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  • Sailing In Dark Waters: A Poetry Anthology by The Mad Poet

    by Jordan Wayne Francis
    Sailing In Dark Waters Is a powerful book that has been written on many different topics. But mainly centers around dealing with Mental Health issues, the writers struggle with their faith, and life in general. The poems are beautifully written and thought provoking. Many of the poems are autobiographical especially “Love Won and Lost”, and “Once, Twice, Thrice”. “Once, Twice, Thrice” tells the writers story of his own suicide attempt. All of the poems are written in free verse poetry thou... more
  • Gusher

    by Christopher Soden

    An exploration of the life of a queer American male, born in the Bible Belt (Texas) in 1958, from childhood to adulthood, examined in meticulous, authentic, vivid poetry.

  • Telling Signs

    by Marvin J Lurie
    The poems in Telling Signs tell compelling stories with a long perspective: historical, Biblical, archaeological even to an "unimaginable future when time has swallowed us too." Evoked voices enact the randomness and unfairness of war in stories told by soldiers of the Hebrew Bible and those of both Union and Confederate soldiers of the American Civil War. The poet's intense personal engagement with the natural world begin as a child lulled to sleep by roaring waves and extends... more
  • I Am Both Woman and Child, Both Tame and Wild

    by Maggie Maze
    This book collectively presents an array of topics from my life experiences as a girl growing up in the Midwest to becoming a mature older woman in the age of social media. As both illustrator and writer I enjoy presenting an image with a brief story or verse. Many years ago my parents asked me to design a Christmas card. This is where it all started. Hand-made Christmas cards expanded into other modern American holidays, such as Halloween. Halloween is a favorite of mine as it offers up so muc... more
  • A Chained Beast

    by tiffany rhodes
    Acclaimed screenwriter and film director Tiffany Rhodes debuts her poetry collection with this astute, inspiring, and electrifyingly honest exploration of herself and our collective experience. The poems effortlessly slice through topics of abuse, trauma, doubt, self-alienation, consciousnesses, and enlightenment with harmonic precision. Rhodes demonstrates a sharp intellect grounded in her inspiring humility, calling her readers to leap off the cliff with her into the unknown depths of the p... more
  • Corvix

    by Valentin Per Lind
    Corvix is the definitive collection of Valentin Per Lind’s poetry, written between 1985 and 2022, complete with the original author’s notes that explore the central themes of the poems and the inspiration behind them. The book, then, differs from a conventional volume of poetry and assumes the form of a series of poems and essays which range from the Romantic tradition to gritty social realism. Adopting an experimental approach to rhyme and meter, and frequently mixing prose and poetic styles, ... more
  • In the Cosmic Fugue

    by Jocelyn Heath
    In the Cosmic Fugue takes its title from Carl Sagan's Cosmos: while we on Earth believe in our own importance, we are but one voice in the cacophony of the universe. My collection likewise takes its spirit from Cosmos, as it is an attempt to make sense of both suburban adolescence and the chaos of emerging queer identity. Journeying from earth to space and back, the speaker must separate herself from expectation and discover how to live as her true self. Through science and human connection, she... more
  • Uncle John's Haiku

    by John Hamley
    An introduction to haiku followed by a potpourri of 85 of the author's own haiku mixed in with his thoughts on them and on Western haiku in general, all spiced up with photos, anecdotes, and snippets of information on the author and his world. Designed to be fun to read and food for thought.
  • Myth Takes

    by A Gee
    Whether you carry around an encyclopedic knowledge of the Iliad and the Odyssey or think your Ajaxes belong in the cabinet under the sink, you'll enjoy the sonic feast within these pages, which reexamine the Greek myths with purposeful typos, a nod to modern sensibilities and literate, joyful wordplay.
  • Golphino

    by Michelle Blower
    This is a poem yet a story. There are perfect skies, sandy beaches, the hue and cry of tourists, hustlers and sea-birds. There is an abandoned hotel where you can check in and check out whenever you want. This is a story of being missing. Of surviving. Of seeking the missing piece. The missing peace....And like the ocean, there is an undercurrent, often hidden, yet a strong force. Sometimes this energy can pull you under. It is easy to disappear.
  • As I Lay Dreaming: Poems and Micro Tales of Reveries, Memories and Dreams

    by Pamela Brothers Denyes
    DREAMS--The worlds we dream can be more fascinating than the world in which we live. How are such technicolor adventures created within a sleeping person's mind? Let's explore together.
  • The Right Mistakes: Poems On Imperfection and Renewal

    by Pamela Brothers Denyes
    I am that odd bird who enjoys reading history, even biographies. In reading about President Thomas Jefferson and his friend, Benjamin Franklin, I found that both men kept personal journals, as did many men and women of their era, which outlined their efforts to continue their personal growth in ways they felt important to an enlightened and developed adult’s life. Reviewing these lists of positive personal traits and habits, I found myself wondering which of them I might find still relevant. ... more
  • The Widow's Lovers

    by Pamela Brothers Denyes
    Widowed too young to think I would never love again, I sought companionship and love over the ten years since my spouse’s death. As a poet, I offer you these notes on longing, loving and letting go.
  • The Sibyl

    by Hamant Singh
    The Sibyl is an anthology of original dark poetry, hymns and dirges written over a span of nine years. Each of the three chapters (Conception, The Festering and Chaos) are stages of being and explorations of the Sublime, as experienced by different cultures around the world. The poems in the text integrate primordial beings, various phenomena and concepts drawn from different traditions and unifies them through Chaos.
  • Field Guide to the Human Condition

    by Adrian S. Potter
    In Field Guide to the Human Condition, Adrian S. Potter has written a book of poems about how one rebuilds oneself after grief, heartbreak, and challenges. It focuses on the setbacks and struggles that mold a person into a different version of themselves than the one they once knew. It's about grappling with histories, both personal and collective. Potter uses hallmarks from modern life — pop music, discrimination, shifting identities, and toxic relationships — to construct a hall of mirrors, in... more
  • Figures of Speech

    by Meryl Phair
    Meryl Phair’s first book, “Figures of Speech” utilizes space, words within words, double meanings, and punctuation to explore the language through visual text. The collection is divided into eleven sections, each one with a different definition of the word, “word.” These poems “sculpt text into visual art” as Tell Tell Poetry has said.