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  • As It Was: Poetical Works

    by Louise Hayward
    A collection of illustrated poems - giving hope to people, to the planet, of another way for the future, another life and visiting 'today' on the way. Influenced by Ernest Hemingway, William Wordsworth, Bernard Shaw and John Keats. Highly descriptive and beautifully illustrated and produced.Dedicated to Chris Cornell.
  • Emotions in Evolution

    by Barbara Strickland
    Emotions in Evolution is an emotional appreciation of our world through the exploration of nature. Colours, their meaning and the pleasure they bring us, are brought to life through words. Language explodes into a description of common and unusual plant life the Earth offers, and the rich history they bring with them. Like the colour palette, each piece of flora has its own history and meaning. Emotions burst into word-action, and we can't help but react with a feeling of well-being. The flow... more
  • Poetry of Peace

    by Cherie Kephart
    Poetry of Peace is a rare and poignant collection of poems that celebrate the decadence and darkness of life, taking the reader through four aspects of ascension: Seeing the World, Through Darkness, Into the Light, and With Peace. Cherie’s masterful command of words, coupled with the complex and captivating topics in every verse, draws us closer to the charms and challenges of the human spirit. Profound and universal, Cherie’s poems are a gateway to understanding what it means to be fully alive.
  • Shards

    by Fariha Khayyam
    This girl, is shattered and broken. Yet, she fights back to rise and reform. This is Her journey… Her Shards… SHARDS is a modern-poetry collection. It is about the journey of a girl as she struggles to come to terms with what she has endured. It is divided into four sections, where each section covers a major aspect of her journey. And how she gains the courage to stand up and give herself second chance at life and people. It explores various topics such as: solitude, abus... more
  • Somewhere but not Here

    by Stephen Byrne

    "Somewhere but not here is an intimate collection that whisks the reader around the world, taking in North Korea, Gaza, India, Syria, Boston, Nigeria and Prague. It’s a thoughtful, philosophical collection of poems which never strays far from concrete description and memorable images. It records some of the most heinous acts people are capable of, but also documents the spirit of those who face adversity. Above all, it’s a collection brimming with skill and compassion."<... more

  • What Luck

    by Suzanne O'Connell
    A collection of contrasts: 85 poems -- some erotic, some gritty, each of them mining the eccentricities of small moments, and making the common-place memorable. With remarkable photographic images by Jeffrey O'Connell.
  • (Un)Wholesome

    by Chelsea Bartell
    Bartell vividly captures her growing pains in order to guide her readers through theirs. She speaks fiercely on the importance of a woman’s independence while, graphically, teaching her readers to demand the respect they deserve. To accept love that replenishes and nurtures and to discard those who aren’t willing to reach those lengths. She hums from a swollen heart as she recovers from a love she thought would be the last only to find, there were more lies than truths, more manipulation than th... more
  • This Atmosphere of Love

    by Franklin Bass Jr.
    I would like to thank my special lady and the people in my community for all their inspiration in the writing of this book. God Bless You All.
  • Be the Pine, Be the Ball

    by Paul J. Zingg
    Focusing on the landscapes and memory of golf and examining the game?s nature and appeal, this collection of seventy-two haiku poems and essays aims to lead readers to a fuller appreciation of the culture and history of golf and a deeper awareness of a player?s place in the game. Be the Pine, Be the Ball also reveals the compelling beauty and power of haiku, the most popular poetic form in the world. Through the brevity of its style, precise language, and ability to reveal how ordinary moments a... more
  • Healing Memories

    by Dick Hattan
    A peptic memoir of the author's life from childhood, through adolescence and adulthood. Memories are evoked from these stages of life and bring healing through remembrance.
  • Paper Heart

    by Jennifer LeBlanc
    It is crinkled, torn and frayed, but it's still a heart all the same... Paper Heart is a collection of poetry stemming from the places where light and darkness have shaped who Jennifer LeBlanc is as a writer. Written over years of introspection, love, pain, and hope, each poem is a placeholder for something that held her mind for either a bright moment or a dark hour.
  • Once Upon a Girl

    by Katie Keridan
    Once Upon a Girl is a collection of poetry and prose about a woman reinventing herself when the life she thought she wanted ultimately fell apart. It's about realizing that she could put the broken pieces of herself back together any way she wanted. And so can you. This book explores important themes such as love, loss, loneliness, death, family relationships, and living the life you've always dreamed of.
  • Heart to Heart: My Journey My Truth

    by Kendra Marshall
    A journey of self- discovery, self-love, and understanding. Heart to Heart is a book for everyone who's lost hope in themselves. This book shows that with self-acceptance you can let those wounds heal and help others heal along the way.
  • No More Betrayals

    by Apuk Ayuel Mayen
    No More Betrayals is Apuk Ayuel Mayen's first collection of poetry; a poetic portrait of South Sudan. In this collection, the poet excavates the collective psyche to depict the experience of a people's liberation struggle, relapse into war, and visions of a brighter future. The collection consists of twenty-five (25) poems reflecting on the political, social, traditional and cultural experiences in this nascent nation. It does so by eulogizing heroes, invoking liberation ideals, and echoing sile... more
  • Kindred

    by Apuk Ayuel Mayen
    Kindred is Apuk Ayuel's second collection of poems, quite different in topics from the first collection, No More Betrayals. In this book, the poet converses eloquently with the every-day - the mundane and profane, the joyful and the painful, the transcendent and the base. This collection of 54 poems explores many themes, effortlessly. It reflects on spiritual conceptions of life and living; the highs, and lows of love; the celebration of people and triumphs; and the depths of loss.
  • Kaleidoscope

    by A.H. Lueders
    Kaleidoscope is a collection of thoughts, memories, and emotions in the form of art and poetry bound together to tell the story that many people go through as they embark on the journey of finding themselves. Each page is it's own testimony of love, heartbreak, trauma, and survival, painting a picture of community through individual experiences.