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  • Gone Before: A Grief Journey in Poems

    by Ruth Fanshaw

    Ruth lost her mum in 2020. For the last 6 years of her life she'd been living in Ruth's home, and they'd become very close.


    Writing these poems was a vital part of Ruth's grief journey, helping her to process the enormity of her loss and to work through her deep pain, finally coming to a place of acceptance, comfort, and healing.


    This book invites the reader to walk that road with Ruth, in the hope that it will be a help to them on... more

  • Flying Free: Poems for Pilgrim Hearts

    by Ruth Fanshaw
    40 Christian poems and a song about growth, healing, and the quest for wholeness. Intertwining the metaphors of pilgrimage and flight, the book explores the joys and challenges of life's journey with Jesus, leading to personal experience of God's faithfulness.
  • Lost in the Sound: Finding Clarity in the Noise

    by Meghan Dilley
    Just over 2 years ago I began my journey with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD. Through the struggles there have been times where I thought I would be unable to continue the things I enjoyed: work, soccer, volunteering, socializing. The triggers of April 6, 2020 continued but lessened. I am still brought back to that day by everyday triggers that act as a reminder. When it happens I revisit that beautiful, sunny day where I was redeployed to the makeshift morgue and saw the atrocities of... more
  • Mental Health, Poetry, and I

    by Brendon Feeley
    Mental Health, Poetry, and I is a compilation of original poems, which delivers an unsparing view on trials and tribulations we all experience, including mental health issues, depression, anxiety, love, life, and loss. The unforgiving delivery of the poetry grants a unique insight into the effects of mental health issues on individuals and their relationships.
  • The Poems of Everyday

    The Poems of Everyday by Vikas Parihar is a collection of original poetry that is primarily in free verse. It navigates themes of temporal existence and the struggle to find permanence within transient emotions and experiences. Take, for instance, A Preoccupied Man, which dissects the paradox of wanting to live in the present while being ensnared by past regrets and future worries. It critiques societal pressures and the constant battle against time, ultimately painting a poignant picture of the... more
  • Broken Glass

    by Sarah Key
    A Jewish poetry collection on finding love, going through turmoil, and facing history.
  • Forever Speaking

    by Carolyn A. Stovall
    Listening to that still small voice. God is always here with us; trying to get our attention. Forever Speaking is a book consist of poems downloaded through dreams and visions sometimes in the most imitate times of prayer or the quiet moments. Written to share with others to help bring about healing to those who read. As children of God with an listening ear, the more we listen the more we hear the more we see clearer we’re set free to live life to the fullness.
  • A Better Way to Smile: Poems

    by Eric Bruce Smith

    The mixture of poems in this collection, speaks to the heart and will meet you right where you are. Just as I write to free my soul, others may laugh and smile to keep their sanity. Many soul's find that the only way to evolve through the human experience is to have a way to release and restore. Having a better way way to smile is simply learning to overcome your burdens while conquering your trials.

  • Masculinity Parable

    by Myles Taylor
    “Is gender trash? I mean, yeah, but that’s not the question. The question is, does it need to be? And this is where we start the work.” Myles Taylor’s debut full-length collection explores the concept of a non-toxic masculinity: if it’s possible, if it exists, and if not, how we can build it ourselves. Through the lens of a neurotic working-class transmasculine person, manhood is viewed not quite as an aspiration, but as a curse to be broken through reimagining: masculinity as kitchen / ... more
  • The Quilled Ink Review - Ode to Love

    by Adiela Akoo
    Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Quilled Ink Review. A pure labour of Love, we could think of no better way to begin than on that note - Ode to Love. Within these pages, you will find an eclectic mix of accomplished writers from across the world, some of whom we have the honour and privilege to publish for the very first time. And yet, the language of Love, in all its shades, remains the same. It begs of you to pause for a moment, reflect, and bathe in its beauty. It begs of you to see... more
  • Circle Me Son

    by J.L. Kaul
    J.L. Kaul invites readers to embark on an extraordinary journey through the cosmos in "Circle Me Son: Consider Your Smallness." This captivating collection of fifty ekphrastic poems expertly combines awe-inspiring NASA images with a sweeping array of poetic forms. Steeped in the grandiosity and antiquity of our universe, the collection contemplates the profound history of the human condition through the telescopic lens of J.L. Kaul's life, loves, pains and faith. From Shakespearean-style sonn... more
  • 9798866762231

    by Tony simole
    This book on the practical test of confidence is an active torch light that beamed on and x-rays on all sensitive " regarded less" dilemmas. Concurrently, issues run with the efforts of everyone in all endeavors. In each topic covered in the poems in Salt & Bee, there's an assertive key to win for the reader who's a willing receptor.
  • Marching with a Broken Shadow

    by Dyson Russell
    The passage from birth to death is a journey that binds us all... In this debut anthology entitled Marching with a Broken Shadow, readers are invited to embark on that journey; delving profoundly into their innermost thoughts and prevailing feelings - from the deepest and darkest layers of hurt and confusion, to the most hypnotic forms of happiness and dream. Take the quest with the central character, and look forward to exploring, with reminiscence and wonder, the voyage we call life, the endin... more
  • Coming Out Party

    by Sean Petrie
    A memoir of poems and art, Coming Out Party chronicles poet and author Rebecca Bendheim’s queer coming of age journey—from first crushes and toxic homo-erotic friendships, to coming out and secret flings, to finding queer community and falling in love for the first time. Coming Out Party is a fierce, funny, and deeply personal celebration of the strength it takes to break down the protective walls we’ve built—and embrace our truest selves.
  • Cracked & Broken: poems of midlife

    by Sean Petrie
    An ode to the overlooked. A tribute to mediocre donuts. A lament on lost dreams. In Cracked & Broken, award-winning poet Sean Petrie celebrates the things we crack and break through, to make it to middle age. Cracked & Broken is a tender mix of storms and sunrises, friendships and heartaches, laughter and loss and love—and a reminder that there is always another daybreak in the beautiful, mistake-filled journey of life.
  • Good Days, Bad Days

    by Rickey Lee
    Good Days, Bad Days is a versatile collection. There is free verse. There is traditional poetry. Readers will find haiku, tanka, cinquain, limerick, ballade, and sonnet forms. Sincere effort and invention characterize this poetic work’s high quality. Strong imagery! A very impressive body of poetry! Poet Rickey Lee has some very excellent work in a number of poems.