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    by Joyce Henefield Coleman
    Life is fragile, and it?s difficult to see how your story can inspire others. The author hopes to encourage others through her inspirational poetry. She hopes readers will see that while observing your life and contemplating the joys of life, you too can write reflection poetry. In Reflections, readers will find inspirational poetry that results from the author's observations from a long and blessed life. If you?re looking for one of the best poetry books about life or searching for life-changi... more

    by Chris Courtney Martin
    Chris Courtney Martin's THE BOOK OF I.P. (Idle Poems) is a hybrid poetry and essay collection that is 'ironic in concept, sincere in content' as it deconstructs prescribed best-practices for getting ideas greenlit as a screenwriter and what it means to possess a producible story. “THE BOOK OF I.P. (Idle Poems) by Chris Courtney Martin has an ample tone of sovereignty while indicating the true face of societal vindication, the gap between this generation and the last one. The similes, personif... more
  • Awakening: The Trinity

    by C.L. Brown
    Diversion I am a mockingbird echoing melodies my sadness never sung Like falling suns serenading moonless nights Like sad hearts cowering behind brilliant eyes My song is my disguise For your bewilderment, I sing Masking my masterpiece of pain I am the cries of spring mornings though my soul shivers in the dead of winter I am a mockingbird echoing melodies my madness never sung
  • Bare

    by C.L. Brown
    Dust Where am I going? Is there a place for me? Do you not see? I AM nothing Yet everything An easy burden for the still soft wind Shifting from death to life then back again Having mastered both from the beginning of my end Where am I going? Is there a place for me? A place for my pain? For my truth? For my emptiness? I have given you all that I AM But you are not satisfied See how you sift me apart seeking yourself? I AM you Can you not see? Do you not hear my song? I hav... more
  • Loud Whispers of Silent Souls: Poems

    by C.L. Brown
    Conversation She said, “Write me a poem” I said you are my poem, already written, fused with every thought that traverses my mind She said, “Read it to me” I said I do that every time I touch you I said this pen bled my thoughts and every word was your name She smiled I said I open my lips I kiss your lips I taste your soul Now I crave you like never before I traced the contour of her face with my fingers She said, “why do you do that?” I said I love painting your portrait insid... more
  • snake skin

    by Alias
    Written, designed & photographed by poet and artist, Alias, SNAKE SKIN is a tumultuous telling of an individual's decaying state of mind through a traumatic period of turmoil, from start to finish. The poems in the anthology mostly tackle topics of introspection, mental health, depression, confusion, loneliness, illness, ostracization and victimhood. The poetry featured in the anthology is primarily inspired by confessional and autobiographical styles of poetry. "The eternal cycle is dismisse... more
  • Wherever I'm At

    by Donald G. Evans and Robin Metz, Editors
    Wherever I'm At: An Anthology of Chicago Poetry tells a story of Chicago through its finest living poets and artists. It includes more than 160 contributors, including the majority of our essential poets who've lived and worked and written about our city for the past several generations. All the poets and artists, except Robin Metz, who started the project back in 2009, are living. All of the poems and artwork feature Chicago in a distinct and discernible way. The anthology traverses Chicago in ... more
  • In a Past Life

    by B. Eugene B.
    “In a Past Life”, the title poem, traces several of the incarnations that the poet believes his soul has taken. The memories of these past lives, shaken loose from specific moments of time in his current life, inspired the tribute that this book is to his father, Dr. B., who passed away on April 28, 2003.
  • urban disorders

    by Natasha N. Deonarain
    BOOK DESCRIPTION Natasha Deonarain paints a vivid post-pandemic landscape that takes the reader on a journey of love, loss and fragility. While peeling back disturbing layers of our dystopian lives, she nevertheless weaves a resilient spirit of courage throughout the book that fortifies hope for our future. The reader begins, submerged in the forced happiness of city life. This is a time and place where we “binge netflix— / fist-stuff slapstick down your throat”; a haunting acquiescence tha... more
  • Exits and Entrances

    by Paul Hollingworth
    Exits and Entrances is a selection of poems, spanning four decades, by Paul Hollingworth. Hollingworth incorporates different styles from lyricism, elegy, and rap influences to enhance a resonant statement on varied subjects such as birth and loss, psychosis, redemption, technology, the financial sector, social disorder, and a favourite film or song. Location is important to his work. Hollingworth takes the reader on a journey to the high Andes of Peru and Chile, to Glasgow, to Canvey Estuary, a... more
  • Poems from Paintings

    by Jill Saudek
    These poems were inspired by works of art, chosen across place and time for their intrinsic power and the challenge they present to provoke thoughts and feelings in the viewer. Ideally, readers should find a reproduction of the painting – easily available on the internet – to contemplate, before reading the poem. The hope is that readers might become aware of previously unnoticed aspects of the work and be interested in seeing how their own responses match or indeed conflict with those of the a... more
  • Love Is a Mental Illness

    by Franco Cardiello
    A mental health counselor looks at love through a psychological lens and dissects his own unhealthy relationships. True experiences come together in this linear story like a novella of poetry. His unique style educates and his emotional introspection resonates. Hearts can make us do crazy things and toxic relationships can make us feel insane. Love can be painful, but some of us keep trying again and again – we must be crazy.
  • Litter Box

    This collection of poetry is a combination of the ups and downs of my anxiety and depression while battling heartache. It reflects my limited belief in myself and my codependence on another human who damaged me. My heartache was very painful and unforeseen. I fell in love hard and hurt hard. Through the pain I found life changing healing.
  • rearranged

    by kirsten hopfensperger

    The book, rearranged, embodies vulnerable stories of deep, jagged trauma, and the isolating path of finding self-acceptance. The author strips her soul onto the pages in this raw and heartfelt collection of experiences throughout her life. As the readers follow along on this journey, they become one with the aching that comes from loss and loss of self, while encompassing the resounding hope that shines healing light into the darkness.
    persevere... more

  • Little Wolf, Little Warrior

    by Kelley Christine Phelan
    With a gifted imagination and artistic soul, Kelley Christine Phelan was led down a path of intimate creative writing. A number of events led to a sudden shift in consciousness while she was at one of her lowest points, with a broken heart: self-realization, a Kundalini awakening. For a split second, she was brought into union with the creator and felt nothing but pure nirvana. During her dark night of the soul and transformative healing process, the only way out was in. Writing down her life ex... more
  • love and other company

    by Celia Sinclair
    This collection of poetry consists of six unique chapters. It is a personal journey through the phases of lust, love, loss, and all the heartache, exhilaration, and self-discovery in between. Words to remind you, although you may feel broken, you will heal. Although you may feel inadequate, you are enough. And you will gain the capacity to love again. When you do, devour every piece of it – unforgivably. May you be willing to open your heart to love and other company.