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  • Poets Unlimited

    by Alta H Mabin
    A fun-filled poetry magazine. The 1st issue of many more. This will be a monthly publication. All writers/poets contribute their work to be able to share their beautiful stories with the world.
  • Gravy

    by Patrice B. Jones

    I call my poetry unconventional and contemporary. Some of it is fiction, and some of it is autobiographical.

  • Travel in Time: A Life Story in Poems

    by Anisoara Laura Mustetiu
    Written to make you smile, dream, cry and shudder by the magic of love. Step out in time and touch with your spirit the Transylvanian mountains, hear the howling wolfs in the moon’ light and feel the dazzling depth of emotions.
  • Qi Fen (70 Percent)

    by Gordon MacRae

    This is short to medium-length poetry written in Mandarin and translated into English (both languages are contained). There are over 50 poems, many ripe with solipsistic introspection, exploring one's relationships with others and with nature. These passages have a decidedly East-Asian flavor and can be at once contemplative and moving, and are complemented by a wide range of Far East imagery, particularly that of China, to deepen the reader's experience.

  • somewhere between shadow and light by Mariesa Faer

    by Chick Lit Café - Book Reviews & Promotion Services

    somewhere between shadow and light is a romantic satire of interwoven stories about family intimate relationships menstruation anxiety and depression societal patterns cultural norms fear and death 

    love inner peace and the quest for one’s inner truth 

    a spectrum of one human’s shifting perspective through a growth cycle 

    recorded in voice this book is a physical residue of and tribute to the awakening of clarity the poems 

    grow and expa... more

  • Across The Miles: Erotic Poetry

    by Alice Chains
    Across the Miles is the unique synergy between poetry and sensual thoughts. Words and desires create a haven in which the mind can go free and wild, to new horizons of erotic imagination. In return, erotic poetry is born - pure and raw. Relentless. Bold. Free.
  • Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair

    by J. Simon Harris
    Published in 1924, when Pablo Neruda was only twenty years old, this striking collection of love poems has proven to be the Nobel Laureate's most popular work. The sensual imagery and heartbreaking verse have inspired lovers and lovers of poetry for nearly a century. This translation by J. Simon Harris captures the fire of the original and stays true to the poetry. This edition includes the original Spanish text of the poems on facing pages, as well as an introduction to the poet and the poems.
  • mosaic

    by Navreen Randhawa
    Mosaic is made up of four parts through Darkness, Rising, Shattering, and Lightness. Each section sheds a new light on being human. Including theme’s of how we may fall, but then have the strength to rise through the shattering. There are topics that are centered around human rights issues, along with a focus on how actions in self-growth and healing can help transform and awaken ourselves. With the hopes through this we may have a better chance of seeing ourselves and the world as a mosaic.
  • My Father's Face

    by Chandra Gurung
  • Inappropriate Anagrams

    by David Cundy
    Anagrams – the shuffling of letters in words or phrases to create new ones – come in two flavors. Conventional anagrams, relevant quips that pertinently describe their subjects, are no match for inappropriate ones, which stimulate our imaginations by surprising us with witty, unexpected connections. Inappropriate anagrams are endlessly entertaining – humorous, nonsensical, dreamlike, and even a bit psychedelic. They jog our brains and make us laugh. Poetic biographies of forty world-famous lu... more
  • More Inappropriate Anagrams

    by David Cundy
    Word games and puzzles have universal appeal. Anagrams – a savvy kind of wordplay in which letters are shuffled to create new words – bring smiles to our faces as we delight in their irreverent absurdity and unexpected wit. In More Inappropriate Anagrams, over five hundred easy-to-find, boldface anagrams in forty tongue-twisting “shenanagram” poems will surprise and delight the reader. Like its predecessor, Inappropriate Anagrams (Hymnself, 2018), this entirely new collection profiles renowned c... more
  • Moments in Time: A Collection of Poems

    by Fred Lewis
    Many of the Moments In Time were taken from life experiences and some from inspiration. "The Experience of Dementia as a Journey" gives some insight as to what one feels who goes through it, and for a caregiver to understand their loved one. There is humor, whimsy, insight, inspiration, and projects to consider like making prayer shawls, and ideas in writing your own life story. This labor of love is hopefully a blessing to all who have similar desires.
  • Burning the Bacon

    by L. Austen Johnson
    In Burning the Bacon, L. Austen Johnson navigates through deeply personal terrain, laying waste to it and watching its flowers regrow in the four sections of the collection: “Gravity,” “In Memoriam,” “Entropy,” and “Parthenogenesis.” She explores topics such as chronic illness, love, heartbreak, memory, and growing up with a blend of accessible language and rich metaphor.
  • Magic Mines

    by Mandeep Singh Lotta
  • Poetry for the soul

    by Jacqueline matjila
    Book is titled poetry for the soul, it is based on my personal experiences as well as experiences of others is a way of getting in touch with others emotions, experiences and life every poem tells story, it is indeed a great read.
  • Poetry With Reason: Collections of poetry of life's emotions thoughts and love

    by D. L. WINTERS

    Poetry with Reason, is the touching and thought-provoking collection of poems that stirs your emotions while making you consider your place in this world. Poetry with Reason is epic. A collection of poems that are personal encounters of compiled positive and hopeful poems for a better tomorrow.