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  • Nice Nose

    Passive-aggressive, pro-mask propaganda, dusty riddles, a record of meals made or missed -- sometimes appearing as a sticker on a lamp-post or on the back of a bus seat, or posted on a feed amid a clatter of feeds. "First-rate poems with punching power." -- Robert Amorello, Counselor at Law
  • Machine Journey

    by Richard Doyle
    Machine Journey is a pamphlet of poems and flash fictions. Travel the road from Slough to Mars. Discover wild visions, strange tales and machine futures. Scramble your way to the prefect stroke.
  • Everything Is Fine

    by Alesa Bernat

    This raw look at mental health, family, love, and spirituality will leave you breathless. Alesa Bernat’s debut poetry and prose collection, Everything Is Fine, speaks honestly of the hidden wars within us and the unintended casualties we cause carving a path out of our darkness.

  • Ms.

    by Shantasha Naomi Laing
    Not a Monolith- this collection of poems and musings, as its titles suggest, explores the age-old statement "black people are not a monolith"! While this collection is deeply personal, a culturally authentic voice still emerges addressing topics ranging from love, heartbreak, loss, friendship, sisterhood, womanhood, childhood, relationships, community, mental health, capitalism, and the patriarchy. Let these pages take you through a full range of emotions but ultimately leave you seen and bel... more
  • Marriage 2001: A Bruised Odyssey

    by J W Young
    Marriage 2001: A Bruised Odyssey by J. W. Young is a book of poetry & writings which deals with the confines of marriage when defined and marred by subjugation, domestic abuse and censorship in modern times. It is the first published literary work by J. W. Young. Though many of the writings were destroyed, this book contains survivors. The poetic expressions served as a means to cope and endure. Marriage 2001: A Bruised Odyssey is a journey of hope, pain, grief and the difficult pathway to recla... more
  • Poetic People Power

    by Tara Bracco
    For 20 years, the New York City-based spoken word group Poetic People Power has creatively explored social and political topics, offering insights and solutions to issues that affect our everyday lives and the world around us. This debut anthology invites readers to explore three of their shows about environmental heroes, women’s voices, and human rights abuses. The book features work by 12 poets: Bogar Alonso, Suzen Baraka, Tara Bracco, Shanelle Gabriel, Philippe Javier Garcesto, Karla Jac... more
  • My Odes to Jeri: Our Rhymes and Our Reasons

    by Michael Boyajian

    The author’s love poetry for and about his late wife Jeri before and after her untimely passing ."I want to close my eyes and when I open them be with you again traveling together through time and space," - the Author.

  • The Dystopia Factory

    by Richard Doyle

    The Dystopia Factory is Richard Doyle's first collection of poetry and flash fiction, following his first two pamphlets The Death of the Sentence and Machine Journey. Travel the road from Slough to Mars.  Discover wild visions, strange tales and machine futures. Science in the novel; science fiction in the real world. Scramble your way to the perfect stroke.

    Marvel at the multifarious moons of Saturn, experience the death and life of Robert Hooke, discover a stone com... more

  • calling on all the wild things

    by Karli Crispin
    This collection of poetry is about the author finding her wild in a world that wishes for her to be tame. This collection highlights the female experience under a patriarchal society, and how we can create a more inclusive world that provides liberation regardless of gender.
  • Words Left Unspoken

    by J.A. McGovern
    The reader is invited to embark on a poetic odyssey through life's complexities in Words Left Unspoken-an exploration of silence, wisdom, and universal resonance. Would you like to take a walk through the inner city, lie down in a sunny meadow, savour time with nature and family? All these moments, and more, are captured within J.A. McGovern's first poetry collection. McGovern's poems urge us to take to the road for wild adventures, to question ideas of life and death, and to learn through... more
  • We Be Walkin' Blackly in the Deep

    by Thomas Kneeland
    We Be Walkin' Blackly in the Deep, is a chapbook collection that begins the long journey of exploring all who sing blackly beneath the Atlantic Ocean. This chapbook collection begins to unearth and restore color to the white-washed notions about the dark and terrifying facets of American history.
  • Red, White & Verse

    by Greg McNeilly
    RED, WHITE & VERSE: Our Myths, Legends & Stories written by Greg McNeilly. America - The Beautiful, Brave and Bold. By depicting our nation’s long legacy of inspiring figures, landmarks, and events, this poetry collection enlivens modern perceptions of the stories all Americans are raised on. Even more notably, it rejuvenates our sense of connection to each other and our history. Written with his three children in mind, Red, White & Verse by breakout author Greg McNeilly forgets “an unflinch... more
  • An Owl's Tales

    by Al Tenhundfeld
    Life is a trail of crossing paths, some barely noticed, others with profound impacts. Did Santa bring that special football or the right Barbie doll? Did you pass that tough high school teacher’s course? Remember your first love? Was the pound puppy with sad but hopeful eyes ever chosen? Was the homeless beggar on the corner worth helping? The paths of Santa and teachers and loves and others who need help influence the course of our path, some for good, others not so much. But all of your paths ... more
  • Hatred Is Just Love Gone Wrong

    by Meg Mackenzies
    View each poem as a short story. A chapter. A new topic to learn or lesson to share. Stories of heartbreak and growth and finding the next step.
  • Gone Before: A Grief Journey in Poems

    by Ruth Fanshaw

    Ruth lost her mum in 2020. For the last 6 years of her life she'd been living in Ruth's home, and they'd become very close.


    Writing these poems was a vital part of Ruth's grief journey, helping her to process the enormity of her loss and to work through her deep pain, finally coming to a place of acceptance, comfort, and healing.


    This book invites the reader to walk that road with Ruth, in the hope that it will be a help to them on... more

  • Flying Free: Poems for Pilgrim Hearts

    by Ruth Fanshaw
    40 Christian poems and a song about growth, healing, and the quest for wholeness. Intertwining the metaphors of pilgrimage and flight, the book explores the joys and challenges of life's journey with Jesus, leading to personal experience of God's faithfulness.