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  • The Slip Under My Church Dress

    by JW Bella
    A little black girl has much to deal with growing up in a family dominated by religion and keeping up appearances in a small town. J. W. Bella takes you through the ups and downs of those experiences through the eyes of a piece of clothing that is never seen: a dress slip. From horrible mother moments to facing silence to recognizing her own strength, Bella reveals her loves, hates, and pain in words congregated into stanzas to reveal and expose her truth.
  • The Curse in My Purse: Poems and Drawings for Grown-Ups

    by Hillary Danaher
    Time to kick it down a notch and LYAO while navigating the everyday world around you! Open up these pages and dive in...poems, drawings, and more...all created to remind you about the lighter (more important) side of adulting.
  • Praise Song for the Gravediggers

    by Octavia McBride-Ahebee
    This poetry collection, "Praise Song for the Gravediggers", delivers a geography of women whose stories, once historically silenced, rise to the top to be heard and considered. Readers meet the likes of Aminata, a Malian woman, who crossed both the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea finally landing in an urban, U.S. city where she, undocumented, braids working class African-American girls’/women’s heads using the hair Indian girls/women donated to their religious shrines to receive blessing... more
  • Sensuality.: Poems

    by Mary K Gowdy
    This chapbook explore the relationship between sensuality and emotions, particularly those conjured up by art. While sensuality is connected to sex, it goes beyond sexual experience into something spiritual, intellectual, emotional, intimate, butalso deeply physical.
  • Of Love and War

    by Jacob Paul Patchen
    Of Love and War is divided into four parts: Fighting, Dying, Remembering, and Living. Each part represents a small chapter to the overall story of the book. Of Love and War is a mix of Free Verse, Prose, and Narrative poetry that gives specific focus to the combat stresses, PTSD, boredom, and losses associated with Jacob’s deployment to Iraq in 2005 as an infantry Marine. It also meshes a bold, intense, and sometimes unforgiving voice with that of a softer, gentler, and humorous tone love and... more
  • Gaslit By A Madman: Illuminated Poems

    by Max Lewy

    GASLITBYAMADMAN, "The Certifiably TRUE Ravings Of A Sectioned Philosopher", is a droller take on the subjects of mental health, political issues and Nietzschean, Christian, Jungian, existentialist and post-modern philosophy. Don’t be afraid to question your world view, don’t be afraid to think you might be a bit ‘mad’. Who isn’t?

    It is based on the author, Max J. Lewy’s, own experience as an oh-so-patient patient in the N.H.S. Mental He... more

  • An Invitation to Misanthropes

    by Scott A. Rowan
    Mental and behavioral health problems are on the rise, according to the National Alliance of Mental Health, with depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and stress affecting more children under age 18 than ever before. While many reasons are to blame - global political tension, social media’s omnipresence, monetary woes in a gig economy, among them - there’s only one thing that specialists agree upon: the general population needs help with their mental stress. An Invitation to Misanthropes: ... more
  • Quaint Radiation

    by David Podlipny
    A collection of 58 poems, at once admirably mature and unfathomably childish.
  • Orbiting, Politely

    by David Podlipny
    A collection of 50 poems, buttressed by an underutilized wellspring—honesty.
  • Poetry Diversified 2018

    by Lucinda Clark

    Poetry Diversified  2018 showcases the compiled experiences of the 2016-2017 Poetry Matters Literary Prize winners. The anthology is filled with language that bears the souls of fourty poets with 40 different stories to tell. The title says it all; these poets represent diversities in age, gender, religion and every type of social category, which their various experiences represent. Each poet takes their readers through different emotional peaks and valleys, from sorrow and guilt to disc... more

  • Growing Flames, Fury & Lavender

    by Emmanuel Kane
    Emotional words a soldier on the battle front conversing with his fiancée and reminiscing the world he has left behind, one still saturated with fury, uncertainty and love all operating together.
  • Life Span: A Collection of Poetry

    by Deanna Repose Oaks
    Life Span is a collection of moments, expressed through poems. Moments when NEW LOVE becomes OLD LOVE. Moments when a screwed-up FAMILY LIFE becomes EMOTIONAL WRECKAGE... Moments when FRIENDSHIP, heals all wounds and NATURE POEMS calm the heart. A full life wouldn't be complete if you didn't stop to smell the roses and make some CULTURAL OBSERVATIONS. All of which are expressed through the poetry enclosed within. Enjoy!
  • Kiss the Earth

    by Neal Sehgal
    KISS THE EARTH is a collection of poetry, prose, and photography about finding peace within one’s self, perseverance through adversity, and reverence for all that surrounds.
  • Elegy for a Butterfly

    by Neal Sehgal
    ELEGY FOR A BUTTERFLY is a collection of poetry, prose, and photography that is woven together to tell a story of love, loss, and letting go.
  • Shitolian

    by O Persaud
    Shitolian is a collection of my poetry, the third book in a series of 4. Its themes explore politics, religion, spirituality, racial divides in today’s America, and lessons learned through my meaningless existence thus far. I must inform you that the book does contain some adult language. It is my personal statement to this divided America. It is a 76 page manuscript consisting of 5,038 words, it was published through Kindle Direct Publishing on April 13, 2019.
  • When Words Were Not Enough:the poets of World War I

    by Thomas De Angelo
    This collection offers 127 poems by over 50 poets, and represents some of the most significant and poignant examples of the poetry of the First World War.