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  • Walking Towards The Noise: Poems for those who feel life's complexities

    by John Bowie
    Poems for those who feel life's complexities 'Let’s cry, and then smile together. As time’s tides offer up words to shore. These feet touching sands, as our minds dance with crumbling white horses, that crash fury-filled waves with the deep blue inks of our untempered selves.' Praise for Bowie’s poetry ‘Bowie’s poetry is brutal and lyrical, beautifully textured.’ — B F Jones, poet of Five Years ‘Bowie shows extraordinary talent as he changes tone and style.’ — Scott Cumming, po... more
  • The Ecstatic Dance of Soul

    by Jayita Bhattacharjee
    This book sheds a light on how the soul breaks open by the intoxicating dance of hearts. In this process of breaking does it reveal the most astonishing light of the sacred space within. As the heart breaks, it breathes in again and such is the way, that it grows in the rolling of time. Such enigmatic is the process of unfolding, that every step evokes so many amazements. Life comes to us with the breathtaking gift of feeling alive throughout this breaking, unlearning and relearning everything i... more
  • Particle Pinata Poems

    by Margaret A Harrell
    The Particle Piñata collection spans over forty years of Life tackled from the heart. The genesis emerged when, living in Morocco in 1980, Margaret Ann Harrell began recording her dreams. And they poured in, introducing her to “image trails.” She was in deep contact with the unconscious. In it resided this poet, a “second-class citizen” of herself. The poet to whom words came easily because after all she was in the unconscious, whereas the conscious prose author struggled, edited, cut, sweated, ... more
  • Sit Down And Have A Beer Again

    by Greg Wyss

    Greg Wyss was an important voice in the small press scenr of the 1970's. Sit Down And Have A Beer Again is the definitivre collection of his work. This 3-part anthology includes the original 1977 chapbook Sit Down And Have A Beer, as well as the other poems and stories published in those small press magazines but never collected until now. The third chapter contains a small sample of his novel When Life Was Like A Cucumber published in 2019.

  • The Great Permission

    by Andrew P. Dillon

    The Great Permission: A reliquary (, is the first poetry collection built exclusively for the web. Licensed under Creative Commons, it features:

    • 70 poems
    • audio of the author reading each poem
    • annotations
    • pictures
    • family recipes

    —some of the many relics of a life.

  • Time For My Generation To DIE

    by E. D. Evans
    A collection of Original Punk Poetry from an Original Punkster
  • UN/Reconciled

    by Pasquale Trozzolo
    Un/Reconciled is a story of a love gone off told through a collection of 29 poems. It reminds couples that relationships take work even when in a powerful love. It is essential to capture the magnetic tension experienced in the first weeks and months of the relationship and find ways to keep discovering it even as the mundane of ordinary life interferes.
  • The World No Longer Speaks to Me and I Am Thankful for its Silence

    by Samuel Willinger
    Musings on life, death, love, and everything that comes before, between, and after.
  • Bits and Pieces: Thoughts from a Life in Poetry and Prose

    by Joyce Henefield Coleman

    Everyone’s life is a story. A story of a journey through joy and sadness, winning and losing, good health and illness, love and hate. The challenge is to navigate through life and to remain the person you were meant to be. To embrace life with all its joys and problems and to make it a source for goodness, love, beauty, and happiness for yourself and for others.
    Joyce Henefield Coleman has always found comfort in the written word, especially in poetry. She has loved poetry for her entire... more

  • Unplugged- Haiku & Tanka

    by Jacob D. Salzer
    Unplugged— is a collection of 43 haiku and 7 tanka by Jacob D. Salzer. Salzer's poetry encourages readers to take a break from technology and be immersed in the Natural world. This collection features poems published in the following journals and websites: Chrysanthemum, First Frost, Frogpond, Haiku Commentary, Hedgerow, Heliosparrow, Is/Let, Kingfisher, Presence, Ribbons, The Haiku Foundation, The Heron’s Nest and The Living Haiku Anthology.
  • The Elk in the Glade

    by Bruce E Whitacre
    Based on personal memories and family oral history, Whitacre’s debut collection of sixteen poems traces the life and legacy of a family matriarch, his paternal great grandmother, Jennie Hicks. The daughter of American pioneers, she marries successful farmer, bearing him three girls, seeing them all married, only to outlive him and the farm. Once again alone and facing hardship, she transforms an almost forgotten hobby, her young girl dream, into a brilliant thirty-year career as a successful la... more
  • Cherished Virtues

    by Serlina Rose
    What inspires you? Who inspires & motivates you? To whom are you grateful? What are you grateful for? Who are you thankful to or for? How happy & filled with joy are you? Cherished Virtues is a collection of poetic verses filled with positivity and inspiration. This book celebrates life, peace, peace of mind, joy, love, family, nature and even encourages one to empower self. Being humble and thankful in life is worth the vast struggles endures in life. Finding hope and having respect and a mo... more
  • Island Girl Affection

    by Serlina Rose
    A compilation of various poetry forms with poems that speaks about love. Each poem was created with pride and is meant to impress the reader to dream. This book is meant to be an intro to the upcoming books on various other theme. Island Girl Affection is a chapbook collection of poems that showcase the author’s affection for nature, self, writing, family, and home. Poetry in it’s written form is a beautiful way in which one can view the world around. Peek into life and to find true affectio... more
  • A Thief Came in the Night

    by Shelby Lauren Taylor
    This is a collection of poetry, short stories, and illustrations written cathartically in response to the Supreme Court decision (DOBBS v. JACKSON) reversing ROE v. WADE and thereby rescinding the rights owed to women within the United States as autonomous and equal beings. This decision has created a maelstrom of emotions that can be felt vividly in this collection of art. Hopefully it can be a read that sparks kinship amongst our community and a determination to fight for women's reproductive ... more
  • I Messaged My Ex

    by Samuel L. Field

    Unrequited love, losing what might have been and visiting memories of what was; are frequently parts of our human experience.  In ‘I messaged My Ex’, Field’s moments are captured with a rawness that shares real insights to the feelings and internal tension in that ‘stew of a process’ and for many readers, a lens that they see their own experiences and journeys within.


    ‘I messaged My Ex’  walks through the ‘stew of th... more

  • The Burning Page

    by Zephyr Dorsey

    The Burning Page is a collection of three comic plays and thirty-one short poems written by Zephyr Dorsey (Rvwaa, Wrong Turns In Physics, Truths Written In Blood).