about life, where dreams and pictures of future is far more than the mind can mind in its wildest and fastest pace.
  • Meditation on the Ceremonies of Beginnings

    by Thomas Davis
    Thirty years ago, tribal college educator and poet Thomas Davis began writing poems about the tribal college movement, beginning with the founding of College of Menominee Nation in Northern Wisconsin. He had no intention of developing a book out of the poems, using napkins and scraps of paper to create a mostly free verse poetry that chronicled the events and people trying to build a new kind of educational system that would preserve and evolve Indigenous language, history, and culture. Davis ga... more
  • Random Reflections: Poems from a Hoosier Girl

    by Susan Draper

    A personal collection of poetry that has nostalgic references, thoughts on current issues, and futuristic musings.  Step inside the mind of a Hoosier poet.