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  • Frayed Edges

    by Tor Rose
    Frayed Edges is an evocative and thought-provoking collection that pays homage to the unfiltered human experience. Embodying the delicate balance between strength and vulnerability, these poems showcase both the serrated and fragile aspects of life. Within these pages, readers will explore the psychological burdens that accompany personal growth, the yearning for a meaningful existence, and a sardonic perspective that occasionally offers respite from life's bleakness. In a world that emphasizes ... more
  • The Phoenix Tapes

    by Nelle J
    In this book, Nelle J gives you two sides. Side A, Inferno, is a collection that dives deep into fiery, heartfelt moments that can be too much to bear or extremely exhilarating that cause spark. With her tell-it-like-it-is personality, you will feel the heat. Side B, Ash, mellows out the mood with a touch of charisma and a sense of renewal. Being authentically yourself even in heated moments is Nelle J's passion and purpose while navigating unnecessary baggage.
  • The Valley of Sorrows

    by lief ericson

    The unknown inheritance of a war. The cause and effect of combat.

  • Complexion of a Rose

    by Auteanna Bay
    Auteanna Bay, brings to you a collection of short stories and poems. written in an unorthodox type of way. Stories and poems range from romance, fantasy, spiritual thoughts and more. A simple way to introduce her writing into the world before coming out with more work.
  • Saint Express: That Weird Christian Kid

    by ChuChu Ukpabi
    There’s ALWAYS something that challenges your faith. And that was Avera’s role in my life at the time. This is the real life story, told in verse, of my growing in Christ. Some parts are romantic. MANY parts are embarrassing. Some parts are inspirational. Some parts are extreme. But all of it is for His Glory. This is the struggle I had with my Lord Jesus, with Avera, with my stupid past sins, with my flesh, And who I’m called to be. It gets weird.
  • Turn Your Back on the Shore

    by Scott Rosin

    This varied poetic collection touches on alienation, conservation, environmentalism, and the joyful psyche and practice of wave-riding. Scott Rosin presents a sensual wordscape that is accessible, thoughtful, and reflective of his half-century among the breakers. Sometimes classical, always biographical, his poetry employs the beat and rhythm of the ocean.

    Humorous and satirical with a tinge of the philosophical, Rosin's poems are about stepping away from our fast-paced civiliz... more

  • The Ring In Which We Must Fight Loss Love Life Through Grief

    by Nicholas Bellamy

    This book displays the ups and downs of grief round by round wave by wave. The dark side of grief can be overwhelming but also liberating as you begin to understand why grief moves the way it does. We must embrace the loss with the intent to develop and grow from what comes of grief. Grief doesn't define you but allows you to see the world through a different lens. Feelings and emotions can dictate the day so we must be mindful of how we deal with them and give ourselves grace to feel.... more

  • Life Therein: A Moment at a Time

    by Matthew D. Hunt

    Through its beautiful and expressive language, raw honesty and poignant vulnerability, "Life Therein: A Moment at a Time" speaks to the universal experiences of the human condition.

  • Biting Thorns Off Roses

    by Megan E. Hoffman

    Biting Thorns Off Roses is a transmutation of deep pain.

    Through poetry, Hoffman strives to not only remove, but to also intimately examine the masks we all wear to hide from the world—and perhaps most importantly, the ones we wear to hide from ourselves.       

    Hoffman brings into question the ways in which we, as individuals and as a society, approach trauma. She shakes the very foundation... more

  • Next Time You Come Home

    by Lisa Dordal
    In NEXT TIME YOU COME HOME, Lisa Dordal distills one hundred eighty letters she received from her mother over a twelve-year period (1989-2001) into short, meditative entries that reflect upon motherhood, marriage, grief, the beauty of the natural world, same-sex relationships, and the passage of time. The final entries are something between letters and poems—not fully letters and not fully poems but, instead, their own thing—and portray a mother who, despite her alcoholism, maintains an engaged ... more
  • The Gray Office: The Cubicle Life in 50 Corporate Haiku

    by Ron Perovich
    Do you love your job? Then this book probably isn't for you. This is poetry for everyone who works to live but doesn't live to work. These are verses of corporate commiseration, bite-size business dread for the alarm clock averse. So help clear your "case of the Mondays" with this set of cynical snipes and sighs and remind yourself you're not alone (even if everybody else went home early).
  • The Danger Of Falling In Love: New Poems In English & Spanish

    by Jeff King
    This book of poetry seeks to convey the sweetness and pain of life, and personal reflections from my own life. It’s the joy, the pain, and the beauty, that we find on our journey, that makes us who we are.
  • Arrivals & Departures: Journeys in Poems

    by Reena Kapoor
    Arrivals & Departures is writer and photographer Reena Kapoor's debut poetry collection. Her poems take the reader on journeys through a multitude of places, time periods, and emotions. From the nostalgia of one's homeland, to the suffering and resilience of women who experienced India's 1947 Partition, to parenthood, to life's other simple pleasures, Arrivals & Departures draws readers into new worlds and allows them to find themselves within.
  • Unbathed Brains

    by Hari Hyde
    Poems from Minnesota and the Milky Way . . . Let us, the drafted, explain nature’s reign. Drenching’s more wrenching in an unbathed brain. In the boisterous burrows of Unbathed Brains, Dr. Hari Hyde ponders the poetical precincts of his journeys as a Minnesota farm boy, lovestruck adventurer, savvy scientist, and compunctious Christian. Hari also recounts Minnesota miners, New Orleans nightlife, California’s seaside sprites, Arizona’s grand chasm, a Wyoming rodeo, a San Francisco storm, a Bos... more
  • Mother's Womb: Goddess Rengay

    by Michelle Hyatt & Jacob D. Salzer
    Mother’s Womb is a collection of twenty-two Goddess rengay by Michelle Hyatt & Jacob D. Salzer. Rengay is a poetic form that alternates between 3-line and 2-line verses written in this format: 3(A)-2(B)-3(A)-3(B)-2(A)-3(B) as a collaboration between the first poet: person (A) and the second poet: person (B). The hallmark of rengay is a common theme (or themes) that unites the verses. The common theme throughout this collection are Goddesses from several different cultures around the world and th... more
  • Beautiful Blue Sky

    by Tim Pompey
    Nature. Humanity. Spirit. Each is interconnected and matched together like a well-sewn coat. These poems explore that interconnection and ask essential questions about life. The author probes his own psyche, the world around him, and the powers, seen and unseen, that hold it all together. Like air, lungs, and blood, there are small and universal synapses that create the elements, the animals, the trees, and the souls that behold it all. And above everything, the sky watches, adapts to our existe... more